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Coulson sat down on the couch, with his mug of hot chocolate in his right hand and the TV remote control in the other. He clicked to play the DVD player that he'd set up to begin his Hawaii Five-0 marathon.

He was not really in the mood to watch but Coulson was trying so hard not to fall asleep, avoiding his nightmares which are getting worse day by day. He took a sip of his hot chocolate before he placed it on the table top, removing his suit after, laying it out beside him on the couch. Coulson took off his shoes and laid out his legs on the couch, putting one over the other. Coulson loosen his tie as he leaned back. He grabbed the cushion nearest to him as the theme song began to softly play.

"Does the man ever get out of his grey suit?" He heard a voice from behind him. He turned to see Skye in a white t-shirt a pair of long pants, her arms folded and a sarcastic smirk across her face.

"Mehh. I am kind of attached to the suits already."

Skye walked over to behind the couch, "I wouldn't like you to change out of it either. I think you look better this way. What are you watching?"

"You wouldn't know it. It's Hawaii Five-0."

"Of course I do know it. I used to watch it back in the orphanage. Do you mind me joining you?"

Coulson didn't' budge. He simply removed his blazer from beside him and placed it on his lap, before patting the space beside him to acknowledge his consent.

Skye sat down beside him, putting up her legs on the couch and crossing them, "Sleepless night?"

Coulson simply looked at her and gave a frowny face with a nod thinking to himself, it's not technically a lie, is it? "You too, I suppose?"

"Pretty much the same."

Coulson laid back further into the couch and place his arms over the back of it.

"Have you seen the reboot version?" Skye asked, turning to him.

"Yeah. But I do prefer Jack Lord better."

"Me too. He has way more fabulous hair than you do." Skye teased.

"Don't you dare go there," Coulson chuckled.

"There, there, AC. You look good too." Skye teased again. Coulson simply smiled and rolled his eyes. Skye folded her arms and hugged herself, trying to warm herself, regretting at that instant for not putting on her hoodie before getting out of her bunk. Coulson noticed this from the side of his eyes and in an instant, he placed his blazer over Skye, pulled her in for a brief hug and rubbed her arms.

"That should keep you warm." Coulson said as he smiled. But the thing about Coulson is that, he is still unreadable. He might have a smile on his face but it's just a smile – and you don't really know whether or not it was meant to mean something. Skye looked back at him, not sure of how to react to the hug. She still feels his arms around her.

Skye started to get up, wanting to get rid of the awkwardness of the situation, "You know what, maybe I should –,"

"Stay." Coulson held on to her arm, his voice so gentle, almost as if he was pleading, "Maybe I could use the company. Stay with me for the night?"

Skye's heart skipped a beat, not knowing why. But she settled down again, covering up the tension she's feeling, "Aww. AC wants a company."

Coulson placed back his suit over her, reminding himself that she's feeling cold. He leaned to the side of the couch, pulled out the latch and the bottom of the couch came up, converting the couch into a bed.

"You don't mind?"


"You don't mind accompanying me all night?"

"AC, when I have my 'me' time, it doesn't mean that I don't want any company. I want to be alone with my thoughts but it's good to have someone there for you, you see. So yeah, I'd be glad to be of a company. You're stuck with us, anyway. One of us has to be there for you one day somehow."

"Mmm." Coulson acknowledged her reply shortly. Skye pulled her legs closer to her, covering herself in Coulson's suit – it was quite big to her surprise, she never thought Coulson had a broad body. Secretly, Skye liked the smell of him over her. Suddenly, Coulson got up, "I'm just getting a blanket for the both of us. I don't want you to freeze in my arms."

Skye saw the mug of then-hot-chocolate on the table. She got up, taking the mug along with her over to the bar to make a new batch for both of them. While she was about to pour the drink into the two mugs she had prepared, she felt a soft, thick fabric covering over her shoulders, only to hear Coulson's gentle voice, "I got you my hoodie. I hope that will warm you up. Do you want me to put it on for you?"

Skye's heart skipped a beat again, her tongue frozen, "Y-yeah," she let Coulson put on the hoodie for her. She went back to pouring the drinks for the two of them, "I made a new one for you."

Coulson took the mug from her as she walked past by him to set herself back on the couch and he followed suit.

Coulson and Skye sat together back on the couch, this time, however , subconsciously, for the both of them, closer. Their legs out with shoes off, mug of hot chocolate in their hands, Coulson pulled up the blanket he got from his office and covered their legs.

"You know, it's been a really long time since I had any company to watch TV shows with." Coulson took their attention off the screen.

"You don't have anyone to watch it with? No dates?"

"I was seeing this cellist though," his voice went softer.

"But what happened?"

"I died. Well, at least she thought I died. You know the story."

"SHIELD never told her you're still alive?" Coulson sighed, "I'm sorry. We don't have to talk about this if you don't want to."

"It's alright, Skye. I get it. But it's just that, she'd be better off knowing that I'm well rather than just grieve. I went out with her for only a number of times but I feel bad for not telling her the truth." Coulson put away his mug on the table and Skye did so too.

"But it's okay. She'll find someone better than I am."

"Well, I think you're already at your best, AC." Skye tried to cheer him up, grabbing the cushion next to her.

As she leaned back into the couch, cuddling up the cushion, she felt an arm wrapped around her only to realize it was Coulson's, pulling her towards him. Coulson was internally cursing himself for doing so but right now he just needs someone to hold and Skye was there beside him. And he has to admit, he does like her presence around him. He realized, that she actually meant something to him. Not just as an asset to the team, something more. But he was not sure what it was.

Coulson had expected her to pull away, feeling her body stiffened when he wrapped his arm around her. Surprisingly, she relaxed in an instant. And on the contrary, she snuggled up closer to Coulson instead, resting her head on his chest.

Coulson held her closer to him, embracing the warmth their body contact provided him. Skye placed a hand over his chest, toying with the tie he did not seem to bother to remove as he stroked her arm gently. It was funny to the both of them that they actually felt so comfortable being in each other's company and to be that close.

"Coulson?" Skye looked up to see his face.


"I think I'm going to sleep now."

"Okay," Coulson kissed her hair, "goodnight, then."

"Goodnight to you too, AC." Skye placed her head back on his chest, closing her eyes to sleep.

For the first time since New York, Coulson felt relaxed and happy - genuinely relaxed and happy. Tahiti was not even this close.

Soon enough, he followed suit and fell asleep soundly, the TV still playing. And for once, he had a real sleep without nightmares.

"Shut up, Fitz! You're going to wake them up!" Ward whispered angrily to Fitz, figuring out a good angle.

"Just take the bloody picture!" Fitz ordered Ward.

"I'm getting a nice one! Can you wait?"

"Come on, boys. Don't disturb them! Let them sleep!" Simmons pulled the two of them away.

"No, Jemma. WAIT. Okay. I got it. Look," Ward showed his phone screen to the two scientists, "That's a good picture, eh?"

"Okay, kids. That's enough. Go prepare the breakfast and get yourselves cleaned up. For goodness sake, can you guys at least wash your faces first after waking up?" May told off the three of them. The three went off and May took the TV remote on the table and switched the DVD and TV off.

She turned to look at the two of them – Skye had her head rested and one her hands resting on Coulson's chest and Coulson had his head propped on Skye's his two arms wrapping around her. May took the blanket that slipped and covered the both of them, before turning away to get ready for the day.

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