Chapter One

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Gohan leisurely flew through the air above the Four-Thirty-Nine East Mountain district. He's been allowed an hour break off of studying from his mom. Breaks that he gladly took. Whenever he he was allowed free time, he would sometimes fly around wearing his dad's old Gi.

He looked down at the heavily forested area that surrounded his place of residence. He could see the small house he called home. He could easily sense his mom and little brother on the inside. His mom was most likely cooking or cleaning, or probably both while the latter was probably amusing himself.

He looked far east of his house and could barely see the top of his grandfather's kingdom. The Ox King still regularly visited his daughter and grand kids, and they always looked forward to his arrival. He was very cheerful and happy, far different from the man he once was over thirty years ago.

The Half-Saiyan thought about how many times his Grandpa visited. He then thought about how none of his dad's friends never visited them. Well, except Piccolo. The tall Namekian would sometimes fly down from the Lookout to talk or have a friendly spar with his pupil, though the latter of two options rarely occurred.

The reasons Vegeta never visioned was because he, as a Prince, would never commute to the house of a third class Saiyan, and he was far too busy training to be the strongest.

Tien Shin-Han and Choutzu were both also too busy training. Now, after years of intense training, Tien could definitely beat Freeza final-form, one percent power, no problem.

Yamcha, the Ex-Scar-Faced-Bandit, was too busy - or too lazy - being a Baseball player. Also, Chi-Chi wouldn't allow him to.

But Gohan wasn't really worried about them. The only friends that he really felt connected to were Bulma and Krillin and the bald monk pretty much only spent time with Eighteen and Roshi on Kame Island.

Bulma was always busy in board meetings, inventions, and other Capsule Corp business. But she couldn't help it because she is the head of the company.

Gohan decided that he wouldn't wait around for them to visit him when he could just as easily go to them. He let his translucent aura come to life around him as he shot off towards the west. He was going to visit a certain Aquamarine-haired scientist today. Because he knew he still had nearly an hour left of time to do whatever he wanted, it was ok that he went as long as he returned before his time was up.

Chi-Chi was hard at work cooking for her two boys. Though she never enjoyed the strenuous cooking of Saiyan sized meals, she never complained because she loves her family.

She has loved Goku ever since their first meeting, and the love only grew over the years, multiplying with each one.

She could hear her second born son, the Goku Look-alike, Goten, giggling as he played with the toys his best friend Trunks let him borrow. She smiled fondly as she looked over her shoulder to him. The smile was a sad smile. Everything he did and said reminded her of her long deceased husband. She just wished they could all be together as a family.

She stopped in her cooking and held her hands to her chest." Oh Goku," she sighed." I miss you," she whispered, taking the time to remember a time when he was still alive. She sighed again before returning to work.

The food was smelling good and she knew that it would be done by the time Gohan returned for his studying.

Shortly after she started cooking again, she stopped again. But this time it wasn't because she remembered something. No. She was feeling something. But what was it? Was she anxious? Yes. Anxiousness washed over her body. It wasn't strong, but it was unpleasant. She didn't know what to make of it so she put on a smile and returned to work.

Arriving in the air above Capsule Corp, Gohan did a series of flips as he stopped using his Ki to propel him, doing a few flips before landing gracefully on the front lawn of the Multi-Billion dollar corporation.

He walked up to the front door and it t automatically opened, letting him enter. The second he did that, a green and purple blur tackled him to the ground.

"GOHAN!" The five year old Trunks Briefs cheered as he hugged the downed teen.

"Hey, Trunks," Gohan laughed as he picked the younger Half-Saiyan up. "How have you been?" he asked.

"I'm good. I've been getting stronger. Watch…this!" Trunks exclaimed as he started to power up, causing the entire compound to shake.

'Wow. Trunks sure is getting stronger. He could probably give Freeza's third form a run for his money, and it's still rising,' Gohan mused. He was impressed by how strong Trunks was already.

"Trunks!" a very distinctively familiar voice screamed from above them. "How many times have I told you not to do that in the house?" she asked.

Gohan looked up to the source. He smiled up at the aquamarine-haired scientist as she made her way down the staircase. She had yet to notice the son of her best friend because she was too busy shouting at her offspring.

