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Kelly goes back to work before Liv, so he goes back and forth between checking on his girls and taking care of Aaron while completing his shifts.

He finds Liv and Erin curled on to a cot together fast asleep. Liv's hand was snaked between the crib railings as though she'd been holding Klaire's hand. They'd removed Klaire's safety restraints sometime during the last twenty-four hours and as he walked more deeply into the room, he can see her curled on her side facing Liv in a little yellow hospital gown that somehow manages to highlight her Hispanic complexion.

He leans over Liv and kisses her temple. She stirs, quickly obviously tuned into her surroundings and on high alert.

"Morning' Baby."

"Morning." She pushes herself into a sitting position and wakes Erin.

Erin groans. "Did Douche Waffle bring us a coffee?" She yawns.

"I did because I'm not a whatever that is." he grins handing the girls their coffees.

"Go ahead wake her. She's been asking for you?" Liv's voice is still raspy from sleep. It's one of his turn-ons but pushes it aside. Now is neither the time or place. He crosses to Klaire's bed.

When he strokes her hair she groans. "Hey Klairey girl." she promptly rolls away from him. "Klaire Bear. Come on wake up." he pleads smiling at her.

Her eyes finally open, she takes his hand and puts it to her chest. "Daddy...fix it."

"You hurting buggy?" Erin asked from beside Liv.

"Probably the last dose wearing off?" Liv answers.

"I'll get the nurse, you stay to talk to your man a minute." Erin climbs off the cot headed for the door.

"It kills me that she is in pain," Kelly says lifting her into his arms.

He pats her diapered butt hoping all of their potty training progress won't fall to the wayside.

"Me too, but it means she's alive, and healing I'll take it." His girl is always pragmatic.

"That's one way to look at it, the best way probably." He comments. He sways with her deciding that he'll stay until her pain meds come, the whimpering stops, and she loosens her anaconda like grip on his jacket. Even if it makes him late. Boden will have to deal.

"Hey Livvy, you and Chili are like actual friends right?"

She nods. "We go back to why?"

"She party a lot? Binge drink?"

"Kinda, yeah I used to do the same though, party. Especially after Carver dumped me and I was the talk of the hospital. We were younger and could rebound quicker. Jess was a little bit more of a heavyweight than I was, but I never gave it much thought why?" She stretches and watches her tank top rise on her stomach. He's momentarily transfixed.

"Kelly you good babe?" She smiles like she knows what he's thinking.

"Fine. Why wasn't Erin there for you?"

"She was, but Carver spun me out I'm not proud of it. Why do you ask?"

"I think she's drinking on the job."

"What! Surely not… but Erin did say Antonio thought something might be up with her sister poke around for me and see what you can find out and once I'm freed up with Klaire I'll take a run at her. We can't knowingly let her endanger patients."

"I'll try she doesn't seem to take to me all that well since I reamed her for telling you about a call."

"Kelly!" Liv admonished shooting daggers at him.

"I'm protective, so sue me." He shrugged swaying Klaire gently.

She smiled. "It's a good thing I like you so much, Kelly."

"You ever think you might be the lucky one?"

"If your face wasn't so far from the cot I'd punch you for that. Though to be fair I am lucky, just like picking on you." She teased.

"Uh-huh." April came in to give Klaire the required pain medication injection.

"What are you doing all the way up at the PICU?" Liv glanced at April.

"Your brother Grady just came in apparently he had an episode on a school field trip and he's very agitated and difficult to control. Manning is about to sedate him and Dr. Charles thought it best we get you, And Carol was headed in to give the baby girl her meds thought it'd kill two birds with one stone." April holds out her hands for the baby. "Go with her in case the sister magic fails." He hands off Klaire and quickly helps Liv into the chair.

They make their way to the elevator. Liv pushes the button with a yawn.

"Wonder why they didn't just call my mother?" She begins pulling her hair into a messy bun as Kelly pushes her into the elevator car.

"Maybe she's stuck in a meeting."

"Maybe..." She sighed. "This is gonna be bad I can feel it. If they stopped the field trip because they couldn't handle his behavior…" they pause in silence watching the floors tick downward.

"You'll get through to him you always do." The elevator car lands.

As they exit they hear. " I said don't touch me!" Followed by a scream and clatter as a rolling table flies out of exam one.

"Lovely," Liv mutters as Kelly pushes her around the corner she finds Grady pacing. "It's too loud and too bright in here. I wanna go home. I want my cars! They owe me for property damages!" Liv hits the lights to turn them off as Kelly pushes her through the door to the tiny exam room they've placed him in. His pacing faltered momentarily but they resumed. She files away that he was not tracking anything but the spiral he's in.

Nat just stared from the head of the bed where's she's standing. "I was trying to get his vitals for a baseline."

