Daryl dropped to his knees, a look of absolute defeat and anguish on his face. Everyone was just silent. It had all happened so fast. A gunshot had ended it. Nevertheless, it was too late. The damage was done.

The boy had slipped away, he ran and was screaming and Daryl dropped everything to go and get him, somehow, he had slipped out of the gate as Carl was closing it, somehow he got away. Daryl got through as Carl and Rick tried to open the gate again. However, it was too late; the boy had let out a scream as Walkers surrounded him. Daryl had charged into the pack of six walkers, his knife out. He attacked and stabbed, blood went everywhere. Carl and Rick were charging up behind him to help. He kicked the last walker away with his boot; his knife having gotten lodged in another walkers head. Daryl dropped to his knees and the boy was looking up at him, eyes wide and covered in blood, Daryl looked up and saw the boys mom dropping to the ground. Carol was trying to console here from the other side of the yards fence.

Rick, Carl were soon joined by Glenn, but it was clear that it was too late. Daryl wanted to cry and scream as he gathered the boy into his arms, limp and grasping to life. Then that last walker stood up and a gunshot rang out. Daryl looked over and saw that Maggie had killed it from the other side of the fence with her rifle. Hershel was at her side.

He stopped just inside the gate, Rick and Glenn walked in behind him, as Carl locked it up. The boy's mom was still crying, Daryl looked down and kept walking, the boy in his arms. He was taking him to the medical room. Hershel knew this and silently made his way toward the prison. Silence had fallen over everyone.

Hours had passed and everyone was having a solemn dinner. They had buried the boy, Daryl dug the grave in an angry silence, and everyone had left him to it. Dinner was no different, Daryl stood off by himself and no one spoke to him. He hadn't eaten. Hadn't looked anyone in the eyes sense it all happened.

Then the boy's mother came storming into Cell Block C. She looked furious and everyone went on guard. Rick and Tyreese jumped up. Everyone watched her storm across the small space and up to Daryl

Daryl stood up straight as the woman marched up to him. "You lied! You said this place was safe! You said that you could keep us safe! We were better off out there!" She screamed.

Daryl didn't flinch, he just stared back, and everyone seemed to be waiting to see what would happen next. "do you have anything to say?!" she screamed.

Daryl looked away from her and then he looked back, "I'm sorry" he didn't know what else to say, he knew it wasn't enough.

The slap that followed was so loud that it echoed throughout the cell block. She hit him hard and he jerked his head to the side from the impact. Everyone jumped and was ready to jump in. Beth was rocking Judith and watching in horror.

"You're a coward... You didn't keep my son safe... And now he's dead!" she seethed, "I want to leave this god awful place!" she snarled before turning and leaving. She stormed out, followed by some of the others who Daryl had brought back with him on today's run.

Daryl stood just looking at the floor. Everyone watched him in silence. Rick walked up to him slowly, "it's not-" Daryl turned and walked away from him and darted up the steps toward his cell.

Rick looked back at the group. No one knew what to do. Everything had gone bad so quickly.

Daryl reappeared with his crossbow; "goin' on a hunt" was all he said as he marched toward the door.

Carol jumped up and walked after him, she grabbed his arm, "Daryl, It wasn't your fault... That boy shouldn't have run away like that" Carol reasoned.

Daryl gave her this look. He didn't want to talk to her about anything. He saw everyone looking at him. "Stop looking at me!" He barked. He felt embarrassed and he hated himself at that moment.

Beth stood up and marched up to Daryl with Judith. She shoved the baby into his arms, albeit gently, Daryl had no choice but to hold the baby. "I need to shower and everyone else has other chores, tonight's your turn to watch Judith," Beth reminded him.

Daryl looked at Beth with this look of confusion and then Judith made a noise and grabbed at Daryl's beard.

Daryl held Judith close and looked over at the group who were watching. "Whatever" Daryl grumbled as he marched passed Beth and Carol, Judith in his arms. He jogged up the steps and turned to head to his cell.

Beth looked and realized the group was looking at her. "What? It's his turn to watch Judith," Beth said. Rick gave her a small smile, Carol gently squeezed her arm.

Everyone dispersed without another word. Those were the last things anyone said that night, everyone parted ways, to go on watch or to go to bed.

Beth entered her cell, drying her hair and in a clean t-shirt and her jeans. She stopped when she found Daryl lying on her bed, Judith asleep on his chest.

