I open my eyes and yawn, turning over. I come face to face with Ren but he looks different than he did last night. I sit up and look over him and see that he has grown, his clothes almost uncomfortably tight on him, and his face does not show peace at all. I look over him and think on what I can do for him. There's not much I can do until we figure out what was used on him in Tucker's experiment. Ren suddenly jerks and yells, throwing his arm at me. He punches me full in the face and I fly off the bed like I've been punched by someone twice my size.

I get up off the floor, holding my jaw as Ren looks at me with a bewildered expression.

"Uncle Ed, why are you on the floor?"

"You punched me." I say with a growl.

He flinches. "I'm sorry…"

"You grew again." Ren looks at himself. "I need to get you more clothes…"

I go to move but Ren grabs my arm.

"Uncle Ed, what's wrong with me? Why do I do this?"

"I'd have to look it up to figure it out. You need more clothes so don't move, okay?"

Ren nods and I go to find some other clothes.


I had a bad dream… There was lots of screaming and everything was dark but then there was lots of light and I saw Uncle Ed. I remember screaming too… There was a man with a good face… I ache though and I lay back down in Uncle Ed's bed. He seems angry at me. I think I hit him in the face.

"Ren." I sit back up and Uncle Ed looks at me with a serious expression. I think I'm in trouble. "Get up and get your clothes on. We have to go to the funeral."

He puts something on the door and I get up, waking the nice dog that talks. I like him because he's nice to me. His black tail goes back and forth as he watches me.

"Baby." He says, his ears going up.

"Hi, Doggy."

I don't know why he calls me 'baby' but I call him doggy so I guess it's okay. I look at the stuff on the thing on the door and frown. I don't know how to do this… I also have to peepee… But I think Uncle Ed will be mad at me if I say it. I swallow but I go and find Uncle Al instead, he's nicer.

He's reading paper on the couch and I go around so he sees me.

"Oh! Ren! You… you look different."

"Uncle Ed says I grewed… Uncle Al, I have to peepee."

"Oh! Ed! Brother, Ren has to use the bathroom!"

A door opens and closes and Uncle Ed comes down the stairs. He looks at me and he looks funny… I dunno why but that blue bottoms and white shirt he has on looks weird on him. He grabs my hand and drags me to the bathroom and shows me how to go.

He shows me how to wash my hands but I grab his white shirt.

"Um… I dunno how to put my stuff on. Can you help me?"


He helped me get the tight stuff off and but the black stuff on. I watch him as he puts it on for me and I know that he hates me. He doesn't like me at all.

"There you go."

"I'm sorry." I say. He looks at me and I blink. "You don't like me but… I'm sorry for what I did."

Uncle Ed looks at me with a sad look and puts his hand on my head.

"I like you, Ren, I'm just sad. We have to go to a funeral… they're not fun."

"What's a funeral?"

He fixes some black thing on my neck and sighs.

"It's where we bury people who are not alive anymore. We put them in the ground… or well, in the Colonel's case, he gets a mausoleum… Lucky bastard."

"What's a bastard?"

"A word that you shouldn't say. Here, go put this on Fuery. He should be big enough to wear this without any complications."

"Who's that?"

"The dog…"

"Oh… okay!"

I run to find Fuery.


Gracia fixes my military uniform, putting the back of the collar down. I smile at her as she looks at me with a saddened expression. I play with the pearls around her neck for a second and she reaches up to softly kiss me on the cheek.

"Things will get better, Maes… What do you think the boys did with that… kid…"

"I don't know. Have you heard any word from Winry?"

"She said that she'll be able to make it just in time so Elysia and I will meet her at the train station so that you don't miss anything. Why do you think Edward didn't invite her?"

"You weren't there, Gracia. I'm surprised the kid even remembered himself or that he had a baby in his arms or anything. He was not exactly with it. From the way Alphonse described everything, Roy died in Ed's arms. He probably thinks that he killed Roy."

"What a horrid thought !"

"With whatever happened there, we don't really know. Even Al doesn't fully understand what happened there."

Gracia nodded and touched my cheek. "I'm going to go to the train station to wait for Winry."


