Chapter 8: Revenge - Resolutions


Sasuke could not leave without savoring Hinata's body. He thought that he hated her and that he was going to leave. But when she cut her hair… he just – he just couldn't do it. He would never forget the way her body moved against his. Nor would he ever forget the taste of her skin or the smoothness of her curves. She was soft and reactionary, her body replying without her consent to his every movement. He loved her.

But now as he looked at the pink headed woman in front of him, his heart sank even more. How could he take care of another if he did not love them? Sakura was a fine woman. Strong green eyes, fair skin, and fierce as a mother tiger. But she did not have what Sasuke craved.

He wanted Hinata's wit. Hinata's touch. Hinata's eyes. Hinata's fingerprints. Her hair, her lips, her body, hell – he wanted her soul.

But it was a period of war. Love was useless and he knew that. He thanked the gods for even allowing him the chance to even be able to fall in love with someone who could have been his wife. If Hinata were to be his wife, he knew conquering Japan would be no problem. After all, he would do anything for her.

But again. Political marriage was needed. Sakura smiled at him and he could only look at his older brother. Itachi saw the remorse in his younger brother's eyes and he decided something that only he could do.

The Uchiha clan sat around them, eyeing the Haruno heir, waiting to see what would happen. She had come upon them for help with nothing but the blood flowing within her to make her important.

"I will marry the Haruno heir."

Eyes widened and Sasuke, whose head was held downwards, shot up and stared at his brother. What had he just said? Itachi was going to marry Sakura?!

Even Sakura seemed shocked. She had intended on marrying Sasuke! She had wanted to her whole life. She thanked every star in the sky to have been born the same age as him just so she could be with him!

"Heir to heir marriage will not suffice in this turbulent time. Sasuke will be on the battlefield fighting the battle. I will be here to wait for the enemy should they pass him. It only makes sense to have the Haruno heir marry me."

Murmurs carried throughout the round table. Sakura wanted to protest, her eyes looking for help. She glanced at Sasuke and was disheartened to see that he did not feel the same way she felt. It was helpless. She was to marry his older brother. To give birth to his older brother's children. To live with his older brother and never be able to even hold Sasuke though they lived together.

But what could she do? Her clan was gone. She had nothing to offer but her blood.

"Then it is decided. The wedding will happen tonight. Nine months from now, may a healthy heir be born!"

Sasuke could only think back to Hinata.

They had a chance.

But… but could they ever be together again? After their farewells?


"Do you think male heirs are stronger? Or female heirs?"

Hinata sat at the table and spoke with the Nara heir. He had somehow decided to come and see her. He wanted to speak with her. Hinata knew he was a smart man. Perhaps even more so than Kabuto. Also, the Nara heir was married. Hinata knew that her womanly charms and ways would not spin him under her spell like all the others.

He had asked a rather interesting question. Hinata thought about it. If she were to answer, she'd say that both female and male heirs were both powerful – there were no gender biases on that one. It just so happened that all the female heirs were dead.

"My young lord, are you here to consult about which clan to attack?"

Hinata had popped the question. She knew what he was here for. She would not play dumb. If she wanted to have him notice her as not a woman for he was not as susceptible to her bodily assets, she would have to appeal to his mind.

He placed a tile upon the majong game before smirking at her.

"You're quick. And the last move you made was formidable. It's like we're playing an air war."

An air war was when two players of equal skill battled. Each move played precisely so well that to think of what next will happen required full attention. One mistake and you lose.

Hinata held up the tile with the symbol "fan" etched on it.

"The Uchiha clan… has acquired a marriage. If you should wait, long into the future, your two children will fight another war."

Shikamaru watched as Hinata placed the tile down on another space. It was a bad move. But it captured his attention.

"I knew the House was nothing ordinary. It is so precisely placed. Declared neutral and also headed by a lady no one has anything negative to say about."

He held up another tile. It had the symbol of attack. Placing it right next to her badly placed piece, he attacked her. Synonymously, Hinata understood that he was going to attack the Uchiha clan soon.

"Thought that was a bad move my lord? Be careful of what you forget. Even carefully placed pawns can change the tide of war into your favor."

And Hinata took his king with her pawn.

He looked mildly surprised, but not too much. Rather, he was impressed.

"If only Ino would think of strategies the way you do my Lady."

