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Lady Devilla and the Wolf

Coming to Cirque Le Soir was a mistake.

It was all so surreal yet downright terrifying at the same time. Unused to places where there were no boundaries or limitations to debauchery and carnal pleasure, Ruby glanced around the bar floor nervously as she passed the patrons of the club. Ruby didn't even know where to look, not that she had really wanted to look. She found that keeping her eyes trained on the floor was a good idea but then she wouldn't be able to search for Alucard. No matter where she turned the scenery was the same; grim, vile and unpleasant. Almost every booth and table was occupied with kissing, groping couples. The men looked possessed, their faces etched with grins of ecstasy and euphoria... and then the women...oh, the women were no different. They were either almost naked, or if they were dressed, were barely covered by their flimsy costumes. She certainly didn't belong here, and she attracted many stares and odd looks every now and then as she scoured for any sight of Alucard.

Previously and Gwen and Narsha had driven her to the carpark of the club; Cirque Le Soir was notoriously well-known for their Friday and weekend nights. Even though it was not a weekend night the club was rather busy. When she thought about it, coming to Cirque Le Soir with her human friends appeared to be the worst mistake Ruby would've made in her entire life, considering the vast amount of grim murders of the escorts here. Nevertheless, there they were. She was surprised she'd been let in, but then she saw that the bouncer had been hypnotised and knew Alucard had come. The bouncer was in fact, letting any random individual into the premises since the hypnosis hadn't worn off yet. She hurried inside on her lonesome since she recommended Gwen and Narsha to stay in the car where it was probably safer.

Now, all I need to do is find Alucard and get out of here, she thought to herself.

Suddenly, she felt a grip on her arm and turned only to see a drunk-looking man, red-faced and puffy, who was holding a half-empty bottle in hand. "Hey, you're free, right? Come 'ere and do a lapdance for me an' my mates, we're just down tha' table there-"

She was quick to reply. "No, sorry, you're mistaken, I don't work here." Ruby yanked her arm out of his grip before walking as quickly as she could away from the man. Her face burned with embarrassment when it dawned to her that this man thought she was a worker here...but now that she thought about it, there weren't any women here who were customers...just the waitresses.

The man was persistent, however, and Ruby soon found herself being followed. "Wha-? Nice try, sweetheart, but I ain't takin' no as an answer, I expect a decent amoun' of service 'ere!" snarled the man, as he seized her by the arm again.

"Hey! Let go of me!" She yelped, but the man wasn't insisting on letting go. In fact, he seemed to like it this time around when she yelped and refused and he was suddenly leaning into her and touching her, throwing an arm around her waist which was quickly dipping down her backside and Ruby was trying to get him his horrid arms off her.

However, to her relief, a suave voice had come to her rescue: "Stop."

It was a female's voice, and to her surprise, the man had stopped as the new voice had requested, and both Ruby and the man turned to see a woman standing in front of a door that apparently led to the 'staff only' quarters. She was donned in a black kimono robe, her hair tied up in an untidy bun with loose strands of hair framing the sides of her neck. The robe was lengthy but the slit at the side revealed a long, porcelain leg. The woman was impossibly tall and beautiful and Ruby could only stare in muted awe and shock.

"That girl is not one of our workers." The woman said pointedly, "Let her go."

"L-Lady Devilla!" squeaked the man, before he abruptly let go of Ruby.

The woman tilted her head towards the direction of the bar, crossing her arms and pushing up some cleavage into view at the same time, "You have my sincerest apologies. I will have one of the girls attend to your table straight away. Please, have a drink at the bar. It's on the house. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, sir."

The man mumbled something incoherently under his breath before he waddled towards the direction of the bar. The woman turned to Ruby next, who froze completely under her unyielding stare. The woman smirked, noticing that her eyes had stopped glowing red and had returned to their normal cerulean blue shade. "I knew what you were going to do if I had not intervened." She said, "And I suggest you learn to control yourself before you kill someone. You look lost. This place is not for little girls. Go home."

