"Oh Reaver…for the love of Heroes…"

"I take it you enjoyed it then?"

"That…was bloody magnificent."

"What did I tell you?"

"I admit it, you were right."

"No change there then, Môn amour?"

"Cocky much?"

"Now that you mention it…"

"Oh Lord, again?"

"Why ever not? Have I tired you out? The great Sparrow, who has slain Balverine's by the dozen and trekked across all of Albion?"

"After thee times, am I not allowed to admit to a slight stamina drain?"

"Have a quick rest then; I want to go and fetch some toys for us to try."

"Really? It…wasn't good enough on its own?"

"Of course it was my dear - you are an exceptional woman."


"But I am the Hero Of Skill."

"…What are you-"

"And I am determined to use all that skill on you until you cant tell which way is up, and the Gods of the Old Kingdom hear my name in the heavens being screamed from your lips."