Warning: This contains explicit material. The next chapter will be very innocent, and can be skipped to if you don't want to read smut.

This is my first time ever writing gay (male) sex, so I do apologize if this does not meet common standards. In this community, it is often female writers who are writing gay sex who aren't sure what they're talking about (like me). So I took the liberty to consult a few friends who helped me straighten out some inaccuracies that I had written. This may not be the hottest thing you've ever read, but at least it's accurate. Accurate according to a handful of sexually active gay teenagers, anyway.

Percy was tight, Nico realized as he slipped a finger inside, and he had no idea why.

Another stunning realization came over him; Percy was always tight. Nico hadn't fully noticed before, but it has always been this way.

It didn't make any sense. It wasn't Percy's first time, obviously, but he was still like that day. The two of them hadn't taken a long break from sex either-they had sex two days ago, and the day before that, and so on. Yes, Nico was well endowed (thank the godly genes), but Percy was used to it. There was no reason why he should be this tight.

Percy lets out a little moan, eyes closed, and the forefront of Nico's mind is brought back to the image of his love. Nico realizes that his slender fingers are just long enough to brush Percy's prostate, and after a minute or two of stimulation it has finally become pleasurable for him.

Nico pulls his fingers out and Percy squirms, opening his sea-green eyes and begging Nico with them.

"Come on Nico, please, no more of this preparation stuff I'm so ready…"

Nico just grins cheekily at him, rolling on the condom slow, and Percy whines. When Nico turns back to the Sea Prince, Percy pulls him down, down onto the bed so that Nico's shoulders hit the mattress hard.

Sometimes, Nico forgets how strong Percy is, even though he is the hero of two wars.

Percy slyly climbs on top of Nico, carefully avoiding the latex wrapped package, his hands slowly sneaking up the Italian's chest. His lips find Nico's and he sucks on the Ghost King's bottom lip as a hand finds his nipple, twisting it and kissing away Nico's moans.

Nico is disappointed when Percy pulls back, but then understands what he's doing as Percy's face gets that precious look of concentration, and Nico feels the outside of his hole around his cock. Nico can barely wait another second when Percy moves-darting a hand out to grab the lube.

Percy rejects Nico's hand, which is ready to do the honors for him, and instead coats two fingers, staring sexily at Nico as he prepares himself further. In and out, Nico watches Percy pleasure himself, twisting one hand in the sheets in order to avoid flipping the other boy to his normal place below the Ghost Prince and fucking him six ways to Sunday.

Only when Percy feels like he's teased the Dom enough does he take away his hand, pulling in Nico for another tantalizing kiss as he slowly sinks down onto the others cock.

When Percy is seated fully on it he pauses, his hips ready to pull him up again, but he just loves driving his fiancée crazy. So he takes his sweet time, setting an excruciatingly slow pace, all the while enjoying the needy touches of his lover, stroking him languidly.

That's how it comes to a complete shock for Percy, (when he's teasing Nico yet again by pulling fully off of him, making him wait before sheathing Nico's length within him again) to find himself suddenly hitting the mattress. He isn't only plowed into it by the force of being flipped over but from a fast, rough thrust from his boyfriend, who wastes no time in setting his own pace.

Nico bites down on a point above Percy's collarbone, loving the pleasurable moan that leaves the green eyed boys lips which is promptly followed by an equally sexy scream.

It's one of pain and pleasure, Nico notes as he sucks on the newly made mark. He knows what those screams sound like by now and it means that Percy is close.

Nico speeds up, making sure to hit all of Percy's favorite spots with every movement of his hips. The hand on Percy's dick works harder to keep up with the new pace, but the mewls coming out of Percy indicate how very close he is to coming. When the Sea Prince comes, Nico lets himself unravel too, both yelling each others names, letting the sounds mingle together until the only noise heard is that of heavy breathing.

Nico pulls out, earning a half committed whine from a partially coherent Percy, and Nico lies next to his cuddles up immediately, and when both have recovered he kisses Nico's lips sweetly.

"I love you," he says, and with a smile, and Nico returns the sentiment.

Then Nico pinches Percy's bare ass, hard, earning a yelp from the boy.
Nico grins devilishly, pushing curls out of his face.

"You're going to pay later for teasing me like that." he says, and Percy laughs, letting the Italian join him for a moment before adding, with his own sly smile and a certain shine in his eye,

"Why not now?"

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