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Prologue- A new school, encounters, allies?

[Keima's POV]

The real is challenging me again. It seems that no matter how hard I try to deny the real, it still comes back to trouble me. Why does the real hate me that much!?

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Katsuragi Keima, God of Conquest, aged 17. Due to unknown circumstances (I blame the real), I have been transferred from Mai High to Fumizuki Academy.

Apparently, Fumizuki Academy is the first school to use a unique examination system that doesn't limit exam scores to just a mere 100. There's one thing that troubles me, what is this "Shoukanjuu Summoning System" for?

Tsk, it doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't interfere with my gaming schedule. I don't care.

I stopped walking and look up ahead. It seems that I have reached the school. it does look quite fancy, almost like one of the high school in my games. I am also told that I will take a placement exam to get into classes, like I care about what class I'm getting into. They all teach the same stuff anyway.

What's the worst that could happen?

[Normal POV]

'How would I have known they'd kick me out because I played my games during the test? They didn't even let me negotiate with them! If Kaa-san finds out about this…' Keima shuddered as the thought of his mom burning all his games. Sure he could've bought more with his online earnings, but some of those were limited editions!

"Don't worry Himeji-san, just rest in the infirmary and you'll be fine"

Keima heard a boy down the corridor speak to a girl. The Capturing God paid no mind as he kept playing his PFP, he did however looked at the two when they passed him by.

The guy had light-brown colored hair and an average build, he was a little shorter than Keima. To sum it up he look exactly like a background character in Keima's book, not important.

However, the girl he was holding was much more suitable for the role of a heroine. She had long flowing pink hair, probably the most noticeable of her traits.

Keima couldn't see clearly but he could already guess that the 'heroine' is sick or tired and the 'protagonist' is accompanying her to the infirmary.

But Keima just stopped his train of thought there, he wouldn't interfere in someone else's business. After all, that was not his route.

After some time after, the guy came out of the infirmary, looking quite sad. He walked back to the direction he was coming from, not paying attention to his surroundings and walked by him.

"Ano, mister?"

The boy stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Keima. The conquest god responded with an audible grunt, acknowledging the boys presence.

Seeing that Keima notices him, he continues.

"My name is Akihisa Yoshii and ermm… the girl name's just now was Mizuki Himeji, she fell sick so she came to the infirmary to rest-"

"Logically, I am assuming that you are going to ask me to look after her for the time being, while you take the placement test, am I right? But I'm no more than a stranger to you, so why should I care?"

Keima's words made the boy, who is now recognized as Akihisa Yoshii, visibly flinch. How c-can this guys just deduced all that? That's insane!

"A-ano, so can you look after her for a while, mister…?"

"Keima, Katsuragi Keima"

"Ah, Kasuragi-san, so would you mind looking after Himeji-san?"

"Yes, I would mind"

Akihisa face-planted to the ground.


"Oh, so it is"

Keima replied with a laid-back tone, while still playing on his PFP.

"So Keima-san, would you do it now?"


Akihisa face-planted for the second time while crying anime-style tears. He suddenly stood up and look at his watch.

"GAH! I have only 25 minutes for the test! I'll leave her to you Katsuragi-san! I'll be back later!"

And like that, Akihisa threw the responsibility to Keima and fled. Keima, while still focusing on his PFP, managed to let out an audible sigh and proceeded to walk into the infirmary and sat in front of the only occupant of the room.

'That was an unpredictable flag, I wonder what their relationship is? Bah, it's not my business. After all, I have my games and that's more than enough to satisfy me!'

20 minutes had passed since the conversation took part between Keima and Akihasa. The pink-haired girl started to stir in the bed and slowly woke up, she started to rub her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She let out a small squeal, finding a unknown boy sitting on the chairs in front of here.

[Mizuki's POV]


I let out a small squeal and took the blankets to cover my body. I found a boy sitting in front of me while I was sleeping! That's so creepy!

After my minor shock, I looked at him but he was also staring back her, spotting a curious and amused expression. I decided to ask him a question first.

