: Chapter 20: (Leo's POV)

"Hey guys what's…"

We ran into April and Splinter on the street as we we're running for our lives away from the hoard of Ninja and Dragons behind us.

"No time to explain, come on!" I grabbed ahold of April's hand and pulled her along with us. Raphael had the injured Michelangelo on his shoulders in a fireman's carry since his broken leg wouldn't allow him to run at our speed. Even with all of us going as fast as we could, our enemies were quickly gaining on us by the second.

"So what is this?! Super Mario Carts Turtle version?!" Raph yelled while dodging a throwing star that was chucked towards his legs. "We can't just run in circles all day!"

"I'm aware of that Raphael!" I know everyone was in a mood and ready to hear a plan but I needed time to think of one. As we made the first left turn we could find, there was a welcoming party waiting for us on the other side.

"Oh God, not this buffalo." Mikey sighed as we all skidded to a stop with our jaws dropped. We were trapped. On one side we had Shredder and friends and on the other we had Hun and Company. "Now would be a good time for a plan."

"I'm working on it!" I couldn't think under all this stress. I guess we would have to fight it out until my brain decided to kick in. "Stall them if you can, I'll think of something!"

"Sounds good to me!" Raph carefully put down the little lime-green turtle and pulled out his Sais.

"Can you believe that bomb didn't work?" Hun chuckled and then growled at his minions until they laughed along with him. "Isn't that strange Stockman?" Hun slowly step to the side and revealed what looked like a small spider creature with Stockman's head inside it. "This is what happens to people who betray the Foot, keep that in mind while I'm skinny the both of you alive."

"Poor Stockman, he just can't seem to get ahead." Mikey chuckled.

"Oh you're so funny Michelangelo." The spider creature "tskd"

"That's it!" I grabbed ahold of Donatello's arm and whispered something to him. He looked at me bewildered and then nodded his head.

"It could work, but I'll need some time." He took a firm hold of his duffel bag and took off down a nearby alley. As soon as he left, Hun's goons started to run after him but were only stopped in the process.

"Let him go, he's not the one we need." Hun lifted one of his bulky, log shaped fingers and pointed it at Karai and me. "You…" He grinned.

"Who me?" Casey pointed to himself and pretended to be flattered.

"You think you're safe in numbers don't you? You're just a 7 pack of untrained, unarmed mutts against the entire Foot and Dragon Corporation!" Just as he raised his arms in the air, the rest of the enemies behind us caught up and confiscated us to the current street we were on. We couldn't go forward and now we couldn't go backward either.

"Don't worry Erasmus, I'll make your last minutes nice and slow and extremely painful! Same goes for your lady friend, Karai."

"I'm not the one you should be worried about Hun. You may outnumber us a million to 1, but we have more skill than your pack of asses will ever have." I pulled out my katana's which signaled my group to prepare for battle. As hard as I tried to focus on the current situation, I couldn't seem to take my mind of Donatello. His return will be the ultimate deciding factor to if we all walk out of this alive, or decapitated.

"Attack!" Hun called out to both his teams.

"Defend yourselves!" I told mine. I wasn't ready to go on the offensive just yet. I needed time for my newly thought up plan to take effect.

:: (Don's POV)

Ever try to get somewhere so quickly that it causes your heart to pound and your own two legs to stumble out from underneath you? That's kind of what is happening to me right now as I'm running through the sewers at full speed trying to reach the lair. We weren't planning on the miniature H-Bomb malfunctioning so we ended up leaving all the fancy weapons we stole back home instead of taking them with us. Probably wasn't the brightest thing to do that but that's what happens when your too confident with your plan. Thankfully, we had someone to come up with a plan so we could get back into shape and actually win this thing against the Shredder. Leo wanted me to grab two things, Raphael's bow that he seemed to be pretty handy with and the tranquilizer serum I very sloppily threw together at the last minute, except this time, he wanted me to make it explosive.

