OC character. proffesional thief/spy codenamed Crowley goes to Arkham City in an attempt to get rich off the criminal underworld's worst crime bosses.

I do not own the rights to Arkham City or anything related to it.

Chapter 1


Catwoman hung upside down in the clutches of Two-Face and his goons after attempting to steal loot from his vault. After all that and getting threatened to death she still showed little fear. Instead she calmly hung there with her arms crossed waiting for a chance to break free and attack him.

"You really know how to keep a girl hanging, Harv." She said as the gun holding Two-Face stood in front of her after giving a speech to his men that bored her nearly to tears.

"The coin says you die kitty." He said pointing his gun.

Suddenly a light thud sounded behind him followed by a dark hand grabbing his wrist. He fell to his knee as a strange shadowed person put him in an armbar.

"Its about time Batman." She said, "I was beginning to miss you."

Two-Face grunted, "So what now? You gonna take on all my men and me?"

The mystery person simply leaned in, "Who said anything about fighting? This isn't gonna be much of a fight at all."

Two-Face gasped in surprise as a thin wire wrapped around his feet and pulled him to the ground. Then the dark man jumped faster than they all could see and landed over him covering his face. Two-Face struggled to break his grip, but the person was relentless and slammed his head onto the hard floor. The goons all closed in, but closed in on nothing as the person disappeared.

"Where the hell did he go?" Said one of the goons.

"Oh boys." Called Catwoman still hanging, "I know you're all too stupid to realize but that's not Batman."

"Shut up, Cat. You'll pay too for the boss getting hurt. Everyone spread out and find him."

The one at the furthest back turned around and saw him. Not batman at all. He wore a black lightly armored suit with a red pentagram on the chest. His boots were thick ninja style boots unlike the traditional thin sock boots. Around his waist was a black utility belt with red pouches and a wire coil line with a kunai knife attached to the end. He didn't wear a mask, just a simple pair of small nightvision looking goggles. So his face was easily visible to be a rather clean cut and handsome man. His hair was jet black and rather shaggy. The only thing Catwoman found strange about him was his body type. He was much more slender than Batman, though he was performing better stealth than she had ever seen from the dark knight.

The next moment went almost too fast for the goons to see. The strange man had flung his wire Kunai at them cutting the first one across the neck. He then spun around and flung it in a circle cutting throught everyone within its range. Now two only remained in a matter of seconds. Then one as the stranger threw the kunai straight at one of them sticking it into his chest and pulled him onto his face in front of him. He then finished him off by slamming his head onto the hard floor.

The final goon had collapsed to his back and was crawling away in extreme fear. Catwoman watched both questioning who he really was and wanting to know more. A lot more. She nearly found herself purring at the exciting scene that was taking place in front of her.

"No. No please." Cried the goon.

The stranger suddenly stopped and disappeared again. The final goon stood up shaking looking around just like one would if they were facing batman. Only the fear this man was experiencing was much worse. He thought for sure that in a few moments his life would be taken by this scary new stranger.

"Oh god." He sobbed to himself.

Suddenly a breath could be felt on his right ear, "No… Just me."

The man tried to scream, but was silenced by a wire wrapped around his neck. Now the only sounds he could make were the painful choking sounds from his inability to breathe. Then he went limp and the mysterious stranger simply tossed him on the ground. He then turned to the safe which was what he came for in the first place.

"Um. Hellooo!" Called Catwoman, "Little help here."

The rope weighed down towards the acid and Catwoman looked up. The stranger had clung to the rope above her in seconds. He held onto her hand and held a blade to the rope with the other. The only thing that held him onto the rope was his feet with an impressive strength.

"Aw look at you, Handsome." She said getting a good look at his face, "We're holding hands."

He cut the rope and she fell downward, but he held her up and climbed up the rope with one hand. He then slung her onto his back and jumped to the safe floor. He set her down and the two stared at each other.

"Well well." She said, "My savior sure is a hunk."

He turned around and made his way back to the safe. Suddenly a clawed hand grabbed onto his shoulder.

"Sorry baby." She said, "But that safe is mine."

"Says the girl who got caught." He replied with a smart mouth tone. "I deserve some sort of reward. And that safe is just that."

He turned around and took a step toward the safe again, but the clawed hand pulled him back again.

