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Vegeta smiled down at his sleeping mate. She had done it. She had successfully birthed his heir a little over a week ago now. It hadn't been without its moments of difficulty. She had hemorrhaged badly and the blood loss was almost critical to her health. Thankfully he'd had the foresight to bring her to a planet that would be able to help her. He had been very pleased with them and the care they had given her. He had not left her side.

He had been so afraid for her safety; he had been so angry with himself for allowing such a thing to happen and he was angry with her for refusing to listen to him at the beginning of all this. However, to his amazement, she had made it through. Never had he felt as proud of her as he had in those grueling moments that she had gone through to give him his son. He had felt completely helpless, unable to help her, unable to contribute to anything that was going on except to be an encouraging presence by her side as she struggled. His seemingly weak mate had given him a strong, healthy son. He was so proud of her and the moment she was finished and the child breathed his first breaths, he had been so awe struck and moved that he had all but forgotten his anger. Though once things had settled down, he had told her on no uncertain terms was she to conceive another child ever again. He would not put her through that again and he most certainly did not want to be put through it again either.

The boy was a decent size, healthy and without defect. He had lavender hair much to Vegeta's amazement. Not that it was a defect, but it had thrown him when he had first seen his son's lavender hair. Now, almost a week later, it had grown on him and he wouldn't change it for anything. The boy also had his mother's piercing blue eyes, but had inherited his father's sterns scowl, slightly tanned skin and a tail. At least the tail was brown. A true, normal Saiyan tail. It was the only part of him that confirmed that part of his paternity.

Vegeta left his mate now. She would be asleep for another few hours and then they would leave. They had cleared her and said she could leave in the morning. They were heading back to Callisto to visit her parents and show them their grandchild. They would also get to meet Kakarott's brat. He would have been born by now. Vegeta was eager to know how that had went and if the child was strong as well? His father was unusually strong for a third class warrior, there was no reason to believe that his son would not have inherited that as well. He was just interested in knowing how these two half-Saiyan brats would develop. It was going to be interesting.

Vegeta headed back to his ship and sat at the front seat. He sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose. The time had finally come. He was dreading it. Bulma had been on his case nearly non-stop since they had arrived on the planet Tonga that he contact his father, if for no other reason to notify him that he was alright, alive and well. They had fought and argued about it constantly. He did not want his father knowing that she was alright and that they were together and expecting a child. Not that he was ashamed. He feared that his father would send out soldiers to seek them out and assassinate her. He could easily defend her from anyone if he met up with them head on, but he feared that if they found them and they were in a ship in the middle of the galaxy, they could easily shoot them down. How could he protect her from that? He couldn't. If he was going down because of his choice to be with her, he would go down honorably in traditional combat protecting his family with his last breath; not being shot down like a defenseless dog.

Bulma had worked on a gadget for the communication device on the ship. It cancelled the ship's signal, making it untraceable if he decided to contact his father; or so she claimed. He trusted her brilliant mind, but was still afraid there may be some way for them to be found.

After staring at the device for a long moment, he decided to make the damned call already. Warn his father that he was coming and that his time to rule was limited. He punched in the coordinates and sent the call. The video monitor popped up and seconds later a Saiyan showed up on the screen.

"This is Prince Vegeta," he said to the young Saiyan. "I wish to speak with my father. If he is busy, let him know I must speak with him immediately."

"Yes, your highness," the youth stammered. "It is good to see you." He added quickly with a small smile before putting the call on hold; a blank screen staring back at him.

Vegeta crossed his arms and huffed in irritation as he sat there, on hold for several minutes. He knew this would be a complete waste of his time. He did not wish to see or hear from his father, despite his need to gloat over Frieza's demise. Other than that, he had nothing to say to the man. He had never been particularly close to him and after being sent away to Frieza that had destroyed any relationship they may have been able to build. Then his part in trying to eliminate Bulma and sending him back to serve under Frieza had been the final straw for Vegeta. The man had no respect for him. He treated him as a child that could not make his own decisions and an inconvenience to be pawned off to someone else.

The hatred he had built up for his father had only intensified in the past week he himself had become a father. He could not understand giving up your one and only son over to a known mad man to raise and shape. It had been well known what a twisted and demented individual Frieza was for many years. His father would have known what he was sending his son to. Maybe not the specifics, but he would have known. His repeated plea that he was clueless to Frieza's true intentions a lie, and if it wasn't, to plead ignorance was just as bad in Vegeta's mind. Once his father had suspected that he had been wrong in sending him to train under Frieza, he should have done what he could to get him out of there. Not look the other way and pretend that nothing was wrong. And especially not send him back years later!