Trunks stopped his power raising and hid behind Gohan's leg. For a second there, Gohan could have sworn he saw Trunks' eyes flash teal before he stopped.

When she saw her son hide behind someone's leg, that's when she noticed who it was. "Gohan?" she questioned, causing the Saiyan to smile brighter at her. " Wow, it's been nearly a year," she told him as she walked up to him, hugging him tightly.

Gohan returned the hug. "Hey, Bulma. It's nice seeing you again," he told her as they released each other.

"Look at you, getting taller and taller. You'll be taller than me soon," she told him.

"Yeah, mom says I'll be as tall as my dad," Gohan agreed.

While the two reflected on height, Trunks felt the angry Prince of all Saiyans approaching and took off in the opposite direction. His dad always made him train all day until he couldn't move anymore.

"Where's he going?" Gohan asked, looking in the direction the boy ran.

"Running from Vegeta I presume," she sighed.

She was proven right when her jerk of a husband came stalking in with an evil grin on his face. Gohan slightly shuddered. That look was just plain creepy.

"You've gotten soft in these times of peace," Vegeta sneered, hoping to provoke the boy into fighting him. "What brings you to my home, weakling?" the Prince asked arrogantly.

'I think I'm still more powerful than him,' Gohan thought. "I came to see Bulma," he stated flatly.

"Well, once your done wasting time, why don't you just come down to the Gravity Room for a spar?" Vegeta suggested in the same tone.

"I'm not here to fight you Vegeta," Gohan replied.

"What's wrong, boy feeling sick? Or is it because you haven't trained since Cell, knowing that I have surpassed you?" Vegeta smirked.

Bulma had heard enough of him. "Vegeta!" she started angrily." Stop messing with him. Why don't you go watch your soaps or something?" she suggested.

Vegeta mumbled something about training under his breath as stalked off towards his Son's energy. Good thing Trunks didn't know how to suppress his power that good yet.

"Now," she started as she turned back to the Demi-Saiyan."Gohan, what is it you came for?" she asked sweetly.

Gohan smiled again." I was hoping that you had some extra training equipment I could use. I don't want to be ill prepared if the world is ever endangered again,"he explained, half true.

Believe it or not, but Vegeta jarred his very little Saiyan pride with his statements. He knew the Prince spoke the truth and he didn't want the lives of his mother and brother resting on Vegeta's shoulders.

She smiled brightly." As a matter of fact, I do have a couple of new inventions that I needed to be tested. This could be the perfect opportunity," she said, seeing Gohan's expression turn grim." But don't worry, I still have some perfectly safe equipment that you could use," she told him.

Gohan sighed in relief as he followed her throughout the dome shaped building that was the Brief's residential wing, which was also the main wing.

They stopped at a big metal door with no knob or handle labeled 500 CC. There was a security panel to the left of it with letters and numbers." This is my private lab, where all my greatest inventions lie in here," she told him as she sidestepped to the left to where she was now facing the panel.

She reached up and typed in her password. Gohan looked away as a sign of respect to the woman beside him.

There was a hissing sound and then the door opened. She led Gohan inside.

Gohan was amazed by the machines on the inside. The technology was superlative in design. All ranging from big to small. He saw that one was covered with a cloth on her desk. He even saw a copy of the time machine in a corner.

Bulma walked over to her desk and pulled out the top drawer. She rummaged through it for a moment before pulling out a capsule case that held several capsules.

There were fifteen Capsules in total. She only pulled out five, closed the case, and put it back into the drawer and pulled out a smaller case that would hold the five capsules.

Gohan noticed that she didn't close the drawer back but didn't get to say anything because she spoke first.

"These are the newest models of my inventions and or just upgraded alien tech Vegeta got for me," she told him. " And after your done testing them, I'll let you have them," she told him.

Gohan smiled." Thanks Bulma," he said. Bulma truly was a nice woman. "But you don't have to let me have them," he told her.

"Nonsense. You deserve them. Besides, you could think of them as an early birthday present if you want," she told him.

"Oh, alright. I will then," he smiled.

Bulma's then began telling him the names and functions of various types of inventions.

His eyes looked back to the desk, where he could still see the invention with the cover over it." Hey, What's that invention?" he asked while pointing to it.

