The Lady of the Names

Summary: A girl can't have too many names.

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Her real last name, the surname she was born with. The name associated with a happier time in her life, a time when her parents were both alive and with her. A time when she was read The Hobbit every night and tucked into bed and innocent.

Christine K. Le Guin, Annie Tolkien, Susan Asimov.

The aliases she chose after she was arrested after hacking, stealing, and reprogramming the unfinished game The Red Scare and released it for free. The names she used to fund her mother's hospital bills and to keep her alive (though a small part of her always knew there was no hope).

Charlene 'Charlie' Bradbury.

The alias that came to be her favorite. The least innocent alias, as through her hacking of Frank Devereaux's hard drive, she discovered the paranormal secrets of the world. The alias that was also really her, truly and fully. The alias that the two men she thought of as brothers first knew her by, and she was no one else to them. The name she used when she freed Gilda the fairy from Gerry (or Boltar the Furious); when she realized that out there, in the real world, she was a hero.

Carrie Heinlein.

The name after Charlie Bradbury died. The alias she adopted after helping the Winchesters take down Richard Roman Enterprises and the Leviathans, used to distance herself away from the supernatural. The name she used when her alter ego was the Queen of Moons in the game of Moondoor. The name she fought to keep when the Winchesters showed up, but it ended up being a name she threw away anyway. There were no more replacement characters for her, and besides, anything she came up with would not be her true name. Her true name was Charlie Bradbury.

Your Highness, Kiddo.

Fond nicknames given to her by Dean.

Woman of Letters.

Sam called her this after the Djinn case. It was something she took true pride in, seeing as she was the first Woman of Letters in existence that any of them knew of.


A nickname given to her by Dorothy because of her flaming red hair. A nickname she was continually called throughout her experience in Oz.

She was a girl of many names. There was another name that she did not use legally or publicly, but it was the name she thought of herself as, even more than Charlie Bradbury. It was a name that connected to her to those she loved.

That name was Charlie Winchester.