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Prologue: The Call

She was scared.

Her little feet ran as fast as they could, their speed increased by the terror she felt and the adrenaline pumping through her body. They barreled her through the various hedges that obstructed her path, leapt over gnarly roots that would have tripped her badly and continued to move as she heard the danger get closer.

Her pretty blue dress was all ruined, with rips and tears decorating the clothing until it resembled rags and dirt, leaves and other materials adding to the mess of her appearance. She had discarded her shoes earlier before, noting that the noise they made as she dashed away clued her pursuers to the direction she took. Despite the fact that she had sacrificed protection and comfort from the hard ground, she doggedly continued with her escape. Her wide blue-green eyes were constantly darting about, seeking the nearest hiding place for her to hide as well as keeping a look out for the pursuers.

As she spied a cave up ahead, a loud cry of triumph was heard from above. Briefly stopping to look upwards, the girl cried out in horror as she caught sight of them. The first and only thing she noticed was their wings; the first one, a male, had large bat-like wings whilst the other, also a male, had eagle-like wings of fire. Her heart stopped as the one with the flaming wings stretched his hand out, a steadily growing fireball glowing within the palm of his hand.

She flung herself towards the cave entrance, her heart pumping louder and louder as she heard the rush of winds signifying the other one's dive. Within her head, she knew she wouldn't make it; her pursuers were all adults, far stronger and faster than her five-year old self, and experienced in combat as well as spell-weaving and tracking. The odds were so much against her favor that the only plausible reason she had survived this long was because her pursuers had a twisted sense of humor and perverse pleasure from watching her trying to fight against her eventual demise.

So, when the tight ropes of magic bound her body and sent her tumbling to the ground in an undignified heap, the girl wasn't as surprised as she should be. When her rolling finally came to a stop, she began to struggle against the bindings in vain; she pulled, twisted, stretched and tried everything she could to escape but the bonds remained strong.

The sound of the man's laughter stopped her attempts, her eyes snapping to him in shock. "Sorry Gremory-san, this spell is one I made specifically for you." The man said, his tone light and amicable despite the fact that he was about to kill her. "After all, you are Sirzechs' closest precious thing so I spent a lot of time working on that particular spell." The man had the appearance of a tall, handsome male adult with black hair, red eyes, and pale skin that had a grayish tint to it. He was dressed in an outfit that consisted of black trousers, a six button double-breasted tailcoat and a grey vest.

"Sebastian Michaelis…" the girl growled, trying not to let the fear she felt show on her face.

Sebastian smiled coldly at the girl. "Yes, that is my name. Now that its actually about to happen, I must confess that I'm a little disappointed." His hand grabbed a lock of her crimson hair, gently twirling it around in fascination. "You would've been a fine morsel had your brother not managed to anger my master; with Venelana-san as your mother, I wish I had the opportunity to at least see the type of woman you could've turned out to be."

He sighed and stood up, turning away from the glaring girl and gazing towards his partner. The fireball had grown to gargantuan size, easily resembling a small meteorite and containing enough power to ensure that the explosion would simulate the same effects as one. Flying back towards his fellow Bishop, he nodded in confirmation. "Do it."

His partner grinned wickedly and fired the attack, the hot flames speeding towards the defenseless girl with a pace that belied its size.

The girl struggled desperately, her eyes tearing up as the flame crept closer each second. 'Somebody please help me! I don't want to die!' Screwing her eyes shut tightly, the girl waited for the flames to hit her body, the assault of pain she would experience and her eventual death.

…And waited.

…and waited.

…where was the pain?

Hesitatingly, she slowly opened her eyes and was faced with a phenomenon she couldn't explain; everything had stopped. The leaves that were falling stayed suspended in the air, the flaming ball above remained in its position and even the dust in the air was stationary.

And then she saw him; standing right before her like some otherworldly being, a young boy stared down at her with curious looking eyes. He had long spiky shoulder-length crimson hair, with bangs that were so long that they covered most of his right eye. He wore a black gi over a red undershirt, secured by a navy blue sash. Red wristbands were wrapped around his wrists and he had black shoes to complete the look.

The two stared at each other, silently taking in the sight of the other, before the boy spoke. "Are you the one who called me?"

The girl blinked in confusion at his words. The boy cocked an eyebrow as he stared at her. "Are you the one who called out to me?" He questioned once more.

Deciding that she might as well say yes, since she did call out for anyone to help her earlier, she slowly nodded. "Y-Yes, I called you."

A terrifying smile broke out on his face and he seemed to loom over the girl. "My, my, my…only five years old and yet you were able to call out to me, the being your world fears the most? No matter how I look at it, that is indeed impressive." His strange eyes glowed with inhuman fire and the symbols on them began to rotate slowly. "And what is it that you desire?"

She gulped, her throat suddenly dry. "To be safe and free."

The boy chuckled. "Such a naïve desire…but, then again, you are just a child." He leaned closer to her, gently cupping her cheeks and causing a light flush to appear. "Very well…Rias Gremory, how would you like to sign a contract?"

A/N: The prologue may seem 'strange' but will be made clear as the story progresses. This is a story born from an idea I had, with Rias being a human who stumbles upon something supernatural and eventually signing a contract with Naruto, the Devil. It was originally supposed to closely resemble Black Butler, but my muse decided to change that, as you can see.

Naruto's comment about being the world's fear is nothing grandiose or arrogant; when I reveal his true standing in the power charts, you'll see why every being refers to him as that. Oh, and this Naruto was born with an active Sharingan; that's right, he is a son of an Uchiha and an Uzumaki.

The pairing…is a harem. I just can't wrap myself around the idea of a crossover fic with Highschool DxD having a single pairing. So, the harem currently has Rias, Serefall, Kuroka, Akeno and Koneko in it. I might add or take out members, so any suggestions would be nice.