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Chapter 3: Along Came a Sadist-Part 2

Many years had passed since the eventful kidnapping of the Gremory heiress, something that still rankled all the members of the family deeply. To them, it was a grim reminder of how close they were to losing the next heiress of the Gremory Clan as well as just how complacent their security and edge had become as a result of the fragile peace they enjoyed. To Lord and Lady Gremory especially, the kidnapping had made them identify a fact they had been reluctant to admit.

The Gremory Clan was slowly losing what prestige and power it initially had. An event such as the kidnapping wouldn't have happened had the mindset and capabilities of the Clan been like that of their ancestors. This is what they had thought about during the wait for news on their daughter in the castle; when they learned of the young and powerful chakra user who had saved their daughter, Sirzechs had seized the initiative to secure more power for the Clan and they had followed up on it as best as they could.

Each time they thought of that particular event, there were always mixed feelings from both parties. As already acknowledged, the kidnapping was a show of incompetence, shame and complacency; it showed that the Gremory Clan was losing power. However, the kidnapping had led them towards Naruto, a prodigious user of chakra, and opened their eyes towards their weaknesses. It had taught them a very valuable lesson, one which they were in no hurry to forget.

Five long years had passed since then; five years of unexpected liveliness that had not existed since Sirzechs' time in the Gremory Castle. It was a stark change from the quiet, formal and dull atmosphere that the castle had exuded before the kidnapping; the halls, once silent throughout the day, now bustled with liveliness and energy that only existed during Sirzechs' time as a child. The servants had become more talkative, more casual and more diligent in their work. Rias was almost always bustling about with Naruto by her side, the happy look on her face a constant that everyone delighted in.

That, and Sirzechs' Peerage gained a new sparring partner. One that could dish out much more than they were used to taking. It was actually amusing, frightening and pleasing that Rias' new friend, the newest member of the House of Gremory, was capable of keeping up and, in some cases, outmaneuvering the more experienced individuals that made up the Peerage of Sirzechs Lucifer. Amusing, because it wasn't everyday that Lord and Lady Gremory saw the distinguished members of their son find themselves hard-pressed to best a boy less than a decade old. Naruto was frightening, because his feats spoke much about his strength and the thought of how much stronger he would become as he grew. It was also pleasing to them, because it reflected that their decision to include him in their ranks was a good one.

The young redhead, however, was currently lying in bed, staring at the ceiling with an expression that skirted close to exasperation. His tomoe spun lazily as he lay in the darkness of the morning, the peace and quiet atmosphere a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle the day brought. It was times like these that he enjoyed; with no one to bother him, no one to interrupt his work and the peaceful stillness that the silence brought soothed his soul and helped him think. He glanced over to his right, his eyes gaining a slightly deadpan look whilst he turned towards the girl nuzzling his arm.

Rias Gremory had certainly grown up; the beautiful crimson locks that once reached her shoulders now cascaded down her back, fanning out around her like rivers of blood on the white linen. Her body had gotten taller, though she was still four inches shorter than Naruto, and one could tell that she had started maturing into a woman. When she shuffled in her sleep, moving from her left side to her right side, Naruto caught sight of her chest; like her mother, Rias started going through puberty at the age of nine and already had noticeable breasts. They weren't large after all, she had just started maturing; however, it was noticeable to those that saw her that she had breasts. As his gaze drifted further south, Naruto made note of the widening of her hips and the hard to make-out patch of pubic hair over her sex. At the moment, she was deeply asleep and he squashed the urge to tickle her.

As his eyes roved her body, his mind went back to the vial of blood he was keeping in his pocket dimension. Ever since he had captured the Phenex involved in Rias' kidnapping, Naruto had taken to tinkering and experimenting with the body every moment he had. Of course, he had to first reacquaint himself with the intricacies of Ketton (Blood Release) as well as brush up his knowledge on Devil physiology before attempting his little experiments. Brushing a lock of hair from Rias' face, he frowned thoughtfully. 'I doubt that she really needs the Phenex power over flames…the only ability she would benefit from would be their impressive regenerative powers. That way, I wouldn't have to look after her all the time and she'd be able to gain more experience in battle.'