"I know I saw the poor rolling table. We don't need vitals, I just gotta calm him down. If I can't I'll need help getting a line in. Stay put." She pitched her voice low. "Hey Grady, bad day bub?

"They were wrong Olivia!" He screams.

Liv pitched her voice low and calm. "Who was? I'm lost ya gotta fill me in okay?"

"They took my cars!"

"Who did?" Kelly asked moving around Liv to Grady's opposite side in an effort to stop his pacing.

"They ruined them! They glued my fucking cars to the bus seat! And Mrs. Kennemer didn't even do anything!

Liv reaches down in an attempt to unclench Grady's fists from his side. At the unexpected touch he reacts before he can stop himself he shoves Liv sending her careening from the room her back hits the nurse's station counter. "Ouch." She takes a beat and squares her shoulders. "I'm good Kell. Try deep pressure. It might override some of the sensory input." She calls to Kelly.

Kelly bear hugs him from behind.

"See he's having to be restrained he's clearly prone to violence. He hit my boy, and now he's attacking hospital staff. We will be pressing charges!" Liv hears someone say. Likely one of the asshole kids' mom but Liv doesn't pay it much mind and instead goes back in to calm her brother down.

Kelly bear hug seems to be working as Grady's is starting to relax if only marginally. He's able to look her in the eyes now.

"Hey Grade, we've had better days huh? Can you breathe for me? In four…out for four… good…"

"Livvy they ruined them." He whines.

"Focus on breathing buddy." Kelly put in.

"I'm sorry to hurt you Livvy, but I am not sorry I punched that D-bag Stephens!"

Kelly hides his smile and Liv rolls her eyes, "Bubs I get it that kid is an asshole I totally agree. But you can't hit people." She states calmly.

" I was just trying to stem quietly sissy, the noise level on the bus, and the traffic jam was making us late for the arboretum I just wanted to see the mutated spangle before seasonal changes." He laments.

She smiles encouragingly. "What's a mutated spangle, educate me."

"It's a butterfly. It's a new interest of mine. There's a girl at my school Evan she's on the spectrum like me and I wanted to learn something about the things she likes. Kelly told me that commonalities can help you get the girl even if you only half listen or fake it."

"Kelly!" Liv admonishes.

"I don't fake interest in you I swear I do however half listen sometimes and to be fair you know I do that."

"Then Mommy said girls don't like when you're faking interest to gain their attention, so I'm trying not to be fake but clearly I failed and derailed the whole trip and Evan probably hates me because I melted down and now we're here."

"Mommy is correct don't be fake, it's rude and lazy. Neither of which you are."

He turned to Kelly. You can let me go now. I won't hurt anyone. Thank you for helping."

Kelly let him go. "We're going to go unruffled that douche bag's parents' feathers. I don't think all is lost bud." He nods to pretty blonde girl skirting the door worriedly and glancing between her feet and Grady furtively.


"I haven't taken my meds for a few days, I'm real on edge one wrong word from that upper crust bitch and it's gonna be on like donkey kong."

He laughed. "Baby I don't have the time or the cash on hand for you to go Southside Irish Hood rat. Just don't get punchy, hold the urge in check, please." He pleads.

She mutters. "Fine, fun killer."

She rolls up midst Nat trying to talk the mother down. " I want him arrested he struck my child."

"I don't truly believe that's needed. Grady is on the spectrum. He often misreads cues-" Nat says further.

My brother isn't stupid he knows when he's being antagonized and bullied. He's often quite tolerant, more tolerant than I would be given the way those boys treat him." Liv spits back tiredly. She's angry. She feels helpless and protective.

"I think he needs to be committed and given medication." The lady says and Liv growls in frustration.

"Lady all due respect we cannot medicate his neuro divergence away. Your kid was a disrespectful brat who got what was coming to him!" she shouts.


"No Kelly they torment him and you know it. The one damn time he defends himself he's punished? No, I'm not letting that stand!"

"I'll just have him arrested on assault charges then." The mother says with a superior air.

Liv's sharp intake of breath warns Kelly. "Liv, I don't have time for this pretentious bitch to hit your berserker switch okay, I'm late for work, go take your meds, I'll call Owen to come get Grady, and make sure if he is arrested on this trumped up charge I'll have Lindsay take him in. I'm going see if I have something on the truck to loosen Gorilla glue. Stay with Grady tile Owen arrives and Erin will stay with Klaire." He feels her sag against him.

And he gets it, Liv is a fighter who loathes injustice but she just doesn't have the energy to fight her brother's battle today.

"This isn't over." she directs at the snotty lady and rolls off. Kelly silently thanks heaven and every single angel.


When Liv comes back into Grady's exam room she finds him talking to a girl with blonde hair Evan she would bet.

She slips back out standing just outside the door to wait for Owen.


