Severide watches the fire consume the old building on Porter Street. "Damn it's gonna go fast, Capp take first and second behind Casey and Mills. Clarke…" he hears glass shatter on the side of the building.

"Hey! Up here fourth floor. It's the cardiac section of the clinic that means O2 tanks, but it's the only way I can get my kids out a little help would be nice." A red head yells as she tosses kids on to the landing of a half broken fire escape. Severide runs beaneth the landing.

"Anna Lee it's gonna be ok, the fire men will help you go sweetie." The woman in lab coat reassures a dark haired young girl no older than four.

"I need a ladder on the east side." He radios over.

"Mister Fire Man, Help Doc Livvy she can't walk." The girl states cowering on the landing.

"I'm fine get my kiddos I'll hand them down to you." She coughs.

"Your youngest patient?" he asks climbing the ladder. She hands him the girl as she tries to climb back toward the comfort of someone she knows.

"You're holding her Anna Lee Talbot, 3 years two months 5 days old early stage Cystic fibrosis Next kid." The lady orders in a no non sense tone that tells Kelly the woman's used to getting her way.

"You doing great just keep sticking your head out the window. I'm coming up for you; my guys have hand down chain going. She shakes her no "Kids first." She hands him the next one.

"Riley Panes, 9 Autism he's going to fight you like a feral cat. Tell your guys to hold him tight it eases anxiety." She advises with a slight wheeze.

After the last kid is safe. Sixteen in total and he knows every name, age, and diagnosis he goes in for the Doc.

"Alright Doc I'm coming in after you, your just gonna grab on to me like a monkey and I'll carry you down. Can you do that?

"I feel like I should know your name before I latch on." She jokes.

"Kelly Severide." He knocks out the rest of the window. He climbs through as she backs her chair dangerously close to the flames.

"Olivia Grayne."

He releases her lap belt. He lifts her to him chest to chest and locks her ankles around his waist and she locks her arms around his neck.


"When you are Kelly."

"Then let's get out her before those tanks blow."


"Hi Kelly." She watches him lean on her door. She sits primly on a gurney doing a nebulizer treatment.

"Hi Olivia you look much better not surrounded by flames. I just wanted to let you know all your kids are safe." Even covered in soot and with blood shoot green eyes the girl is beautiful, her face is all angles and heart shaped with high cheek bones. Those eyes are a dark leafy green. Her full mouth is bow shaped.

"Thank you will I ever get the smoke smell out of my hair?" She asks twirling a lock of fiery red hair. He realizes he's staring and quickly averts his eyes to his boots.

"After a few washes."

He looks up and dares to inch closer he stands at the foot of the bed. "Your creeds say Lake Shore. Did you know Hallie Thomas?" he stuffs his hands in his pocket

She nods. "I did, I took over her Clinic duties, Oh you're that Kelly." She finishes grinning.

"What does that mean? My reputation proceeds me?"

"A little and I have a soft spot for unattainable things. Honestly I thought Kelly was a girl so I never paid attention." She shrugs.

"Too be fair Kelly is my mother's maiden name. I feel as though I should somehow salvage my rep, because it's not like I can berate Hallie for downing me to pretty girl."

"Salvage it how?" Her brows quirks but she smiles.

"I'll think of something."

"Yeah, well I work 36 on 36 and off but…since you rescued my kiddos you can have my number." He comes closer within touching distance.

"Thirty six hours and I thought I worked a lot." She took a sharpie off the bedside table.

"Gimmie your hand, "The numbers being printed on his palm tickle. "I love what I do, it gives me purpose and..." she shrugged the on call room has bed with a trapeze for me." She answers blowing the ink dry on his hand.

"This is Sharpie!" He complains.

"That way you don't forget me."

He looked at her closely. "No, I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon Doc Livvy."


Lakeside Hospital 1 week later.

"Hey there Doc Livvy,"

Olivia looks up from the sand bottle she's helping Callie make. "Kelly! How'd you find me?"

"I asked the nearest pubescent boy where the hot red headed doctor was and…viola. "He holds out his hands.

"And there you are." She laughs.

"And here I am."

"Come in and pull up a tiny chair." She said going back to her task at hand.