Vegeta could not understand, and he never would. He had told himself over and over again that it was because he was not a father. That was why he could not understand his father's point of view. However over the past week that he had become a father, it had been plaguing him. He still did not understand. The brat was only a little over a week old and he knew he would do whatever he could to shelter him from anything evil and vile; he would protect him with his last breath if it came down to that. His pride would not allow him to do anything else. That was his son. The first good thing he had ever done in his life. He would not allow anyone with less than good intentions even near him or his mate.

As the minutes ticked by and the more agitated he became, he began to second guess his decision in even calling the man. Would he be simply endangering his family by letting him know that he was alive and well and had a family of his own? Even if he did not tell him now that he had a family, his father would send out spies all over the galaxy to gather as much information as he could on him and where he had been all this time. He would find out eventually anyway, if he didn't know already.

No, Vegeta decided to tell him. He would hear about it from him and only him. He was not ashamed of his choice in mate and he was not ashamed of his son either. Bulma had earned the right to stand by his side and be called his mate. He was proud of her.

"It's nice of you to finally decide to contact me. I was beginning to think you had done something stupid that had led to your demise." His father said, finally appearing on the screen. "What do you want, boy?"

Vegeta clenched his teeth. He hated when his father called him Boy. He hadn't been a boy for many years. "To let you know that I will be returning soon."

"With or without that blue-haired wench?" his father replied dryly, at which Vegeta frowned. "Yes, I already know, son. Did you think I would not have sent scouts out looking for you after not hearing neither word no sound from you all this time? I know she somehow miraculously survived that blast that day. What a pity to have tied yourself down to her. I obviously taught you nothing over the years. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Selling yourself out to a mere bed slave. Your ancestors are probably rolling around in their graves over that one. You disgrace and spit all over your heritage by acting out and behaving in such a manner.

"Son, you are nothing more than a laughing stock over here! You were once so promising. You were the legendary reborn and you throw your legacy away for want of a worthless slave?" his father lectured.

Vegeta smirked at his father, ignoring his angry tirade and cruel remarks. So he had not heard everything. "You are right, father," He nodded. "I did spit all over my people and heritage for want of a seemingly worthless slave in everyone else's eyes. However, you were also right that I am the legendary reborn. I have not thrown my legacy away; not entirely. Behold." He said, getting up and taking a few steps back and then phased into all his Super Saiyan glory.

Vegeta sat back down and smiled at his father's dumbstruck face. "You see, I have fulfilled my destiny. I am the strongest warrior in the galaxy now that Frieza is dead by my hand."

"My son, how did you-?"

"It was not that hard," Vegeta shrugged arrogantly. "And I could not have done it without that so-called worthless slave of mine."

"Vegeta, Son. You must return home, immediately."

"And why now the sudden urgency, father?" he asked with distain.

"King Cold has declared war on Vegeta-sei because of your slaying his son." The king said. "You have no idea what it is you have done by doing that."

"I knew exactly what I was doing. I was ridding the universe of an evil tyrant," Vegeta replied.

"At what cost, Vegeta?" the King yelled.

"At the cost of knowing that another child will never be forced to serve him or be degraded by him, as I was, ever again and at the near cost of my mate." Vegeta said. "I will return, and I will wage war against King Cold if that is what he wishes to do and I will kick his ass, humiliate him and sever his head just as I did to his son."

"He controls half the galaxy, Vegeta," the king sighed. "We cannot overcome those odds. Seeing as you have managed to ascend, we may have a chance, but I need you to return immediately."

"I shall be returning in due time and it will be on my terms. Not yours."

"I see, so it all depends on the bitch, does it?" the king said cruelly. "Once she gives you her permission to return to where you really belong? A piece of advice, Vegeta; leave her behind."

"She has nothing to do with my decision to return or not. In fact it is because of her constant nagging that I am even making this call."

"Further proving my case, my son." The King nodded. "Whom is a slave to whom? Hmm?"

Vegeta glared at his father.

