I love Frozen and have been in the fandom for a year, so...I decided to write a fanfic. I know there a few other fanfics where Elsa and Anna have another sister, but this one is a bit different. I'm working off part of the script I managed to find but I'm missing the ENTIRE MIDDLE AND END, so things aren't going to be EXACTLY on script near the middle and end. Reviews are always appreciated (no flames please..) and I hope you enjoy!

Note: I haven't actually watched the movie (sadly) but I am awaiting its arrival on DVD!

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen, Disney and it's writers do. Robert Lopez and Kristen-Anderson-Lopez own the songs, I do not. The only thing I own is my OC Nora.

This story is dedicated to the Tumblr Blog Emma'sDisneyWorld who got me excited for the movie and inspired me to join the fandom. As well as my fanfic friend Elsa the Snow Queen, your story is awesome and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see what you'll write next!

"Elsa! Psst! Nora! Psst!"

I groggily sat up in my bed and my eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the dark room I shared with my sisters. Looking over to where Elsa slept, I could see she hadn't woken up as easily as I had and wanted to stay asleep. Anna however, was very persistent and climbed onto Elsa's back and began to bounce up and down to try and wake her up.

"Wake up. Wake up. Wake up."

I heard an annoyed grumble and then Elsa's voice, "Anna, go back to sleep." Elsa never had been much of a morning person, while I just went along with wherever the day took me. When Anna rolled onto her back and put just about all of her weight on Elsa, I had to stifle the laugh that was building up. She put her hand to her forehead in an dramatic-like manner and spoke as drama-queenish as she could.

"I just can't. The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play."

There was silence for a few miliseconds before Elsa replied to Anna.

"...Go play with Nora, or by yourself."

Oh yeah, dump the youngest sibling on the middle child why don't you? With another grumble of annoyance, Elsa shoves Anna off of her back and onto the ground where she lands on her butt, looking like she's lost a game. I give a small accidental grin and am about to lie back down in bed when Anna smiles her mischevious smile and hops back onto Elsa's bed.

She lifts one of Elsa's tired eyelids and quietly whispers, just loud enough for me to hear it too.

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

I watch as both of Elsa's eyes pop open and she gives Anna a smile, they both look over at me and I give them a thumbs up. We all got off of our beds and headed towards the door, careful not to make any noise so as not to disturb anyone. When we arrive at the staircase, Anna has on her pair of boots and is urging us to go faster.

"Come on, come on, come on, come on."

Elsa and I try to shush her excitement but she is much to thrilled to get quiet and we end up letting out small giggles of our own. By the time we finally reach the ballroom, we all get inside and I shut the doors. The minute there is a small click that the doors are indeed shut, we all smile at each other before Anna pipes up.

"Do the magic! Do the magic!"

"Ready?" She asked us, not expecting a reply.

Elsa laughs a little and waves her hands, creating snowflakes that drift around and form, causing a snowball to appear in her palms. She throws it high into the air where it just about touches the ceiling. The snowball explodes into an array of snow and flurries and I watch as Anna dances around the room, catching the snowflakes in her palms and mouth.

"This is amazing!" She squeals in delight and I cannot help but stick out my tongue as well to try and catch the small delicate snowflakes.

"Watch this!"

We turn our attention to Elsa and watch as she steps on the floor, causing a layer of ice to form on the floor. I laugh as Anna slides away around the newly formed ice-rink and try to skate across the ice, slipping several times. Watching as Elsa is rolling a ball of snow, I slide over to where she is and begin helping her roll it. Anna comes along and slams her half of the snowman on top of ours and Elsa and I giggle quietly.

Anna makes a silly face while Elsa gives the snowman eyes, buttons, a carrot for a nose, and grabs his stick arms. Hiding behind the snowman she speaks in a deep and silly voice, talking for the snowman. "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs."

Anna quickly jumps up from where she sat on a snow pile and hugged Olaf. "I love you, Olaf." They begin dancing across the ice and I smile because out of the corner of my eye, I can see Elsa moving them about the ice using her magic. Sliding over to her, I whisper quietly to her, "Check this out."

Thinking of flying and being as light as a feather, I am suddenly hovering a few feet above Elsa and she gives me a look of suprise as well as awe. "You have powers too?" I landed safely on a pile of snow and nodded my head vigorously. "I found out a few days ago, that I can control the air and make myself, and probably other things, fly." She gave me a huge smile and told me that maybe Anna had a power of her own that would show itself as she got older.

When Anna returned to us, we got in a line formation on a large snow pile and slid down the large slide with Anna in the front and Elsa in the back. Elsa and I manage to stop before we fall off the ledge and into a powdery hill of snow, Anna, being Anna, fearlessly leaps into the hill of snow. She emerges from the pile and jumps up a few feet into the air while Elsa creates a small snow peak for her to land safely upon.

"Catch me!"

Elsa continues creating peaks of snow for Anna to jump onto and I watch while using my own powers to create a mini-tornado of snow. "Gotcha!" Elsa exclaimed triumphantly when Anna jumped onto another of her small snow peaks, but things only got worse from there. Anna began to go faster and faster until eventually Elsa could barely keep up with our little sister.

