Crowley has revealed his story to Catwoman. Now the pair have finished their mission and are about to escape.

Chapter 4

Fun in the freeze room

Crowley and Catwoman had made it to the armory and were bagging every valuable item they could get their hands on. The cases had a special security on the buttons, but Crowley managed to get them open anyway. After a while Catwoman heard a loud sound coming from the torture room. He looked at her and she simply shook her head and kept going.

"Lets not stick around long enough to find out." She said.

Suddenly she heard a swoop behind her which was kind of familiar. She looked back and saw a familiar pointy headed figure. It was Batman. Crowley was out of sight of the Dark Knight so she simply set down her bag next to him.

"I'll be right back, handsome." She whispered, "Why don't you get the rest for me?"

He nodded with his mask and goggles on, "Sure thing."

He turned around to the button in front of him and continued to hack it while Catwoman swayed her hips across the room and up the stairs where Batman watched.

"Why are you here, Selina?" He said from the shadows in a deep brooding voice.

"Just helping myself to Penguin's loot." She replied innocently, "What about you?"

"I am here to save Mr. Freeze." He replied, "Who is that you were with?"

"Well." She said with her hand on her hip and looked down at Crowley who had moved to another case in their view, "Funny you should ask. You see you're far too busy so I helped myself to him… He's quite the man you know. I think he nearly broke the place."

Batman kept a straight face and kept his eyes on Crowley, "Funny."

"What's wrong Mr. Brooding?" She said in an innocent tone, "Jealous much. I would have been more than willing to give you what he got… But you'd rather waste your time with criminals."

"You know I don't have a choice, Selina." She said, "The people of Gotham need me. And I can't be distracted by such things."

"So what you're… okay with this?" She replied surprised, "You're no fun."

The Two looked at Crowley for another second who hacked and snatched the items as if they were nothing.

"Well hey." She said, "Why don't you have him help you out? He's quite handy and a great fighter."

"No thanks." He replied, "I see his pistol and I don't need someone who kills."

Catwoman turned around and walked back down the stairs, "Okay. But the offer is still on if you need him. You two do have the same master you know."

Batman shot her a look then looked down at Crowley then walked back out the door. She smirked and shook her head giggling then walked back down the stairs.

Crowley bagged the last item and stood up facing her. She smiled at him assuming that the face under his mask was actually smiling. She walked up to him and pulled up his mask laying yet another long kiss on him.

Crowley had dropped the bag and put his hands around her waist holding her tightly against his body. Suddenly he heard lots of noise and looked to the right to see that the three hostages that Penguin's men had taken were running as fast as they could for the exit.

The pair watched them escape but shrugged it off and returned to kiss, "Well. Now that we're all alone."

She grabbed his hand and pulled it up over her right tit.

"In here?" He said, "A public place like this?"

"Why not." She put her hand on her hip then held herself against his body again, "If we get an audience again you can just shoot them."

"Hehe." He chuckled reaching down and running his hand up her leg, "Kinky aren't ya?"

She smiled then reached up pulling off his goggles and setting them down next to the bag. The two of them held their long kiss as Crowley squeezed her butt harder, rubbing it as she moaned smiling between kisses. Her soft tongue just made it more pleasurable for him and he got wilder and more frantic.

Finally she pulled away grinning at him with her leg bumped up against his crotch. "Ooh. Hard already?"

He grinned, "You're to blame for that one sweetie."

"hmhm." She rubbed her palm against his crotch and pressed her tits against his armored chest.

Suddenly she fiddled with his pants and his belt fell to the floor. Then with little effort she unbuttoned his pants and dropped them around his ankles. She stared at his cock hungrily and smiled taking it in her hand and licking it.

"Oh me-ow." She chuckled.

He grunted and pushed her head down. She held her hand back and pushed him to the floor taking out her whip and zipping her suit all the way down. She stood over him with his dick pointed straight at the ceiling and gave the whip a loud crack.

"Like the rough shit huh?" He said recalling all the claw marks that were still slightly bleeding

She giggled and gave it a few more cracks before landing a hard blow on his chest which was only save by his armored chest. She cracked him a few more times then leaped downward onto his lap. She rubbed her hand on his face the pulled his mask all the way off revealing his shaggy hair and blue eyes.

She moaned and giggled as he pulled her butt down. Her tits poked out revealing her rock hard nipples because of the frigid temperature. He took one in his mouth licking her nipple and sending shivers up her spine. She hugged his head to her chest tightly and reached back for his cock. She stroked it lovingly until finally she had had enough. She pulled him to hus feet then bent over the railing.