How in Einstein's name does he expect me to make tranquilizer explosive?! It's not like I can just take some gunpowder and a tranq, mix them together and say "Boom done!" It wasn't that simple! You have to think about what properties each of the mixtures have that will or will not cause them to alter a reaction and ultimately explode…or not!

All of that time given to being a leader instead of being a scientist has really affected my thinking process but I think have an idea. I made it to the lair with time to spare and pushed the door open as hard as I could. I practically flew over to my lab table and slammed my duffel bag on the table and started to carefully examine the outside of it.

"Please please please!" I was looking for one thing, just one tiny, silver…AHA! I pulled a pair of tweezers out of my drawer and plucked a tiny, metallic fragment from out of the fabric of my bag. It was a fragment of the H-Bomb that got shot away from the main piece during that sad excuse of an explosion. Good thing I was standing close enough to pick this up because this was the only idea I had that would be able to save my brothers and friends in time. I ran some tests on the bomb earlier before we left to meet the Shredder. Turns out, the actual structure of the object was what was explosive, not what was inside. When Stockman altered the bomb to make it ineffective, he merely altered the time device inside so that when it went off, the device imploded instead of exploding. He must have had some kind of cooling agent inside too so that the inferno wasn't harmful to anyone around it but that was besides my main purpose here.

This little shard is still active and can still be triggered to explode if mixed with the right ingredients. My tranquilizer will do the trick and now all I need is something that will trigger the reaction. I rubbed my temples as I tried to think of something that could work. I couldn't use a button for time saving purposes, so what in the world was I going to use?! I leaned my head against my fist as I twisted the tweezers around in my hand.

"You're a little piece of metallic crap you know that?" I said to the object. "Wait…metallic….GREAT SCOTT!" I slammed the tweezers on the table and pulled out my vile of aluminum mixture that I used to make the original device magnetic. "Shredder's metal platted armor can trigger the reaction just like it did last time! Why am I talking to myself?"

:: (Erasmus's POV)

"Die!" Hun smashed his fists onto the ground where I had been standing but I jumped up in time to miss the blow. I landed on top of his hands and kicked me legs into his neck.

"I thought we were only doin defensive?!" Casey yelled while clocking three Foot ninja's right in the head with his hockey stick.

"That was a counter. Who's your Sensei Casey?" I asked in a mocking manner.

"Watch it, you Splinter reject." He smirked at me while jumping back to back with Raphael.

"At least he's not a family member reject!" Mikey chuckled but ended up getting his feet swept out from underneath him from not paying attention. "Ow! My precious legs!'

"They're legs but they sure as Hell aint precious." Raph was knocking out the goons one by one while barely getting touched in the process. As long as someone had his back, he was like a windup toy. He could keep going until he had to be wound up again which usually was caused by getting beat up by the other side.

"How you doing April?" I blocked a sword attack while looking around the street for April. I thought she would have been next to someone for protection but she was out on her own, kicking butt.

"Never better Leo!"

She used mostly her legs to knock back the enemies but eventually she was going to get cornered and be rendered helpless.


"I'm alright my son. Help your brothers!" Splinter jumped into the air and kicked his legs out in a perfect formation that knocked 5 enemies flat on their backs.

"Guys, to me!" I jumped away from my current fight and went to a safe distance. Eventually, once they could, everyone joined me. "How are we doing?" I asked, out of breath.

"We're getting our shells kicked. Even though we're droppin them like flies they just keep comin." Raph admitted.

"Where is Donatello?" Karai asked while blocking an attack.

"I sent him on an errand. We can't leave this spot until he comes back or he won't find us." I said.

"Anyone notice that bucket head isn't here either?" Mikey said with a hard voice. I had completely forgotten about the Shredder actually. I've been too focused on Donnie to even care about him even though he's our main problem.

"Just keep an eye out. I'm sure he's close. Stay together so they can't separate us." I got everyone into a circle with Michelangelo on the inside. If anyone decided to attack from above, he would be put to work. We we're able to hold off in a defensive position for a few minutes but no longer. They were closing in tight and we had to move before they all jumped on and restrained us.

