Um...Hello everyone, anyone here still read OC fics? I have no idea what I am doing! I don't know how you will react to this new story – maybe you won't like it, maybe you will - I don't know. I'm not exactly sure why I am writing this as I do believe many of you will have moved away from Hellsing and found other fandoms and have also forgotten about my story, not to mention that I'm also a washed-out has-been author. I have these weird ideas and a crappy sense of humour and I enjoy writing grisly, murder and twisted, dark plotlines but I took out some time away from fanfiction as well as abandoning a few stories along the way plus I also forgot my password on adult ff so I haven't finished posting OMA up there yet.

Then I lost inspiration to write for about a year but now I have new inspiration to write this (or at least I feel like picking up where I left off) and felt like going back into writing again. Plus I've FINALLY finished watching all the Hellsing OVA (I saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in order, then watched 9 and 8 then 10 the other day... I am glad I have finished it) and then I've been doing quite a bit of lurking on fanfic despite my profile saying 'retired' but ultimately ideas for the sequel has always been in the back of my mind and I'd always been trying to find ways to get it finally typed up...

..and here it is... The Sequel to Oh My Alucard.

I've had a reread of OMA quite recently and it made me cringe at certain areas. Alucard was too OOC, too horny, too pervy, the OC was too Mary Sue, etc etc. I also wrote the word 'back' quite a lot at some point (ie, he smirked BACK at her, she blinked BACK up at him etc...). Because this is the sequel to the OMA, to those who have not read it, I recommend you do because this story will spoil everything for you. I will refrain from ruining everything though to new readers so this first chapter will serve as a teaser/introduction with verrrry little events of the first story (albeit some) being mentioned.

My other Hellsing fic, I'm So Into You, I'm actually going to merge whatever I had planned for that story and incorporate into here. Poor Narsha, I've orphaned her but I've decided I want her to be here as well but as a totally different character.

Truthfully, I don't know if this will ruin OMA for you as sequels are always known to be worse than the first, I honestly don't know, and I'm not sure if I will be able to finish this, but as I mentioned before, it has always been in the back of my mind so what the hey. Let's just get it out, ne? And I also want to say thanks to people who continued to read my story even after it was completed and those who PM-ed me. I don't know how active this board is anymore, if anyone is still reading Hellsing fics etc, but here goes nothing.

PS. I cant think of a decent title for now so "Oh My Alucard 2" will have to do (i know its pretty lame). Don't own Hellsing, I hope you enjoy...


"They were before me in actual flesh the same three women that Jonathon saw in the room, when they would have kissed his throat. I knew the swaying round forms, the bright hard eyes, the white teeth, the ruddy colour, the voluptuous lips. They smiled ever at poor dear Madam Mina; and as their laugh came through the silence of the night, they twined their arms and pointed to her, and said in those sweet tingling tones that Jonathon said were of the intolerable sweetness of the water-glasses: 'Come, sister. Come to us. Come! Come...'"

- Memorandum by Abraham Van Helsing.

"Who is she?"

Thade Nuvos and the young vampire, Garth, were kneeling side-by-side on the ground in front of her, foreheads touching the cold floor. "The mate of Alucard – um, ahem! Y-your husband - apparently."

There was a gentle snicker of disapproval; it was a melodious sound, like bells tinkling. Such a seductive noise could not have been caused by a creature such as she. "Mate?" sneered the eerily beautiful woman, as she ran her fingers down the unconscious man's nape where two bloodied, punctured holes could be seen near his hairline, "There is no such thing. He has never loved; he cannot love. What is her name?"

"Ruby Ashcroft, m'lady." replied Garth.

"And what did you find out about this...'Ruby Ashcroft'? Tell me."

"Yes, m'lady." Thade uttered next; he dared not to meet her gaze as she continued to rake her long hands over and over the face of the man who was sprawled in her lap; she clutched him tight to her bosom, his hair tickling her chin. Her meal. The man remained limp in her hold, his eyes glazed over, mouth agape. Poor thing, it didn't even know where it was or what was even going on thanks to Thade's hypnosis. At least it is not me, Thade thought with a gulp, "She is twenty years of age. Alucard – I mean, Master Dracula - sired her roughly two months ago."

Her fist clenched tightly for a fraction of a second, then gradually loosened. She let out a gentle sigh next and continued to stroke the gentleman's cheek. " has been that long since my return?" She mused under her breath, a little forlornly.

"Yes, m'lady."

"Bring her to me, servants. I would like to meet her," She said, with a malicious smirk on her face, "My new sister. Dear, sweet sister... darling sister..."