Daryl was reading one of Beth's books. She almost smiled at how sweet the site was, and then she remembered. "Carol's right" Beth began." Daryl's eyes flashed to her. "The boy shouldn't have run away like that. I'm not saying he deserved what he got... God no, but it wasn't your fault." Beth said. Daryl kept looking at her. "You're a good man Daryl... You've been bringing people back... You save lives..." Beth said.

Daryl looked away, "I don't know if Judith will let me get up" Daryl whispered as he set the book down. He rested his hand on the babies back.

"She likes you... You make her feel safe," Beth said, she paused and thought a bit, "you make everyone feel safe" Beth added.

Daryl looked up at her, "yeah well… I failed today" Daryl replied.

"no you didn't, it isn't all on you, you're not the sole leader, you ran out there with only your knife, you could have been killed" Beth said. "it's done… we have to move on" she said.

Daryl looked at her, he looked back at Judith, still asleep, "I don't know if she'll let me get up" Daryl said. And tonight was the first night that Judith had slept so deeply.

"I'll sleep in your room, good night Daryl," Beth whispered before she turned to leave her room.

Daryl watched her do this. "Night Beth" Daryl said. She waved gently before leaving her room.


Beth was reluctant to wake up, waking up meant reality and facing it. She was snuggled up to Daryl and was warm and she felt safe. His arm was around her body and she was snuggled right under his chin. The blankets were warm. It was just nice. Nevertheless, she knew that he would be waking up soon and she would have to deal with everything.

However, for the moment, there wasn't a world infested with the undead, loved ones weren't dying or lost. She felt safe; Daryl's heartbeat was steady and calm. It had lulled her to sleep the night before. She thought about how she enjoyed sleeping with him. He was warm and protective. He smelled like the woods, rain and Daryl. She had blushed because he was so freaking manly and yet so much like Daryl, it was hard to explain, but he was so sensitive and kind that he almost didn't make sense, so many contrasts.

Beth had so many thoughts running through her mind, thoughts that a young woman shouldn't be having about the man before her. But as she thought, her fingers had unbuttoned a button on his flannel, some more of his chest showed and Beth thought about him the morning before, how he had to keep her warm. She saw more of Daryl then she had seen ever really. He had a nice upper body, hard and strong. A small gasp escaped Beth's lips at the thought of it. Daryl's grip tightened on her waist and he moved slightly.

Beth looked up and he was looking back at her. She blushed because she was gripping his flannel. "Morning" Beth whispered. She was suddenly shy; she realized it was silly, he couldn't possibly know what she had been thinking.

Daryl kept watching her, "mornin' " he said back. He was still looking at her as he moved slightly. "Sleep alright?" Daryl asked.

"Yeah... Slept really well, you're like a big ol teddy bear," Beth said. She wanted to stay with him, but knew they had to get up.

She sat up and looked back down at Daryl, his hair was messy, and he looked cute.

"Good, I slept well... I think the rain stopped," Daryl mumbled before he sat up and pulled the blanket from his legs, he rubbed his face and ran a hand through his hair. He stood up and stretched.

Beth watched him; she saw some of his tummy when he stretched. "Imma take a piss..." Daryl said as he walked to his shoes and slipped them on. He then unlocked the door and went outside.

Beth laughed slightly. He was cute, but he still had that Daryl-ness about him.

Beth stood up and realized she needed to go as well. they had been going outside in the bushes, all anyone really could do. It was slightly awkward because Daryl kept guard as she went, but he stood a few good yards away and kept his back turned.

Although it was routine, when she was with the group, she got used to not being ashamed or embarrassed by the little things. She sighed and opened the front door. She was met with the cool crisp air of the morning and it smelled amazing. Like fresh rain. No rotting flesh, nothing... It was nice. She heard Daryl zip up and then she stepped off the porch and walked in his direction. Daryl walked to her and nodded as he stopped in his tracks. She gave a meek smile before continuing to walk past him. He'd keep guard while she went.

Daryl sighed and wished he had a cigarette, although he knew if he had any, they would have been water logged due to yesterday's events. He huffed and kept a sharp ear out for any unfamiliar noises.

He thought about how warm and clingy Beth was, he never willingly slept that close to someone, but he liked it. But he'd never admit to it. He did it because, well it was for selfish reasons really, he was confused and he didn't want Beth to feel like he didn't want her near him. Now, all he wanted to do was sleep next to her.