"Leo, this aint workin!" Raph called out before he got swiped in the side of the head with an enemy katana. He fell to the ground with his hand pressed tightly against his face and sent blood dripping down onto the cement.

"Karai take over!" She nodded her head at my request and told the group to go into the offensive. Slowly, the bubble around us began to expand, giving me enough time to tend to Raphael.

"Raph are you alright?" I bent down next to him and cupped my hand around his to help stop the bleeding.

"He got me right in the frickin eye." He swore under his breath and tried to stand up off the ground.

"In the eye?! Let me look." I tried to pull his hand away but he pushed me back. "Raph!"

"I don't need yah help!"

"Did they get you in your good eye?!" I asked.

"Why does it matter!"

A couple of Dragons came up behind Raph with led pipes raised high in the air.

"6 o'clock!" I called out to my brother hoping he would get the message. He swung his left leg around and kicked the two of them right in the chest flawlessly as if both eyes were still working. You could sever that turtle in half and he would still be able to perform 100%.

"Yah…" He mumbled.

"Yah what?" I asked him.

"They got me in my good eye but I can still fight."

"Raph, I need you to be able to shoot." I placed my arms on his shoulders.

"Shoot? What a gun?"

"No, that bow you liked so much. Don went to prepare a serum that will knock the Shredder dead but I need you to be able to take the shot that'll do it."

"I thought you were good with those things…" He winced from the pain in his eye.

"I think you might be better than I am." I just finished receiving a smile from Raph as a powerful blow came from behind me and knocked us into each other.

"Leo!" I heard Karai's voice.

"Call all you want but you cannot change your already decided fate!" The voice was familiar. Shredder was back, nice of him to stop by. Now only if Donatello would move his ass and get over here!

"Hang on buddy!" I saw Casey's legs come running up to the Shredder and then the sound of metal on bone made Raph and I wince. Casey's body went flying back into a couple of Dragons and then lay unnaturally still, never to stir again the rest of the battle.

"Casey!" Raph pushed my body off his and then tried to run over to help the injured human but the Shredder grabbed ahold of his legs and swung him almost a hundred feet in the other direction.

"Pathetic." Shredder sounded disappointed. "I was hoping for something more from your mutant family Erasmus."

"My name…is Leonardo!" I jumped up off the ground with my katana stiff behind my back and landed behind him. Now Karai ran to my side and prepared to fight with me. When Mike tried to jump him I told him to go help Raphael instead. And yes, it was because his crippled leg was going to get in the way.

"This is how it should have been in the first place, just us. Now let's see if I've taught you enough all these years!"

Karai and I leapt into action together and tried our best to dodge most of our Sensei's attacks. Anytime we would get close enough to strike him, his armor would deflect our swords and give him enough time to knock us back. We kept trying though, even after our bodies were ready to give in.

"Raph, get everyone to safety! Get out of here!" I called to him without taking my eyes off the enemy.

"Leonardo…" I could hear the worry in my sister's voice.

"I'm sorry Karai."

We were both thrown against an alley wall at the same time and pinned to it by the Shredder's gauntlets. I couldn't see the others since the Shredder's body was blocking my view but I could only hope that they got away so he wouldn't go after them after he killed us.

"Should I murder you two now? Or do to you what I've done to Stockman for so many years?" He laughed malevolently and raised his spike gauntlet into the air.

"How about none of the above?!" Raphael called out.

"What?!" Shredder whipped around just as something went flying out of Raph's hands with a whistling sound and landed right into his chest plate. He turned on an angle so Karai and I could see that he had been struck by an arrow. "Haha! Fools! Your pathetic ninja weapons cannot defeat me!"

"Not ninja, scientific!" Don grinned.

"Huh?!" Suddenly, a large beeping sound emerged from the arrow and then the entire thing went ablaze.

"Take cover!" Don called out to us. I rolled over top of Karai and tucked my head in as the entire street was illuminated with a bright light and fire. Car's security horns went off, glass windows broke and fell to the ground and people started to turn on their lights as the sound had most likely awakened them.

