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Aaron Pittman knelt down beside his Cynthia, gently moving strands of hair out of her eyes. Eyes that would never look upon the world again. His actions were peaceful but that was because his body was on autopilot.

The inside of his head told a different story.

There, his mind burned with rage. A fire so fierce it rivalled the charred bodies that adorned the dark school corridors. A mass of vengeful thoughts smashed together until the mild-mannered computer geek's eyes turned black and the gathering storm within him became so intense it was almost palpable.

The moment Cynthia fell from the bullet changed him. The subsequent death toll Aaron ordered was evidence that he belonged with the other mass murderers he had chosen to keep company with these past months.

He was angry and that anger wasn't limited to the patriots. His head was looking for everyone he could possibly blame for placing him there, at the side of a woman who declared her love moments before she was gunned down.

The Monroe Republic and the nano technology. These things had directly and indirectly brought Aaron to this point in time. To him being pursued in an abandoned school and to him kneeling by the body of a woman he loved.

Ben and Danny's death, the pendant's, the pursuit of power, the nanites and the tower. What did they all have in common? Monroe, Miles and Rachel. They'd been responsible for so much death over the years between ending the old world and trying to create a new one.

The fact was that in Aaron's eyes, it wasn't just the patriots who were the bad guys. They all were and they would ALL pay.

Aaron stood up and walked towards the outside, leaving Cynthia alone. The nanites had left him in his hour of need and he was going to have to find a way to get them back if he wanted to exact this revenge.

Rachel's forehead was pressed against the chest of an unconscious Miles. Her fists balled up in the fabric of his shirt. She felt as though she'd been praying and begging for him to wake up for an eternity. Sheer panic had emptied her head of all thoughts. Rachel had no clue what to do.

"Please Miles!" she begged again

"Don't leave me!"

Rachel could feel a heartbeat as she pressed herself against him but for how long would it stay beating she didn't know. So immersed in her situation, Rachel hadn't noticed the sudden lack of soldiers and guns that earlier where forcing their way into the room. Silence now filled the school and all she could hear were her own cries.


The sound of Charlie's voice seemed a million miles a way but Rachel heard it and slowly turned to see her daughter stood in the doorway, Bass by her side.

"Is that…..Miles!, oh my God!" Charlie said rushing into the room when realising it was her Uncle that Rachel was lent over.

Rachel watched Bass approach too, his expression suggested he wasn't as surprised at his best friends condition as Charlie had been.

"He has a fever!" Charlie announced anxiously feeling the heat coming off Miles' forehead

"What's wrong with him?" she asked looking to her mother for answers.

"Infection from his hand, blood poisoning or so it looked like" Bass rushed in with the answer. Both women turned to look at him but Charlie beat her mother to an angry response.

"You knew about this and didn't think to say anything?"

"Hey, I haven't known very long, and you know Miles, he wouldn't let me tell you" he answered back, that familiar steely look in his eyes. The one showing his dislike at being challenged.

He moved over to Miles

"Come on, we need to get him away from here, they'll be more patriots here in no time" Bass said leaning down to pull Miles to his feet. Rachel lifted from the other side refusing to separate herself from Miles' side.

Charlie tentatively led the way, rifle positioned high, her steps silent across the floor. She was a good few feet ahead checking around corners before declaring the way forward safe.

Bass caught himself staring at the pint-sized warrior who led the way. She was young but had some skills, clearly a quick study of her uncle and hell, he loved that view of her, the way those hips moved and the strength in her arms.

He allowed a little fantasy to play out in his head for a few moments. The thoughts having no more weight behind them than ones he had about most attractive women he met. Those thoughts ended abruptly when he felt the dead weight of his best friend pull on him bringing his mind back to more pressing matters.

The sudden jerks and physical movements seem to bring Miles round for a moment.

"Hey Princess" he croaked and brought Rachel to a standstill, her heart leaping at the sound of his voice but when she looked at him she saw that his eyes were unfocused.

"You wanna go down to the beach tonight, and dance in the sand", Miles muttered.

Rachel nodded sadly realising that he was confused to where he was, choosing instead to pick up on a private moment from their past. The fever was messing with his mind.

The trio continued moving on but Rachel could feel Bass' stare burning into her. She knew without looking that Monroe would be intrigued by Miles' sudden outburst.

The beach had been a secret, a particularly special night she had spent with Miles a lifetime ago. The warm summer breeze, the sound of the ocean, the stars above, a fairytale moment where even now she could still feel his strong arms wrapped around her and the way his breath tickled across her neck. But as with all their memories, there was the underlying guilt over what they were doing to Ben. That's why it was a secret, telling someone else just seemed to be disrespecting his brother even more.

Miles' delirious ramblings had indeed got the cogs inside Bass' mind turning. Rachel had always been an off topic for the two best friends. Growing up back home he caught Miles looking at his brothers girlfriend on occasion and knew there was some jealousy there. But Bass had genuinely believed there was nothing else to it. How could there be?. How could anything else have happened and Miles never mention it to his best friend?

Those cogs stopped the instant he heard Charlie up ahead make a strangled cry. Bass had his hand on his sword ready to step into a fray when he suddenly saw what had made Charlie react.

There on the floor was Cynthia, sweet innocent Cynthia. He watched Charlie kneel down and confirm she was dead. A tear falling down her cheek for the woman who had just been something good in a world full of bad.

"We need to find Aaron" Charlie insisted, concerned about her friend's state of mind.

Bass shook his head to this idea. He looked around the school, slowly starting to put together what he thought had happened. The charred bodies made sense now. They were Aaron's reaction at seeing someone he cared about killed.

"No, we get Miles to safety first, we look for Aaron later" Bass ordered hoisting Miles higher on his shoulder and starting to move away down the corridor.

"No we can't leave Aaron, he's family and he needs us" Charlie insisted

"He…he could help Miles, the nanites! Maybe they could somehow heal him" Rachel added

Bass shook his head with frustration. What was it about that bespectacled loser that made him everybody's number one priority?

"You've seen what he's done to all these bodies right?" Bass began, pointing in every direction at the crispy evidence.

"You think that might have been his reaction to them killing Cynthia? You think that was the response of a man in control" he said staring at the two women

He could see a defiant look on Rachel's face, she believed that Aaron could help Miles and she wasn't going to let it drop. The little patience he had was disappearing fast so he made himself very clear.

"You want to set Aaron loose on Miles? Really?. The guy who clearly has no handle on his emotions. God Rachel, do you really want to risk Miles being cooked from the inside?".

He watched Rachel pale at his words. The message had finally got through to her. He motioned over to Charlie who looked on at poor Cynthia one last time.

"We get Miles to safety, then we can think about finding Aaron" he said in a much more calm manner.

The two women nodded solemnly accepting the plan and together they headed out of the school and into the woods where the sun was fading fast.