Bulma grinned." This," she started as she removed the covering. The device was a basketball sized black remote control shaped device with a few Red buttons that were diagonal to a Red dial with numbers around it. There was a pointer at the top with a ball on the end so it wasn't pointy. "Is a portal opener to different universes. I call it the Multiverse Portal Opener. Or M.P.O. for short," she explained.

Gohan was speechless. A machine that can get you to different universes? That was an amazing accomplishment.

"Does it work?" Gohan asked, remembering how it was covered up.' Probably doesn't considering that it was covered,' he mused.

Bulma sighed." Yes and no. Yes it works. I could send things to different universes but each time a portal opens up, it's a different universe. I'm working on plans to create a setting for the device to go to one specific universe at a time. But it could take years to make," she told him with a small frown.

Gohan nodded in understanding. He then looked around the lab and his eyes stopped on the time machine. "Hey, Bulma, can't you use the same technology from the time machine on the M.P.O? I mean, think about it like this; Trunks used it to get to our world three different times and he was from a different universe. All he did was put in coordinates and he got here. And Cell came from a different universe too," Gohan told her.

Bulma looked thoughtful for a moment before hurrying to get to her notes on both the time machine and Multiverse Portal Opener.

She pulled the notes out and started skimming through them. After a few minutes of that she gasped." Gohan, your a genius…" 'why didn't I think of that?' she asked herself.

On the other side of the compound in a specially made training facility room, Father and Son were both hard at work to become the strongest. The older Prince was making the younger Prince bring out his power in huge, but controlled amounts.

Trunks was grunting while trying to maintain his energy output. He had a yellow basketball sized energy ball forming in the space between his hands.

"Concentrate harder boy," Vegeta's gruff voice spooked him, causing the energy he 'was' concentrating on to fly into the wall, which caused a tremor to rock Capsule Corp.

"Oops. Hehe, sorry," Trunks sheepishly said.

"Just… get back to work boy," Vegeta ordered, shrugging off the tremor.

But what he didn't know is that the small tremor he just shrugged off would have dire consequences.

Back in Bulma's private lab, Gohan was getting ready to leave. Bulma had gotten absorbed in her notes and plans that she wasn't paying much attention to him.

"Alright, Bulma. I'm heading home. I'll see you soon," he bid her farewell.

"Alright, I'll see you soon. Make sure to bring Goten to play with Trunks next time," she paused from her skimming to tell him.

He was about to leave when the room was shaken from the tremor. The first thing Gohan thought was, 'Is she ok?'

When he turned around to check to see if she was ok, to his surprise, she was already on her feet. But she had a shocked look on her face.

When Bulma felt the tremor she looked up to tell Gohan not to worry. But what she saw was the M.P.O. teetering on the edge of the desk it was on.

'Oh No!' she thought as she hurriedly got to her feet. The device itself costed billions to make. Even if she was rich, money didn't grow on trees.

The device fell off the ledge controls first onto the still open drawer. The hit caused it to turn on. It bounced off the drawer and started it's descent down.

That's when Gohan turned around. He didn't know the device was falling, otherwise he would have caught it, but he didn't.

When the device hit the hit the floor Gohan looked down at it. It was angled pointing towards him with the pointer glowing red. He didn't know what had happened until he was on the inside of a portal, that was all shades of Red, being twisted and twirled by some invisible force. He then realized that there was no air inside the portal and he started gasping for breath.

Without air and the constant tumbling, he soon lost consciousness, hurtling towards the exit. Which was another portal conveniently opening up a few meters away.

Lois Lane walked into the Daily Planet newsroom with a mission. Her hair was straightened and her clothes were ironed. She was also wearing high heels. Sitting in her desk chair, she turned in her computer and got ready to be type up an Article about Superman.

The Man of Steel stopped six crimes, a boat robbery, and defeated the Super Villain Metallo.

She breathed in through her nose when she finished. The smell of printer ink, coffee, and donuts filled her nostrils. She breathed out evenly. She could here the sound of fingers tapping keys on a keyboards and printer machines being used.

"Lois." A voice that was very familiar called out her name. She turned around to see the ever clumsy Clark Kent carrying a stack of papers stumble a bit before righting himself.