This was different then when he had to strip her down to warm her up. He had not been thinking about anything aside from her being alive and him keeping her that way. Last night, that was different; she was warm and smelled nice. She always did. He rolled his eyes. He needed to stop all of this nonsense. He really did.

Daryl looked around as Beth walked up to him. She looked cold, "we should get inside, eat somethin' then figure out our next move" Daryl said. Beth smiled back and nodded her head.

"I think we have some more oatmeal and some canned peaches" Beth replied as they walked up the steps. Daryl gave a look around and entered the cabin.

Breakfast was uneventful; they talked lightly about their next move. They did not bring up last night at all.

"we should go out and find some supplies, some food, see if anything is nearby" Daryl said.

Beth nodded her head agreeing. "There have to be some more cabins out here," Beth said. Daryl watched her gather their bowls.

"It's settled then, we'll head out and search for supplies, if we don't find anything before nightfall we'll come back here" Daryl said. An hour later, they had packed up and suited up, as if they weren't coming back, just in case.


The hike further into the mountains was tough, but the cool air and lack of rain helped.

They stopped for lunch and Daryl killed a couple rabbits and a pheasant. Beth was excited for some proper food. Then Daryl showed her which mushrooms were safe and they found a blueberry bush. Beth listened carefully as Daryl explained everything. He was wise and far more intelligent than people gave him credit for. Sure, he was a hunter, a survivalist, and tough as they came. But his knowledge about the natural world was amazing. He was bad at people skills at times, but nature was his element, he respected it and it respected him back.

They hiked for about 4 hours, Daryl seemed to be following an overgrown trail, he'd explained that it was man made.

Beth was trying to find signs of that and then her boot hit something hard. She looked down, "Daryl" Beth whispered.

He turned back and looked at what she was pointing to. He knelt down, "it's a light... To light the trail, uses solar power," Daryl said as he pulled the small light from the ground before continuing on his way. Beth followed; it meant a house was nearby.

After some more hiking and Daryl gathering the lights, he'd said they could use them, they came upon a clearing in the thick forest. Beth and Daryl were both a little surprised. It was a cabin, two stories, made of logs, it had large glass windows and a large porch on the second floor and had stone covered walls on the first floor. The plants had over grown around it, it almost blended in, if the sun hadn't been reflecting off the glass.

Daryl looked over at Beth, "let's clear her out!" He said excited as he readied his crossbow, Beth smiled before they carefully made their way to the cabin.

This place was bigger and wasn't as exposed. A better option for the winter.


They ran up the steps and Daryl peered inside the large glass window, he saw furniture and it looked empty, well lit due to the windows on both sides. Daryl couldn't see anything, and the door was locked up.

He kicked it in with his foot and they entered the house carefully. It was all very ruetine, although it had been a while sense they'd done a place that was this big. There was a system, you never split up and you moved carefully through each room, from front to back.

They did this and it was quick, the place was fairly Checking both floors and all the rooms, it was clear. Beth parted from Daryl to start searching through the kitchen for anything of use. Daryl checked the garage and double checked the other doors.

They met up at the kitchen and Beth had already set her backpack on the counter.

"I don't think this place has had any visitors in a long time, it's like a vacation house" Daryl said as he looked around.

"Yeah, think we can fortify it?" Beth asked. She watched as Daryl dropped the skinned rabbits and pheasant in the sink.

"Yeah, there are some plywood sheets down stairs, I'm gonna board up all the windows on the first floor, get that secure and then see about the stairs off the porch, I don't want anything or anyone getting to us easily" Daryl replied.

Beth nodded, "I'll start cooking the rabbits and pheasant... Make some rice to go with it" Beth said.

Daryl nodded before dropping all his gear but his knife and gun and marching down the stairs to the first floor.

Beth took in a deep breath, the cabin was nice and smelled like old wood. She opened a few cabinets and found a stash if spices in one, they would have seasoned food tonight. She hunted through the rest of the cupboards and located a pot and some other cooking supplies. The stove being gas was a huge plus. She knew they had to ration the gas, but it would come in handy. Beth got to work; this was the most normal she felt in the last couple of weeks. This house was a great find. She hoped they could have some peace for a little bit at least.


Daryl had been hammering nails into the plywood, the windows on the first floor were smaller and so it was easy, he barricaded the one door and started to gather some supplies that were downstairs. Some cans of food, fuel canisters.

Daryl walked up the stairs and locked up that door. He was suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of something delicious in the air. He walked to the kitchen and discovered Beth cooking.