"W-who are you?"

"Keima Katsuragi, your boyfriend just now, asked me to look after you in the infirmary. He practically forced me to do it too."

The boy, Keima, replied with a straight face, but now with a bored expression and went back to playing with his PFP.

'Wait, did he say boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend. But Keima-san said a friend took me in here…'

My thoughts drifted to the last person I saw. Yoshii-kun?


I yelled out, startling Keima from his games. He turned to look at me then looked back to his PFP. I calmed myself after that and tried to think up of a topic to talk about.

"A-ano, Keima-san. Why aren't you in the test room now? Are you a senior? Or a family member?" I meekly asked.

"No, I got kicked out of the test room because I played my games during the examination period. The teachers say that I'm going to get a zero on my papers, but I don't really care"

He went back to play his games, a frequent thing he does. I started to wonder, I don't see him last year in any of the classes. He must be a transfer student then, but didn't he knew about the ranking system?

"Ah, Keima-san. My name is Mizuki Himeji. Pleased to meet you! You must be a new transfer student in Fumizuki right?"

"Mmm, I was transferred from Mai High to Fumizuki."

"But Mai High is a more prestigious school, why did you transfer schools, Keima-san?"

He hesitated for a bit, but managed to reply.

"I transferred because the school sent me a letter asking me to take the classes here. I'm also tasked with giving a report on the new system that this school has implemented."

[Normal POV]

Of course, that's just a lie. But, it was a believable one at least., being the only transfer student. At least Himeji bought it. After all, he had far more important reason to come to this place after all, he couldn't just tell everyone his true motives. If he did, hell shall break loose.

Right after that, Akihasa ran into the infirmary, he looked around and waved to Mizuki. Of course, Mizuki waved and smiled back at Akihasa, making him blush a little. Akihasa turned to Keima and bowed slightly, which the latter gave him a slight nod.

"Neh, Katsuragi-san. Thanks for looking after Himeji-san! I owe you one. Himeji-san, school's over for today is over let's go home!"

Keima stood up slowly, resuming his gaming activities and walked out the infirmary. Now, there's only the two of them left in the infirmary. Akihisa saw that Keima had left, managed to scratch his head.

"Ehehe, Katsuragi-san is unique, I guess, he helped to look after you, right?"

Akihisa commented, as Mizuki nodded in agreement. They're already at the school gates already, Akihisa walked home while Mizuki took the bus back home.

"Keima-san is a nice guy, I hope we get to see him again"

"Yeah, let's hope we can meet soon"

[Keima's POV]

'That was… eventful' Keima couldn't make anything out of the current situation anyway. It was really a normal day for him, at least. The only thing that happened is his confrontation with Akihisa and Mizuki. It was obvious that Mizuki had feelings towards Akihisa, too obvious for him actually. He was the capturing god after all.

That being said, he's closing on to his 'house' now. The house is nothing special, 2 floors, a porch for gardening, a kitchen, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a storage room.

"I'm home"

"Welcome home, Kami-Onii-sama~!"

That is Elsi, or Elucia de Lute Ima. Apparently, she is Keima's (fake) half-sister. After all, she is a demon, posing as his little sister to help capture loose souls or Weiss, as they're called. She is also with a group of devils called Runaway Spirit Squad.

A group of demons formed to capture the evil loose souls, by forcing them out of human female's heart. That's where Keima or demon's human buddies come into play, the buddies will use there own capturing ways to force the souls out of the host's heart.

Keima, being a Capturing God, known famously throughout the Internet, forces the Weiss out using love. Until now, he had successfully 'conquered' 4 girls.

"I see that you're home. Welcome back, how was the school?"

A shorter girl stood on top of the staircase. She had long light-green hair with trimmed bangs. Also like Elsi, she has a hagoromo and a skull-shaped head clip, known as a Weiss detector.

Keima crossed eyes with her, she had that (too) sweet of a smile on her face with holding a utility knife, retracting it.

"It's an average first day, nothing much happened, Lune"

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