hey, i'm back with a sequel to REACTION. i feel it's too soon but i couldn't keep it from my head! enjoy!

You've always been a son to me. You've always made me proud. I trust you.

Mustang it's a boy… it's a human boy…

Ed, you have to let him go.

The ringing in my ears won't go away and I wake up with a start. I sit up, gasping as rain pelts down outside my window. My joints hurt and I massage my thigh where the automail meets the flesh. Lightning shines on my automail arm and I notice that I still haven't cleaned my arm. There is blood still there! I gasp, falling out of the bed and scrambling to the bathroom. I turn the water on full blast, grabbing a rag and soap and begin to scrub my automail. I don't care that it will rust the metal or warp the gears, I just have to get this blood off of me!

I scrub hard, watching the brown oxidized blood go down the drain when I see the sight of my blade slicing into Roy's stomach in my mind. I go to the toilet and empty my stomach there, the thought still rambling in my head. I finally empty my stomach and lay my head against the toilet, breathing hard as thunder rumbles outside. My eyes are watering from both crying and my face stretching.

I hear Fuery pad into the bathroom and sit next to me.

"Colonel here." He says, dropping something beside me.

I turn a little and see that it's the Colonel's jacket that Fuery had found. I look at Fuery as he looks at me with happy eyes, knowing that he's helping me even if I don't know myself. I reach for it and put it on, the thing swallowing me whole since he was a good two times older than I am. Even though it's big, I can still smell him and I feel like he's with me and that I didn't let him die.

I look at Fuery, looking a little silly with his human glasses on his face, but looking happy he accomplished something. Ever since he became a chimaera, he has been very sensitive to those who need it most and I appreciate that he's here with me, feeling my pain. I wish I could talk with Al about it but I just can't… I already feel guilty about what I did to him trying to bring back our mother but I don't want him to bear this pain with me. This was all my fault…

I sniffle a little when I feel something in the lining of the jacket. I reach in and pull out an envelope that is folded over. I open it and pull out something. Pictures… There are only six of them and each are labeled on the back.

The first looks like it is Mustang when he was a kid with a beautiful but quite masculine woman. He was holding up a fish to the camera, a tooth missing and the woman smoking a pipe very stoically behind him.

Me, 7, and Auntie C

The next is of him and Hughes and Hawkeye. It must have been before or during the Ishvalan War because Roy's hair is very short, Hughes has no beard, and Hawkeye's hair is cut incredibly short. They all look tired except for Hughes, who is grinning ear to ear as he has one arm around Roy and one arm around Hawkeye.

Me, 22, Maes, and Riza. End of Ishvalan War.

Next is a picture of just him using flame alchemy where someone must have snapped a picture of him doing it during certification. The next picture was of Hawkeye in normal clothing sitting on a couch with her legs propped up and a mug in her hand.

If Riza knew I had this, she would kill me. I snapped this without her knowing. I love her so much but she will never know. I guess being comrades is as close as we will be.

I turn to Fuery, who has been looking with me.

"I knew he loved her."

"Fuery knows." He says with a pant and I can see the human side of him making connects with the pictures. "Riza like him too."

The next picture was a group picture of everyone that was under him with them all named. It even had me on there as NOT PICTURED . The last picture though, made me freeze. He had somehow gotten a picture of Al and I while I was smiling big at Al.

Alphonse Elric, possibly 13, and Edward Elric, possibly 14. The youngest under my direction. I feel like I'm their dad or something since they get in so much trouble. I guess this will be the only children I have though, so I can't say being like a father is too bad.

I sniffle at the note because he wasn't lying to me when he said what he did. He really did feel like a father to us. I felt my eyes begin to water again as I remember that I just killed him. He's dead. I'll never see him again.

I can't sleep after being sick so I brush my teeth and decide that now is a good a time as any to write the report for the Fuhrer since he's so adamant about having it. I get started on it right away.

"Ed… Edward? Wake up." I open my eyes and sit up, looking at Al. "Are you hungry?"

"Not really…"

"Oh good, you wrote it all out. Now you don't have to deal with the Fuhrer."

"Yeah. Where's the baby?"

"You told me to take it to Mr. Hughes, remember?"

"Oh… Yeah, sorry I did. Is he okay?"

"Ren's fine."


"Mr. Hughes and I agreed on the name. R for Roy, E for Edward and N because he changed the M I wanted to use for Maes. His middle name is Alphonse because he said I should be included." He says with a nod of his head.

I smile at him and think about it for a moment. Ren Alphonse Mustang seems like a good name for him. I think the Colonel would have liked it.

"Where did you get this jacket?" Al asks.

"Fuery found it under the bed. The Colonel must have not put it away or something. I found these pictures in them; wanna look?"

I hand the pictures to Al and he looks at them, reading the backs. He laughs a little at one and then he stops at the one we're on.

"I remember this day. This wasn't too long ago actually." He says, putting them on the table again. "He really did love us…"

"Yeah, which is more than what our real father did for us. At least Mustang was there to keep us in line and care about us, unlike that dirty rotten bastard that left us." I say, clenching my fist.


"I don't know why you defend him so much, Al; you barely knew him."

"You barely knew him too!"

"But I remember him a lot better than you and let me tell you, if I had to pick Mustang or that bastard, I would pick the Colonel Bastard any day of the week."

The phone rings and Al announces that he will go down and get it as I sigh and scoot away from the desk to go to the closet. I open it up and find mostly military uniforms, some white shirts, black pants, and a coat. I reach back and grab it, sniffing it and smelling the Colonel distinctly. I put it on but it is about twenty feet longer than I am. I frown and curse life for making me short when I hear Al clanging up the stairs.

"Ed! We have to go to Mr. Hughes house! They said something is wrong with Ren."

"Fuery come?" Fuery asks, standing up and wagging his tail.

"Yeah, I don't see why not. Stay with us though."

Fuery has relearned to salute in his own dog way by sitting straight as a board and putting his paw on his forehead. It's kind of cute and he follows us to the door.

When we get to Hughes house, I hear a scream and Hughes is saying something. I knock on the door and it flies open.

"Oh thank god! Edward, you have to stop it!"

"Stop what?"

"That thing that you gave my husband!" Mrs. Hughes yells as she holds Elysia.

"What do you mean?" Al asks.

They just point to another room and Fuery stays behind as Al and I head over there. There is a giggle, a clap, and something that sounds like it is catching fire. I walk in and the bedroom is just a charred mess with someone in the middle.

"What is going on in here?"

The little thing turns at the sound of my voice and I blink, recognizing the eyes. It's the baby… or was. Alphonse gasps behind me as the little boy's face brightens.

"Head!" he says, running to Al as Al scoops him up.

As soon as he's close to Al's head, he grabs the tassel on the back and yanks his head off.


The little boy turns to me and grins bright, reaching for me. Al lets him down and he runs to me, wrapping his arms around me.

"Safe!" He lets go and holds out his hands to me to hold him.

I kneel to him instead and look around again.

"Did you do all of this?"

He nods enthusiastically. "Fire!"

"How? That's the hardest alchemy to do…"

"Clap!" he says, clapping his hands together.

His hands light up and flames extend from his hands toward a drapes. Alphonse blocks it with his own alchemy and I grab the boy's hands.

"No! Fire is bad!" He looks at me with confusion and I shake my head. "No."

"Oh… Mommy and Daddy are scared of me now..."

"Who are you?"

"Ren. My name is Ren, who are you?"

so what's this?