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Coulson gently walked down the stairs from his office, not wanting to wake the team up but he stopped midway when he saw Skye couch in the lounge watching Hawaii Five-0. Because she was not alone. FitzSimmons, Ward and May were all there too. Coulson could not help but to manage a small smile at the sight.

He walked up to them and stood behind the couch, when May realized his presence and acknowledged it by turning around, causing the rest of the team to do so except for Skye who was still furious.

"Sir." Ward acknowledged. Coulson nodded in response. The team went back to Ward and May had shared the couch as May rested in Ward's arm, whereas FitzSimmons and Skye were lying on the floor, Simmons having her head on Fitz's stomach, Fitz stroking her hair and Skye resting her head on a cushion. Coulson lie down on his side on the floor beside Skye, facing her, studying her angry face before pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. But Skye still had not gotten her eyes of the TV screen.

"I'm sorry." Coulson whispered to her.

"Hmm." Skye responded.

"I'm sorry I ignored you. I'm sorry I ignored the team."

"Hmm." He knows she still is listening to him. And he knows the team are looking at them too. Fitz was on the verge of taking out his phone to take a picture when Simmons turned to him and mouthed a 'no'.

"Skye," He turned her face towards him, "I am truly sorry."

"I know." Skye could never stay mad at him.

"You know?"

Skye took his arm and wrapped herself in it, "I do."


"But I don't understand why."

"Skye, I'm tired."

"Fine." Skye understood that he did not want to discuss it in front of the team.

"I promise I will tell you."


"Goodnight, Skye." She had longed to hear it again.

"Goodnight to you too," Coulson waited, "AC."

Skye woke up to find herself on the bed. She reached out for her phone, 1515hrs.

She had been out for more than 12 hours?

Skye sat up, her head still groggy. She saw a note on her desk:

You were dead asleep. May told me you haven't been having your sleep for the past two weeks. Decided not to wake you up. I carried you to your bed. Much more comfortable for you.


Skye heard a knocking on her door and a gentle man's voice that followed after, "Skye?"

"Come in."

Coulson slid open the door and stood by the door frame, "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to me. Apologize to the team."

"I did." Coulson hung his head in shame, "And I'm sorry."

"But why?"

"I thought it'd be easier for the team to be distant."


"I thought it'd be easier to let go of an agent if he'd gone missing if we weren't too attached to each other."

"We take care of our own. You said it yourself."

"I know. And that's what got all of you in trouble. I just thought…" Coulson sighed. "Truth is, I don't want to hurt anyone of you. Especially you, Skye. I've grown to like you. I've… fallen in love with you."

Coulson paused to see her reaction but he was disappointed when Skye only managed a dazed look, "And I don't want what happened to the cellist to happen to you. I don't want to die not being able to say goodbye to you, Skye. I don't want to die knowing someone out there is waiting for me to return."

Skye walked up to him and stood before him when she heard his voice cracked, "I just thought, it'd better if I kept my distance from you, it'd be easier for you to let go of me when I'm gone. But I was wrong. I hurt you more."

Coulson stepped away from her, feeling ashamed of his own self, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Skye remained where she was standing, "I get it."

"I'm sorry." Coulson turned to walk away.

"AC?" Skye called out for him.

"Yes?" He stopped in his tracks.

"Five-0 tonight with the team?"

Coulson chuckled, "Okay."

As he walked away he heard her calling his name again, "AC?"


"I love you too."

Coulson managed a small smile.

He walked away, knowing that he will always have to wish a goodnight to someone he wants to say it to that night and the other nights to come. And to his team too, his family. And no authority is going to tear his team apart and no clan will ever going to break them either. Even if they did, Coulson knows his team will find a way to get back together.

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