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Chapter 6

The smell of lemon drops and the lingering scent of death came to Harry, telling him just who had fired the killing curse; Dumbledore. The smell of death was only associated with someone after they had fired the killing curse and that smell only came from Dumbledore. Harry's eyes narrowed and his green magic whipped around him in the same way a cornered animal would. The people holding him let him go in shock but that didn't keep the chaotic magic from snapping their arms. The green energy surrounded the five pilots quickly; one on the floor and the other's surrounding their fallen comrade. They watched in pure awe as their brother/love interest stalked up to the old man who had fired the sickly green curse at Wufei like a powerful predator.

All around them the other witches and wizards watched in hope and/or pure disbelief as their savior pointed a knife at Dumbledore. The knife was small but it had a slight curved blade and looked extremely sharp. His magic coated the knife transforming it into a longer blade causing every one of them to gulp.

"You can hurt me, you can manipulate me, hell you can even rape me but you may never shoot an idiotic death curse at my lover or my brothers," Harry said, his voice harsh and cold with venom dripping off of it that would have made even Voldemort scared.

"Harry, my dear boy," Dumbledore said with a fake grandfatherly smile, "I was not the one who shot the curse, it was Alastor who did."

"Do not lie to me, you bumbling old coot," Harry hissed out much like a feline as his blade began creeping closer towards the headmaster's throat while his eyes burnt with rage, "My nose never lies and you are the only one who reeks of death. Also…do not call me your dear boy!"

"Surely you wouldn't kill the headmaster, Harry?" Dumbledore asked calmly, though Harry could clearly hear otherwise.

With a look on his face that mirrored the insane grin of Shinigami's Harry replied, "And what makes you think I won't?"

Before anyone could stop the crazed wizard, Harry plunged the knife straight through Dumbledore's throat, ignoring the screams and shouts of horror. Harry's pale hand released the blade and he carefully headed towards the scents he knew and loved.

"Wufei? Are you alright?" Harry asked as he came to stand in front of the G-boys and reached out to touch the still alive Wufei, "What happened? If you're not dead, the curse didn't hit you, but what stopped it?"

Harry could feel the smile on his love interest's lips as his fingers were touching Wufei's face. "Heero's bullet and Duo's knife reflected the curse. That old man dodged, so the spell hit the wall," Wufei answered as he leant into Harry's touch lightly.

"What? How?" Harry asked in shock.

"Apparently our desperation to save Wufei's life caused our magic to act and coat our weapons."

Tears of relief slipped down Harry's cheeks and a large brilliant smile light his face up. Without thinking Harry leaned down, using his hand to guide him, and placed a firm kiss on top of Wufei's lips. Wufei's eyes widened comically causing Duo to stifle a laugh behind his hand though he failed badly. Twin wolf whistles from the Weasley twins caused Harry to pull back with a bright red blush on his face only for his blush to fade when the scent of vanilla and snakes invaded his senses.

"TOM!" Harry cried out in happiness as he turned around.

Gasps of shock, fear and wands where raised as a soft chuckle from the shadows answered the excited teen's call, "Yes, Harry, I did reveal my true intentions."

"That means the Wizarding World will be able to get back up on their feet!" Harry cried out with childish glee as his laughter ran through the whole house.

Tom, formerly Voldemort, chuckled and stepped out of the shadows, "Why don't you just head home and relax with your lover and brothers?"

At Tom's words Harry let out a startled squeak as his face went bright red again. His magic had already healed everyone who was majorly hurt and did not hold any spiteful intentions as it reacted to just how much Harry cared about those he loved. Wufei slowly stood and took Harry's hand and wrapped the same arm around the smaller male's waist as he led the way outside.

-A Month Later-

A soft moan came out of Harry's lips as Wufei bit and licked the side of his neck causing shivers through Harry's body. Wufei trailed light kisses back up to the teen's lips and kissed said features softly.

Wufei slowly pulled back and whispered softly, "I love you, Har, my precious kitten."

Harry smiled happily and pecked his lover on the lips, "I love you too my precious Fei, my sight," Harry said as his hand slipped into Wufei's and tugged softly motioning towards the bed he could not see.

Wufei smiled, happier than he had ever been, and led his blind lover to the bed, sat down and pressed his back against the headboard before pulling his lover into his lap. Harry let out a happy sigh as he snuggled into Wufei, purring lightly.

"Read to me, please?" Harry asked with his large eyes that Wufei just could not say no too.

"As you wish," Wufei said as he reached over and picked up a bookmarked novel and began to read allowing Harry to become lost in his voice.

Outside of Wufei's and Harry's bedroom door the other four occupants smiled at each other before heading towards their own rooms. Each had happy expressions on their faces.

"You can give Wuffers a lecture tomorrow," Duo said with a sly look as he grabbed hold of his boyfriend's hand, "For now you get to focus all our attention on me."

All thoughts of threatening Wufei flew out of Heero's mind as his smaller lover distracted him thoroughly. Quatre laughed quietly as the two lovers kissed all the way back into their shared bedroom. The blond smiled at his own lover only for Trowa to look at him with a raised eyebrow at the sight of his lover's positively evil intentions.

"Little one, what are you planning?" Trowa asked carefully.

Big blue eyes blinked up into narrowed green eyes, "Whatever do you mean, love?"

Trowa had no time to react as Quatre pulled him into their shared bedroom.

-In Lady Une's office, same time-

Lady Une raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at the man standing in front of her.

"So you are Tom Riddle, the new minister of Magic," Lady Une stated as she gazed at the man in front of her.

"Yes, and I also know who you are," the tall man said with a smirk, "Anne Une, leader of the Preventers."

"I think I can cooperate with what you have planned," Lady Une said with a laugh, "Do you have anyone in mind?"

"Yes, I do. Everyone," Tom said as he called to the door only for sixteen people to walk in. "Allow me to introduce my most trusted people," he motioned to the first person, "Draco Malfoy."

Draco took a step forward with his hand gripping the male's hand next to him tightly, "Hello, Lady Une."

"Blaise Zabini," Tom said as the man holding Draco's hand stepped forwards and greeted Lady Une, "Pansy Parkinson, Severus Snape, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Fred, George, and Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Nathanial Moon, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Remus Lupin, and Neville Longbottom." Everyone took a step forwards when their name was called and greeted Lady Une in some form.

Lady Une grinned slightly, "My top agents are home with their brother so I can't introduce them to you but if you stop by this address," Lady Une quickly wrote down an address on a bit of paper and held it out to them, "Then you will meet them, and you can stay with them for the meantime. It was a pleasure meeting you all."

The group nodded as Remus took the address and led the group out leaving Lady Une and Tom as the only ones in the office.

As the last person left Lady Une turned to Tom, "How are we going about this?"

A sinister smile took over the man's face, "Well…"

To Be Continued...