"If you have any care at all for the girl, you will leave her for good and come home," his father sighed. "If you cannot do that, then consider this our last and final conversation. The council, the people and I will not accept an alien queen. If you have produced any offspring with this girl, I recommend you put them both down now. Do it quickly and quietly and return home."

"And if I show up with her?"

"She will be killed." The king said. "I will see to it personally. Have you any idea the uproar that was caused over her the last time? Half the people loved her and the other half were outraged that you would choose her over one of your own. Now that that whole thing has finally blown over and been forgotten, I will not have you bring her back here causing issues all over again.

"You need to use your head, Vegeta. You have betrayed your race, but there is hope for you yet. Come home and make amends, write this off as a foolish lapse in judgement due to your youth. Rid yourself of her for good, grieve on your way back here and move on with your life the way you were meant to. You can have any woman here of your choosing to be your mate. So long as she is Saiyan, I will not question it."

"I have already made my choice." Vegeta replied firmly. "I have a mate. We share a complete bond."

"Well, then you have my utmost sympathies, my son." The King said, disappointment evident in his features. "I tried to spare you of the burden, but as usual, you do not care to listen to my council. Take care." He said and disconnected the call.

Vegeta sat there for a moment, speechless from the conversation. He had not expected it to go well and he most certainly expected that his father would not accept his union with Bulma; but to simply dismiss him like he were nothing more than a bother and failure to him? That angered him more than anything and he didn't know why. He already knew his father considered him a failure. He had stopped trying to gain his approval years ago.

He exited the ship and headed back inside the hospital to where Bulma was. He exhaled in relief when he saw her laying there just as peacefully as she had been when he had left; the fact that his father knew that she lived sent a chill down his spine. He could not afford to have her or his son out of his sight for even a moment. He looked briefly at the sleeping child in the basinet at the end of her bed. He was sleeping soundly as well. Instead of taking his seat in the chair next to the bed, he crawled in next to her, pulling her close into his arms.

"Vegeta?" she murmured sleepily.


"Where did you go?" she asked, she could tell he was upset about something.

"Nowhere," he said.

"No, you went somewhere." She corrected. "What's wrong?"

He sighed irritably; sometimes the bond was more trouble than it was worth. "I went to ready the ship to ensure it was ready for tomorrow morning if you must know, nosy woman. Go back to sleep. We leave first thing."

"Oh, okay. Did you call your father?" she asked, snuggling into his side.

"I did." He growled.

"Good. I'm glad." She said with a weak smile, trying to keep her eyes open. She was still so tired. "What happened? What did he say? Was he at least happy to hear from you?"

"Woman, who do you think we are talking about here? Have you forgotten what my father is like?" he replied harshly though he hadn't meant to be. "Never mind, go back to sleep. We will discuss it once we leave."

"Alright," she said with a yawn. "But even if he was mean, deep down I know he's glad to have heard from you. You still did the right thing."

"We'll see," he said, settling in with her. Had he done the right thing? Now that his father knew he was alive and well and was with Bulma all along, would he still just leave him be? Or would he have them hunted down now? If his father had known about him and Bulma all along, why had he not done anything? He was thankful, but wondered. Now had he rocked the boat and just started the beginning of something? He decided that it was to his advantage that his father seemed to not know that he had an heir and was glad he had not mentioned it. That would probably make his father put out a bounty on Bulma if he wasn't doing that already at this very moment.

He felt another wave of anger wash through him at his father's words and wished he had not contacted him at all. He should have just shown up on Vegeta-sei and at the first threat that had been uttered from his mouth he could have blasted him then and there. No one would dare say anything against him or his choice of mate after that.

He was at a loss of what to do now. Should he leave Bulma on Calisto and deal with his father? Or bring her with him like he had originally planned? His father had warned him to not bring her. Would he be endangering her by bringing her with him? Or would it be a mistake leaving her behind where he would not be able to protect her himself should his father send people out to hunt her down in an effort to rid him of her for good? He didn't know what to do. The only thing he knew he had to do was find a way to make sure that his mate and son were safe. Other than that, he didn't know. He just did not know.


"Yes, King Cold. I have just spoken with my son and he plans on returning here. I am not sure when, but he will return." King Vegeta said into a computer screen to the large Ice-jin King. Unlike is son, he was a monstrous sight to behold. Where Frieza had been small and compact in appearance, King Cold was huge. King Vegeta scoffed at the similarities in their predicaments. Vegeta was a miniaturized version of himself, much like Frieza was a much smaller version than his father. Both sons had tremendous power and potential and both of them were a thorn in their father's sides.