"Hello, Clark," She greeted him as he sat down at his own desk that was right across from hers. He had just come from printing out something.

He pushed his bulky glasses back up his nose as he said," Morning Lois."

"Lane!" the gruff voice of the editor and chief of the Daily Planet newspaper, Perry White called her to attention. She turned to the white-haired man. As did Clark. "That story you just finished, Kent already turned it in."

She looked to the other reporter. "Clark?" she repeated.

"But never mind that," Perry started. Bringing her attention back." I want you, Lane, to-" he was cut off by the T.V. In the top left corner of the room being turned on.

The image on the screen was of a swirling Red portal in the sky.

"-and four minutes ago, this… portal just opened up in the sky. We are currently just waiting to see what Superman and the Justice League will do about this. Is this the beginning of an alien invasion or the end of all life as we know it?" a newscaster spieled.

Lois Lane, while everyone else was in slight panic, slipped away, taking photographer Jimmy Olsen, Superman's pal, with her. Clark Kent also slipped away.

On the outside, moments before Lois or Jimmy even made it to the ground floor, Gohan, an unidentified object, came falling out of the portal.

"Look! Something came out!" a random woman stated the obvious.

Gohan's body fell at an alarming rate. It crashed into the globe on top of the Daily Planet causing the golden globe to start to roll off to the side. His body emerged from the other side and continued it's rapid descent down towards the street.

The globe completely fell off the top of the building and was falling towards the unmoving throng of citizens.

But before it could get too close, Superman swooped in and caught it, setting it down gently on the street.

The Man of Steel took back to the air and took off towards the body. But he was too late. Catching the globe wasted too much time and the body hit the street.

Gohan hit the street, back first, completely ripping and tearing the road apart, knocking over cars and trapping people inside of them.

Superman flew to the scene, repositioning the cars so that they were right. He followed the trail of destruction to the source.

In a steaming pile of rocks and debris, was a boy no older the than thirteen and looked like he had seen better days. His clothes were tattered and he was cut and burned in some parts of his skin. Using his X-Ray vision, Superman could tell that the boy had several broken bones and wasn't even breathing.

That's when Lois Lane and the young Jimmy Olsen ran up to the scene." Whoa!" The latter whispered in awe as he started taking pictures. People started to gather around the unconscious, seemingly dead, boy. Whispers and rumors already started to go around.

"Superman?" Jimmy Olsen started timidly." Is that boy…" he trailed off.

"Look at 'em he' no even breathn'." a random person answered Jimmy.

That fact was proven wrong when the boy drew in a sharp intake of breath, followed by a few coughs.

Superman knelt down closer to the boy.' He's alive,' he thought in awe.

"H-He's alive!" another bystander exclaimed.

Medical personnel and police officers arrived on scene, ready to help any of the injured.

"Hey, kid. Can you hear me?" the Kryptonian asked.

Gohan's eye's shot open when he heard someone speaking to him in a different language. There were multiple people standing over him. He was kind of alarmed.

(Note: I'm not sure if this is known but Dragonball and Dragonball Z originated in Japan. Both the Manga and Anime were originally in Japanese. I, at first, didn't know the show or Manga were in English when I first got into the series. I only realized that when I was halfway through the Freeza saga. Don't worry, this will all fit into the story later.)

*FLASH* A blinding bright light blinded him. He shut his eyes tight. When he reopened them,*FLASH* the light blinded him again.

Gohan warily opened his eyes again. He studied the faces of all the people around him. He then tried to get up to his feet. Ignoring the protest of the people around him. He silently gasped in pain as he realized he had a few broken ribs stopping his ascent. He attempted again after a few short moments.

"Kid, you might want to take it easy," Superman told him.

Gohan looked to the Man of Steel. He couldn't understand the words coming from the hero's mouth. He stood completely up and tried to take a step forward and stumbled forward and fell on his front. He couldn't even stay on his feet. His balance was off and he didn't know why.

'Where am I?' he asked himself as he began to use his energy to float off the ground. 'Need to get home,' he thought, fearing what Chi Chi might say as he let his aura envelope him and he blasted off in a random direction. He may have been injured but he was a Saiyan, meaning he was tough enough to fly home.

