Hooray! The New Years Ball is here to ring in the 2014! Well, for us anyways...not for the Frozen characters 'cause they're like living in the 1600 to 1700-ish's. Anywho, feel free to grab some virtual food and count down to the new year with the Frozen characters and my OC's, Nora and her friend-that-may-become-more-than-a-friend-someday-in-the-future, Edvard. (P.S. The events of Frozen took place in July, according to Oaken..) Happy New Year!

5 Months Later...

I couldn't believe that it had already been five months since Elsa and I had accidentally frozen Arendelle. The story of the Snow Queen and the Princess of Air became a well-known tale that spread around to the surrounding kingdoms. Suitors were coming to the kingdom to try and win her love, but all that had come so far didn't strike Elsa's interest. At all.

Every few days, I'd receive a letter from Edvard asking me how things were and what was going on in Stockholm. I'd write him back and have the wind deliver the letter to him which he would get only a few hours after it was written. New Years was approaching and I couldn't wait to see him again for the party that the kingdom was hosting.

There would be many guests from all over the neighboring kingdoms,some even from other continents! Currently, I was running all over the palace watching the staff putting up decorations, holding the occasional ladder or flying up to hang a streamer myself. Amazing smells were coming from the kitchen, but I dared not to enter for fear of my on/off clumsiness making a mess of things.

Sliding into the ballroom, servants were cleaning the floor and getting everything spiffed up. Elsa was at the front of the room looking over a check-list and marking things off while Anna and Kristoff were in the back of the room talking quietly amongst themselves.

"Hey Elsa! How are things looking?"

Looking up from her clipboard she smiled at me and gestured to the rest of the decorated room. "Everything looks ready. The guests are going to be arriving soon." I gasped and quickly ran out of the ballroom, up the stairs, and down the hall until I reached my room. Opening up my wardrobe, I grabbed two boxes at the bottom with ribbons tied around them, one blue and one pink.

Sneaking into Anna and Elsa's rooms, I left each of them one of the boxes on their beds and hurried back into my room just as I hear their voices coming upstairs. Moving back to my wardrobe, I pull out my new dress that I had recently finished, it was a dark purple color that transitioned into lighter purple from dark to light, it had long translucent sleeves and the colors came together almost like a sunset along with silver spirals at the hem and bodice.

It took a few minutes to style my hair into wavy curls that would naturally fall over my shoulder but I managed. Emerging from my room in a whole new light, I looked to my left and right to see both of my sisters emerge from their rooms at the same time. I guess one thing we all had in common was that we were always on time to special events.

Well,...almost always...

"Nora! I love this dress!"

Anna did a little twirl in her excitement and skipped over to me to give me a big hug while Elsa gave me a small hug and sincerely thanked me. Anna's dress was in several different shades of pink with short off-shoulder sleeves. Rosemaling print was subtly patterned at the hem of the gown and the bodice. Her hair was styled into just one braid and after all this time it still felt odd to see her hair without the familiar white streak.

Elsa's dress was in three shades of blue and had puffy light blue sleeves and glittery snowflake designs printed on the hem and the bodice. She had her signature french braid with small snowflake and glittery ice-looking pins intertwined into her hair.

"Come on you guys, let's go!" I led the way as we all slid down the banister like when we were younger. Reaching the bottom of the steps, I got off of the railing and began walking down the steps, trying to look as regal as I possibly could considering I had just slid down a banister in a very un-princess-like manner.

Walking into the ballroom with Anna and Elsa beside me, we gasped in complete and total awe. The chandeliers were lit, the food and refreshments table was set and filled with desserts (if I may add), and a few small paintings from the gallery had been put up to set a mood. The room was already partially filled with guests and more were coming in, their names being announced by Kai who had in his hands a long list of parchment and it seemed that he was already half-way through.

"Lady Laura Cassandra of New York!"

The three of us moved up to the front of the room where Elsa's ice throne and our own ice chairs were. Honestly, greeting guests from other kingdoms was exciting, but whenever Kai's voice called a name, none of them were the name of the Swedish Prince that I had long expected to arrive immediately.

...I hoped that he would make it alright.

"Lady Ysabel of Lagendia!"