"Do we have a deal then, King Vegeta?" the other king asked.

"We can make an arrangement, yes. You can have custody of him and are free to deal with him as you see fit in exchange that you leave my planet alone. I have had no dealings with Vegeta since he left with Frieza and it has been nearly a year since I last heard from him. I had no knowledge of his plans to assassinate your son. He acted entirely of his own accord." Vegeta said.

"I see." Cold nodded. "You are sure you are alright with handing over your only son? You do not have another heir am I correct? Just Vegeta?"

"Currently Vegeta is my one and only heir, but not for long. My new mate is heavy with child."

"I see," King Cold nodded. "Such a hardship it is having offspring, is it not? You put all your time and energy bringing them up and have such high hopes for them but in the end, all they do is disappoint."

"It can be a trial, yes." King Vegeta nodded. "I will succeed with this child where I indeed failed with Vegeta."

"Does he still have the Woman?" Cold asked. "My source said he had left with her, though she wanted nothing to do with him. They had turned her against him somehow."

"He did indicate that they were together, yes."

"Excellent. Then I shall have her as well." Cold said. "My source also informed me she was pregnant with his child."

"If such is the case, you may have them both. Do as you please, I do not wish to even know of the abomination." Vegeta said in disgust. "We will have to plan this carefully. If he returns home with her, he will not leave her unguarded."

"Notify me when he arrives, Vegeta. I will make a plan. When I hear from you, I will fill you in and we will proceed. I will send out spies to locate the woman, that way if he does not arrive with her, she can be easily detained and maybe you will not have to worry about handing him over. He will come by his own accord."

"Alright." King Vegeta nodded and King Cold severed the connection.

"I know this is difficult but you are making the right choice, your Highness." Paragus said to the King. "Vegeta has always been nothing but trouble for you. This way you can get him out of the way and avoid losing a war we cannot win and start fresh with a new heir to carry out your legacy and Vegeta-sei will continue to thrive. This is a win/win decision for all of us."

"Yet it does not feel that way," the King sighed. "I must betray my only son."

"You betray a son who has betrayed you and his entire race and planet for want of a slave, your Highness. What kind of king would he make once you are gone? He will run the planet into ruins. Unless he heeds your advice and disposes of the woman, this is the only option."

"I suppose you are right." King Vegeta nodded. "Only time will tell."

Paragus nodded and dismissed himself from the King's study. Finally! After years of plotting and planning, things were finally coming together for him. Years and years of faithful service and careful manipulation was going to finally pay off big!

Both royals of Vegeta-sei were about to be easily eliminated thanks to his cunning and meddling. That it was all coming together now so quickly was almost unbelievable. He had to keep himself from laughing in glee at how things were developing.

Now the blue-haired woman. What was to be done with her? She was the unknown variable in all of this and had to be done away with. He had severely underestimated her. When the prince had first arrived with her in tow he had not seen her as a threat. He had written her off as simply another whore who would soon lose the prince's interest. Who could have predicted that the prince would actually want her? His father had new concubines sent to his quarters on a weekly if not daily basis. He would screw them and dismiss them if he didn't kill them in the midst of bed play. Who would have thought his son would be any different? Paragus had assumed that within a week or a month at the most the prince would have grown bored of the girl and that would have been that.

He had never once considered the possibility that Vegeta would mate with the little bitch. It had been a huge relief when Frieza had executed her that day he had blown the ship. That should have been the end of it. That she had managed to survive and that Vegeta had actually found her and took up with her was beyond surprising and completely unexpected. Paragus wasn't sure what the best course of action with regards to her was. Eliminate her or use her to get to Vegeta? It was a gamble. She was obviously a valuable commodity to him and therefore a huge weakness. Vegeta could be manipulated into doing almost anything if Paragus had her in his custody. And if the rumors about her brilliant mind were true, maybe she could be persuaded to work for them in exchange for her life and Vegeta's. It would be interesting indeed to see how things would unfold in the coming weeks.

Paragus smirked to himself as he headed down the hall to the Royal Wing of the palace where his daughter was most likely resting. She was about eight month's heavy with child, due to give birth in another month or so. The pregnancy had been hard on her and she was now advised to remain on strict bed rest, for any physical activity may put the King's new heir at risk.

