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Prologue: The First Time


"Shhh… they might hear us!"

A quiet, sharp whisper entered the night as the mother hushed her child. The jungle, thick as a crevice with moss and ferns, surrounded by short dense trees, the colors of black, gray, and dulled metal enveloped them. At their feet, they felt the scratches of sharp, long, curved grass that threatened to seep into their ankles and knees, and at their waists the harsh, thick grating brushes of bushes and low hanging branches of trees.

How were they here, why were they there, and since when had they eaten or seen the day light?

Hinata, old enough to bear children yet still young enough to misunderstand the importance of political society, clung onto her mother. She knew this was not normal, that it was unusual, yet the stature of her situation did not hit her fully until this moment. She was going to die. Something was after them. They were not safe.

When were they going to stop lying to her? When were they going to tell her the truth? She was no longer a child. War does no such thing for children, war gave no such choice for children to be children. After all, she bled monthly to prove her maturity. So why did she still not understand that the war would affect her. If she did, perhaps this situation would not so direly hold her a captive.

Her father and sister had separated from them the moment that they escaped into the forest. She could still hear her father's hurried statement.

"Stay safe, I will find you. I promise."

And the image of her father kissing her mother's lips for the first time. That too lingered in her mind. Her father and mother had never kissed or displayed love so publically. Why now? Her little sister's set face was also imprinted in her mind. Hanabi, serious little Hanabi, with her immovable expression finally showed some type of emotion that made Hinata worry. When had Hanabi's eyes glow with such shakiness? Such insecurity? Her little sister was always set, strong, and stable.

Why was it that Hinata saw that, she shook and felt even worse? What could she do for her sister? Absolutely nothing in that moment. Not even a smile. Not even a fake smile.

And before Hinata could ever say anything to her father and her sister, she was pulled into the jungle by her mother. She felt somewhat relieved that she did not have to say anything because she did not know what to say that would comfort them, but she also felt regretful because of the feeling that she would never see her father and sister again seemed dominating.

Hinata clung onto her tattered, ragged kimono. It was gritty and dirty, a sickish yellow from having worn it for so long without changing. The rich color of the pale blue she wore underneath had drizzled into being a wet, sweat stained beige. Her mother had kept on sewing the ripped parts together for her. Last night, her mother ran out of thread and Hinata had to stop her mother.

She touched her mother's cold pale hand softly with her own and stared at her mother's pale, luminous eyes. Shaking her head, she cautioned a whisper.

"Mother, it's okay. There's no more thread. There's no more need to keep sewing this broken, ripped kimono."

Her mother blinked and Hinata thought that her mother was going to shed tears, but no tears flowed down her cheeks like a river, the tears had already run dry like a dried creek. Then her mother's hand receded from Hinata's equally pale hands and slowly ran through the tips of her hair. With a yank, Hinata's mother tore out strands of her own dark hair and inserted them through the needle hole. She flapped the dress in front of her, sitting in the moonlight, and started to sew the ripped kimono back together with her mother's black hair as thread.

"I will take care of you." Her mother's voice was raspy and dry, it was just above a whisper, yet she bothered to say it even in such high danger.

And Hinata, wrapping her arms around her naked body as her mother sewed the only piece of clothing she had left cried silently.

But now, as Hinata's mother held her tightly in her arms, with these memories that seemed to be the only comfort that she could place her sanity on shattered as the noise got louder. Hinata could distinguish them as running footsteps. Heavy and without rest.

An arrow flew by, whistling through the wind with ferocity, cut through the air and sliced through her mother's arm. Gashing on the outside of her mother's pale skin.

A high pitch scream entered the still, cold air, and Hinata's ears rang with a long beep as she felt her mother shake behind her. The arms tightened and Hinata could feel her eyes widen and her mouth dropping in disbelief as the persecutors appeared before her.