"Come on tough guy. Shove it in already." She moaned.

Crowley grabbed her by the hips and without warning went right in. Catwoman moaned at the top of her lungs as he bumped against nearly the back of her pussy. Loud claps of skin on skin sounded throughout the room with an echo.

Crowley pulled her back roughly while pounding against her perfect ass as hard as he could. The inner walls of her pussy constricted around his dick sending chills up both of their spines. Catwoman felt only tingles all over her body which went along with the amazing feeling of having his dick violate her from behind.

Crowley thrusted forward as hard as he could against the restricting walls of her warm pussy that only made him want to go crazier. He acted as such and went harder and harder. This leather clad woman bent over the railing was the sexiest women he had met. Catwoman's feeling was mutual and she found herself moving her hips back wanting him to go deeper, faster, harder.

"Ah! Oh fuck-fuck-fuck. Ungh! Yeah! Come on pound this kitty!"

Crowley pulled out much to her disappointment and spun her around. She reached down to stroke his dick but instead he swatted her hand away and grabbed her soft, wet thighs. He held her up and she locked her legs around his waist while giving him a playful yet desperate smile. His dick roamed around the outside of her pussy as it dripped like a faucet. Suddenly he held her up and slammed her hips down, his dick sliding in. Catwoman arched her back as she felt it knock against he womb on impact.

It felt amazing and she found herself bouncing up and down with extacy. Crowleys hands squeezed her thighs while his mouth roamed across her neck and found her sweet spot. She let out shouts of such pleasure she was surprised no one had heard them yet. She didn't quite mind though. Though she did flirt a lot with men to trick them, this deffinately was not the case. She clung to him as hard as she could and even found herself licking his face lovingly.

Catwoman felt the tingling getting more and more frantic as it grew to hights she never thought possible. No comprehendable action could be though of other than shaking around and slamming her body against his as hard as she could. Her claws dug into the armored plating of his back.

Crowley's dick felt increasingly hot and he trembled at the amazing sensation that was growing inside of him. "Ugh. Selina... I think I'm gonna."

He tried pulling out but she clenched onto him tighter and pulled herself deeper, "Uh uh. Inside. Give me all the cream."

Right after she said that it was too much for Crowley. His load filled the deepest reaches of her pussy and dripped onto the floor. Tingles went up her spine as she felt it hit against every inch of her insides. What was she thinking? This was the second time that same night that the man she just met came inside her. And for some reason she didn't mind.

They sat down together on the ground with Catwoman's tits and pussy still sweaty and poking out of her suit. Crowley's dick pointed at the ceiling like a goddamn flag pole but he they were both too tired to cover up just yet.

Catwoman panted with her head rested on his shoulder. "You're amazing." She moaned then leaned up to kiss him.

The two held the kiss for a long time. A moment that fluttered their hearts and seemingly drove all other cares away. Then.

"Well well well." Said a voice below them, "Isn't this touching?"

Crowley looked over his shoulder and saw a group of thugs gathered below them weilding pipes and knives. Catwoman gave Crowley a confident nod with a smile and he got up. He pulled up his pants and pulled his mask back on.

Then finally he hopped over the rail and landed swiftly in the middle if the crowd. Immediately a pipe flew his way. "I'm gonna make you cry, Crowley!"

He ducked and gave a standing uppercut followed by a spinning jump kick to the side of his head. A knife went at him onlu for the weilder's arm to be twisted to stab himself. Crowley slashed the blade upward then tossed the other end into his hand. He turned around and threw the blade right into his neck.

"After I'm done with you I'm gonna cut me a liece of that sweet kitty ass."

The rather offensive remark was only met with a boot to the face. The goon stumbled back and immediately found himself being choked by a thin wire that cut his skin. Crowley yanked down as hard as he could until the man went limp and suddenly found him with the last one who, smart enough, ran in the other direction. With the flick of the wrist Crowley whilled out his pistol and shot him in the head.

Catwoman grabbed the masked man from behind running her fingers along his armored chest, "Boo! Heehee. Got you."

She handed him one of the bags and shook her hips teezingly toward the door. She looked over her shoulder, "Lets go see how. Mr Penguin is doing."

sorry for the long wait but I hope this was a great thing to come back to. We all have thought about doing what crowley did and for the ladies reading I hope Crowley is sexy enough for you as well as the romance.