"Master!" I watched as Hun crawled across the ground, his face black with soot and parts of his flesh were covered with burns. But he was calling out to an empty shell for there was nothing left of the Shredder except a pair of destroyed metal boots. It was finally over.

"Did we win?" Michelangelo coughed the smoke out of his lungs and waved more of it away from his face.

"Do not be so quick to make assumptions Michelangelo." Splinter slowly got up off the ground and used his walking stick for elevation.

"Yah…I think we did." Raph still had his hand tight against his left eye.

"There's no way it's over already!" Don said while helping his brothers up off the ground.

"That's cuz you were GONE HALF THE TIME!" Mikey shrieked.

After I helped Karai up, we walked over to the others and regrouped.

"Everyone alright?" I asked them. They all nodded except Casey he was still knocked out. "Good…let's go home."

"Hey! You will pay for this!" Hun tried desperately to crawl across the ground but it looked like his lower half was completely useless to him.

"What about the little puppy?" April scowled.

"Let him go, he's useless without his Master now that he's dead." Karai spat in Hun's direction.

"You will be sorry for this! I will hunt you to the ends of the earth! I'll haunt your dreams and kill you in your sleep!" He screamed will pushing a charred body out of the way.

"Whatever Hun. Make sure you take Stockman with you then." I waved him away and led my team to the nearest manhole.

"Wait what?!" Hun shrieked as a little spider creature crawled dizzily over to him. "And where were you?!"

"That is none of your concern you oversized potato!" Stockman growled. "The mutants are getting away!"

"Then do something!"

"I'm useless in this body!"

"Well I aint functioning either!"

"That's it come here!" The robot spider jumped on top of Hun and started to bounce up and down with excessive force.

"I think they'll get along just fine." Mikey grinned


Casey came to it shortly after we arrived back at the lair. Michelangelo had tried to get him to believe that we were abducted by space aliens and freak him out but April saw to it that that long-haired human was well cared for. Mikey's leg would heal in a matter of weeks and he would be back to his old self again….yippee. Raphael's left eye had been lost to infection despite Donatello's efforts to heal it. So instead, Don stitched it up and even stitched Raph's left mask eye to make it a little less noticeable too. Casey and Mikey refusedto not make fun of him but I suppose that's what friends and brothers do to each other. Speaking of brothers, Donatello, after a few months of bonding and such, described to me what "love love" felt like. I had never understood or even considered toying with such an emotion but it appeared the brainiac of the family was was a bit more then what met the eye. He described his emotions towards April O'Neil and how those feelings he had washed away once he decided he could trust me all those months ago. He said that the loneliness in his heart with what he thought was calling out for love, was actually calling out for my brotherly companionship since the other two mostly stuck to their own devices. So I became closer with Donatello than I would have been with the other two and honestly, it was fine by me.

Besides those few major injuries, the rest of us had the usual cuts and bruises but they would heal easily along with the mark in our hearts that the Shredder had left on us, especially Karai and I. Splinter had invited the two of us to stay and ultimately, after some bribery, we accepted. Eventually however, Karai would go off on her own and rarely be seen except when she needed someone to talk to and keep her out of trouble. She and I became closer than ever as we still tried to fight off the last traces of Foot blood we had left in us. It was a long and difficult road but it would be done at an extraordinary rate withSplinter's help.

I always thought that the path of destruction would be the ultimate source of satisfaction, that I wouldn't know any other way of life except through other people's misery and loss. The mistakes I made in the last 13 years will haunt me for the rest of my life and wake me up countless amounts of time in my sleep. You can't undo what is already done and the lives I've taken in those years are what cause me the most amounts of grief and unrest. If it weren't for my brothers, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello, I probably wouldn't be here today. I would be dead due to the highly risky mission that our previous Sensei had sent us on in the past. Yet eventually, I would feel the whole-hearted welcome that they so graciously are holding out for me, that 100% certainty that they know I've changed and want to continue my journey to become a better person and grow up into the leader I was meant to be. I am the person I choose to be and I, Erasmus, choose to be the one that my mind and heart want me to be.

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