When Kelly returns at the end of the day he hands off Aaron to her and places Grady's 68' Camaro hot wheel in her palm.

You saved it!" she smiles at him brightly. It doesn't remove the glum look from his face. "What baby?"

"I found Chili drinking vodka at work today. "

"Aw fuck."She mutters dejectedly.

"yup. I reported it, I had too."

" I know and I agree with you."

"Her sister over dosed and she couldn't cope."

"Ugh, I can't even imagine, that's one of my biggest fears for E." She kisses Aaron's forehead.

"Boden fired her and put Borelli on ambo so Gabi could stay on truck."

"Well shit…"

"I know I feel terrible, and tried to help but she walled up real fast."

He sits down on the cot opposite her. "That's a default setting for addicts you of all people know that. I mean honestly honey where would you be if Leslie wasn't there to keep pushing. You offered a hand and she has your number all you can do is wait her out and hope for the best."

"You're right but doesn't make me feel better." He replies.

"Of course not."


They release Klaire to go home on a Tuesday. Liv half expects a big celebration waiting for them when they get home but there isn't one she's silently relieved all any of them want to do is sleep.



"Hey guys good shift?" Liv said catching sight of a fretful looking Brett.

"We've had better but its all good Livvy." She gives Liv a tired smile.

"Yeah, we just brought in people caught in a structure fire, went up like kindling, Severide got burned trying to get to people." Borelli said.

"Repeat that."

"He got burned sawing a door off its hinges. Sylvie tried to bring him in. He refused.

Livvy took off and Brett looked at Borelli. "What?"

"Severide's gonna kill you." Brett sing singed.

"What'd I do?"

"Severide's a forgiveness not permission guy, you don't tell his wife things like that, you just don't because..."

Liv whipped past them. "Thanks Nat, owe you one."

"Is that a burn kit?" Borelli asked befuddled.

"Because of things like that."


Matt dropped a blackened bit of rubble on to the squad table. "I know it's not my birthday, Liv isn't naked and occupying my lap."

"Polystyrene insulation, cheap contractors use it."

Liv roars up slamming into the handicap stop.

"What're my chances she wants to get naked?"

She leaves the truck running, her door kicked out and rolls straight for him. "Slim to none, I'd think... oh that face is angry." Matt laughs at Kelly's misfortune.

She rolls up ignoring their conversation. "Show me, I don't have all day." She demands shortly.

"Baby, its not-"

"Kelly I mean it." She says firmly.

"It's really minor, I treated myself. It's fine."

Liv's eyebrows wing upward as she gloves up.

"You aren't helping yourself Kelly." She murmurs still sounding angry.


"Who's the one paying off her med school loans? I am, you let me decide what is fine. And the next time this happens get in the god damned ambo."

"Baby I'm sorry I just didn't want to upset you over nothing, what do you need me to do?"

"Shut up let me fix it and don't fucking do that again. The omitting things? Don't do that."

"It's just with what you said at Dr. Charles office..."

"That stays private." She says as if it brooks no further argument.

"Of course, it's not an excuse..."

"Yes, it is, hold your arm out and stop talking."

He holds out his arm and she unwraps the gauze surrounding it. She inspects the burn with critical eyes. "Its borderline between first and second degree...this epicenter of the burn looks a little severe... have you taken anything for the pain?" She glances up at him.

He remains silent. "Kelly it needs to be cleaned and I don't want to hurt you."

"I haven't taken anything I'm on shift. Just do it, I'll be fine." He says exasperated.

She leaned forward and kissed him. "But you're mad at me."

"And you'll be mad at me once I'm through, you won't want to kiss me."She smiles at him and damned if Kelly isn't charmed. "I'll still wanna kiss you."

"You did pretty good except for this one spot... take a deep breath for me and exhale...I'll be quick."

He did as she said and sucked a breath through his teeth as saline hit the burn. "Shit!" he grits out.

"Sorry baby...sorry... Okay all most done keep breathing... it's not peeling back yet... that's good... "She finished cleaning and dried it."Very little tissue death..." She dabbed on a special burn cream. She snapped a quick photo... "For reference with dermatology." She wrapped it again. She smiled at him again and kissed him a final time before leaving.


Stella is struggling to put the piece of wall patch in place. The ice machine she had gotten for Molly's Bar had shorted out causing a fire. Kelly had offered to help repair the damage but she turned him down.

"Where are your guys?" Kelly calls out.

She turns to find Kelly and his wife Liv and another guy standing there.

"They just took a break, I got this."

"Sure ya do, and I ran the city marathon last year." Liv smiled. She's dressed to work in jeans and a tee shirt. A Blackhawks ball cap covering her long red hair.

Kidd laughs despite herself. "Fair enough."

"We're here to help." Kelly said.

"And I brought along my brother because..."