She looked up stirring the pot and smiled. "Downstairs is secured" Daryl said as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked tired.

"Good, dinner is almost ready... Maybe you should take a nap?" Beth said. He furrowed his brow at her. "You look beat, c'mon" Beth said as she turned the pot down low.

She walked past Daryl while grabbing at his shirt. Daryl followed her as she walked across the living room and into another room.

There was a large bed in there; it was obviously the master bedroom. "Take a nap, you need your rest" Beth said.

Daryl looked at her, "I need to keep watch," he grumbled.

Beth huffed, "just lay down" Beth insisted. Daryl rolled his eyes before sitting on the edge of the bed. "Lay back" Beth said.

Daryl laid back and instantly his muscles and bones reacted to the feeling of resting on a mattress.

"See..." Beth said she sat on the bed herself.

Daryl looked over at her, "maybe you should nap as well," Daryl suggested. He watched her with this look, Daryl realized what he had just asked her and he was about to say something. But Beth lied down next Daryl. She turned on her side and faced him.

Daryl was on his back, but he rolled onto his side, his eyes were half open, he was tired, Beth was near him and he could feel her breath hitting his face.

"We should probably both sleep in here... There's a fireplace and if something happens we'll be near each other" Daryl said gently.

Beth nodded, "only because it's safer?" Beth asked. She wanted to test this; she knew why he wanted them to share a room… possibly the bed.

"Well... winter is coming and it'd be better to keep warm by using each other's body heat" Daryl said. "But if you'd rather not, I'll take the other room... You need the fireplace more than me," Daryl said. He glanced down toward the foot of the bed and she swore he was blushing.

"Daryl... We can sleep together, I'd like that," Beth said.

Daryl looked at her almost scandalized, "we'll be sharing a bed! Not sleeping together" Daryl said horrified.

Beth giggled, "I only said we'd sleep together, not have sex," Beth said.

Daryl sat up fast, "why you gotta say that?! And stop laughing!" He said blushing and being grumpy.

Beth was laughing but she was also a little surprised with how he was reacting to this, "you're probably the only man I've ever encountered who freaked out over hearing that word" Beth laughed.

Daryl slipped off the bed, "I'm not freaking out" Daryl grumbled.

Beth realized she was making him uncomfortable. So she stopped. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to tease you" Beth replied.

Daryl looked over at her, he huffed and walked around the room going to the closet and looking in.

"Daryl... I'm sorry" Beth sat up on the bed and looked at him past the large log bedpost.

Daryl looked back, "I'm not bothered by it..." Daryl said sighing.

Beth was trying to figure out how to ask him without freaking him out. She should drop it, but she wanted to know why he freaked out at the thought of sex... Unless.

"Look, I realize your associating me with sex is horrible... I'm no ones first choice in that department," Beth said.

Daryl looked back at her startled. "Hell no! I'm not... It has nothing to do with you..." Daryl said.

Beth waited, Daryl shut the closet door and walked over to the bed, he leaned against the opposite bedpost from hers.

"I'm not... I... I was laughed at once... Before... I just-" Daryl was embarrassed talking about it. "She hurt my feelings and it didn't help that Merle overheard... I just" Daryl looked down.

"You never tried to be with anyone sense?" Beth asked. He shook his head gently.

"A guy doesn't need a girl laughing... And it wasn't even a size issue or somethin' I was fumbling and freaking out... I was pathetic" Daryl said.

Beth moved closer, "I wouldn't laugh at you" Beth said. She watched his face, watched his jaw clinch, and watched his eyes close and open.

"I'm sure you wouldn't, but-"

"But what?" Beth asked, she must have said something because Daryl's reaction was different.

Daryl looked up at her stunned, "I'm not what you want" he replied. "You don't want anything from me" he trailed off and sighed. Hating on him never seemed to work.

Beth raised her eyebrows, "I wasn't saying it had to be you and me… I just meant you should try it again" Beth said, Daryl pushed off the bedpost and started chewing on his thumbnail.

"But, you're right… you're not good for me" Beth finale said. She climbed off the bed and walked away.

Daryl furrowed his brow, that hurt.

"I was talking with Maggie a couple months ago and we were talking about men." She said. She looked up and saw him standing in his signature Daryl stance, arms crossed over his chest, head down, and a thumb between his teeth. "We started talking about all the guys in the prison and whether we thought they were cute, you know typical girl chat," Beth said. She looked back at Daryl who was watching her.

