A.N — Just a little something that popped into my head after reading the latests chapter; it struck me as odd how angry and hurt Urd got when Utgard-Loki dismissed her. It kinda made me wonder if the anime got the wrong Norn when making up a crush on Loki. Know what I mean?

All things magic from the frozen ground shall come to devour the light, and this generation of gods will be destroyed. That is Ragnarok, the end of the world.

That is the prophecy my sisters and I relayed to Odin Allfather millenia ago, the fate that awaited him if he became king, if he welcomed Loki into his fold, if he wished to gain infinite knowledge.

That is the fate I desire for the world of gods, and I work eagerly for its coming. Odin has become bewitched, tricked into corruption by his own sinful nature; he does not deserve the crown of Asgard. Verdandi and Skuld and I are supposed to be impartial, but how can I just sit back and not interfere when he runs our universe into ruin? I will not. I refuse allegiance to such a being; I may have let him use me once, but I run on my agenda now. It is for everyone's good.

"Don't be so cold...You shouldn't say things like that with his face."

The body of the former Giant king, Utgard-Loki, lies before me in a pool of blood. His face, frozen in death, is one of shock. I laugh bitterly. Oh, why must he look so much like him! Why did he have to reject me so cruelly? Everything I do now, I do for him! For Loki. My darling, elusive, tricky lord of chaos. Skuld likes him, Verdandi only tolerats him, but I —

I adore him. I love him. Loki-sama — Loki-sama will make a better king, a finer king, than Odin. He will restore order to the Worlds, he will save Yggrasdil from dying*, and he will love me. There'll be no more Spica in her teenage glory, no Mayura with her human silliness, only Loki and me in a brand new world of gods. That is my goal, Ragnarok's goal, and I will do everything to hasten it along.

I drop the bloodied sword and kneel down beside the fallen king. I realize there are tears in my eyes. Mourning this outdated, uncooperative version of my love is silly — but I am the goddess of the past, and all things old and former are precious to me. So even though it was I who slew him, I pull his head onto my lap and cry. The only form of Loki-sama to show me any real attention, and he is gone. And besides all that, this puts a horrid wrench in my plans. How shall Loki defeat Odin when half of himself is dead?

No matter. I will find a way. I am a Norn, goddess of fate, and so it is Loki's fate to depose Odin. And though Skuld may not have seen it, it is my fate to rule beside him. I know it, and I shall make it so.

Long live King Loki, and long live his Queen.

A.N - Not quite sure how I wanted to word this; this is the best way I came up with. There really aren't many stories about Urd or the Norns in general, so I thought this would be a nice little addition

* — a sudden theory that came over me: what if Urd is so against Odin is because his kicking out of the gods is causing a disbalance in the worlds and causing Yggrasdil to die? Could be, right?

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