I haven't written anything in a long time, and I pretty much forced myself to write this up. Going through a lot right now, didn't honestly think I had it in me.
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The explosion from Obito's wrath was incredibly lethal. Someone finally breaking past his barrier and landing a hit on him had been such a disturbance to his "ego", Obito's chakra had boiled over and he unleashed an attack so deadly that the offensive team in front knew just by instinct to take cover. The blast sent a wave across the battlefield so intense it swiped the lives of those vulnerable standing too close, and flung the bodies into the sky like ants in a windstorm. Susano stood as a protective barrier before Sasuke and Naruto. Meanwhile the Fourth had managed a type of seal barrier to protect himself and the Second Hokage at his side. That alone hadn't been enough protection, and they too were thrown back into the crowd and debris. What was once a broken battleground was now a sheet of earth dotted with giant, multiple holes. This was truly a battle you would only hear in legends, or stories before bed time. And the death toll was only increasing...

Picking himself up from the ground, Sasuke could feel his limbs weaken at such a strain to simply lift his body, and he staggered back down. Frustrated and low on chakra, he heaved once more before calmly taking a defensive stance. Sasuke immediately took note that Naruto was on his feet already, and hid his anger behind his smooth expression. When their eyes met they exchanged a nod, and Naruto's smile widened to a confident grin on his face before he took off from his spot and back to where they were. The Mangekyō Sharingan flickered back to place in Sasuke's eyes, and-

"Wait!" a voice cried behind him, the familiar call taunting his memories for a moment before the flash of pink from his past teammates hair caught the corner of his vision. Sasuke almost groaned in irritation. He watched her rush to his side, analyzing her simple movements as she kept her eyes away from his and concentrated on whatever was on his back that had piqued her interest.

"Sakura, I don't-"

"If you don't pay attention to your injuries, they could grow to be a fatal problem later." she interrupted him quickly, but the blood in her veins was on fire. This could be considered an act of betrayal, healing Sasuke, especially in the view of hundreds of fellow Ninja. But the gash in his back had gone unnoticed and was tainted with dirt, she knew it would halt a left handed attack in the future with it being so close to his muscle tissue. What if he tried to use Chidori?

"I don't need your help."

Growling lowly, he stepped away from the woman and launched himself towards the images of his "comrades" ahead of him. Sakura stayed back, lowering her green chakra covered hand to her side, the familiar frustration of being a medical ninja eloping her mind as she fought the urge to run after them. As Sasuke became just another blur in the distance like before, she retreated back to search for anyone that could use her assistance, trying to ignore the feeling in her stomach, her head low. Sasuke never listened to her.

The battle continued to rage on furiously, after discovering that Senjutsu was Obito's weakness, it was proving to be a real battle changer as each Ninja used the best of their abilities to weaken him. Their shouts and eruptions were so fierce as the team in front struggled to discover what they could do to simply damage him. Onlookers watched with admiration and fear, the rest of the war continuing to do their part and fight back the endless white enemies that swarmed over them.

Sakura and Hinata had decided to creep around the outer edges of the battlefield to find the few neglected survivors, in hopes to revive them and send them on their way. They were all running out of time; The medical team was healing all they could and people were still dying. Perhaps they would find more, Kakashi had been missing for a while and there could be an ambush just waiting for the perfect time to strike. Constantly on a lookout, Hinata's Byakugan made sure to alert her pink-haired teammate of any enemies trying to be sneaky. And the ones that did find them were met with the fists of the two lethal women, clearly proving they could hold their own and finish their duty even while at a war.

"How many have we found since we left the front?" Hinata asked quietly as they finished healing another wounded Ninja and leaving to find more.

"So far... Seventy-seven." Sakura voice shuddered while she spoke under her breath, revealing her signs of exhaustion only to her trusted teammate. It had been thirty minutes since they left. The time ratio versus the people they had treated was only increasing... The only thing they could do now, was work faster. Hinata frowned, and as they leapt across the broken trees she outstretched a hand to press it to Sakura's shoulder. Glancing from the corner of her eye, Sakura watched as Hinata lightly healed Sakura, and even gave her some chakra to boost.

