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Cecil prodded the black ink dragon one more time, watching for a reaction. Carlos sighed and gently placed a finger under Cecil's chin and tilted his head up, effectively breaking his gaze from the single tattoo he had on his ribs.

"Cecil, what are you doing?" He asked his blonde boyfriend. All three of Cecil's bright pink eyes flicked down to Carlos's ribs briefly and then locked with Carlos's chocolate brown irises.

"It won't move. Is it scared?" As he spoke the purple tentacles that were tattooed on his arms shifted and brushed against one another, as if to show Carlos's dragon how to do it.

"Sweetheart, not all tattoos move."

"But… all tattoos in NightVale can move."

"Well, not mine." Cecil gently ran his pale finger tips down Carlos's dark skin and black dragon and Carlos shivered.

"Maybe it's cold? Or does it just need a friend?" Carlos chuckled and ran a hand down Cecil's bare back.

"I don't think that'll make a difference, Cecil." The blonde looked up at his Hispanic boyfriend and frowned.

"But what if it does?" Carlos sighed in exasperation and smiled at Cecil.

"Fine, if you want I'll get a second tattoo. But you have to go to work, it's almost time for your show." Cecil sat up suddenly and glanced at the clock.

"Crap!" He shouted as he flung the sheet off, got out of bed and dashed to get clothes on. Carlos propped his head on one hand and watched, amused, as his boyfriend scrambled to put pants on. Once Cecil had completed the task he planted a rushed kiss on Carlos's forehead and gave a quick 'I love you' before dashing out of the house.

Once Carlos was sure Cecil was gone he rubbed his dragon and it wiggled just slightly before reaching across Carlos's ribcage, stretching out after being in the same position for so long. Carlos smiled at his little secret. He'd tell Cecil that it could move… eventually. But for now he was going to let Cecil run his hands all over him as he tried to get it to move.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him." Carlos told the empty room with a grin.