"The last grand gesture he built almost killed my sister." Owen said.

"Owen! It wasn't that bad...it was just kinda crooked and sorta janky. Liv's backhand smack lands across his stomach. "Anyway Owen Grayne meet Stella Kidd."

"Tools." Kelly says putting them on the floor.

"Bub, I'll help with the wiring check and start dinner."

"Dinner?" Stella says surprised.

"Unpaid laborers demand food, as do husbands. You like sliders?"

"Yeah, you cook and you wire buildings as well as heal people?"

"Mostly I'm just going to hand Owen stuff and sing along to the new Beyoncé album. I like painting actually but Kelly wouldn't let me bring out Bob The Scaffolding

"I'm gonna get the stuff outta the car. The breaker box is by the back door."

"0! I got it..." Liv said heading for the breaker box.

Liv rolled off and Kelly went to grab the stuff for dinner. Kidd follows him out. 'Your something you know that?" You act like you couldn't give less of a shit and you do things like this. "Stella said watching him get the filled up reusable grocery bags from the car.

"I don't know what you mean."

"You take on department brass to get equipment we need and you help me without asking and you even make your wife a part of things so she's comfortable." She said referring to the fact that Kelly had almost gotten trapped in a fire when a faulty thermal camera had him mistake a darth vader helmet for a victim.

"The equipment thing is just self-preservation, I've got kids to raise. I can't bite it because of some dumb toy. Helping you is because you're trying to right shit. As for including my wife? I like her. I genuinely honest to God just fucking like her so yeah, I include her because she's the person I like to hang out with most. She has no reason to be uncomfortable, nothing is or will happen between us." He states firmly heading back to the bar.

When they come back Owen is singing along with Alabama's "Love in the First Degree."

"Jesus it's like it's like the NYU road trip with Daddy up in here." Liv muttered from the back of the bar.

"Hey now! That's uncalled for!"

"I don't see what your problem with my new Beyoncé CD is?" She asks rolling to his side.

"You mean aside from being afraid you'll take a bat to Kelly's car if you listen too much?"

"Aside from that?" she smirks at him.

"Lindsey left me."

"What?!" She replies shocked

"Livvy I don't want to talk about it okay? Just and me a wire cover and pliers."

"Which ones? The stich pullers or the big ones?"

"The what?"

"They look like the ones I use to stitch people up. Don't judge!"

"The little ones. All this damage for ice cubes?" he mutters.

"Fuck if I know, artisanal ice maker or something like that. Ice is ice as long as it keeps my drinks cold and reduces swelling in my patients I don't care."

"I swear people would buy air if you fancied it up."

"People do buy air...What do you think AC is or oxygen tanks." Kelly points out. "Baby where do you want the food?"

"That prep table, Can you play nice with Owen for me?"

"If you'll play nice...or naughty with me later...I always prefer naughty Liv if I'm being honest."

"Right here dude, I'm right here."

"You say that as though it makes a difference."

Liv chuckles a little darkly from beside him. "Gross, Liv stop encouraging him!"

"Never! Watching you squirm is my fave…"

When Liv and Kelly leave, the wall fixed Stella is still talking to Owen.

Liv is just glad it's not Kelly she's talking up.


The night before Sunday family dinner Liv receives a text from her mother. "Hey Livvy love, let Klaire pick dessert this week."

"Okay." She replies and asks Klaire. "What dessert do you want for dinner?"

"Mint chip I seam…"

"I think she means Ice cream? Mint Chip? You're three Klaire." Kelly said side eying his child.

"Dad's influence." Liv replied. "Should I make it or buy it because if I over do the mint it'll taste like toothpaste."

Kelly stares at her. "What?"

"Baby you buy Ice cream not make it by hand. I love that you like contributing dessert every week by doing it yourself but just this once honey you don't have to do the work." He settles Aaron better in his lap.


They show up her parents place and find the kitchen decorated in a Clifford the big red dog theme.

Klaire's welcome home party.

When one of her brother's comes around the corner dressed as Clifford Klaire straight up loses her shit. At first Liv thinks its excitement from seeing her Favorite character in real life until she starts hysterically crying and climbing up into her lap. Klaire is shaking and now standing in her lap trying to get to Kelly.

He takes her. "It's Okay Klairey girl." He rubs her back. "Want me to throat punch him? I can, I totally can do that for you. Because I'm a good Dad."

Liv laughs as she picks up Aaron from his carrier. "It's totally that and not because you're secretly hoping its Owen in the suit."

The head is removed the character and reveals Lang. "Don't hit me. Hey bug, it's just me…"

"Langy?" Klaire looks confused and sniffly but goes straight to him as the rest of the family descends on them.

They eat hot dogs and have cake and ice cream. They do Queen Karoke night.

It's loud and happy. And liv feels perfectly at ease.