Chasing Dreams

Percy sighs happily, as he always does when he is gazing at the new, delicate ring on his finger. He's cooking dinner in Novellus Thrýlos (New Legends), the sounds of his singing filling the large apartment. The grand space is what you're rewarded with when your boyfriend-or rather fiancé, is the head lawyer to the city government. Nico had gotten his degree not too long after the giant war, and he was gladly hired by the city's mayors, Annabeth and Jason.

Novellus Thrýlos had also been founded not long after the Giant War, a city in which Greek and Roman demigods alike may discover a peaceful lifestyle. The choice of the two mayors had not been hard one; all demigods supported the choice of Jason and Annabeth, one Greek and one Roman hero to represent the people. The city had sprouted up fast, with Annabeth's genius architecture and Jason's way with people (Plus the assistance of many tinkering children, along with the other young heroes and the blessing's of the gods.) The city was far enough from camp that the younger demigods could still have a life of just them alone at camp, but close enough that it would only be a day of walking and a few hours for driving. Any children that may be born in the future to demigod parents would not find it too difficult to visit their parents if they wished during the summer. There are still year-rounders, still kids who have no idea of their backgrounds that came to camp, but now exists an entire city of adult demigods to show the kids that there is life after adolescence. After Camp Jupiter was destroyed in the war, it was rebuilt with a special system, (similar to the labyrinth but not nearly as dangerous) which serves as a passage to Novellus thrýlos.

Almost no demigods choose to live outside of Novellus Thrylos. Everyone Percy and Nico had known before the war live within the city. Hazel, Frank, and the master tinker Leo even live barely three quarters of a mile away from the newly engaged couple. The threesome run a traditional Chinese restaurant and they live in the apartments above the joint.

Percy returns to what he's doing, adjusting the tie on the apron he's wearing. It's one that Piper had bought for Nico in her never-ending questing to 'gay up' his wardrobe. It's black, Nico's signature color, but mainly bedazzled in blue and green rhinestones. On the front it reads 'kiss the cook'. He's just finishing his rendition of "Under the Sea" when Nico enters the apartment, looking as handsome as always in a black suit.

"Hey Babe." Greets Percy, and Nico gladly walks over to kiss his lips gently.

"Good Evening mio bello." He answers back after the kiss, and then greedily steals another, causing Percy to blush. "I'm just doing what the apron says." He says, laughing, and then walks a few paces off to hang up his jacket.

Percy dumps his peppers into the fry pan, beginning to sauté them as he talks to Nico.

"How was your day, love?" The green eyed boy asks. The Italian one makes soft noises of contemplation as he walks back to his sea prince, wrapping his arms around the slender waist.

"Fine," says Nico as he begins kissing up Percy's neck. "I missed you," he says in between kisses, "all-day-long." He ends at the shorter boy's earlobe, nipping it in a way that he knows drives Percy wild.

Percy lets out a quiet moan before regaining some of his posture.

"Ni-co, I'm cooking..." he says the words unconvincingly, and Nico receives no protest as he turns the burner off the stove.

"There." He says into Percy's ear before capturing his lips in an emblazoning kiss, in the process of which he gets his lover to wrap his legs around his waist.

The kiss becomes more teeth and tongue as Nico walks them into their bedroom, at one point sucking on Percy's lower lip hard, loving how it makes the bottom's thighs quiver around him.

Nico pulls away for one second to whisper to Percy; "I love you." This is met by Percy embedding a hand into Nico's dark curly hair, kissing him again with the fervor possibly only known by the sea.

With that, Nico steps inside their large bedroom, depositing Percy on the silk sheets and closing the door swiftly behind him.