Ruby woke up and sat upright in bed. She'd woken up with a start from her lucid nightmare only to realise she'd been chewing on a corner of her thick duvet. Her face scrunched up in response and she pulled the wet cotton material out of her mouth and wiped at her wet chin. Repercussions of reading Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' at night, she thought with a frown as the book that she had left by her side dropped from its place on the bed and onto the floor. She'd had a nightmare but found that she could no longer remember what it was about. Ruby let her eyes adjust to the darkness and glanced tiredly around her room before she flopped over her mattress to stare numbly at the ceiling, listening to the alarm clock ticking loudly.

A flicker of déjà vu nagged at the depths of her mind considering the way she'd awoken to have discovered herself munching haplessly on her blanket but she shrugged the sensation away. She recalled the last time she awoke in such a manner was the night she met Alucard...

Speaking about Alucard, she hadn't seen him for several days now. She rubbed at her eyes again upon realisation, smothering at her tired lids with her fingertips. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of him since he'd departed to work on a case concerning violent, grisly murders of young women, which was most likely a vampire's doing. She remembered that sinister grin plastered on his handsome pale face before he disappeared, gleefully reiterating how fun it would be to finally find the killer and to make him or her squeal like a pig. She bid him farewell and good luck. That was six days ago. She was becoming a little concerned since the longest he'd been away from her was three days. Six days must be some kind of record. She had to admit she was beginning to feel a little lonely and she wondered if they'd caught the killer yet; she graciously reminded herself to phone Hellsing first thing in the morning to check up on the No-Life King just in case. With that in mind, Ruby pulled the covers over herself and snuggled into her comfortable bed but then-


Her eyes snapped open in a split second and she groaned when it dawned to her. Ah yes, she had signed up for the graveyard shift tonight. How could she forget about that?

"Five more minutes..." She mumbled to no-one in particular as she slammed her fist over the clock. The silence returned. Before she could drift back into sleep, however, she heard a faint whisper beckoning to her. It was a very frail, hushed voice akin to a lonely echo within a dark tunnel.


And immediately, Ruby sat up, startled. She glanced around her room anxiously, her eyes darting left and right. What was that?

Suddenly, something thick, wet and slimy smothered at her exposed feet and she leapt, then threw her glance to the foot of her bed where there was a large and furry creature that was eagerly licking at her toes. "Grey!" She exclaimed, breathing out a sigh of relief at the same time, "How many times do I have to tell you - don't lick my toes. It's gross."

The dog whined as she chastised it and she felt bad as soon as it hung its head low. Admitting defeat, Ruby slid out of bed and the dog trotted towards her side, nudging her slippers towards her with his snout which she promptly stuffed over her feet after drying them with the sleeve of her nightshirt. It was good to have a loyal dog like Grey, she thought, as she stared into his singular amber eye whilst the other was a stitched eyelid covered by an eyepatch ("An eyepatch on a dog! Imagine that!" sniggered Gwen, her friend). Bearing that in mind, she patted the one-eyed dog on the head and rubbed behind his ears affectionately.

"Did you hear that?" She whispered, and the dog merely blinked his single eye at her before tilting its head to the side, "Ah, never mind...I was probably hearing things as usual..." She did a stretch before shuffling out of the room and towards the kitchen; Grey followed her, tail wagging, before he averted attention to his water bowl. Meanwhile, Ruby opened the fridge door and grabbed a chilled blood pack off the shelf. She stabbed her fangs into the flimsy packet and drank.

Hm, what else was new to Ruby's life, aside from the addition of Grey the dog? Oh yes, she was a draculina.

Ruby was a draculina, a creature of the darkness, and she thought she was terrible at being one. She still didn't like drinking blood, and lamented how ironic it was that she was a nurse and being exposed to blood and gore on a daily basis. She had also decided not to stay in Hellsing, not to take up lessons in melee combat or artillery, none of those. She had chosen to remain external and to live in her tiny one bedroom apartment and continue studying towards her nursing degree, much to Alucard's vexation. Although she was sired by the No-Life King many months ago, having been identified as his mate and Fourth Bride, she didn't let that stop her from wanting to achieve what she had wanted to do in her (everlasting) life. Passing her nursing degree was at least one achievement that needed to be reached. Alucard had wanted her to stay in Hellsing and live in his basement with him. He had wanted her to stay so he could teach her, like the way he taught Police Girl, but Ruby had refused and so she remained as lowly as a vampire could be in the hierarchy...not that she really minded.

Since she met Alucard, she'd been dragged in an abundance of colourful affairs that landed her in trouble and as Alucard himself adequately worded once, 'mortal peril'. It been difficult initially; they faced disapproval from the Convention of Twelve... and not to mention that Iscariot had put Ruby on top of their 'Most Wanted' list at one point too. After she met Alucard that fateful night and graveyard shift, her life had gone a wholly different direction than she had originally intended. Still, Ruby tried to keep on track and now she was a second year trainee nurse. The fact that she'd passed her first year was simply astounding considering the vast amounts of distractions that had occurred.

