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"Alright you two," my mother smiles "have fun, be safe, and go get some candy!"

We nod and walk out the door. I'm going candy collecting with my friend Rayne. This will most likely be our last time trick-or-treating. This year we started highschool together, and no matter what anyone else thinks, Halloween is fun. Candy, costumes, parties, must I go on?

"So how's your story going Lila?" Rayne asks as she attempts to walk backwards in front of me.

"Great," I reply "Legolas just helped Nauriell pick out her first horse. She named it Thinna, it means faded. The horse is a light gray dappled mare so faded works right?"

"Of course! Though, why is her name Nauriell? What does it even mean?" She asks

"Well, I was going to choose something closer to the forest but decided upon Nauriell. It means Daughter of Fire, she was so named because of Thranduil's rage when his wife died in childbirth." I answer

"Wow, sad." Rayne whispers

"Wanna hear about this new idea that I came up with?" She seems pretty exited.

"Alright, tell."

"Well," she begins but then stops as we arrive on the porch of my neighbor's house.

The door opens, "Trick or treat!" We say along with a few kids of varying ages that stand there with us.

We each get a small chocolate bar and we move on.

"Ok so there's this young elf who is orphaned when she's really young. She is raised in Rivendell and eventually joins the Fellowship." She laughs at the end "I know that's the most stereotypical story ever but it's different I promise! Give it a chance."

"Alright you don't have to defend yourself!" I laugh "I'll read it weather it's great or terrible, then give you advice on how it could improve. Just like always."

She nods and we ring the doorbell of the next house. The lady there gives us each a random handful and we rush off. After doing two full streets, we stop to sit on a bench near the park and decide where to go next.

"Well, my bag is about half full so maybe another street or two?" Rayne says thoughtfully

"If we cross the highway we can go to Stony Ridge." I say "You know, that neighborhood that gives out tons of candy?"

"Oh definitely! Let's go." She says, standing quickly.

Stony Ridge is a rich neighborhood that (sometimes) gives out full sized candy bars. Where else can you get goods like that for free?

As we make our way across the field to the highway, I spot a little boy walking towards the road.

"Hey! Stop!" I yell at him "Rayne we have to stop him! He'll be run over or something."

We race towards to road just as the boy steps out onto it. All thoughts of safety or candy gone, I rush out after him. He stops in the very middle and turns to look at me. I see a huge truck coming behind him.

"Lila get off the road!" Rayne screams

I grab the arm of the boy but he refuses to come. Rayne rushes out onto the street and grabs his other arm forcing him to move. It's no use. I hear the blaring of a horn and the screeching of cars before the world goes black.


Everything is dark and I feel nothing, but I can hear. The faintest sound of talking and yelling, but soon that too goes away and is replaced by a voice. No, many voices talking as one.

"We are the Valar. Your coming here is no accident. Something has changed in the balance and some will now need your aid to succeed. It is most important that you help. The child you saw was nothing but an illusion.

We will grant you the wish you never voiced. To become what you write. You will never truly remember this or that which came before, only your new existence."

Suddenly my vision is filled with memories. Not my own but they seem familiar all the same.

I see a small girl running after a tall blonde young man. "Teach me gwador teach me!" She has a small bow in her hands and I can see that even that is too heavy for her. Strangely I understood the strange word she spoke. Gwador, brother. He's her brother.

He smiles and then takes her out and teaches her to shoot a bow. I see short stubby fingers grown into long slender ones, short bleach-blonde hair turn into long straight hair the soft color of honey. All through the corse of this child's life, always using a bow or climbing the trees or getting into mischief with her older brother.

Memories fly quickly over the years. After gaining experience with a bow, her brother and father request that she learn at least one other kind of fighting. They want her to be safe.

She chooses to fight with a sword, but not a regular one. It is a short sword and instead of carrying it on a belt, she attaches it to her long quiver by sewing on a case of thick material.

I see her reaching an age where she is to have a horse of her own. She chooses a dappled gray mare.

Other things happen, her aging slows, she remains young. Then, an attack is placed on a party she is traveling with. She is gravely wounded. They are unable to wake her.

The visions stop. I feel a strange sensation before the world goes black once more.