Behind the tall woman, Alucard stepped into view and Ruby let out a gasp; she had wanted to say something, but ultimately decided to keep quiet, especially when his piercing gaze landed on her form and his eyes narrowed at her behind the sunglasses. Noticing that Alucard had arrived, Lady Devilla turned to him before throwing a quick glance at Ruby, and piecing two and two together from the way she saw Alucard staring at Ruby (and how wounded Ruby appeared under his gaze), she smiled sweetly. "Oh, I this is your Queen." She sneered, clearly amused by the whole situation that was playing out before her.

Ruby swallowed down, and shakily lifted a hand up, "Um..." She didn't get the chance to protest for Alucard had promptly marched over and took Ruby by the arm, leading her away from the barfloor.

He let go of her despite some mild protest, and she was left to rub at her arm. "Why are you here?"

"" came her unintelligible response. Ruby's mind went blank. All she could think about was the sophisticated, attractive woman who Alucard had been standing beside, and how she thought they seemed to fit the image of being a King and Queen and how they appeared to look more like a couple. The woman was even as tall as Alucard whilst Ruby was rather short and small. Whenever Ruby stood beside Alucard, she always felt awkward and ungainly. One time they walked down the street together and the amount of stares they received was almost frightening considering their apparent age gap.

They stopped in a quiet corner and finally, he let go of her. She stood limply in front of him, holding her head down low like a child who'd just been reprimanded. "My master gave you orders." He hissed and Ruby seemed to have timidly shrunk into her clothes, "You were not to come."

She was not even brave enough to meet his gaze, "But I don't answer to Sir Integra." She squeaked out, eyes glued to the floor, "I'm sorry. Please don't be angry."

He merely stared at her from the bottom of his eyes and she gulped inwardly. Incurring Alucard's wrath was not what she wanted to do at all. However, to her astonishment, his tone was far from cold and callous as she had anticipated. "You could have respected her wishes." He remarked; the tiniest hint of annoyance was there and she finally mustered the bravery to look up to see that he was grinning, "Ahh, I see. You are afraid and jealous again."

"What? N-no, I'm not-"

"Then why are you here?"

"...I...I'm er...I'm just worried about you, that's all."


"...Yeah. If you haven't noticed, Alucard, you're..." She left her sentence trailing, looking at him up and down. He was in his human disguise; even in his human disguise he attracted so much unwanted attention. She wondered what was the best way to tell Alucard (without stroking his ego and coming across that she was in fact afraid and jealous) that he was devilishly handsome and known to have made hundreds and thousands of women swoon at his feet one by one without even having to lift a finger? "You're...well, you' know..."

"Yes, Ruby?"

"...Hot." She finished with a croak.

A grin made its way over his face, and she cringed. Alucard suddenly strode towards her and she inched backwards, only for him to wrap an arm around her and she was brought into his embrace; in seconds, he was nuzzling at the side of her neck affectionately; she swallowed down the lump in her throat. This was typical. Whenever something like this would happen, he would do something to take her mind off things, to stop her from saying what she had really wanted to say. However, before she could slump against him, he pulled away and took her face in his hands, making her look up at him, "Ruby." He began, "Your presence here indicates not only have you demonstrated disrespect to my master but also disrespect to me. Now, how shall I punish you for your insolence?"

Immediately, she pulled away from him, frowning, "What?! Punish? But I was just—okay, okay, I'm going to go now. I'm going."

He let go of her, grin widening as she quickly scuttled towards the direction of the exit. She realised that as much as she could manipulate Alucard in some instances, he was also exceptionally good at manipulating her.


Well, that didn't really go as planned at all. I've managed to insult Alucard and Sir Integra at the same time...Alucard didn't sound angry but he must've been pretty peeved off, she thought, I mean...Sir Integra said I didn't have to go but I still went...I'm an idiot! I'm such a stupid idiot! Oh god! I hope Alucard doesn't tell her...who am I kidding? He might...She's his master, after all. I've ruined the mission! He'll have to report everything...this is going to be so embarrassing. How am I going to explain myself? I shouldn't have come...

