Chapter 4


Gwen's POV

I was halfway through the paper we were issued as classwork, when a warm hand tapped my shoulder. It was Duncan, and in the other hand, he held a note. I swiftly took it from his hand so that our math teacher wouldn't notice. I guess he wouldn't either way since he was practically asleep. I opened up the crumpled piece of paper to find that it read "Aye pasty, what's the answer to number 14?" I smiled as I read it because I then remembered that Duncan was a complete dunce at Math. I scribbled back "0.5" on the crumpled paper and passed it back to him.

The class was a very tedious one, especially since it was the last class before school was dismissed. By this time, everyone had finished their work and the class was very unsettled. What do you expect though? I mean, look at the teacher.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sharp sound of the school's bell and so was our Math teacher's sleep. Lazy bastard. Almost on instinct, noisy students begun to fill the halls, most of them in groups. I turned behind to find Duncan who was still busy packing his bag.

"I see your Math skills haven't gotten any better" I teased him.

"Oh shut up" he said while slinging his book bag on his shoulders.

"Would you like some help though?" I asked him genuinely. "The house is practically empty right now. Perfect for our old time shenanigans" I laughed.

"I was trying to repress the memory" he laughed with me.

"Just a little higher" I directed Duncan as I reached for the oil in the cupboard. "Got it!"

"Pop off on 3!" Duncan squealed, imitating our schools cheerleaders.

"One! Two! Three!" I squeaked and jumped off of Duncan. Neither of us knew how to 'pop off' and so he threw me up in the air, while I attempted to jump off him. In the process, the oil was spilt all over us and the kitchen floor, and I slipped on it, landing me with a sprained ankle. At that very moment the front door opened, and in walked two very angry looking mothers.

During the walk home, we stopped at a bakery and to get a few pastries. I couldn't help but notice the way salesperson eyed us suspiciously. She seemed to glance at us every second we weren't looking. I ignored this of course, and continued scanning the display to see which cakes looked the tastiest. We couldn't make up our minds and ended up leaving the bakery with two of each delicacy.

We finally got home, and to my surprise the door was already unlocked. I opened it to find my brother sitting comfortably in the sitting room, cross legged, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh shut up!" I yelled. I grabbed a pillow from the chair and threw it directly at his smiling face. He immediately caught it, and threw it back into place.

"I didn't even say anything!" he laughed.


"Duncan, my man!" Dillon said, getting up from his chair.

They 'bro hugged', began to speak, one topic led to the next and before you knew it thirty minutes had already passed.

"Umm, Duncan?"


"I hate to interrupt but you do know we have studying to do right?" I nibbled on my donut.

He scratched his head.

"Oh yea .. got a bit carried away for a second there."

"It's okay. C'mon" I said, and walked upstairs.

Duncan's POV

Gwen went up to her room and her brother pulled me to the side.

"Study session huh?" he asked, with a sly smile on his face.

"I don't think anything's going to happen with Math."

"Just keep this in mind." His grip on my arm tightened and his smile slowly faded.

"Hurt her and it's your ass."

"Aye, aye, sir" I say, and rush back up the stairs to meet Gwen.

I entered the only room upstairs, and saw Gwen on the floor, getting books out of her school bag. Her room was just the same as her last one; teal and black, skulled dresser and posters of rock bands all over her walls.

"Do we really need that many books for math?" I questioned her.

"Not really, I just want to over work you." She said, and stuck out her tongue.

I rolled my eyes.

"Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that some of my buds are throwing this party tomorrow night, and since you just got here it could be kind of like a welcoming party, you know?'

"That's really sweet of you Dunk, but we both know that I don't do parties."

"And that's exactly why you should come!" I encouraged her.

"It'll be fun, I promise."

But she wouldn't budge.

"What's so fun about a bunch of horny teenagers gathered in one place, smoking and drinking, dancing to music and going home looking like drunken messes?" she frowned.

"Awe, don't be a party pooper. What's so fun about staying home and studying all night for an exam that you don't even have?"

"Touché" she rubbed her chin in thought.

"I mean, even Courtney's going."

"I'm going!"

There were no second thoughts, no second guessing, just the determined Gwen ready to have the time of her life.

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