I can tell that Ed is not comfortable in his military uniform but since it's a military funeral, he is required to wear it. I hope that they let Fuery in…

"Uncle Al, who died?" Ren asks at my side.

Ed doesn't say anything since he is in a daze so I answer for him.

"Colonel Mustang, your daddy."

Ren stops walking and looks up at me with a horrified look.

"What is it?"

"The face… I saw the man… He was my daddy, right?"

"I don't know, Ren. I can't see your dreams." I hold out my hand to him. "Come on."

Ren slowly walks up to me but holds out his arms.

"Pick me up…"

I do so and walk with him toward the funeral sight. I see the Lt. Colonel there and he gives me a nod and then a stare. He begins to walk over and looks at me with a bewildered look.

"Is… is that Ren?"

"Hi." Ren says.

"He grew." Ed provides, hands in his pockets.

"I can see that. Do you remember me?"

"You're my daddy but you don't like me." Ren says, snuggling into my armor.

The Lt. Colone's face gets a hurtful expression and he looks away.

"That's not true… Oh, um, Gracia invited someone to come."


"Maes, there you are. I couldn't find you for a moment."

I look behind her and am surprised to find Winry, me and Ed's childhood friend from Risembool holding Elysia and in a black dress. Upon seeing me, Winry smiles.

"Hey, Al. Who's that?"

"This is Ren Mustang, um… the Colonel's son."

Winry makes a face, confused. Maes gives her a look that they will explain later so Winry puts on a good face and holds out her hand to Ren.

"Nice to meet you, Ren, I'm Winry Rockbell. I grew up with Ed and Al."

Ren looks at me and then grabs Winry's hand. Winry smiles and turns to talk with brother. I look at the Lt. Colonel and he motions for me to walk with him.

"We knew Ed wouldn't and you wouldn't remember to. Winry knew Mustang as well as she also knows that Ed valued Mustang. You know your brother… he won't show any emotion."


"Hey, guys… Chief, you're up here with us." Havoc says, walking up with his hair slicked back.

"Fuery come too."

Ed looks behind him as well as Havoc. Fuery walks up and sits, looking up at them.

"Fuery is subordinate too. Colonel like." He says, his tail wagging eagerly.

Havoc actually gives brother an angry look.

"How could you do that to him? How could you degrade him like that and even put a military jacket on him?! What kind of sick bastard are you?!" he says, pushing Brother.

Mr. Hughes grabs Havoc as Breda and Hawkeye come over to see what's going on.


"This doesn't change anything! He's a dog! A canine! How could you degrade him like this?! He's supposed to be a man! HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE HUMAN!"

Hawkeye smacks him firmly across the face, giving him a harsh glare.

"Calm yourself, lieutenant. The Colonel would have kicked your ass by now if you acted out like that. Fuery is like that because Ed didn't want to take any chances. He knew how important this was for him and if he had conducted the experiment and something went awry, he knew that he would never be able to live it down. Be grateful he even thought of it. You don't know what he's gone through."

"But what about Fuery?" he seethes. "How do you think he feels?"

"Fuery trust Ed. Ed says he turn Fuery back after grass place time." Fuery says with a nod. "Fuery trust Ed."

"Brother promised to turn him back after the funeral and Brother doesn't like about things like that. Lt. Hawkeye is right, he knew Fuery would want to be here and he didn't want something to happen."

"Good. We have that cleared up. Let's get in line." Maes says, walking away.

The military personnel leaves and Ren looks at me.

"Uncle Ed is really sad."

"Yeah… he loved him very much."

"My daddy loved him too."


We stood behind the colonel's subordinates, watching the coffin come down. Brother didn't break but I noticed he never let go of Winry's hand from behind his back.

so the funeral for roy mustang commences. i decided that roy had himself put in a masoleum so that he would be marked well. it was supposed to be his 'fuhrer spot' but oh well. i figured that winry would be there because she knew roy enough to be saddened by his death as well as be a support to ed. oh and havoc got mad because he was mad about fuery being a dog, not that he was there

and ren is so hard to type for! he's so childish but not at the same time. and why is he growing so quick? does ed really have a grudge against him?