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Before He Cheats

Chapter 3

It was a week of awkward silences, cold glances, and being completely ignored by the person he totally hurt. He walked over to the table Naruto was sitting at, holding his tray of food, and stopped by the table. "Hey…can I sit with you?" He had been trying to make it up to him. Trying to apologize. But every time Naruto would just ask why he hurt him. And every time…Sasuke couldn't think of a reason.

Naruto grunted, his smile fading away. "Why?"

Sasuke felt the entire table…possibly the entire cafeteria, staring at him. "Because…I want to fix this. And…even if I can't I still want to be friends with you." He was praying that that was the right answer.

Naruto thought for a minute or two before scooting over. "Fine."

Sasuke gave a half smile and sat next to him. This felt like their relationship was healing. But, he's been wrong before. "So-"

Naruto held up a hand. "Don't talk Uchiha. You're merely sitting here because I believe in karma and not holding grudges. Unfortunately that does not mean that I have forgiven you. As I've said multiple times I will not forgive you until you give me a good reason why you cheated on me and kept it from me."

Sasuke's mouth closed and he became very interested in his food. "…R-Right…" He sighed. This sounded like a problem that his brother could handle…or make fun of him about. Or possibly both.

And that was something that Sasuke found out when he got home. "Itachi? I need your help." When he received no answer he groaned and began to search the house. "Itachi. Where are you?" He paused outside his brother's door. What were those noises? Holy shit, was Itachi having sex with someone?!

"Sasuke. If you're going to stand out there and be a creeper then you might as well as come in here and be a creeper."

And that's what made Sasuke quickly retreat to his room. He really didn't need to know who was his brother's current relationship. He sat on his bed and just stared at the ceiling. "Why the hell did I screw this up? Naruto was the best thing that ever happened to me." He looked to the side where a picture of him and Naruto as kids playing was placed. He slowly sat up and just looked at it. "…Why did I cheat on him? There…there was no sense in it."

"You're right. There was no sense in it, un."

Sasuke jerked from surprise and ended up falling out of the bed. "HOLY SHIT!" He quickly looked up and when he saw a flash of blond hair he freaked for a millisecond before he realized it was way too long to be Naruto's. "Who the hell are you?"

The blond was brushing his hair and he shrugged. "I'm your brother's boyfriend. You must be Sasuke, yeah?"

Sasuke could only look at him. "…do you have a speech problem or something? And you still didn't say your name."

The blond rolled his eyes, or at least the one that you could see. "My name is Deidara and perhaps I have a speech problem, un. But seriously. You should be focusing on how you cheated on your old boyfriend."

The raven glared at him. "…not your business."

Deidara leaned against the doorway and watched him. "I know it's not my business. That's what I told Itachi. But he insisted that I come talk to you since I just got through a bad relationship that ended because my ex had cheated on me."

Sasuke's attention was immediately on him. "And? Did you eventually forgive him?"

A laugh was his answer. "Tch. Of course not! Sasori was a pig for cheating on me. I'm never forgiving his ginger ass."

His eyes widened and his face paled. "What?! How was that supposed to help?"

And yet another laugh happened. "I wasn't trying to help. I was simply answering your question." He came further into the room. "Look. The reason I didn't forgive Sasori was because he didn't tell me why he cheated on me." He paused. "Well that and because the douche he cheated with called me a blond skank and Sasori didn't defend me." He scowled before shaking his head to focus on the current topic. "Anyway, if you want to be forgiven and get him back, or at least be friends with him, explain why."

Sasuke grumbled before standing fully up and just glaring at him. "Look! I keep trying to figure out why I cheated on him but I can't think of the reason. It's like…" He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I…I want to be able to explain it to him but I can't because I think the real reason that I did it was because I can't commit to a real relationship!"

Itachi walked into the doorway and looked at him. "Then…as sad as it is. That's what you need to tell him."

Deidara nodded before he leaned against Itachi. "It's better to say something instead of nothing. And besides, you never know. He may find it adorable that you have commitment issues." Then both of them started laughing at Sasuke's misfortune.

Naruto's laugh slowly vanished as he saw a certain raven walk over. "What do you want Uchiha?"

Sasuke took a deep breath and looked at him. "Look. I think I figured out why I cheated…"

Naruto rose a brow and looked at his friends. "Can you give us a minute. I want to talk to him in private." Once all the friends left he turned to look at his ex. "Why?"

He swallowed and looked deep into those bright blue eyes. "I think I cheated on you because…because I'm scared to commit. I just don't understand why someone so beautiful and cheerful and just perfect as you would even be with me. But at the same time I don't want to lose you and I have never been as sorry as I am right now."

The blond watched him silently through the entire speech. "…Well…" He sighed and stepped forward. "To tell the truth. I figured it was something like that." At the surprised look he got he rolled his eyes. "Sasuke…you are the most insecure boy in the world. You are constantly checking how you look, you aren't very comfortable with public shows of relationship, your brother is a possessive jackass who may care for you but likes to see you drown in your own problems, and you have never wanted to even think of spending the night at my apartment despite me spending the night multiple times at your place."

Sasuke really didn't know what to say to that. So he instead went with, "…I'm sorry…"

Naruto nodded. "I know you are but…I don't know exactly how I can trust you not to do this again. So…" He placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "We're friends again but, that's it. I just can't take the chance of having my heart broken again Sasuke." He then walked past the silent raven and headed back over to where his group of friends was waiting for him.

Sasuke just stood there. He felt cold, empty, and like he had just been slapped in the face by reality. But, an Uchiha never let it go. So he turned around and with a smile, or at least his version of a smile, called out, "Hey Naruto. Is Itachi really that much of a possessive jackass?" At the collective "YES!" from the group of friends Sasuke made his way over to them. He silently vowed that he would one day prove himself to Naruto. But first…he probably had to prove to himself that he even deserved Naruto. And that might take a while to do. And until then, they'd just be best friends. Just like they always had been.

The End


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