"I got a better idea." She said, "But first. What's your name, cutie?"

He gave a smirk under his skull mask and replied, "Crowley… call me Crowley. Babe's good too though."

She rubbed her clawed hand on his well toned chest and circled him seductively, "Alright, handsome. Tell you what. You help me out some more and I can get you a reward worth ten of those."

He thought for a second not knowing what this woman looked like or weather or not he should trust her. But if she tried to kill him she wouldn't have a chance so he decided he had nothing to lose.

"Alright, why not?" He asked, "I love to help out a hottie anyway."

She kissed him on the cheek and went to the safe collecting all the money. Suddenly she pulled out a small piece of paper.

"Why don't you meet me at my hideout?" she said, "It'll be the perfect place to meet, plus I gotta get a few things anyway. And." Her tone turned to a seductive tone and she began running her fingers on his chest again, "It'll give us some time to. Hehehe. Have some fun."

"Sounds good." He replied. "See you there."

"Bye baby." She said walking out of the room. "I'm Catwoman by the way."

He looked out the window and watched Catwoman climbing the roof across the street. He then looked to the right and saw an RPG being aimed at the building. He immediately rushed out the door twirled his wire kunai. He aimed straight at the roof and flung it straight to the spot. Then in a matter of seconds he pulled himself up the rope and to the roof in one tug. He watched the scene below him where the thugs were closing in to find him.

Suddenly one of them lifted a rock and saw Two-Face. "Oh crap." He said, "We hit the boss. We are so dead."

Crowley shook his head and walked away, "Dumbasses."

With one huge leap he jumped across the street and landed on the side of the building, his feet holding him up by a window seal. He then jumped up and ran up the wall to the next seal where he kicked off again and jumped up to the roof. As he got to the edge of that roof he jumped across the street and ran up the wall until he got to the roof and ran along the rooftops like that until he got close to his destination. He looked down and saw that it looked simply like an old beat up apartment. Everything was boarded shut except for the dark oak door.

He jumped down and threw his rope dart at the railing to the apartment. He gave a hard tug and flew up to the walkway. He then simply approached the door and gave a light knock.

"Anyone home?" He said.

Suddenly he looked down and heard a meow. A black cat rubbed up against his leg purring. He picked it up and began petting it.

"Guess this is the place. No point in knocking I guess." He said opening the door with the cat in one arm.

Crowley opened the door and walked in not worried about what was happening beyond and confident that it wouldn't matter. The place was pretty nice to say the least. Expensive furniture and art work cluttered the house of the obvious thief, Catwoman. He kept the little kitten in his arm as he slowly made his way deeper into the apartment.

In no time at all the leather clad Catwoman appeared to his right. He leaned against the corner and propped her leg up seductively. "Oh I think he likes you." She said taking the cat from his hands and setting it down. She rubbed her clawed hand all over his toned chest and circled him seductively.

"Very impressive." She said then grabbed his crotch feeling the size of his dick, "Oh. Very very impressive."

He turned around to begin returning the favor grabbing her butt and squeezing it.

The backed away teazingly and walked to the back of the room, "Oh, no. As much as I'd like to ride you're cock. I don't yet know if I can trust you."

"Why not?" He replied, "I saved you didn't I? I thought that was enough."

"Yeah. But who knows. Anything can happen in this city. So I'll make you a deal. Work with me and help me out and you'll get the benefits. I promise."

He grinned confidently, "Well it's not like I got anything to lose. Plus I'd love to dominate you all night as well. So yeah I'll help you... just know that if you try to kill me, your head will be gone." He run his hand across his throat as if decapitating, "Got it sweet cheeks?"

"Oh yes handsome." She replied getting dangerously close again, "So what do you say. Shall we get straight to work or what?"

He nodded, "The sooner the better."

Crowley is meant to be a major anti hero. Relying only on his selfish desires, but also the morals to only kill the evil and rob the evil. Take note that this is meant to be a lemon story, so expect a lot of crude and sexual terms... A lot.

Character note:

Crowley's secret identity or story hasn't been revealed yet. But you get the idea of what it may have been like since he is incredibly stealthy and has almost inhuman strength and agility. His design is somewhat that of a ninja/modern black ops soldier.