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Before He Cheats

Chapter 1

Naruto smiled as he thought about his earlier date with Sasuke. It had been really nice and he was planning on surprising the Uchiha with flowers today. He went up to the house that Sasuke and Itachi lived in and knocked. When no one answered he decided to just open the door and go in. They knew him here anyway. He made his way to Sasuke's room but stopped just short of knocking on the door. He felt his heart lurch at the sounds coming from the room. 'Sasuke...is with someone else?' There was no mistaking the noises. Naruto suddenly felt sick and placed a hand over his mouth, his hold on the flowers dropping. He blinked his eyes and raised a shaky hand to knock on the door, hoping beyond hope that he was just imagining things.

Sasuke jumped at the knocked and cursed softly. This was bad. But, better come clean now. "Come in." He didn't even bother having Neji hide. He knew it would hurt Naruto, but nothing naughty was going on. They were both still completely dressed.

The blond opened the door and froze, tears falling down his whiskered cheeks. His heart hurt so much he was sure he'd die. "Wh-What...wh-why?" He was so confused. "You...you're..." His eyes looked at Sasuke trying to find some other reason, any other reason as to why there was another boy with him. He couldn't even say it and took a step back. 'No...Sasuke said he loved me. Was it a lie?'

Neji stood and left the room, leaving the two alone. Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Naruto, don't worry about him. He's no one important."

The blond took another step back. "Then why was he with you like that? Am I n-not enough?" More tears fell down his face at that.

"Naruto…Neji is nothing to me. HE came on to ME. I love YOU. Not him." This wouldn't end well. "I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot for it."

Tear filled eyes looked away. "How long has this been going on?" He wasn't sure he wanted to know but he felt he might as well get it over with. His heart couldn't possibly hurt even more.

"About three weeks," he answered truthfully. Sasuke hated himself for making his precious blond cry. He'd kick the ass of anyone who did. But now? Now he caused it.

Naruto's heart tore even more at that. "Three...w-weeks?" He looked up at the Uchiha not believing this, brilliant blue eyes clearly showing how hurt he was. "You lied to me. You said I was the only one. YOU LIED TO ME!" He rarely ever shouted but he decided that he was justified right now. The tear filled eyes were filled with anger as well as pain. "Am I just something to parade around and sh-show off like some whore?! I have NEVER wanted anyone else and this entire time y-you were with...him. Just because you're an Uchiha does NOT mean you can treat people any way you want to!" He was shaking by now. "Am I r-really...just not enough?"

Sasuke flinched at the accusations. He had never seen Naruto so upset and it hurt him to know that he was cause of this. "No, it's not that. I NEVER slept with him Naruto. I refused every time he asked. I'm a for show boyfriend for him, but that is NOT what you are to me. You have to believe that." If Naruto wanted to leave him Sasuke would totally understand. In fact he expected to be dumped. He was even hoping to possibly be slapped by the other. 'I don't deserve Naruto.'

"Then why didn't you tell me?! Instead of me finding out like this and getting my heart broken! Did you think I wouldn't be able to handle it Sasuke? That I wouldn't be able to understand this? I'm n-not some little kid!" He was angry, upset, and hurt. He wrapped his arms around himself. Naruto never lost it like this and it was starting to scare him. "I-I have told you everything and n-never kept secrets from you! Y-You hurt me...a lot." His voice was quiet for the last sentence and he couldn't look at the raven anymore.

"I know. And I'm sorry. I understand if you don't want to see me again." He bit his lip before pushing himself to continue. "I do love you, Naruto. I never should have kept it from you, but I never lied." He said firmly.

Naruto was shaking he was so upset and he couldn't even get his thoughts together. He sunk down until he was curled up in a ball in the hallway, crying and rocking back and forth. It hurt…

"Naruto?" Sasuke walked over to the blond, but got no closer than a few feet. He frowned when the crying male said something that was muffled by his arms around his face. "What is it?" He knelt in front of him, but still didn't get any closer. The blond muttered again and this time something that sounded a lot like "Hold me" reached Sasuke's ears. He half-smiled and moved closer, pulling Naruto to him. His hold was loose, in case Naruto wanted to pull away.

The blond immediately cuddled against him and started crying all over again. Yes he was hurt by Sasuke but he had no one else to turn to right now and he really needed someone to hold him. He also still loved the Uchiha and had mostly forgiven him for it.

Sasuke tightened his hold on his boyfriend and kissed the top of his head. "I'm sorry."

He whimpered and just stayed there, crying against him and shaking slightly. He finally started to calm down after ten minutes of just crying and began giving small hiccups. He mumbled out, "Stupid bastard…" The fact that he had used the nickname he gave Sasuke proved that he had forgiven him.

Sasuke smiled and lightly stroked the golden. "I love you too dobe."

Naruto gave a pout and curled up tighter against him. "Don't do that again."

A chuckle and kiss to the head was given in response. "I promise. I never will hurt you again."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "That's a loaded promise." But he was smiling again and soon the small noises slowly died down until Naruto was sleeping in Sasuke's arms.

Sasuke picked him up and moved them onto the bed, cuddling his boyfriend. He was also silently thanking whatever God was out there that he still had Naruto as a boyfriend. He looked to the door to see his elder brother standing there. Itachi's face was hard to decipher but Sasuke decided that it held pride for him taking responsibility for his own mistakes. He could have been wrong though.

Naruto slept soundly nuzzling close to Sasuke. His tanned hands clutched at the other's shirt as if scared he'd leave him.

His hold tightened and after watching his brother walk away he curled around his dobe lovingly.

Said dobe took a deep breath in his sleep and a tiny pleased sound came from him as he took in his boyfriend's scent. It had always calmed him down before and it did now. Everything was back to normal.

Itachi walked to his own room, his mind going over what he had partially witnessed but mostly heard. Naruto could definitely yell if he wanted to and it wasn't that hard to hear him from somewhere else in the house. And while the elder Uchiha certainly did not approve of Sasuke cheating, he did approve of how the younger had handled it. He just hoped that Sasuke had learned his lesson and would not do it again. "Naruto has definitely brightened up our lives. It would be a shame if Sasuke's stupidity put us both in darkness again." He sighed and decided to take a nap.


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