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Lord Destroyer: Let me remind you that Hans jumped from the ship before they reached the Southern Isles, so they couldn't put him on trial yet.

It was like a prelude to a thunder storm, a darkness spreading over the kingdom of Arendelle. Yet the sky was clear, the sun was shining bright like any other ordinary day. Children's laughter resonated through the cobbled streets as they played and danced with all the joy in their youthful hearts, the everyday bustle on the docks was all the more present.

Yes, this was a invisible darkness, one that embraced the air with a tenuous gloom. Few sensed it in it's first hour of domination, but were soon joined when the temperature dropped.

Flowers began to droop, cold winds began to swirl through the town. The orioles were silent, the trees were quiet. Forebode hung in the air like intoxicating talcum in a closed room.

By four 'o clock there was no more laughter in the streets, no singing or dancing, not a soul that lingered on the docks anymore. The town sunk into cold stillness, as if it were holding it's breath.

Waiting...The frozen was on the brink of release once more.

"Elsa...Elsa calm down, please."

It had taken most of Kristoff's effort to open the door to her chambers, later found to be frozen shut by frost. He budged it open, and immediately an icy blast of cold air whipped into his face just as he stepped into the room.

There he found Elsa, standing amidst the frost, her back turned to him and her hands clenched by her side. Her shoulders trembling furiously, her white breaths coming fast and rigorous.


"I failed..." she whispered. She turned to Kristoff, her eyes wide with angst. "I failed her!" she said, this time raising her voice. "I told you, didn't I? But noooo, you told me she was perfectly fine!"

"Oh, so it's my fault now?" asked Kristoff, aghast. "It's my fault for being there for her when you weren't?"

"I was there for her!" protested Elsa. "I'm the one who could understand her predicament!"

"You could? So why did she fly off in a flaming ball of evil when you didn't?"

"I'm different! I am in complete control!" cried Elsa, stomping her foot. Icicles shot out from the walls, the floor, and one narrowly shooting in between Kristoff's legs, nearly costing him his manhood.

"Guys, what's going on in her - woah, look, I've been impaled, again," came a voice from behind. The pair turned to look at the doorway, finding that Olaf had entered the room, now impaled by an icy stalagmite like a stick of satay.

Elsa straightened herself, and ran a hand through her platinum blonde locks. "Nothing serious, Olaf," she said, keeping her voice level.

"Are you sure? Because Anna just flew off like a wicked witch and I heard a lot of shouting from this room."

"Anna's not wicked!" argued Elsa. Again the icicles sharpened and rose from the ground and the walls.

"Then why did she try to kill you?" asked Kristoff heatedly.

"Why are you so convinced your girlfriend is evil?" shot back Elsa.

Kristoff looked like he'd taken a slap in the face.

"She's just...just really messed up now," continued Elsa, her voice shaking with depression. "She just can't handle it. I mean, she's had this mentality that she's completely normal for thirteen years. And then boom! Suddenly she finds out that oh, she's got powers! To be more exact, she's got powers that can burn down the whole palace!" Her agitation had grown over her speech, and the frost had begun to nip at Kristoff's cheeks with a icy sting. The Snow Queen had collapsed in a helpless heap in amongst the frost, her sobs loud and uncontrolled. They bounced off the cold icy walls like metal clanging against rock, amplifying the girl's wild distress.

Olaf took a big leap, slipping himself off the icicle, before waddling over the Elsa, the warm smile on his face seemingly unaffected by the cold. "Yeah," agreed Olaf, "People do bad things when they're scared, alone or confused. She'll come back to us; I know she will."

"I want to believe you Olaf," said Kristoff dejectedly. "But it's just...in that moment, in that battle, she looked like she had complete control of her powers, like she knew what she was doing, unlike Elsa in similar conditions."

"It wasn't completely similar," noted Olaf. "Elsa didn't exactly hate anyone."

Elsa gasped, her eyes widening. "Yes, that must be it."

"Must be what?" asked Kristoff.

She now ran both her hands through her hair. "Oh God, oh holy mother...this isn't good at all. She's my opposite, that's what she is. While love keeps my powers in control..."

"Hate keeps hers in line," finished Kristoff, his voice softer than the drop of a pin. "No..."

"She'll find out about it," said Elsa her fingertips twitching irratibly by her sides. "She'll realize sooner or later that hatred is fueling her, and she'll just keep on channelling that dark animosity. Eventually, she'll hate the world..."

"And she'll have a frozen heart," finished Olaf. "Metaphorically, right?"