Ruby returned home, downtrodden. She didn't tell Gwen and Narsha what had truly happened. They didn't ask her about what had happened at the bar either, after she'd scurried towards the car, slammed the door behind her and demanded to be driven home before spending the entire journey in silence. Her friends dropped her off at her apartment, then finally asked if she would be alright on her own. Ruby had nodded firmly in response. She wanted to be alone. She thanked them for the lift home then marched upstairs to her apartment and when she arrived at her door, she unlocked it only to be met with silence. Was Grey still hiding under the bed? She sighed and strode over to her bedroom after locking the front door, only to come to a stop when she sensed something amiss.

There were puddles of blood leading from the kitchen all the way to her bedroom.

"Grey?!" She cried as she pushed open the door only to come to a jarring halt. The light from the full moon that could be seen outside her window cast on the shadow of a large, hairy creature hunched up in the corner, growling and snarling raggedly under its breath.

Anxiously, she began to back away as soon as the creature noticed her and turned its head sharply towards her direction, "...Grey?"

A single amber eye glared at her in the darkness and suddenly her throat went dry. It had been some time since Ruby experienced fear. Her legs suddenly could not move but she managed a few weak steps backwards, inching into her lounge as the creature stood up on its hind legs, towering over her to a certain extent. It stomped towards her, each pounding step making the floorboards tremble beneath them. She was too slow to react and she went flying backwards; Alucard's fang, which she kept around her neck on a chain, broke in front of her eyes into tiny pieces. Her mouth opened in a scream as her vision went red; she had seen the claw swiping at her but she was too slow to have evaded in time; in order to shield herself, she raised her arm in front of her. It was futile.

The last thing she remembered before she blacked out was hearing the deafening howl of a wolf.


Meanwhile, the mission at Cirque Le Soir continued despite the brief intervention; Alucard returned to the bar floor, after he watched Ruby scamper away from him and out of the club; when he saw her he had initially witnessed the same expression of fear spread across her face that resembled the many times he'd yelled at Police Girl whenever she did something wrong or irritated him...however whilst Police Girl was Police Girl and the relations between Master and Fledgling was easily amendable without either party apologising or even having to mention it the next day... should he have raised his voice at Ruby, this would be something completely different. This was his mate and Queen, and the last time he'd yelled at her, he couldn't exactly remember when such an event occurred but he was well aware it had happened at least once and whilst Ruby was perhaps one who forgave easily...deep inside, he knew the draculina would take it rather harshly; no matter what, the damage dealt wouldn't be so effortlessly amendable.

Whilst Lady Devilla appeared oblivious to some of his inner qualms, she gestured for Alucard to join her in an empty booth close to the bar where they could continue to discuss although he had a growing inclination and notion that he was in the wrong place and that he should not be here, but with his mate.

Further into the discussion and Ruby was brought up again. "She's very adorable." cooed Devilla as she glanced at her black Shellac nails, "How old was she when you turned her?"

Again, he was not wanting to talk to her regarding his mate at all. "The murders." He grunted out.

She forced herself to smile and weaved her hands together finely, long fingers meshing together. "Yes, yes... as you insist." Devilla said pleasantly, "I will tell you all you need to know. The first girl was my poster girl, Arianna. She was the best. She left work one Saturday night and has never turned up ever again."

Finally, they were getting somewhere. "And the second?"

"Tania was about to start work that night. She never turned up, either."

"And the third?"

"Macy disappeared when she went out to the convenience store for one of the girls before a performance." She replied, "For all I know, the murderer could be anyone. It could be a vampire. It could even be you."

He threw his head back and roared with laughter, "What satisfaction do I get from drinking the fetid blood of your mongrels? They are laden with disease, teeming with plague. The drugs they inject into themselves taste bitter on my tongue, my teeth taste nought but festering flesh when I bite down... Why else do females go into prostitution? To cater to their drug habits, of course. To pay for the drugs you supply and serve to feed their addiction! You yourself are aware of this..."

