Sawamura has a sister

"Huaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Time to take a bath !" , now is still summer holiday sawamura spends his holiday with his friends and his girlfriend. "hmm... what time is it? Oh 8.00 am now I want to play basketball outside!"

When Sawamura walk to scratch hoop no people at there."ohh! all my friends are lazy people. He started to play basketball when he has made a three points the ball was caught by a girl. The girl is about 13 years old , thin , but pretty. "Hey you? What`s the matter? Want to play with me", "who are you? Do you have a problem with me?", "oh! No I just want to help you!", "help what?" ,"it looks like something happened with you!" , " nothing happened with me." , " Do you think your eyes can lied me? Hahahaha! What`s the matter little girl?","my eyes?","yes! Your eyes looked sadly but I see you are upset and angry , interesting person! Would you want to go to my house?" , " Wrilly? You aren`t yakuza?" , " ohh! Don`t worry !"

At his house the girl told her story. She comes from Odaiba her name is Hikari Yagami she has a brother name Taichi. Her family wants to go to Sapporo but at the shibuya`s station they leaved hikari! They forgot about her ! Hikari was buying a mineral water when they leaved her. "I see! I know why you are so angry! My life`s story is same like you! And sawamura told his story too! "hmm... but do you like basketball? " , "yes sure!" , "do you want to go to school?" , "Sure! But I don`t have any money!" , "don`t worry I`ll take you to a nice place!"

Sawamura and Hikari go to Sakurai`s house . He talked and told sakurai what`s the matter with Hikari. After that sakurai challenge hikari to play basketball and sakurai and sawamura was so surprised ! Hikari is a brilliant player! "Hikari! You can be a new student in Johnan`s 1st year junior high school! Would you want?", Sakurai said. "Oh! Sure! Thank you sakuraisan! But where do I live ?" ," No problem ! do you want to be my sister? " , " Sawamurasan! Thank you!"

Sawamura introduced Hikari to Mako and all of his friend after that they are playing basketball. At sawamura`s house hikari asked "Sawamurasan ! why do you want me to be your sister? We just known each other this morning." , " because you have eyes like me! And you yeah! Like me too! " , "hahahahahah!" , they laughed together. Cool brother and sister!

( I mixed digimon and harlem beat! I love to mixed hahahaha! I will make many stories about HB character`s life so it will be always continued )