Two people dressed in black appeared in front of her. She recognized the clothing instantly. Ronin, mercenaries, samurai. Two swords on their left signally that they were here to kill. Their faces were covered by black cloths, their hair beneath dried bamboo pointed hats. There was nothing by which she could distinguish them by. Even their bodily structure seemed synonymous.

One of the men laughed loudly when he saw the red blood that seeped out of her mother's pale arm. So blatantly obvious, like a rich color thrown upon a blank white canvas.

"To think that we'd find women."

His voice made Hinata's hair stand. The way he said women and elongated it made her hair stand. It was… disgusting. Hinata could not find her voice, it closed on her, and she could not move. Her body seemed to no longer function, the only thing she seemed sure that was still working was the pumping of her heart as it sped up.

The man walked over and yanked Hinata out of her mother's embrace. Her mother screamed in protest, but the man laughed. Hinata could feel other functions of her body working as she felt her bodily fluids seep out without her control.

The man laughed even louder and it humiliated her. She could not bear it. She also could not bear to look her mother in the eyes when the man groped her behind and slapped it.

Hinata felt her body putting up a fight, but her weak, undernourished body did nothing against the trained man as he easily tore her kimono apart. Pieces of it ripped off and Hinata could her the threads of hair snap. Her mother screamed.

"Stop! Please!"

She turned to look at her mother for help. This person was destroying the only thing that her mother could give her besides birth and life. Her mother gave her life, and now this tattered kimono, sewed repeated, fixed again and again, was the only thing that she was able to give Hinata now that the war destroyed their home. But right before her very eyes, it was treated as nothing precious, it was being treated as something unwanted, something that was protecting her from this man and he found it as an obstacle to get to her body.

In a twisted way, the kimono was a metaphor of her mother's protection. And now that protection was being ripped away by a man.

Hinata felt the icy wind hit her body as the man finally rid her of the tattered kimono. She began to cry as she felt his filthy fingers rubbing against her naked opening. She jerked when he pressed one finger in. It felt strange as the tip of his finger tested her untouched waters.

Her mother screamed and jumped on the man, pushing him away and shielded Hinata.

"Get away from my daughter you bastard! Honorable men do not hurt women and children!"

He staggered to his feet as he stared at Hinata's mother and then at Hinata. His eyes roamed her nude body and then he chuckled.

"Oh ma'am. She's not a child anymore. But I'll teach her how to be a woman. A very good woman."

Hinata felt her blood run cold.

The man that had come with the man who molested her finally spoke.

"You cannot expect that rule to apply in war. The weak die. The strong survive."

His voice was cold and sharp like the wind. Clearly, he seemed to hold the higher position between the two, but his comrade spoke.

"You heard that did you not? Now, if you just come with me, I'll treat you right. Give you food and make you useful. You won't have to suffer out in the jungle like this."

That man's voice was loud and boisterous. Unlike the other man's stature, he carried himself proudly and with confidence. Now, he seemed like the leader of the two.

Hinata's mother shook her head, "How disappointed I am in our country's men. War has turned you into dogs. How many others have you raped? How many villages have you pillaged and set fire to? How many people have you killed? How many have you dishonored? Your family included? Such proud mothers I'm sure you two have."

The men stopped still before them. Her mother's words had somehow struck a chord within them. Suddenly, the boisterous loud voice was no longer as it quieted and delivered a sharp blow into the air.

"And you? Are you a proud mother… Hyuuga-san?"

Her mother stilled.

The cold and sharp man beside the boisterous man began to move. His hand moved itself to position it on the hilt of the katana. The click could barely be heard as the sword was released.

The only sound that could be heard when he stopped right in front of Hinata's mother was the swish of the katana as it accurately beheaded her mother.

Hinata caught a glimpse of her mother's murderer.

His eyes.

She would remember those eyes for the rest of her life.

The color.

The shape.

The aura.

The first and last time she would ever see them again.

And then ruby red blood shot into the air as her mother's head fell off her shoulders.

Hinata eyes rolled over and her knees finally buckled after steeling straight up and sealing her blood flow.

She fell into the knee deep grass.


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