Superman took chase after him, needing to ask this kid some questions.

Gohan finally decided to use his senses to find the his way to Kami's Lookout. But to his surprise and shock, he couldn't sense the Namekian's that lived there or Popo.

Extending his senses, he tried searching further for his green friends. He then tried to find all of his friends. He couldn't sense any of his them. But he could sense several other large power levels. And one of them was really strong and approaching him fast.

He decided to play it safe so he flew down and into a city. He ducked next to a billboard and watched as the red cape man from earlier flew over a few moments later.

He needed to try and remember how he got here. 'Let's see. I remember going to Bulma's. Then running into Trunks and Bulma… but that's it. How'd I end up here?' he sighed.

He took back into the air but this time he took off in the opposite direction. He needed to recuperate and then figure out what happened to him.

Superman continued to fly straight for a few minutes before he stopped." Hmm. Where'd you go?" Superman asked aloud.

"Batman to Superman," the earpiece communication device in his ear went off, signaling that another member of the Justice League was contacting him.

"Go ahead, Batman," Superman replied. Flying back to Metropolis at a slower pace than before.

"What happened in Metropolis? News reports say that a monkey boy fell from the portal. Do you need assistance?" Batman asked.

"We need to start searching for him?" Superman informed the Dark Knight. "He flew away faster than I expected and I can't find him."

"He flew?" Batman asked skeptically.

"Yeah. I wasn't expecting that either," Superman told him.

"Alright. Return to the Watchtower. We need to hold a meeting concerning this… boy," Batman replied coolly.

Superman then flew back to Metropolis and used the Zeta tube there to get to the Watchtower. There, he and many league members discussed the situation.

After deciding that the kid is a threat, which was said by Batman, the Justice League made a statement to the world, saying that they would find the 'Monkey boy' and that if anyone had any information on his whereabouts, to inform the local police. They showed the populace a picture of Gohan, full body so that they knew what he exactly looked like. They made finding him there their top priority.

The Daily Planet published the whole story about the entire incident the next day. 'Monkey Boy! Friend or foe?' Written by Lois Lane. She got the scoop of the month.

The entire first page of the news paper was about whether or not he was an invader or some sort of scout for the supposed mothership that would soon be arriving.

Days went by and the League spent hours searching for Gohan all over the world but to no avail. They clearly were not looking hard enough.

Gohan flew for just over a half hour until he came across a heavily forested region in Southeast Asia. Of course he didn't know the name of the area, but that didn't stop him from down into the forest.

He could sense several energies around him. But he wasn't alarmed because none of them were anywhere near high enough to harm him.

He sat on the forest floor and crossed his legs as he started to meditate. He needed to remember what happened to him.

Several hours passed before his eyes suddenly snapped open. All the memories of the days events came flooding into his mind.

"I'm in a different universe!" he shouted in dismay. 'No wonder I couldn't sense my friends," he continued in his mind as he stood to his feet.

An overly drawn out sigh escaped his lips. He was stuck in a alternate dimension with no friends or family. He then felt something tapping his left shoulder. He turned his head to the left and saw his furry brown appendage tapping him.

'My tail grew back. Must've happened when I was knocked out,' he thought to himself as he took a few steps, balancing himself.

After he rightened himself, he decided that if he was going to be stuck here, he might as well make the best of it.

It was dark out so he formed an energy ball in his left hand as he walked through the heavily forested area until he came across an open area.

He reached into his sash and pulled out the capsule case.' What did Bulma give me?' He asked himself as he opened the case and pulled out the first Capsule. It was labeled A-43.

He clicked the top button and tossed it on the ground. A few moments later and then *POOF* an exact replica of the ship his father used to get to Namek

He then Capsulized it.' Could be very useful,' he thought as he picked it back up and put it back into its spot in the case.

He repeated the process four more times, discovering the he had the latest model Capsule House, two space ships, a set of new and improved Saiyan Armor, and a gravity room.

Gohan wondered what the difference was between the ships so he entered the second one. He didn't see any visual differences except a new button on the control panel. It was labeled Voice Control.