An exotic-looking young woman made her way over to the food and refreshment table where she began a conversation with the Duke of Denmark. Anna dismissed herself before going over to speak to Kristoff and to stuff her face with Krumkake, most likely...

"Lady Grey of Greenland!"

I heard strong Scottish accents coming from the entrance to the room and smiled when I saw the DunBroch family consisting of King Fergus, Queen Elinor, and their teenage daughter Princess Merida. Behind them were the new King and Queen of Corona, King Flynn/Eugene (I heard people called him by both) and his wife Queen Rapunzel.

"Lady Aria Veckenschtein!"

A young man came to the front of the room and offered Elsa a dance, which she politely refused and suggested me instead. Normally, I would try to weasel out of it, but Anna was already with Kristoff and I had no choice. See, I had a bit of a pet peeve about people that danced and stepped on your toes. The young Duke of course seemed like an 'okay' dancer when we began the waltz and I thought that maybe he was perhaps an actually decent dancer.

...Never in my life have I been so wrong.

"Sorry your majesty!" He kept apologizing as he stepped on my toes and I was getting a bit tired with dancing. I zoned out and shut out all of his apologies and just listened to Kai's voice, just waiting for the name of Edvard to be called.

"Lady Cynthia Silvers!"

Where could he be? Yes, the room was already filled with a lot of Dukes, but only a few Princes and Lords.

"Lady Selena of England!"

Lady Selena walked into the room and curtsied to a few other Lords before she looked at me and gave me a small sympathetic smile. Now that I though about it, I must have had a desperate look on my face but put on a fake smile as I dismissed myself. "Excuse me please, but I think my sister needs me." He bowed politely and I gave him a small curtsey of my own before zipping away to stand by Elsa.

"Lady Rowena Clodagh of Ireland!"

I gave a mental smirk when Lady Rowena was asked a dance by the same Duke that I had just gotten out of my hair, yet felt sorry for her when she accepted. Anna and Kristoff, to my great surprise, seemed to have vanished from the party unless they were outside on one of the balconies. I wonder what Kristoff must be thinking of this giant party since he's pretty much a loner.

"Duchess Terezi Arianna Pyleijon!"

Glancing over to the food table, people seemed to be enjoying themselves, good thing we had it completely stocked. Quickly sliding over to the refreshments tables, I grabbed a glass of punch and began eagerly chugging it down.

"Princess Allison of the Southern Isles! Prince Hans of the Southern Isles?"

Wait, what?! Having moved out to the balcony when I heard the announcement, I spit out all of the punch that had been in my mouth out over the balcony and into the night air. A couple, a few feet away, looked at me in utter disgust and the man pulled his date closer to him and I mouthed "sorry" before running back inside.

There he was. That dirty little scumbag that had tried to kill my sisters and myself! How did he even get an invitation?! On his arm, was a young woman with light blonde hair with blue streaks, blue eyes, and freckles. Wait a minute...was that..?

"Alli?! Princess Allison of the Northern Isles?!"


She ran over to me and gave me a huge hug before letting go and giving me a huge smile. I had met Alli when I was eleven and had went with papa on a small business trip up north to discuss treaties and whatnot. She was the seven year-old daughter of the King and we got along just fine once we began talking.

"Hey! Long time no see! Umm...I don't mean to be rude...but, WHY THE HECK IS HE HERE?!" I pointed my finger right in Hans' face and looked at me with a frightened expression, turning into a more calm look. "Nora, Nora, Nora! Look, I've changed! Okay? Ever since I met Alli, my life has been different. We're married now!"

Looking at Alli for confirmation, she held up her left hand where a large silver diamond ring sat on her finger. My jaw must have hit the floor and I gave Hans a level eighteen glare before raising one eyebrow. Turning to Alli, I gave an apologetic look before raising my arms into the air and throwing a blast of air at Hans, blowing him out one of the windows and into the fjord.

"Nothing personal Alli, I just can't forgive him for the terrible things he did to my family. Plus, as I recall, he was banned from Arendelle." She just smiled and laughed much to my extreme surprise.

"It's alright Nora. Besides, he tried to kill me once after our wedding...I beat him up."

She then ran off to the food tables and grabbed a few scoops of ice cream on a cone before running out of the palace, likely getting her husband.