Hinata methodically looked at his eyes, and then when she held them for two seconds, she looked down and bowed her head. Her face bloomed with pinkness from his compliment.

"Oh my lord, but Lady Ino must be busy. As an entertainer, I have enough free time to think and polish my skills. I am sure you love your lady even so."

He rose her face with the tip of his fingers and smirked, "So exotic… I do wonder… why you bother with political state of affairs. It's as if you have a plan."

He had completely disregarded Ino, focusing on her.

Hinata smiled and replied with wit, "I care for the future of Japan. Any fool who cares for the future would understand."

He smiled, teeth showing and the hand that tilted her face relaxed. His thumb graced the bottom of her lips.

"Do they now?"


Hinata had to throw away her love for Sasuke if she was to avenge her family. She would eliminate the Uchiha clan using the Nara clan. Then the Namikaze clan, thirsty for revenge themselves will destroy the Sarutobi clan whose Haruno's mentor Tsuande resides in. Most certainly they would think her to be sheltering there. And to make sure that the Sarutobi clan is obliterated… Hinata would have to call upon Konohamaru.

She will use him. He will betray his clan for her love.

It will be the downfall of the Sarutobi. Just like it was the downfall of the Hyuuga.

She will have her revenge. She must.

She was close now.

Very close.

But… her heart hurt.


Gaara woke up with Hinata in his arms. She had called for him. He thought that perhaps she was not eating well for she was pale and when he came to her, she walked up to him and kissed him. It led on from there.

He liked her a lot. She was beautiful, intelligent, and witty. She was also savage, mean, and forceful. She would kill people for the sake of her plans. Just like him. He thought she was perfect. Two monsters put together.

He didn't show emotions very much. Even when they made love, they only emotions that she could tear out of him were expressions of desire and need and sexual pleasure. When they spoke, he was expressionless, often listening to her more than actual discussion. And when they did discuss, he had to keep himself in check because she could exalt from him many expressions if she tried.

Carefully, as it was extremely foreign to him and nothing like sexual passion, he trailed his finger down her cheek. It was soft. And she looked peaceful in her sleep.

Usually she had on a mask. A mask to fool people. But in her sleep, her naked body keeping him warm, marking her human and not a monster, he chuckled. Just a little chuckle.

Mainly, she made him want to smile. With her, he didn't feel so lonely. And now that she called upon him, he could tell that she relied on him. His heart soared a little on that fact. His fingers shuffled into her thick wavy hair and ran slowly through it.

He stopped in midair when he realized that something was different. Her hair was shorter now. And not only that. She was pale. Stressed. He lied there next to her and thought about it, looking at his fingers that had trailed through her soft tresses.

Hinata stirred beneath him. She moaned a little, distraught from a dream.

He blinked slowly and watched as she opened her eyes wide and started to take in deep breaths. Gaara placed an arm around her back and held her close. Her naked warmth creating a source of heat within his belly. When she regained her breathing rhythm, she spoke.

"Th-thank you."


That was his reply. Hinata did not move away from his embrace. She had another nightmare, this time she was saved by the demon and he took care of her. The demon was adamant and snarky, but he wouldn't touch her and said that she was a human and humans were disgusting. But at the end…at the end, they were about to kiss and Hinata had to escape by waking up. She didn't want her heart to beat so fast she felt she was going to die. Waking up next to Gaara made her feel relieved.

The blanket that covered them was comfortable and Gaara liked it. But he did feel a little… concerned. She had cut her hair. Women never cut their hair unless it was to prove something.

He threaded her hair again. Hinata closed her eyes and dared snuggling into his body even more. He did not reject her. She felt thankful for that.

"You cut your hair."

It was a simple statement. Hinata knew he did not expect an answer. He never did. And she didn't feel comfortable telling him. But this time was different. It demanded a reason.

"Why?" Gaara murmured.

Hinata blinked, "…why?" She repeated. He wanted an answer from her.

Gaara nodded, "Women cut their hair for a purpose."

There was a pause and then he added, "Tell me."

Another moment passed, "I don't think I should."

Gaara continued to play with her hair and when he stopped, he smiled. But he didn't let her see his smile as she was snuggled into her chest.

"Oh… I see."

And he did. She had cut her hair for a man. And though he knew he was possessive of her, he felt somewhat sated that she did not want to tell him. That meant she cared about how it would affect their relationship, no matter how strange their relationship was.


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