A/N: A couple of you said you wouldn't mind knowing what happened to Yang. Seeing the opportunity to write Bumblebee fluff, I took it. I regret nothing.

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"So… this is my punishment?"

"Yes. Terrible, isn't it?"

Yang nodded, not exactly uncomfortable with the situation. If anything, she was very comfortable.

"Yeeaah, no. I was actually expecting something else."

"I could always give you a real punishment if you like."

"No no! This is good."

Yang held on to Blake tighter. The smaller woman laughing as she laid on her. The two of them had set up an encampment of blankets on the couch in the library, the twenty-four hour establishment a private, cozy, cove during such a late hour. Blake had dragged Yang over by the ear, planning to take advantage of the girl's heat and the still burning fire near the back of the vicinity. She curled up on top of the blonde, head nestled on her chest and body on top of her warmer one. A few blankets wrapped around them.

"It was all meant to be an act for Weiss, but if you really want to be punished so bad -"

"No! I'm okay! No punishment needed! Nuh-uh, nothing to be done. Discussion over."

Blake giggled, her eyes closed as she listened to the other girl's heart hammer in her chest. From their close proximity or her sudden outburst, she didn't know. Probably both.

She mumbled sleepily, "If you say so."

Violet eyes wandered from the top of midnight black tresses and over toward the flames, the living fire dancing and glowing all the brighter in her presence. Another reason why Blake loved Yang all the more during the winter.

"Hey Blake."


"Was there anything specific you wanted for Christmas?"

Blake opened her eyes a smidge, looking in to the fire along with her partner. "Something specific I want for Christmas?"


Blake's voice upped in pitch the slightest bit, a teasing lilt edging in to her tone. "Anything I want?"

Squinting in confusion, Yang looked down to the girl in her arms. "Yeah…?"

Blake turned over, her back now resting on Yang's bosom and the blanket settling on her stomach as she looked toward the shadowed ceiling. "Hmm…. how about…. the book I mentioned last week."

"What? I thought that didn't come out for another five months…?"

"Or maybe those little erasers shaped like hats we saw in town. Those were cute."

"I think those would all be sold out -"

"Or maybe a trip to the moon? I've always wanted to go to outer space. Have a star named after me." Blake waved her hand toward the sky, excitement in her voice as she thought of what she wanted. All the possibilities.

"Uh… how about something I can actually -"

"How about my own private teleporter? It's such a pain going to town on those airships. Or just to get to class quicker. Much more convenient."

"I don't think I can -"

"Or maybe tuna flavored ice cream!"

"Does that even exist…?"

Blake internally laughed. She questioned the existence of tuna ice cream, but not the teleporter? Amber eyes widened as a more serious thought entered her mind, excited by the idea. "No, wait, get me a penguin. I've always wanted a penguin."

"Wha-... Why do you want a penguin?"

"I've always wondered what penguin tasted like."

"Oh my god Blake, no. I'm not going to get you a penguin so you can eat it."

Blake shrugged, an amused grin on her face. "No? Then how about something tall, blonde and beautiful?"

"Woman, when are you gonna name something I can actually GIVE y…. oooh." Yang drew out the 'o', realization smacking her in the face.

Blake smiled and twisted her head up. Seeing Yang's expression, she wished she had a camera. Priceless. "Yeah. Oh." Blake mimicked her, elongating the' o' as she had.

"Ahah, you're so funny."

"Really? That is funny, because I was being serious."

Turning back around, Blake lifted herself over her partner. She brought her face closer, sincere yellow eyes drilling into innocent purple.

"Yang, I don't care what you get me. I don't want anything other than to have you with me."

The blonde smiled, happiness radiating through it. "That was so corny."

Blake lowered her head, sighing. "So much for the romantic moment. Shot down in less than five seconds."

A hand grasped her chin, pulling her face back up to face soft violet pools. Without a word, Yang brought their lips together, Blake's ears perking in surprise. However, not an unpleasant or unwanted one, for she did not fight it. Instead, she lowered herself back down so their bodies were together, relaxing into the other girl.

Pulling back after a few minutes, Yang smirked, spotting the faraway look in her girlfriend's eyes. "Did that make up for it?"

Coming out of her stupor, Blake focused her gaze on the teasing blonde. "No. I think a punishment is in order."

Yang spoke with exaggerated sarcasm. "Oh no. Not more cuddles. I don't think I can take anymore."

"Nope. Not cuddles." It was Blake's turn to smirk.

Yellow eyebrows furrowed. "Then what…?"

Blake pointed a meaningful finger in Yang's face, her eyes crossing as she tried to look at it. "Come Christmas day, you have to let me have whatever I want as soon as I see it."

Yang went slack jawed. "What?! That's outrageous!"

Blake tsked, wagging the same finger back and forth. "That is your penalty."

"Bu… but… do I have to?"

"Oh Yang." Blake sidled up closer, her voice seductive. Her girlfriend could be so dense sometimes. She brought their faces mere centimeters apart as she said with a low tone, "You do not seem to be catching on."

Surprised by the closeness, but not exactly disliking it per say, Yang eyed the girl atop her wearily. Suspicion etched into her features. "What do you mean?"

Blake leaned forward, kissing Yang's cheek and reaching for her ear. She purposefully breathed her warm breath over it as she whispered. "Let's just say that if you look more desirable than usual, we won't even have to leave the room."

Yang began to feel a little too warm under the blankets. For her, that was saying something. A devious smile splayed across her lips. "Hmm… no. I still don't understand. I think I need a demonstration so I know exactly what you mean."

Rearing back, Blake mirrored Yang's smile. Getting in one last remark before Yang flipped them over, "An excellent idea."