"That,..was crazy! What happened?" I gave Elsa a sheepish look and explained throwing my best friend's husband out of the palace and she seemed aghast until

I told her who exactly I had thrown out. "Nora. Person who tried to kill our family or not, you shouldn't just be blasting people out of the windows!" I was about to argue when I heard it, those five wonderful words that emerged from Kai's mouth.

"Prince Edvard Thornell of Stockholm!"

"Sorry Elsa, I'll talk about it with you later, gotta run!" I met Edvard halfway and we both just stared into each others eyes for a few minutes. "It's great that you're here! I was afraid that the weather would affect your journey."

"Not at all. The weather was actually quite nice. Calm down Nora, you worry too much! Would her highness care for a dance?" He held out his hand which I gladly took and he led me out onto the dance floor where he spun me around a few times. The music changed, and everyone began one of the traditional Norwegian dances, while Edvard began jumping around a bit like a bird, I put my hands on my hips and did a little shimmy.

As soon as the music stopped, everyone in the room clapped for the musicians before beginning to either dance some more, or talk to one another.


"Yes Edvard?"

What did he want to tell me? Would it be a life decision or just a favor?

"Nora. Would you...ever, consider going back to Sweden with me?" My mouth opened up a bit and I could tell that I must have looked shocked. "Wait, you want..me, to come back to Sweden with you?" He nodded his head vigorously and I was speechless by his offer and enthusiasm. As he noticed my indecisive face, his own smile dropped and he tried to act like he wasn't disappointed.

"I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to...but, if you do want to..." He began to rock back and forth in an awkward manner and was fiddling with his hands. Finally, I found the words to respond to his invitation.

"Edvard. Look, you and I have only known each other for a few days and written to each other for a couple of months, and I truly love you, but...what are we exactly? I mean, five months ago you kissed me and we never really talked about it. What are we? Are we really good friends, are we courting..what?"

He had a small smile growing on his face and he held both of my hands in his and then pulled me closer to him. "I love you too Nora. With your permission and the permission of your sister, I would like to court you and have you meet my parents in Sweden."

"...Well, in that case...I accept!"

I wrapped him up into a big hug and over his shoulder, I saw Anna wink at me and Elsa gave me, what I'd like to call, an approving smile. My eyes fell onto the face of a clock and I gasped in shock and pulled away from Edvard.

"It's almost midnight!" I turned to Elsa and we both ran outside onto the balcony and began counting down with all of our other guests.

"...5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Simultaneously, we both shot our powers into the air and created firework-like explosions, Elsa created giant intricate snowflakes while I created extremely large and swirled spirals. Everyone looked up in awe and a few people back inside began to sing "Auld Lang Syne" while I just smiled as the explosions settled and fell down, releasing small embers that fell like snow.

An arm wrapped around my waist and Edvard kissed me on that balcony in the midst of falling snow from Elsa's snowflake explosion. It was different from last time and a bit longer too, I even let myself smile. Right now, it was just me and him as time itself seemed to slow and stop completely. When we pulled apart, I gave him another long hug and whispered into his ear,

"Happy New Year, Prince Edvard..."

"Happy New Year...Nora."

THIS IS THE END! Yes! Okay, okay...there's a sequel in the works now that probably won't come out right away though..Oh! By the way, Princess Allison doesn't belong to me, she belongs to my friend Elsa the Snow Queen and you (you know who you are ;) all belong to yourselves! The part where Nora spits out her punch in surprise, is actually based on something I once did...Anyway, Happy New Year guys! (Again!)



Nora's hairstyle (I think this hairstyle is so amazing!)


Anna's hairstyle is actually based on Elsa's hair concept drawings by Brittney Lee, the second drawing from the top.


Nora, Anna, & Elsa's dresses have sunset/sunrise color themes only with one color in different shades, Elsa=Blue, Nora=Purple, & Anna=Pink

The dance Nora performs with Edvard is the same as Anna had done with the Duke of Wesselton, only performed CORRECTLY.


Thank you all of you supportive readers, reviewers, favoriters, and followers! Look out for the sequel when Nora sets off to Sweden and meets Edvard's parents, who aren't exactly shiny happy people...