Bringing his right hand, the one that was free, towards his face, he let his chakra gather towards his thumb and a small black flame flickered into existence. Focusing on the flame, Naruto willed the fire to bend and morph into various shapes; he made it transform into a small scythe, a sword, a spear, a gun and various other weapons that he had spent his time wielding. 'I'll have to start implementing the Phenex blood into her soon,' he thought, gently stroking her skin. 'If I wait too long, I'll need to obtain another fresh sample to perform the assimilation…I suppose I could find a use for the flame control, but I doubt I need an even higher affinity for fire.'

Letting the flame dissipate into nothing, Naruto sighed deeply as he shifted towards his left side. It was a bit awkward, considering the fact that Rias still had his hand clutched firmly, but he was able to manage. Looking down at the sleeping girl, he wondered when exactly she started sleeping in the nude. Ever since the first night he spent in Gremory Castle, she made him sleep in her room with her and she always slept in the nude. When he questioned her about it, all she did was shrug and say, 'I dunno. I just can't sleep unless I don't have clothes on.'

It wasn't normal, even for Devils, to have such a quirk especially at a young age…then again, Gremory Devils often came out with certain eccentrics that boggled the minds of others, so perhaps he shouldn't be thinking too much about it.

Closing his eyes in an effort to get some rest, Naruto wondered how soon this peaceful lifestyle would change. After all, he needed to keep his edge sharp and going about this as he currently was wouldn't help him.

-The Next Day-

When Rias first felt the stirrings of consciousness, she valiantly tried to cling unto the warmth and comfort of sleep. After five minutes of fruitlessly fighting to stay asleep, a shifting movement from her side roused her from her state of sleep. Cracking an eye open, she was met with the usual sight of Naruto staring at her intently, his bangs obscuring his right eye.

A tired yawn forced its way out of her, unknowingly pushing up her breasts. "Good morning…" She greeted, her voice reflecting just how badly she wanted to go back to sleep. "What are you still doing in bed?" She asked, pulling her pillow closer to her body. "You're usually up earlier than this."

Naruto blinked once and shrugged. "No particular reason, I suppose. Besides, fighting with Souji has become monotonous and dull; McGregor isn't around to help alleviate my boredom, Beowulf is so pathetically easy to deal with that I'll get even more bored and Grayfia isn't around for me to tease." He grumbled. "As such, I think I'm going to spend my day with you…despite how unproductive I know it will be." He dryly said, arching a brow at her.

Rias pouted angrily. "Anime is not a waste of time, dummy! It is the very essence of the youth to partake in such an activity, to allow their souls to experience the wisdom and experiences of the characters, passed down by various animators and mangaka." She defended, even going so far as to sit up properly and glare at him.

Naruto yawned and sat up as well, causing the white sheets covering his body to slip off. Taking a moment to stretch himself, he missed the blush that appeared on Rias' face. "Yeah, you say that yet I happened to notice the rather ecchi anime episodes of To Love-Ru you watch with disturbing fascination." Cracking his neck, Naruto hopped out of the bed and began to walk towards the bathroom. "I'm gonna go take a shower." He said, grabbing his light green towel from the nearby rack and shutting the door behind him.

When she was sure he had left the room, Rias gulped and placed a hand against her chest. 'My heart's pounding…' Her hands soon moved from her chest to her face, feeling the increased heat rushing through her cheeks. 'Why…am I feeling this way?' Setting both hands to the bed, she tried to identify the foreign and strange feeling in her chest; at the moment, it felt like something was constricting it but the sensation wasn't as…uncomfortable as that. If anything, the feeling was akin to that of the sensation of plunging through the sky yet was strangely pleasant to her.

In that moment when Naruto's body had been exposed, her mind had literally shut down and did nothing but stare at the sight of his bare chest. He usually slept with soft and comfortable sleepwear, ever since he began living with her that to see him exposed like that just made him look…cooler? She wasn't sure exactly what he had become, but it made her pay more attention to him. Also, looking at Naruto at that moment, she now understood why he was so serious with training; despite being only eleven years old, he was far more muscled and ripped than she had expected (she would later describe him to be as muscled as Gohan from Dragon Ball). In her opinion, he looked manlier than her brother ever had.

