Sawamura`s poem for makoto :

Princess in my heart

Something happened with me. I can`t understand it. When I feel it , see it or think about it. What is that?

I don`t know what`s wrong in me. When I saw her I can smile. When I saw her I can laugh. When I saw her I can cry too.

She is my love. My first love. I have first love? Who can think about that?

My princess I want to tell you something. Last night I count the stars up in the sky in front of my house. When I finished count there is 300 stars but when I repeat count they`re only 298 stars why? Because 2 stars again are in your eyes...

So .. I hope the stars always there.. For you and for me.. I love you with all of my hearts. My girl...

" waw! Thanks masahiro! Beautiful poem!" , said Mako . "Not! Not at all" , Said sawamura and he kissed makoto!!!

(sorry if it`s bad! But. I will make romence words again about them!) ^-^