As soon as she'd drained the entire bloodpack, Ruby got dressed, filled up Grey's bowl with more water and left her apartment. She also left a squeaky, chewy bone toy and a fresh chunk of raw meat in Grey's food bowl, and then made her way to the hospital. She was not worried about Grey making a mess in her absence because he was a rather intelligent dog, having been labelled a 'prototype werewolf' although no transformations had occurred yet whilst he was in her care and intense Hellsing scrutiny. Several full moons had passed but the dog exhibited no odd behaviour that would make them suspect that he was more than a four legged, grey-furred canine and Ruby believed he was earnestly the least of their worries. And once she arrived at the hospital, she stuffed her arms into the cardigan sleeves of her nurse's uniform and shuffled into the reception to see Narsha at the desk, chatting animatedly into the phone that was pressed against her ear.

"Hey, Nars." She greeted casually, as soon as the girl hung up and replaced the phone into the handset.

"Hey, Ruby," Narsha said, "Are you okay? You look a little pale."

Since her turning, Ruby's complexion had become pale twenty four seven; however, since Narsha was a relatively new friend of Ruby's and a trainee nurse a year below her, she probably would not have known the difference. Or it may have well been the sterile hospital light that made her appear more ashen than usual. "I didn't get enough sleep." She replied half-heartedly with a shrug.

"Yeah, me too." The younger girl yawned loudly, her mouth visibly stretching large and wide; Ruby watched before stifling a giggle.

"What's that you got there anyway?" She asked, gesturing to the notepad.

"Oh, I was checking up on stock levels."

"Are we missing a lot of stuff?"

Narsha nodded in response. "Do you mind covering reception for me while I go down to the storehouse?"

Ruby contemplated briefly, then said, "You should stay here, I'll go."

Remembering what had happened the last time a lone nurse had been sent out of hospital grounds in the middle of the night to retrieve supplies, she figured it was best if she went instead of Narsha. The list was handed to her and Ruby scanned the list of items, then set off with the list in hand. Just like the previous hospital she'd worked at, the storehouse was located within the basement level of this hospital, near the carpark. As usual, it was only accessible by staff with a special keycard. Ruby left the hospital grounds and into the cold night with an empty, three-tiered gurney for transporting the supplies, staring at the dark sky as she listened to the wheels rumble over the pebbled ground. As she crossed the car park to get to the storehouse, she stared up at the night sky, gazing contently at the full moon above.

"Better get this over with." She murmured, until a hand had grabbed her shoulder from behind, halting her in mid-step.

"Don't move."

It was a man's voice she did not recognise. It was typical something like this would happen. How could it not? A girl was on her lonesome in an empty car park at 2am in the morning…The last time something like this had happened, Alucard almost shot her and she uncovered the existence of vampires. What would happen this time? She turned round to see a pale-looking, weary man standing before her who was now glancing at her from head to toe. In one hand, he carried a small revolver. Ruby hadn't the faintest idea where this man had come from and she also hadn't the foggiest whether his intentions were malevolent or benevolent, or how he had managed to sneak up on her like that in the first place considering how she should have been able to sense him approaching. Upon closer inspection of the man, she realised he was rather sweaty, his face dull and pallid. It registered in her mind immediately that he was a vampire. A hungry vampire.

"You're coming with me." And it seemed he had no idea who she was or what she was, either. He was most likely a young vampire in this case who obviously had thirst-control problems. The man grabbed her by the arm and tried to drag her away from the trolley she'd brought with her, but nothing happened; Ruby did not move from her spot. His face contorted into confusion and impatience as she blinked blankly at him, her feet rooted firmly on the ground. "What the hell-?"

"Look," Ruby began with a sigh as he tried to tug and heave, just to get her to budge an inch off the ground. It appeared his strength was no match for her, "I get it. You're hungry, but you can't just go and attack women in the middle of the night-"

The man's expression darkened into one of anger next. "Shut up!" He snarled at her, and once again, he tried to drag her with him to the side. When Ruby still did not move despite his iron grip on her arm, he aimed the gun at her and cocked it in front of her face, the nozzle pointing at her forehead. "Fine, you move."

But Ruby was unfazed by the threat of the gun. "It's not too late to turn back and-"

"I said shut up, you stupid-GAAAHHH!" The man let out a pained cry and dropped to the floor, the gun clattering out of his hand - he had been shot from behind – and the vampire lay twitching for a few moments, his last moments outlined with the sight of Ruby re-opening her eyes to stare down at him with a sympathetic expression scribbled on her face whilst his assailant - a peculiar, tall man dressed in red with raven black hair that curled to his shoulders - stepped into view and the nozzle of a silver gun was aiming in between his eyes.