The blush on her face lingered on as she slowly got out of bed, crossing over to her own closet. As she opened it, she still felt the loudly thumping beat of her heart. Reaching out for an outfit to wear for the day, she resolved to have a talk with her mother. Watching and learning of these things from anime was one thing, experiencing it firsthand was something completely different from what she had expected.

-Gremory Dining Area-

Breakfast was a somewhat subdued affair that particular morning for the Gremory family; Lord Gremory was absent, away on a business trip with Lord Sitri to the Human World to oversee the progress of the school they had constructed in Kuoh as well as discuss various other matters regarding their Clans. With the most conversant individual away from the family, that left Lady Gremory, Rias and Naruto to dine at the table, resulting in the quiet atmosphere surrounding the family as they ate.

Sitting at the head of the table, as opposed to the seat beside her husband, Venelana sipped her orange juice quietly as she read a letter delivered by her daughter-in-law from Sirzechs. It contained various details he and Ajuka's apprentice had managed to discover regarding that kidnapping incident five years ago. Throughout the five years, the various individuals behind the action were exposed in varying ways yet there were still a group of two strays at large. From what she read, Sirzechs had managed to narrow their location to a large human settlement just off towards the east of Tokyo and was planning on mobilizing a small group to capture and detain them by the end of the day.

Glancing up from her reading, the beautiful Devil arched a brow when she saw her daughter eating her food steadily and slowly whilst keeping her eyes pointedly on her food. Every once in a while, she'd glance towards her best friend with a surprising look and quickly focus on her food once again with a small but noticeable blush on her cheeks. It was strange for her to see Rias acting like this; for one, the girl ate rather quickly in order to get ready for whatever activity she had planned for the day. Secondly, the looks that she kept sending Naruto were very familiar…

Her lips twitched as she discretely watched the male's reaction; he was calmly getting through his meal in silence, occasionally taking a moment to tap a particular spot on the table. As opposed to Rias, who clearly had Naruto on her mind, Naruto was deep in thought with an impassive mask on his face. Venelana didn't know what had the young chakra-user thinking so deeply, but it was amusing to her to see her daughter try to catch his eye only for her subtle messages to be ignored. 'Just like Sirzechs…Perhaps I should have a little chat with Rias today.'

Making a mental note to do that before the end of the day, Venelana went back to reading the letter with another sip of juice. However, she didn't notice Naruto's eyes lock unto the letter before narrowing thoughtfully.

Rias frowned as she watched Naruto, her eyes hidden by the loose bangs of her hair. She lifted her eyes from the plate in front of her and turned them towards Naruto. As usual, he was in his own world at the moment and was barely paying attention to his food.

Like a sprung trap, the feeling from before resurfaced within her heart and the girl tried her best not to squeak. Tucking her head back down, Rias wondered what was wrong with her. 'Am I sick? I mean, I feel fine but every time I look at him, I just…' Sneaking another look at the boy, her eyes widened as she found herself locking eyes with him. The two stared at each other for a moment, before Naruto arched a brow.

The feelings from before returned with double the intensity, causing Rias to undergo profuse blushing and break eye-contact. Tilting her head to make her red locks hide her face, she clenched her fists and furiously stabbed at her food.

Naruto frowned as he pondered some more on the question of when he was going to begin Rias' assimilation of the Phenex powers of regeneration. It would have to be done soon, possibly within the week in order to allow her to harness and develop those new abilities in a controlled environment. 'The best time to do this would be on a day she is free, most likely two days from now. After that, I'll have to run some tests on her to make sure she doesn't experience any negative side-effects.'

Even if Rias did experience any negative effects from the assimilation, he still had that to help reverse the damage done. He smirked at the thought of that. 'Heh…it's been a while since I used it. Wonder how my 'eternal rival' and that weapon are doing…'

Plotting out a convenient day for the operation to be held, Naruto smiled to himself as he finished the last pieces of his meal. His eyes flickered back once again to the letter clasped in Venelana's hands, his curiousity rising at what information it could be containing. His left hand shifted into a one-handed seal, hidden by the positioning of the tablecloth, and a small flying insect slipped out of his sleeve, silently darting over to Venelana's side and settle on her locks.

As opposed to most of the jutsu in his arsenal, this particular technique was a favorite of his and one that he had managed to shorten to only a half-seal. It had been particularly useful during his siege on the Underworld, allowing him access to sensitive information with none of the Devils discovering how he managed to hit them where it hurt the most during the Great War.