Elsa opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off when Gerda burst into the room.

"Your Majesty, sorry for interrupting, but we have a serious matter on our hands," she said hurriedly. "It's Hans, he's - "

"I don't want anything to do with him," Elsa said shortly, waving a dismissive hand.

"But - "

"Send him to the jail doctor, is that not what we agreed on?"

"Elsa - " began Kristoff.

"Please, Gerda," snapped Elsa, heatedly, "do not trouble me with such frivolous matters of Hans."

"But - "

"The only butt I want to see is yours," said Elsa, her voice dangerously low. "walking...away."

But this time, Gerda stood her ground. "Milady, he is dying."

Elsa sighed exasperatingly. "Wasn't he already?"

"He's been sent into critical shock after he was badly burned," said Gerda softly. She hung her head before continuing, "By Princess Anna."

That was not something Elsa wanted to hear.

To hoard any train of negative thought was poisonous. It only needed a small bud of hatred to bloom into a dangerous animosity. One bud now intoxicated Anna's soul, clouding her judgment.

How long she'd been flying, she didn't know, but she was somewhat conscious that her soul had been taken over by her bitter hatred.

What was the point of staying there, living in Arendelle? She would only be the girl that wandered around the palace, the girl who destroyed everything with her fire and forever counted on her sister to save the day. Was that what she dreamed of?

No, she'd dreamt of finding true love, but that had been in the palace. It was too feeble a dream to survive in reality. This was something bigger, something wider. This was the world. There was no going back now; she'd past the point of no return. She had a new dream now, to dive into the new world of vengeance, to crawl into the skin of the diabolic. She wanted that sensation to pump through her veins once more,that sense of malevolent power she held.

Yes, Princess Anna was addicted. Not to drugs, but to hatred.

She soared through the clouds of the great sky. Gone were the days when she used to think that clouds were made of cotton candy. Gone were the times where she dreamt of a castle on a cloud.

Then she dove, slicing through the layers like a butcher's stoke impaling fresh meat, never once bothered by the icy winds that stung her freckled face. She broke through the last thin layer, revealing to her the town she'd arrived at.

There was a tug at the corner if her lips as she recognized the emblem on the flag that flew high on the topmost tower of the castle. She'd seen that flag sail off into the distance on a boat carrying a rather angry man on it.

Anna recalled that Gerda had once told her of the empty ship, gossiping to her of the man's cruel plan to exploit Arendelle's riches.

Then, for the first time, a small pang of misery hit her. Gerda. Her best friend, her life-long companion, back in Arendelle scrubbing floors, without Anna's getting her out of her chores.

Anna shook her head violently. No, there was no time for such petty sentiments anymore. She aimed for bigger things now. She was living in a world of injustice now, she saw that, and if she didn't take action, she'd fall behind. She'd already fallen far out of date, after all these years of seclusion in the palace.

All because of Elsa and her powers.

Anna halted, hovering over the town.

No, it wasn't possible, was it? Barely two months after proclaiming her love to her sister, she was hating her to the core now?

She did love Elsa. She loved Elsa and her magic, the beauty it created and the joy it had brought them those many years back. She loved her sister's willingness to compromise herself to protect her.

But look what her magic has brought upon you, hissed a voice from the shadows of her heart.

Anna looked to the sky above her, the sky of the world, the same sky that Elsa had released her magic into, the same sky that had stared down upon the palace courtyard as filigrees of laughter rang through the air like a symphony of sparkling glissandos.

The Queen's magic was so loved by the people, and hers? It wrought fear that Elsa feared. In a way, her sister feared her.

Anna's magic only destroyed. She could see no further past the fact that she wreaked havoc wherever she tread. She could not be rid of the impression that Elsa had condemned her to a life of fear of her own power. It was this impression that led Anna to blatantly take up her own life into her own hands, to refuse her destiny to live in fear of herself.

This meant she became fear and hate herself, to hate her sister for something she'd no control over.

But to love and to hate were two completely different prospects. It had nearly torn Anna apart, a raging battle between conflicting sentiments with no solid victor. She loved Elsa, but she also hated her. It was terrible, such predicament.

And then Hans helped her decide.

The sudden appearance of his damned face only gave her yet another reason to accept the hate that was already building inside her. He'd been the final straw, the final push over the edge of love, plunging her into the depths of hate. But she embraced it, letting it completely override her.

She felt her flames, her new companions, lick her fingertips as they itched to unleash their terror upon her enemy. She smirked cruelly as she took in the unfortunate town before her.

"Time for Weselton to witness real dancing."

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