"You came up... We agreed that you were cute, you have this grumpy puppy way about you," she said.

Daryl was about to reply but Beth kept talking.

"Then I said you were sexy, and Maggie asked why; so I told her. I said you were strong and kind, you have the biggest heart and the saddest eyes, and you give everyone everything and ask for nothing. You're the man I trust the most," Beth said. "I told her I found you sexy for all of those reasons and also because you're attractive. And she said before all of this I would have never looked your way" Beth said. "But that's a lie, I would have looked at you" Beth said.

Daryl felt awkward under her gaze, but her words made him feel happy. "When y'all first came to the farm house. I saw you and I thought you were cute. A little dirty, but cute." Beth said with a smile. "So you're right, you're not good for me… and that's a good thing," Beth said.

Daryl looked back at her, he debated on what to say, but he seemed to find it easy to be honest with her. "I've thought about you, not from when we met at the farm... After" Daryl admitted.

Beth watched him, she was a little stunned. "I liked how you carried yourself, you've always acted so mature and quiet... Then at the prison you really stepped up and some days when you had Judith and I'd take her from you and you'd be so nice to me... I just... It made me feel kinda good" Daryl said.

Beth blushed and walked up to him, "why didn't you ever say anything?" Beth asked. She was curious, although she knew he was shy and his experience was lacking in expressing himself.

"I couldn't" Daryl said almost ashamed.

Beth realized why he couldn't and all those reasons went out the window for her. "Well, we're both here now," Beth whispered. "And we don't have anyone to tell us that we can't" she added.

Daryl watched her from behind his shaggy hair; he was hanging his head low. "I don't think that's a good idea, Beth" Daryl said. Although, he had to force the words out.

"Why not? We've got nothing to lose" Beth replied. "Besides... Maybe we both need it," she added.

Daryl huffed, "I've got a lot of baggage... I'm screwed up" Daryl said.

"We all have a lot of baggage Daryl! This world we live in now has given us all scars that may never heal! It rips our lives apart and tries to kill us! We need to find happiness where we can get it!" Beth shouted. She wasn't mad, she was frustrated, by everything.

Daryl breathed in heavy, "you wanna talk about damage!? At least yer daddy didn't beat you til you bled! At least your mama didn't kill herself in a fucking fire! You wanna talk about pain!" Daryl shouted back.

Beth stepped back from him; she had never seen him that mad. "Trying to stop your drunkin' dad from killing your mom! Never being taken to the damn hospital! Being told you're a fucking faggot because you cried!" Daryl shouted.

Beth watched him breaking, she wasn't afraid of him, she didn't pity him, she wasn't sure what she felt.

"You don't know what it's like never being loved or held or hugged or told you did good!" He was beyond consoling now, "I can't even... I always hear his damn voice! "Darlene! Why don't you get yer pa a beer! Go pick out the fucking stick I'm going to beat you with! No you can't have any damn friends, you can't go to school!" Daryl shouted, it wasn't directed at Beth. "I sit some days and I hope he's dead! I want to run into him one day and I hope he's turned, so I can put an arrow through his scull! Or worst I wanna kill him myself!" Daryl shouted.

He slumped against the wall and wept.

Beth stood in silence, she wasn't sure of what to do. She wanted to cry but she knew he needed someone and her crying would make him upset.

"I'm fucked up Beth... I'm a fucked up horrible disgusting old man... You don't want any part of this trash," he said.

Beth knelt down before him; she reached and moved his damp hair from his face. His icy blue eyes met hers, rimmed with red, and soaked with tears.

"You nearly killed yourself trying to find a little girl that wasn't yours, you risked your life for a baby that wasn't yours, you risk your life every day for people who are not blood... From what I heard, despite the rough start, you hunted for everyone, before Rick came along you protected them. And now... You keep doing this. You keeping giving your all for nothing in return... Everyone's said it and I see it for myself, you're the most amazing and honest men I know. My daddy even said so once..." She was on her knees; she placed her hands on his knees, his being tucked to his chest. His back against the wall, he couldn't escape. "You deserve happiness just as much as anyone." She whispered.

Daryl looked back at her with wonderment and sadness, "you shouldn't have to feel obligated to do that" Daryl said, he felt terrible.

"Hey, I don't... I want to; I want to be happy to... And that involves you" Beth whispered. She leaned in closer.

