When I planned this, I had a lovely scene with Rose interrogating River about the legality of her marriage, with some lovely quotes from "The Princess Bride" namely the famous 'Did you say I do?' (partly because Rose can be very jealous, and partly because its confusing enough anyway – him revealing his name is the Gallifreyan marriage vow, so how are they married when we know he didn't actually tell her then? And how does she know it in The Library) but I decided that Rose needed to be a bit kinder to River given how worrying she might've considered the scenario.

PS: I know I used a cliché idea for when Rose and Rory meet, but I love it so much I wanted a go too!

"So, I take it things didn't go well with Rose?" River's voice came abruptly to the Doctor's attention, causing him to smack his head from the jerk of surprise. He glared at her while rubbing his sore skull and muttering unpleasant things about her mother in Fradinumian.

"No, they didn't," he growled. "How could you possibly guess?"

"Well, all the shouting, the door slam, and the grey-black muck that was covering the section of Rose's face I saw when I came to see what all the yelling was about, and that's just for a start."

"Wait a minute, why are you asking? Surely you should know the answer since you've lived it already, you're from our future— Why didn't you ever tell me I'd get to see Rose again?!"

River blinked in surprise for a moment before regaining her composure "I didn't know, actually, she's not been in the timeline I've lived, in fact, you only mentioned her once or twice, I barely even knew she was a companion."

The Doctor frowned in thought, not happy at all with the connotations of that statement – would Rose leave? Would he really be so pathetic in his melancholy to marry River as he suspected, completely going against his own feeling simply to obey Time – when had he ever done as he was told before? "And you're supposed to be my wife!" he scoffed "Yet you know so little about me."

"I hardly see how one companion makes a difference when you've had dozens."

"All of them matter, every single one was brilliant in their own special way, and if you can't appreciate that then you don't know me at all. And Rose was never just a companion, I need her, needed her so much I asked her twice."

River simply waved her hand at the comment "So what, if you 'needed' her so much why didn't you marry her, or, to go with a phrase from her time, if you like it then you should've put a ring on it."

"You know very well rings aren't the important part."

Her gaze flickered away for a moment, then her lips quirked up mischievously "You're right, they're not, names are far more valuable aren't they sweetie."

A hurt gasp echoed around the console room and the Doctor spun guiltily to see Rose stubbornly biting her lip against the glistening of her eyes "She knows your name, like, your real, proper name, not 'The Doctor'?"

The Doctor scowled furiously at River "That was unnecessarily cruel." he ground out before softening as he turned back to Rose "Yes, she's going to tell me in her future, when I met her back with Donna, to prove she knows me in her relative present."

"Why? Why's she get to know your name, and not me? Do all the others find ou' too? Did Sarah-Jane and Martha and who knows who else know and you jus' lef' me in the dark?!"


"Then why s'it her? She's not even with you all the time! I was with you for a'least two years 'fore we got separated, I thought you and me were..."

"No, no, we were, I promise, we were, everything you thought back then was right."

Rose swiped a hand across her eyes, removing the faint trail of tears and replacing them with a carefully blank expression "I don't understand, is it just this body, do you not... like me anymore?"

"No! Please, Rose you know regeneration can't change things that important, I still feel exactly the same."

Her brow furrowed and River looked on smugly, tapping a foot in amusement. "Then, why?" Rose cautiously studied River, trying to find any plausible reason that a woman he hardly knew was allowed to know his real name, and she, his best friend and, according to virtually everyone, love of his life(lives?), was not.

"Because I'm going to be forced to marry her in the future!" The Doctor finally had had enough and yelled his frustration out whilst pointing accusingly in River's general direction.

"Forced?" Rose's eyes widened helplessly at the wording "What'd'you mean, 'forced'?" she turned her glare upon River "Did you threaten 'im to make 'im marry you? How dare you—"

"No-one could ever force the Doctor into anything, but it needed to happen."

"Why?" the Doctor demands, ever curious, and especially longing to know what would inspire him to marry anyone, especially this infuriatingly wrong woman.

River raised a eyebrow at him "You know what I'm going to say."

"Spoilers, bloody spoilers, well, you know what, I don't care, because the Tardis has created a new timeline, different to yours, so now we just need to wait till it corrects itself. Rose, wanna help me fly the TARDIS to pick up Amy?"

"Um, sure, but one question."

"What's that?"

Rose placed a gentle hand on a slightly-green River "Hey, it's alrigh', I've been in alternate timelines before, it doesn' hurt or anythin', you just get a new set of memories, you don't just cease to exist."

"I know, but mine's more complicated than most." River swallowed nervously, glancing between Rose and the Doctor for a moment before a small smile grew on her face "It's far more possible for me to be wiped out than most anyone else."

Rose studied her intently, sifting through the information of both future and past for anything about River Song – and got quite a surprise when she witnessed the timeline that was slowly but surely being replaced by her very presence. Giving River's hand a comforting squeeze, she looked at the Doctor over her shoulder "If me bein' here stops you getting' married, how does she know your name in The Library, cos that doesn't seem to be changin'."

The Doctor started, how could Rose know that, wait, her eyes were a shade brighter than before, no matter, look at the timeline and worry about Rose later, but Rose is important, not as important as, oh yes she is— He cut off his runaway thoughts by saying "The Tardis is changing Time, but we can trust her to know what she's doing, she probably alters River's memory for a brief time whilst also supplying the information telepathically since River—"

"Standing right here, Doctor." River snapped.

"Yeah, I noticed, anyway, I think we've left the Ponds waiting quite long enough."