He then went below to the lower level of the ship and saw more Saiyan Armor, a Rejuvenation Tank, and an area to live. Bathroom, bed, and kitchen.

"How am I supposed to use the Rejuvenation Tank if I'm here alone?" he asked aloud as he made his way to the refrigerator.

He opened it and to his surprise, it was filled with food. One would barely be able to close the door with so much food in it.

He grabbed all the food he could carry in his arms and walked over to the table. He set the food down and started to devour the small mountain of food.

Moments later, a satisfied belch reverberated off the walls of the room. Signaling that the young Demi-Saiyan was finished eating his meal.

He stood and cleaned the surrounding area of the mess he made. Without his mother here to clean, he had too.

After that, he Capsulized the ship and put it in the case, and pulled out the Capsule House.

After De-Capsulized the house he entered it. He made his way to the closest bedroom, disrobed, and got into bed.

While lying there, he soon realized the full extent of this problem of him being here in this universe.

He realized that he would never see his family again or friends.'Mom, Goten, Grandpa, Bulma, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillen.' He listed the people he would never see again. It hurt him emotionally.

A thirteen year old boy alone without knowledge of this strange new world or any guidance to help him out. He laid there on the bed and silently weeped until he fell asleep.

"Gohan!" Bulma screeched when the portal sucked him in and closed afterward.

As if they were summoned by her distress, Vegeta and Trunks, the Princes of Saiyans rushed into the room. The room had a despondent feeling. Almost like all hope was lost.

Vegeta had sensed the disappearance of the Half-Saiyan teen's energy signature vanish and fearing that another threat was upon the earth, immediately halted the training with Trunks and came ready to fight.

"What happened to Gohan?" Vegeta asked, using Gohan's name instead of 'Boy'.

Trunks wasn't using his senses and tried to find the older Half-Saiyan with his sensing.

Bulma didn't answer. She was distraught knowing that her Best Friend's oldest son, who was like a son to her, got taken into another universe.

Vegeta walked forward and grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her in the eyes." Bulma. Tell me what happened," he demanded softly.

"I-I… the device. It accidentally went off when…" her eyes widened when she realized that it was the tremor that caused the device to fall in the first place." You," she whispered.

Vegeta looked thoughtfully for a moment." Me? What?" he asked curiously.

"You!" she poked him with her finger." Your training did this!" She poked him again." That stupid tremor came from you!" She turned away from Vegeta." That tremor caused the device to fall and go off," she told him.

Vegeta was speechless. Though it wasn't actually him that caused the tremor, he still felt a little guilty for the accident. But not enough for him to feel bad as he turned to leave.

Trunks had a few tears streaming from his eyes. He quickly wiped them away before his father saw him. Vegeta always told him that the only thing crying showed was weakness.

Bulma herself didn't care about what Vegeta said about crying, she let the tears stream down her face as she turned to him." You need to go tell Chi-Chi," she told him as she left the room, leaving the Saiyans alone.

A few moments later, both father and son were standing in front of the Multi-Billion dollar corporation. Vegeta was standing there, arms crossed, scowl on his face, and Trunks trying to cover up his sadness by mimicking his father.

Vegeta could sense the Namekian approaching fast.' Hmmm? He must've sensed him disappear too,' Vegeta thought.

"Dad, what are we waiting for?" Trunks asked impatiently, ready to fly to Goten's house.

Vegeta didn't answer as a speck became noticeable on the horizon. Trunks followed his father's line of sight until he too saw the fast arriving Namekian.

'What does Mr. Piccolo want?' Trunks asked himself as he let his arms fall to the side.

Piccolo landed down in front of them a few seconds later, a menacing frown on his face, his cape gently swaying from the wind. "What happened to Gohan?" he asked with barely suppressed anger.

"He's in another universe. And he'll be stuck there until the woman manages to get him back," Vegeta answered curtly.

Piccolo's eyes widened slightly. "How'd he get there?" he demanded.

Vegeta walked forward so that he was now directly in front of the Namek." While I was training my son," he started coldly." A stray energy blast caused a tremor throughout the building, causing a machine the woman was working on to fall. The machine was a device that could open portals to different universes. You do the math," he finished as he took to the air.

Trunks hoped off the ground and flew along with him, leaving Piccolo bewildered and angry.