"Again! Again!"

Elsa had a frustrated look on her face and you could tell she was struggling to keep pace with Anna's jumping. "Slow down!" She pleaded, but Anna did not hear her and instead leaped off of one of the snow peaks.


Elsa reaches her hand out to catch Anna with another snow peak but slips and falls on some ice and she accidently hits her in the head with an icy bolt of her magic. Anna passes out and is about to hit the floor when I use my mini-tornado to break her fall and Elsa and I run over to our little sister.

"Mama! Papa!"

Elsa cries and holds Anna in her arms, comforting her quietly in hopes she could hear through her unconscious state. I looked around and could see spikes of ice growing on the walls and frost covering the floor, reducing Olaf the snowman to powder once more.

Suddenly the doors slammed open, papa and mama gasped at the sight of the room.

"Elsa, what have you done? This is getting out of hand!" Papa exclaimed looking around the snow-covered room. "Anna!" Mama ran over to us spotting Anna is Elsa's arms and gingerly picked her up away from Elsa, papa joined her.

"It was an accident. I'm sorry, Anna."

"She's ice cold." Mama cradled Anna closer to her and papa looked at her in the eye, "...I know where we have to go."

Papa ran to the library and pulled out an old book filled with inscribings of Norse runes and pulled out an ancient-looking map. We rode out on horses to an unknown location, I saw Elsa leaving a small trail of ice from her fingers as we rode farther away from the castle.

Moving so quickly across the land, we soon came to a small valley filled with rounded rocks. I was a bit confused as to why we would come here, until one of the rocks moved towards us and revealed itself to be a troll. He smiled warmly and said in a wise old voice. "Welcome to the Valley of the Living Rocks you majesties. I am Pabbie, how may I be of assistance?"

Mama place Anna near the ancient troll and he looked at the sleeping girl, pondering what had happened until papa answered his unasked question.

"The girls were playing when my eldest accidently hit her in the head with some of her magic."

Pabbie gave Elsa a thoughtful glance before talking once more to our father. "Born with them or cursed?" He inquired. "She was born with them although we have no idea how."

I looked at Anna and noticed that there was a streak of white in her hair where she had been hit. Looking over at Elsa, she had noticed it too and held her head down, full of shame. Pabbie looked upon Anna and observed the white streak in her hair where it would normally match the rest of her hair.

"You are lucky it wasn't her heart. The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded."

Papa gave a small sigh of concern before looking upon the troll king and giving his permission to heal Anna. "Do what you must." Using his hands, he pulled a glowing blue orb from Anna that floated above her head, showing the memories of her along with Elsa and I playing with her magic.

"I recommend we remove all magic, even memories of magic to be safe...But don't worry, I'll leave the fun."

I watched as he manipulated Anna's memories of all of our snow days and snowman fun, changing them into ordinary days in winter where we would go out and play. Instead of a winter wonderland in the ballroom, we had been outside in the royal courtyard. When Elsa used her powers to move Anna's sled off of a small ledge, it then became Anna and Elsa sledding outside.

Once he was finished, he placed the blue orb of Anna's edited memories back into her mind and turned to all of us. "She will be okay." Elsa then piped up in a small scared voice. "She won't remember I have powers?" Papa turned to her and put his hand on her shoulder, "It's for the best."

"Listen to me Elsa, your power will only grow." through the Northern Lights, Pabbie shows her the figure of a young woman, presumably Elsa when she's older, creating beautiful snowflakes. "There is beauty in your magic, but also great danger..." I watched in shock as the lovely snowflakes transformed into icy shards and the lights went red. I heard Elsa give a frightened gasp and cover her mouth with her hand.

"You must learn to control it" He continued. Now human figures emerged and began to attack the figure of Elsa. "Fear will be your enemy". After all of this Elsa gasps and hides her face in papa's chest, he holds her protectively. For a moment, I hated these trolls for putting fear into Elsa, but realized without being able to control her powers, what the lights showed could be her fate.

"No. We'll protect her. She can learn to control it. I'm sure." Papa spoke, trying to confident to convince himself that his own words were true.

The gates were locked.

"Until then, we'll lock the gates. We'll reduce the staff. We will limit her contact with people and keep her powers hidden from everyone...including Anna."

The shutters were closed.

Anna watched in confusion as Elsa and I moved out of her room and into our new ones. Even though my powers hadn't hurt Anna and papa and mama were not aware of them, I requested to move out of my room like Elsa and they agreed. Elsa had a room across from Anna's, the doorframe was decorated in blue rosemaling while mine was decorated in purple. She sadly closed the door to her room, giving Anna one last glance almost as if saying "sorry". Anna looked down at her feet and then turned to me, my new room a door down from Elsa's.

I wanted to explain to her what was going on why Elsa and I were moving rooms, but if I did I would have to tell her everything and nothing good would come of that. So instead, I gave her a sad smile before shutting the door to my own room and flopping face-down onto my bed.

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