"Wait, Ponds, as in, plural? You have a couple on the TARDIS, how domestic is tha'! And you had the audacity to complain about Mickey 'n' Jack." Rose crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out so that the Doctor forgot he was meant to be starting to pilot the TARDIS in order to stare at her figure with his mouth open, which in turn led to him leaning on a button that sent them all sprawling onto the floor. Laughing from her position by the stairs, Rose grinned at him "Still got the attention span of a three year old."

"I do not!"

"Then fly her properly, and get the date righ' this time." she gave him a look that said she doubted very much that he could do so.

A look of outrage crossed his face before a beam of joy as he pushed up from the floor to help her up "Come on Tyler, let's go fetch the Ponds."

The pair of them danced around the console, Rose pushing buttons and flicking levers before he even formed the breath to ask her, even River watched in astonishment as they landed so gently they didn't even wobble.

"How did you do that?" River asked, smirking slightly at the gobsmacked and wholly adorable look of amazement on the Doctor's face.

"Yes, I'd been meaning to ask a few things along those lines as well."

Rose bit her lip "Well, if I'm understanding this all rightly, I've had loads of information sittin' in my head since Bad Wolf, but my time in the Pandorica gave my brain the, let's call it free space, since I wasn't doing or sensing anything, like a really deep sleep, it gave me the chance to organise it into an understandable format. Well, before tha' my mind sort of ignored it since it was too much to cope with, but now I can access all this data the Tardis and I collected back then – if that all makes sense?"


"Yes Doctah?"

He grinned brightly, swooping her up into his arms and swinging her around in a hug "You're magnificent!"

Rose opened her mouth to reply when thumps sounded from the TARDIS door, along with "Doctor! Let us in, it's Amy!"

The Doctor spared a brief glance to River before diverting his attention back to gently swaying with Rose, who then promptly smacked his shoulder and declared "Still rude, but I think tha's just you."

"But Rose..." he whined "I'm busy!"

"So busy you won't even pick up your companion?"

He squeezed her gently "What do you think I've been doing for the past forty seconds or so?"

She wriggled out of his hold as two people came into the TARDIS "Save it for your tasselled cushions, I wanna meet the couple who forced ya to do domestic for 'em."

"Oi! I did it for you too! I put up with your mother!"

Rose smiled with her tongue between her teeth, but did not reply as she turned to greet the woman storming her way towards the Doctor. "Hi, you mus' be Amy, I'm Rose, Rose Tyler, I used to travel with the Doctah."

"Amy, that's Rory, hey." the redhead responded curtly before passing Rose entirely to slap the Doctor "You do not just leave us in the middle of nowhere with God knows what legions of aliens and robots just around the corner, to go and have a threesome in your box!"

The Doctor sputtered from both the disorientation of being spun around by the force of Amy's hand, and from the suggestion that he would ever—

"Um, excuse me, but I swear I've seen you before?" Rory murmured, sidestepping the still furious Amy.

"Doctor, why've you got a Roman companion? I'm confused." Rose looked over her shoulder at him.

"You're Fortuna!" Rory's mouth fell open "Your profile was on a coin! …How did you get here?"

"She's my lucky pants, I never leave without her." the Doctor grinned whilst straightening his bowtie, waiting for Rose's answering tongue-touched smile and pouting when he didn't get it.

Rose pursed her lips at that "You have though, so many ti—"

River stamped a foot "Enough! God, your angst could write a billion poems, both of you get a grip, neither of you are going anywhere." she pointed to each of them "He's not sending you away again anytime soon, and she's got a plan to fix that empty promise."

"Promise?" the Doctor enquired curiously, "What promise?

"Oh that 'forever' gooey nonsense you two've always had."

"Doctor, you do realise what she just said, don't you?" Rose murmured, before delivering a quick aside to Rory "Yes, I modelled, Doctor sculpted."

"River," the Doctor's face lit up with hope "Do you know Rose in our future?"

"Of course I do, it's not as if she's going to leave you, you're practically fused at the hand!"


"Oh Rose, just tell him your plan before curiosity regenerates him into an old man."

"That rhymed!" the Doctor put in before latching onto Rose's hand and watching her expectantly.

Rose looked at him through her lashes, biting her lip and having the Doctor's whole and expansive attention on her "Well, um, the thought occurred to me that, um, well," the words exploded out of her mouth in a babble worthy of the Tenth Doctor. "The Pandorica has a timeless atmosphere that freezes any time that enters so anything with excessive Time Energy like me will have been frozen for quite some time too, and I could always go back in if we put it in the TARDIS, if she wouldn't mind?" the lights flickered in agreement and Rose shuffled her feet absently while awaiting his reaction.

Meanwhile Amy had dragged Rory over to River to ask "What the hell is goin' on, and who's she?"

River smiled brightly, placing a hand on both of their shoulders to turn them to face the Doctor as his mouth flopped open and he emitted a wordless sound of joy before throwing Rose up into the air and neatly catching her before descending upon her lips with such unleashed passion that even Amy looked away. "That, Amy, was the Doctor realising he's going to get his forever with Rose Tyler, and probably the beginning of the end of you getting a decent night's sleep anywhere on the TARDIS."

Rose pulled away from the Doctor to heave in a breath "What about all those Daleks 'n' Cybermen and stuff? We can't just leave them hanging around Earth!"

The Doctor grinned while entwining their fingers together "Time machine, we can fight 'Daleks 'n' Cybermen and stuff' some other time," he started to lead her towards the rest of the TARDIS "But right now, I've got a sentence to finish, and your bedroom to locate."

So, that's the end, and I'm actually tearing up as I write this, I loved this story so much, my first steps into the Doctor Who fandom, and definitely not the last, I've so far got two more stories in the works (neither related to this though).

Please tell me honestly what you thought of my first Drose story!