Chapter 1

Cross Bones

Gwen's POV

Beep! Beep! Beep!

My eyes fluttered open as my annoying alarm clock rang. First day of school, and I am most certainly not ready.

My name is Gwendolyn Evans, Gwen for short. Ever since my dad passed away, I've lived with my mom and older brother. Anyways, let's not get all mushy and feely before you even get to know me. Today is my first day at my new school. Usually most girls would be overjoyed or nervous. Maybe thinking about whether or not they'll make a good impression. Or about all the cute boys they'll meet, or the parties they'll get invited to. But I on the other hand actually just want to get this over and done with, and finish the 2 years I have remaining in the hell that we call school.

I get out of bed and immediately go to my closet to lay out an outfit for myself. I have chosen a red plaid miniskirt, paired with a black tank top, black combat boots and stockings. I quickly shower and blow-dry my teal highlighted hair, brushing it into a low ponytail. After getting dressed, I do my everyday makeup, finishing it off with my signature teal lipstick. Then my mom calls from downstairs.

"Gwen!" she calls. "Breakfast is ready!"

"Be there in a second!" I say, trying to find my cross bone necklace. It was given to my best friend years ago, just before I left middle school. He told me to promise to keep it and I did. Years later I still think about him and hope that one day we would meet again. But of course, I'd have to be some preppy chick in a movie for that to happen. I run down the stairs to be greeted by a breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast and orange juice.

"Aww, thanks mom" I smile. As I'm about to take a piece of toast, my brother Dylan snatches it from my hand. I roll my eyes and try to get it back, but he extends his hand even higher. "Nuh uh uh! I stole this fair and square" he says cockily. "Fine then" I say, and go to butter another piece of toast. "You're no fun" he says, pretending to sulk. I laugh and continue eating.

"So," I say eventually, after a long silence. "Are you driving me to school today?"

"Yea sure" he says, and leaves to find his car keys. He soon returns with the keys, swinging it in his index finger. I quickly finish my orange juice and walk with him to the car.

"So, you ready?" he asks me.

"Yea, I guess…" He notices my distress, and gently squeezes my hand.

"You'll be fine, Gwen." He says reassuringly. Dylan has always been there for me. Ever since dad died, ever since I left middle school, ever since I left Duncan…He would always comfort me like this and make me smile. I wouldn't give him up for any amount of friends or popularity.

In my last high school I was always judged. Either because of the way I dressed, or the type of music I listened to. So I was sent to this new school, basically to act like everyone else and make 'friends'. Yea, I know dumb right? Anyway, the point is that I have no intention of making new friends and even if I did, I wouldn't act like everyone else to do so.

The car comes to a stop and Dylan hugs me goodbye. I take a deep breath in and slowly get out of the car. This is it. I look around me. This is my life for two more years. I glance at my watch half expecting to see how many months I have remaining. It is then that I notice that people are staring at me. It's probably because of the way I'm dressed. I ignore the fingers being pointed, the horny teenage boys who would occasionally whistle at me and continue walking - absent-mindedly, unaware of my surroundings. As expected, I soon bump into someone.

"Oh s-sorry" I stutter. I look up to see that I have bumped into boy with teal eyes and a green mow hawk. He is holding the hand of a bright eyed, brunette girl. He looks strangely familiar.

"It's cool" he says, and lets go of the girl's hand to help me up. She immediately glares at me.

"So who are you anyway?" she asks in a fairly aggravated tone.

"Not this again Courtney…" the boy mumbles under his breath.

Courtney. So that's her name.

"Uhhm..Gwen?" I reply still startled by her attitude towards me.

"Are you asking or telling?"

At that very moment the bell rings. In a hurry to get away from the girl and what looks like her boyfriend, I rush off to class and my necklace falls off…

Yeah, I know. Cheesy love story, same old-same old. But hey, it isn't that bad! Well maybe a few grammar and spelling errors here and there but nothing over the top. I wasn't really sure about writing this chapter. That's why it's so short. Kinda like a cliffhanger. It'll get you to review though ;) I'll continue this is I get at least 5 reviews. So y'know. Love you guys and review! xx