Daryl straightened out one of his legs and she scooted in closer between them. A hand landed on his chest. Her other hand was on the floor next to his hip.

Daryl's eyes dropped over her face. He breathed in heavy. He wanted this, she was so beautiful and perfect and he hated this world and what it had done to her. he wished he could protect her forever and part of him wanted to keep her from himself. He was part of the problem, she was perfect, and he was spoiled goods.

Beth licked her lips and Daryl's eyes dropped to the action, he had wanted to kiss someone properly his whole life, and he never got the chance, so he gave up the notion. Now here he was. A young woman was near him, they were in a cabin, it was cold and sad outside and his heart felt that much the same. She was warmth and kindness, happiness, and he wondered how soft her lips were.

Beth leaned in and pressed her lips to his.

Daryl's world, as he knew it, was gone. It was replaced by this warmth and it engulfed his entire being. It was so gentle and sweet and yet he felt like he was losing his mind.

Her lips were softer then he had ever hoped, it made him aware that his were chapped, she didn't care as she pressed further.

He leaned forward and Beth was a little surprised, she pulled back and Daryl's hand was suddenly in her hair, his other hand was lightly holding her hand that was still pressed to his chest.

She tilted her head and their lips fit together perfectly. The kiss wasn't passionate, it was slow and learning.

Beth pulled away from him, breathing with shaky breaths. Daryl dropped his hand from her hair. He was looking back at her with dark eyes. Beth blushed and Daryl kept giving her this look.

Beth stood up, her hand leaving his chest. Daryl stood up after her. "Beth" Daryl said.

Beth looked back at him, "I know... We shouldn't have and I know we should just pretend it didn't happen." Beth said. She wanted to cry. Because part of her knew he was right and the other part hated that, she didn't care.

"No... I... I liked it..." Daryl spoke softly.

Beth looked at him and saw that he was standing near her. "I mean... I'm, I don't know what to do next, but I enjoyed kissing ya" Daryl said. He really did, although a part of him knew this was a bad idea.

Beth blushed and stepped closer to him. "I liked kissing you," she said. "We should do it again," Beth added. She watched as Daryl looked elated by the idea and then common sense seemed to kick in.

"I... I don't know, Beth" Beth leaned up and pressed another kiss to her lips. She pulled away just as he started to lean into the kiss again.

"We don't have to... We can take it slow... But just be warned, I'll be kissing you on your lips from now on" Beth said before turning away from him.

Daryl just stood there; he was somewhat stunned to be perfectly honest.

"What just happened?" Daryl asked himself. Beth Greene was going to drive him crazy.


"We have to run!" Maggie screamed as she pulled Sasha with her. Bob was behind them, he looked bad. That bullet wound had not been treated yet.

"Stop!" Bob shouted. Sasha and Maggie stopped and looked back. "Look... I will be the distraction so you can get away... I'm not gonna make it anyway" Bob said as he pulled out his handgun.

"No! We don't leave anyone behind!" Maggie screamed. She went to pull Bob up, but there was pounding on the warehouse doors.

"Just go! I'll buy you some time!" Bob shouted.

Sasha grabbed Maggie and they ran.

They slipped out the back way just as the men burst through. They heard shouts and gunshots inside as Maggie ran to one of their trucks. They jumped in and they sped off.

After they realized they weren't being followed, Maggie relaxed; "shit!" why were they following us?" Maggie screamed.

Sasha shook her head, "we were doing fine, and that was a great shelter… I don't know" Sasha said.

Maggie sighed trying to calm down, "we need to find another shelter, we need to-" Maggie slammed on the breaks.

Sasha and Maggie looked up, "oh my god!" Maggie shouted as she jumped out of the truck, Sasha followed.

Rick, Carl and Michonne started to run to them. Hugs and more hugs were shared.

"Oh my god! We thought… wow!" Sasha cried. They were all shocked to have run into each other.

A few hours later, everyone was in the truck, Maggie was driving.

Apparently that heard had overrun the house that Rick, Carl and Michonne had taken up shelter in, they unanimously decided to keep going north. They had to get away.

Rick was in on the passenger side, "I ran into a man, he said there is a place, in DC… I don't know if it's valid, but we could start making our way up there," Rick informed Sasha and Maggie.

Despite Maggie wondering where her sister and where Glenn were, she hadn't seen either of them in last two weeks, and staying behind with lunatics and walkers at every turn was suicide.

It was decided to leave Georgia, what was ahead, they didn't know.

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