Chi-Chi was pacing worriedly in the kitchen. Gohan was supposed to be here nearly a half hour ago. He had never been this late to home before and it made her sick to her stomach.

She was staring out the window like a hawk, scanning the horizon with her eyes, watching, waiting for a speck to form in the distance.

She could hear her four year old noisily eating at the table. She gave him the all clear to eat after Gohan still wasn't home after twenty-five minutes.

Finally, a speck could be seen on the horizon and growing larger until she could scarcely make out the person.

She walked over to the front door, opened it, and exited the small cottage she called home. Goten on her heal, when he heard her open the door he stopped eating and followed her.

Expecting to see Gohan, both Chi-Chi and Goten were thoroughly surprised when Vegeta and Trunks landed on their lawn instead of the teen.

"V-Vegeta? W-What do you want?" Chi-Chi asked.

The Full-Blooded Saiyan motioned for her to come to the side away from the children. She warily obliged.

"Gohan is gone," he stated irritably.

By the time her brain fully registered what had happened, her eyes were already rolling towards the back of her head.

Trunks and Goten were grinning madly when the former landed." Yay! Trunks is here!" the latter cheered.

"Yeah! Lets go play!" Trunks suggested happily as they began chasing each other around the yard.

They stopped when they heard a soft thud, followed by a groan. The two children ran to the source.

They found Chi-Chi on the floor and Vegeta standing over her.

"Hey! What happened to her?" Trunks asked as he stood next to his dad.

"Mommy?" Goten questioned as he made his way over to the unconscious woman.

"She'll be fine," Vegeta grumbled as he got ready to take to the air. But one look back at the four year old and his unconscious mother made Vegeta sigh. He knew that he'd never hear the end of it from Bulma if he just left them like that."Come on," he ordered.

"Where are we going?" Goten asked confused.

Trunks jumped into the air with Vegeta. "To my house!" Trunks cheered

Goten, not knowing how to fly, began to panic." Wait!" he called after them, ceasing their progress.

"What is it?" Vegeta questioned annoyed, ready to just return to training.

"I don't know how to fly," Goten whined.

"You've… got to be kidding me." Vegeta stated.'How Absurd!'" Did your brother never teach you?" he asked.

"No," the Spitting image of Goku answered.

Vegeta sighed. This meant he'd have to carry them all the way to Capsule Corp. He could always just leave them here, but if he did that, he'd never hear the end of it.

Arriving at Capsule Corp, Vegeta and Trunks landed gracefully. The former of the two carrying Goten and the still unconscious Chi-Chi.

Goten jumped off and the three entered through the front door. Bulma was in the front lobby waiting for them.

"Vegeta," Bulma started when she saw Chi Chi. She already knew what must've happened." Take Chi-Chi and put her in a guest room, "She ordered, using a tone that the Saiyan Prince knew not to trifle with. He mumbled something under his breath about doing grunt work as he took his greatest rival's wife to bed. Bulma then turned to the two children." Trunks, Goten," she softly began." Why don't you two go play with some toys?" she suggested.

The two Half-Saiyan children looked to each other and smiled before running off towards the building.

Bulma sighed as she walked at a slower pace behind them. She really needed to get to work on bringing Gohan back.

That's what her plan was. Later that day when Chi-Chi woke up, Bulma calmly explained to her what happened to Gohan. She then told her the plan on bringing him back. She then offered to let her friend stay with them for a while. Chi-Chi agreed but only for a little while.

Piccolo attempted to use the Dragonballs to bring his pupil back. They were proven to be useless because Shenron's powers were bound to this universe only.

The Namekian then told the others, well, Krillin, and by extension, the others. Krillen shed some tears. Gohan was like a nephew to him; Tien was shocked at first but soon didn't care enough to worry; Yamcha almost cried. He was mostly angry, finding a way to blame Vegeta for this; Choutzu was also shocked even though he only met Gohan a few times; Eighteen was hurt but didn't let it show. She owed Gohan her life, he saved her from Cell after all; Dende was so shocked, he forgot to report the incident to the otherworld.

But despite the turn of events, everyone soon adjusted to his loss and returned to their normal lives. Hoping that Bulma could bring him back.