He nodded at the two guards stationed outside her door and they let him in. He shook his head at his daughter when he saw her standing outside on the balcony. "Dear, you are to be in bed resting. Have you not heard a word the physicians have told you?"

"I know," Asia sighed in annoyance. "But my back hurts from lying in bed. Standing up and walking over to the balcony to get some air and sun is not going to hurt anything. It's not like I'm going out to spar. I cannot wait to get this child birthed. I never want to do this again."

"It is for the good of the planet." Her father said. "Prince Vegeta contacted his father this morning."

Asia's eyes lit up. "He did? Is he well? Is he returning?"

Paragus nodded. "He is, however he is still bonded to that girl. We suspect she has given him a child as well."

"Oh," she sighed in disappointment. She had so been hoping that Vegeta would return home, destroy his father and then by default take her as his queen since she was already queen. It couldn't be more perfect!

"Do not fear, daughter." Paragus consoled, bringing her a chair from inside so she could sit outside if that was what she wanted to do. "Vegeta will most likely come here without his mate for fear of endangering her and take out his father, thus taking his position as king. That still leaves you as next for him to take as his mate."

"But how can I be that if he has a mate he's bonded to?" Asia asked.

"King Vegeta will send spies out to collect her if Vegeta leaves her to come here. If we have her, we can control him."

"And if Vegeta brings her with him?"

"I do not think he will be stupid enough to do that. The king strongly advised him against doing so. However if he does, we will take her and she will remain in our custody and destroy any child they may have produced. Your son shall be the only heir to the throne." Paragus said. "We will work out the finer details once we know more about Vegeta and his mate's whereabouts. We were unable to trace his current location from where he made the call."

Asia nodded her head in agreement. "We have to do something. I cannot be matted to him for a moment longer, Father. He disgusts me! I want to be with Prince Vegeta."

"And so you shall be, trust me." Paragus replied, leaving out the bit of the plan that involved Vegeta being handed over to King Cold as well. His daughter did not need to know about that part. If Paragus had his own way, he would be placing his other child in place of the King. He was far too old and lacked the required physical strength that was so desired and worshiped by the Saiyan race. Wouldn't King Vegeta be surprised when it was Paragus's oldest son who wiped him out for good.

King Vegeta had demanded that he put his first son down when he was born. The son was born with the highest ki strength that had been ever recorded in history. In fear that this child may surpass his own son one day in an effort of gaining the throne, the King ordered the child to be destroyed. Paragus had agreed to destroy the child but instead sent him away in secret with his mate's mother in the middle of the night to a secluded location that no one had any knowledge about.

King Vegeta had been so stupid and so trusting of Paragus that he had never asked for evidence that it had been done. However, there had been another Saiyan child that had passed a few days prior. Paragus had severed the tail of that deceased child and had handed it over to the king with the claim that it was the tail of his own deceased son.

Now, years later, his son had grown into a strong Saiyan male. Stronger than any male Paragus had ever known. He was strong and intelligent thanks to his mate's mother's teaching him of everything he would need to know about politics and anything he may need to know to become king one day. It was all perfect but for one loose end. Asia.

She would be of no further use to him once she had birthed her child and they were rid of both King and Prince Vegeta. Should the prince actually leave his woman for good and come back he would allow that union for a little while. Asia having an heir would be beneficial in her keeping her place as queen of Veheta-sei. The prince would have no choice but to accept her as his queen and new mate. He would also prove useful in ridding them of the current king.

Then all Paragus would need to do would be to make an agreement with King Cold much like the current King Vegeta had. King Cold could kill him or enslave him. He could do whatever he wished so long as he rid them of Vegeta. Paragus would then orchestrate things in such a way that Vegeta would leave to fight a battle against King Cold he would not win. Then they would be rid of the Vegeta line all together. He would have his long lost son take over the throne. No one would dare question it once they got wind of his incredible strength.

Paragus would find an appropriate Saiyan mate for his son and send Asia away. She could keep her child as consolation but since he was an heir to the Vegeta line, once his son was king, he would have no claim on the throne. Asia could choose to accept it or not. She would be relieved from her duties.

Paragus could not wait for things to unfold! He could not wait to reveal his son whom he was so very proud of! As he smiled in anticipation of things to come it occurred to him: No one had cared to even ask what his son's name had been.

That son's name was Broly.