"Will do, is this the craft room?" he sits down in a little chair between a chipmunk cheeked boy and a corn silk blonde haired girl.

"This is the child life room, the only fun place in the entire hospital. I'm Sadie." The girl tells him. She gives him a grin her two front teeth are missing.

"Is that so? Well I'm Kelly Miss Sadie. Can I make a sand bottle with you?"

"Start with purple it's the best." She plunks a bottle of purple sand in front of him.

"Well ok then." He looks up to find Olivia smiling at him.

"Is that the firefighter who saved and you gave your number?" the sandy hair girl lying in a wagon bed on her belly next to Livvy asks.

"Doc Livvy," the chubby cheeked boy having gotten up to peer out the window says.

"Yeah Chip?" She replied distractedly.

"There's a fire truck outside." He says with wonder in his voice.

"Really Kelly?" she laughs lightly shaking her head.

"OK so I'm on duty but, I like to ask a girl out in person and…" He shrugged "I'm a bit of a show off." He admits honestly.

"Really? I'd never have guessed." She teases and something in his heart catches,

"Have dinner with me."

"What you think girls?" She gave the girls a conspiratorial glance.

"He's cute say yes and make him to take you to McDonald's." Sadie said.

"How old are you?" Kelly asked laughing.

"I'm four but I'm very mature for my age." She answers batting her eyelashes.

"Dr. Grayne to the ER." The intercom paged her.

"Crap, sorry guys I'll bring my charts and have dinner with you okay?" she kisses Callie on the head.

They all nod.

She wheels around the table to kiss Sadie. "How high's your count sweets?"

"Not high enough." Callie her protector warns.

"I'm sorry baby just hugs for now." She gives the girl a squeeze.

She rolled to the window, "James Finley. Get out of that window." She pulled him down and kissed his cheek.

"Walk me out?" She asked side glancing at Kelly. "Cassie will be back in ten minutes be good guys." She rolled out of the brightly colored room.

"Yeah. You know I don't think I've ever seen a doctor kiss her patient before." He walked beside her.

"Those kids' parents live anywhere from eight to twelve hours away and work full time. Every kid needs love, attention and affection. Maybe especially the sick ones. The again, I bet you've never had a four year old flirt with you have you?"

"No I haven't but there is a first time for everything." He stepped up behind her and began pushing. "I have no doubt you can do this yourself but my legs are longer than your arms."

"Ok but only because if I don't get down there Cara is gonna use her ugly pager person voice." She sat her neatly manicured hands in her lap.

"No Power chair?" Kelly pushed the button for

"I could be indignant and say they're for lazy people but really I lost it in the fire."

They step on to the elevator. "You never did answer my question."

She tilts her head back and looks up at him it's unexpectedly charming. "OH dinner, Yes, I mean sure I'd like that but please god no fast food."

"I gotcha." He grins down at her,

"That's what I'm afraid of." She said quietly.



They step off the elevator.

"Finally, you're here. Whoa who's that?" An intern tells her.

"That's not your concern, why was I paged?" She pushes forward. And then looks back. "Thanks for the lift Kelly, see you…when?"

"Saturday eight dress up Doc Livvy."

"I gotcha." She smiled at him then turned to the intern. "You may speak."


"You get the date?" Cruz asks.

"Don't I always?" He climbs in the truck.

"You only pull the truck trick if you're unsure."

"We're gonna need to bring it back and show James." He waves up.


"The kid glued to the window on the third floor." He honks the horn,


"I feel overdressed Erin." She said looking in the mirror at her brunette best friend.

"You look great." She finger teased her hair a little. "There. "

There's a knock at the door.

"That's him."

"Mace him if he gets handsy." She advises sipping her wine.

"He's gorgeous I might want him to be handsy. I love you goodbye, now hide." She retorts.

She opens. The door….


She sits before him in a dark blue sleeves halter dress that hits her knees. It's the first time he's seen her hair down and naturally curling around her shoulders. Her makeup is light barely noticeable, and her eyes sparkle again when she says "Hi." She smiles at him and not for the first time his breath backs up in his lungs.

"Hi." He returns.


I own nothing but Olivia Grayne and the plot of this fic. Olivia's best friend is Voight's female partner. This is my first CF Fanfic if you liked it please tell me!-Meghan