At that point, Devilla's left eye twitched furiously. It was true. Prostitutes had a bad reputation amongst vampires despite the stigma with regards to being an easy meal. They were easy, but many of these girls had drug habits which made their blood taste putrid and their flesh, vile. An easy meal, yes, but not a delicious, fulfilling one...which was why most vampires still resorted to preying on innocents. Her face scrunched up at that point and he had believed she wanted to refute his claim, yet she let out an aggravated sigh. "These girls can't help or save themselves." She muttered, "I know that all too well."

"This is not about you or your past," He reminded her, and she blushed lightly, "You must know something, Lady Devilla. There must be regular patrons. Is there anyone you deem suspicious?"

"No." She quipped back, "There is no-one I can think of."

Her response had been too quick. Perhaps too quick. He said, "I doubt that."

She turned away with a growl, crossing her arms defiantly over her plump chest. "I'm not—"


Alucard did not hear what Madame Devilla had said. The voice was that had swarmed into his mind was no doubt Seras'. Police Girl, what is it? I am in the middle of an interrogation here...

Master, it's Ruby! She's been attacked! Come quick!

Attacked? He was quick to respond and turning to his newly acquired female acquaintance, he said, "Lady Devilla, I must retire for tonight. Let us speak again when time permits..." Without waiting for her reply, Alucard disappeared into the shadows, leaving her to stare wide-eyed at the empty spot where the vampire had been.


Alucard arrived in Hellsing; there was a large blood trail leading all the way from the front entrance hall and all the way upstairs to the infirmary. Alucard immediately stormed into the establishment to see Ruby lying on the bed and Police Girl was standing at the far end away with Luther whilst Seward was busy tending to Ruby; beside him was a trolley and tray filled with blood-soaked bandages. He was trying to get the bleeding to stop, his latex gloves drenched in blood. His eyes went wide with rage as he saw what had happened: her shirt was torn and there were three deep wounds that ran from her neck to chest; the violent assault had Ruby panting and trembling violently on the bed. It was then he saw that her left arm had been completely severed from the elbow; he could see the splintered ends of yellowish bone sticking out surrounded by torn flesh. Seward was doing everything he could do stop the bleeding, as it seemed Ruby's arm didn't appear to be recuperating. Her eyes were glazed over and unfocused but she didn't seem to have noticed Alucard or her surroundings at all. In fact, she didn't even respond to Alucard as he went to her side and took her remaining blood-soaked hand in his.

"Ruby," He tried, "Ruby, why are you not healing?"

"She's fine, Alucard; she's just in a bit of shock." Seward replied quickly as he tended to the draculina, "For now, I'll try to stop the bleeding but she'll be okay soon. She'll heal, don't worry."

He thanked the doctor as he remained by her side. "Ruby," Alucard attempted once more, but to no avail. Ruby was simply non-responsive. Snarling, he stabbed his fang into his lower lip with rage before he glanced at Police Girl expectantly for an explanation, "What happened?"

"Ruby was attacked in her house, master." Seras replied, although she appeared a little nervous to meet Alucard's venomous gaze, "Thank goodness Luther was passing by during his nightly patrol; he came just in time..."

Alucard turned to the silent vampire, who was watching Ruby on the bed with his steely gaze. "And what attacked her?"

Luther threw his glance to Seras, who began spluttering almost immediately, ", was—"

"A werewolf."

Everyone except Seward turned to the new voice; Integra was standing at the doorway of the infirmary. "It was a werewolf." She muttered, before she settled her icy blue eyes on Alucard, "Let's speak in my office, my servant. There is much you need to know."


Meanwhile. Cirque Le Soir.

Lady Devilla remained in her booth, pondering Alucard's words to herself.

"My lady," said one of her servants, and she tiredly shifted her gaze from the seat he had occupied to the woman, "Perhaps you should have mentioned to the No-Life King about him. There is no doubt he is the culprit; it is only time until he-"

Devilla interrupted by holding up her hand, "It does not matter." She murmured, "If he comes tonight, then so be it."