Sakura couldn't help but feel guilty, and they both stopped for a second to look down at the main attraction at the front. A figure suddenly was bashed from the sky with such a force that when they hit the ground it shuddered and vibrated under their feet. It was a sickening thud, and panic rose in her features that made her take a step closer. Sakura's blonde team mate on the field suddenly cried out, and the ring in his voice was all too familiar.
"Sakura... that was Sasuke." Hinata whispered beneath her breath. Sakura's eyes widened, and without hesitating, she let herself soar towards the one she claimed she loved. There wasn't much restraint left in her to stay away, she had to take action now.
Although, she didn't make it far.

Sensing a ridiculous amount of power behind her, she turned to meet the new Ten-Tailed Jinchuuriki face to face. Obito had been sneaky, she thought as her limbs were quickly bound by the black ten-tails chakra he had been throwing around. Fear overtook her senses immediately but flight or fight mode kicked in within seconds, and the next thing she knew she was forcing herself to hold perfectly still, terrified of being sliced up like she had seen with the other Hokage. Sakura would not run, but she knew she had to fight in a different way than throwing around colossal punches this time. But why did he target her?
A cry from Hinata in the background caught Naruto's attention, and when their eyes met and his blue gaze followed from the tip of her pointing finger to the body of Sakura imprisoned in the sky with Obito, he let out a bellowing shout. The two remaining Hokage followed his gaze, unsure of where the enemy had gone until now.
"Don't you dare touch her! It's us you're after!" Naruto shouted, unable to hide the panic in his blue eyes. "Sakura-!"
"Quit your obnoxiousness, idiot." Obito hissed beneath his breath, Sakura's eyes fixated on the form of Sasuke struggling to his feet below her and holding his forehead. It was him... she thought to herself, nausea rocking her stomach briefly. Struggling from the choking hold of Obito's chakra, the marking on her forehead began to glow. Noticing this, Obito laid into her an immense amount of pressure, and she choked out a screech.
"NO!" Naruto boomed, the form of Kurama taking place behind him once more.

"Do what you want, you're wasting your time, Obito." she choked out as she watched Naruto approach them. The marking revealed itself from her forehead and was slowly spreading itself across her head, despite Obito's attempt at stopping it. She willed the power within her to activate again, trying to heal herself the best she could.

The team below shouted and began to make their move. Without so much of a clue, Naruto and anyone trying to reach them was interrupted by a black wall of chakra, no doubt it being the Ten-Tails chakra. She whimpered in exhaustion at this new obstacle, and even when the Kyuubi blasted it with a ball of his own chakra, the barrier rippled like water to absorb the monstrous impact.

Obito's low laughter met Sakura's ears first.

"Don't you want this to stop? Wouldn't you want a world full of happiness? Don't you want peace?" he cooed to the ones on the ground below him.

"That world is a lie, Obito, you would be running from the truth!" Minato countered. Obito frowned at his sensei, shaking his head.
"Naruto, don't you want a world where your parents are alive? A world where you could have anything you want? Be anything you want?"
Naruto glanced over at Minato. His father's arm was missing and ripped from where it used to be, and the gray in his eyes proved that he was deceased. His expression twisted into a sad smile. It ached in his heart, of course it did.

"This is my home." he said sternly, the Rasengan twirling impatiently in his palm as his mind raced on how to place another counter attack. "I refuse to live a lie!"
Anger bubbled inside of Obito, and Sakura inhaled slowly as he hovered even closer toward her. When he lifted his hand to touch her, her eyes widened intensely, only catching the glimpse of Sasuke on the ground before her eyes met black.
"Let me demonstrate something that may change your mind."

A roar exploded from overhead, and his eyes snapped open to watch as Kurama leaped overhead with Naruto on his back, using his abilities to combine the sage mode and the Nine-tails chakra. His eyes narrowed to get a glimpse of Obito in the sky, and Naruto's usual rushed movements were quickly avoided... yet the force behind it, and the fury that Sasuke could practically taste in the air... meant something. Something had happened while he was out, even if it was only just a few seconds. The Mangekyō Sharingan blinked in his eyes once more, and as soon as they did, his eyes snapped to a figure in the sky dripping in blood.

The Uchiha blood in his veins turned to ice when he realized who it was.