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Dear Grandine,

It's been a few weeks since I joined Fairy Tail. And guess what?! I've met the strongest wizard of Fairy Tail! His name is Gildarts-san and he's kind of...an airhead =.=

The whole city was modified to be splitting into two just for his sake. But I guess I couldn't blame them. Apparently, when he walked with his mind elsewhere, he tends to crash into people's home. Ah. When I said crash, I didn't mean he's in for some tea and snack. I mean he actually CRUSH it with his Crush Magic.

I guess Fairy Tail mages really have destructive genes in their DNA.

Speaking of guildmates, ever since I came, the Iron Dragon Slayer, Gajeel-san had been looking at me scornfully. I wonder if I offensed him somehow. I noticed he looked at Charla too.

Could it be he's not good with animals?

On another note, remember Jellal-san? The one who saved me after you left? There were two of them! It seemed like the Jellal who saved me and the Jellal I met during Oracion Seis fight weren't the same person.

Not only that, after he said something about Anime-stuff, there's this stormhole appeared in the sky and sucked everything in!

At that time, I was scared. Really scared. The guild vanished. The city vanished. And no one was around. No matter how much I called for them, no one answered.

Until I saw a familiar pink-haired came out from under a pile of snow.

I was so relieved when I saw Natsu-san. His voice was enough to ease the uneasiness in me. I felt like hugging him, too!

At first, when I told him of our current situation, he was like, "Wendy, did you bump your head or something. That's nuts..."

After Charla suddenly appeared and said we were saved because of Dragon Slayer Magic, that's when Natsu-san believed me.

Things got awkward when Charla said she and Happy were from Edolas, another world beyond the sky and because of them, everything disappeared. She explained about Anima, her mission and what-not.

I was speechless for a moment. I never knew Charla hold something like that in her.

It got even more awkward when Natsu-san said, "Everything is settled, then!" when obviously it's just getting started.

Therefore, our adventure to Edolas marked the day. To save everyone. And to find out the truth behind Charla and Happy.