"Alucard, wait-" Ruby said, but she was too late; Alucard had pulled the trigger despite her protest and she turned away as soon as he emptied a round into the vampire's forehead; the vampire eroded away into a mass of blood over the tarmac, his harrowing scream echoing around all four corners of the lonely parking space. She glanced up and into the orange-tinted lens of his glasses that hid the soulless red eyes of the No-Life King who was standing before her.

"It is surprising that you still have a horrible tendency to attract trouble, my bride." He murmured with a slanted grin as Ruby gazed a little helplessly at the puddle.

"Alucard, you didn't have to kill him."

His thin lips curled into a devilish grin that almost reached to his ears, "You should know very well by now that I will show no mercy to those who foolishly dare to harm you." He replied as he placed the Casull safely into his coat, slipping the gun into his pocket before taking her hand in his, guiding Ruby to sidestep around the puddle towards him.

"I remember something like this happened before. It's like déjà vu..." She muttered under her breath as he wrapped his arm around her, bringing her closer to him.

"Are you alright?" He murmured, and she nodded.

"I'm fine, just glad you're here," She said, as he tightened his grip around her waist, "What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were working on the case."

"I came to check up on you; I am to escort you to Hellsing. Something... terrible has occurred and my Master demands everyone's presence. A meeting is to take into effect in approximately ten minutes."

Something terrible? She wondered what it may be. "Like what?"

"There's been another murder."

Ruby's eyes widened then. In response to her stunned silence, Alucard smirked and she smacked him on his shoulder. It was meant to be a rather gentle gesture but since she was a draculina, it had been a rather strong blow to the arm even though she wasn't even aware of it. "What are you grinning about?" She snapped at him, "That's awful! Stop it."

This only caused his smirk to widen followed by a chuckle of mirth. "Shall we?" He said, gesturing to the exit of the parking lot.

"I can't just leave work like this..." Ruby mumbled, but when Alucard brought her closer to him and their lips touched, she instantly melted into his embrace and allowed him to kiss her, his lips pressing gently but hungrily over hers again and again. His large hands went to her face, stroking the outline of her cheek longingly, and when he pulled away, Ruby was staring dazedly at his lips, and he grinned as she croaked out, "Actually, I think Gwen can cover for me."


Meanwhile, the dog woke up in its basket with a start. Its ears rose as it glanced around the dark apartment, then it let out a low whine, knowing all too well that his owner was not back yet. He was always lonely whenever she would leave him in the house on his own despite all the toys and meat she would leave behind for him, and he would always make it his duty to guard the house from intruders. His ears had picked up a strange noise but when he tried to listen for it again, the only sounds in the house came from the clock ticking on the wall. He lowered his head over his paws and closed his eye in a bid to return to sleep.

But then, he heard it again-no, he felt it again-and Grey scrambled out of the basket, alarmed. He trotted out of the bedroom and towards the lounge, sniffing at the floorboards. His nose led him to the front door and he stopped scouring. He could see light emitting from the hallway through the tiny crack at the bottom of the door and he could see a shadow lingering outside but he knew it was not his owner because he didn't recognise the scent at all. Seconds later, the doorknob began to shake, jerking fiercely.

Immediately, Grey began barking. He dashed around the room and pounced at the door, growling and snarling as loudly as he could. The doorknob was rattling very violently now, the door trembling in its frame; Grey continued barking and howling and then-

"Damn dog! Shut the hell up! Don't make me come over!" came an angry, but muffled bellow from the apartment beside theirs. Following the muffled shouting were several loud thumps on the lounge wall where the TV was affixed, and Grey only served to bark louder. "That's it! I'm going to call bloody pest control!"

Having successfully sounded off the alarm, the doorknob suddenly went still.

However, Grey did not stop barking not even when the shadow began to slink away, leaving the door. Footsteps could be heard retreating down the hall. Whatever it was that had been standing in the hallway outside Ruby's door, Grey was determined not to let it come in…

Author's Note:

Yay! Hurray! So there goes the first like teaser…I am sorry that nothing much happened; I couldn't really get much to happen or write much in case I ruin everything for new readers with this teaser.

I wrote this first chapter so it is like a reflection of the events that happened in the first chapter of OMA with a few notable differences of course. I have also decided that Ruby is NOT pregnant because I don't want to write about it. Instead I will concentrate on characters that were introduced at the end of OMA who had very little screen time such as Grey, Luther and so on. Aside from that, I also want to ask everyone if you liked it and if there is anything you would like to see in the new story?