Pushing his plate forwards, Naruto let himself rest in his seat for a while. It would his little spy approximately five minutes to relay all the information that it managed to retrieve, so he could afford to chill out for a few moments. Leaning back with a pleased sigh, he waited patiently for his little bug to report back to him.

Across the table, pouting angrily each time her eye caught his form for some inexplicable reason, Rias made a mental note to stab the hand-made Naruto doll she had received from Grayfia.

-Yokohama, One Hour Later-

The streets of Yokohama were pleasant, Naruto admitted as he strolled through the crowd. Wearing black pants that clung to his form, a red undershirt with black flame markings on it and a fitted black jacket that was open at the chest, he stuck out in the crowd. A face mask obstructed the lower portion of his face from view whilst black arm-guards that covered his forearms, hidden from view by the jacket.

His eyes were under a Genjutsu to avoid any odd looks from random observers as well as to prevent any supernatural being from discovering his return; now the violet eyes of his mother, the redhead was pretty confident that very few individuals would be able to detect and break through his illusion. Maneuvering his way through the crowd, he paused at a nearby clothing store and pretended to gaze at the mannequins.

Taking a discrete sniff of the air, the redhead wrinkled his nose at the foul scent he was getting from the western sector of the city. 'It seems that this is where the two Strays are…' Cutting across to a nearby alley, the boy took to the sky in a single bound. Activating the flight technique he learned from mastering the Kekkei Tota Dust Release, Naruto took off in the direction of the scents. He wasn't particularly mindful of the crowd; he was moving so fast that only the most observant people in the crowd would notice something moving in the skies. Even if they did see his silhouette, they would all pass it off as a large bird flying about.

-Unknown Location-

Within the city of Yokohama, at the western outskirts of the city, two strange beings were staring out the window of an abandoned building. One of them, a male from his muscular figure, sighed heavily at the sight of the city and crossed his arms nervously. "Are you sure this will work? You said that he's even stronger than 'King' but shouldn't he have been de-aged? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean he's weaker than he was all those years ago?" He asked, glancing sideways to the shorter figure standing beside him.

The man was a very tall and muscular teen with blue-grey eyes. His hair was slicked back, its numerous spiky strands pointing backwards, though some of it fell down on his forehead. He had a distinctive lightning bolt-shaped scar on his right eye, sported dark lines circling his eyes, with each of them possessing a single, prominent eyelash jutting outwards. He donned an orange tunic with spots reminiscent of a leopard's on the shoulders and sides, with dark-lined sleeves reaching down below his elbows, and fur on the lower edges. He sported a bright red cape, tied on the front with a garish knot, which bore a large symbol on the back, and loose, baggy dark pants tucked inside light metal greaves. Around his waist was a simple belt to which he attached the device linked to his headphones.He also had a small chain tied around his right wrist.

His companion was a female, though it was hard to determine her age. She wore form fitting black pants with a purple cloth tied around her waist and a navy shirt that snugly held her large chest in place. A long-sleeved, ankle-length black coat with red lining draped over her and opened at her chest. Held together by three 'x' shaped marks, the coat flared out into a number of ragged coattails. She had shoulder-length purple hair and red eyes that were hidden by the hood of her coat.

The female huffed irritably, lifting her head slightly to level a glare on the teen. "Say what you want, I know Naruto-kun. He'll be here, and he'll hear us out." Turning back to the window, her glare softened. "To answer your other question, Naruto-kun is…special. Normally, when one undergoes a regression in age a large portion of their skills have to be learned once again, since their youthful bodies are unable to cope with the stress that comes with the more advanced skills. Also, they lose much of their strength, speed, agility and various other attributes that they enjoyed under their adult bodies." She crossed her hands, unknowingly pushing her large breasts together and making them even more noticeable underneath her coat. "Naruto-kun, on the other hand, retained all his skills and abilities through means I am unaware of. No one, not even the Red Devil herself knows what he did to achieve that…"

The male turned to gape at her. "Wait a minute; you're saying that not even you, the Professor, People Remodeler and Black White don't know how he did that?"

She nodded, her eyes drifting towards a nearby shrine. "Yeah, shocking isn't it? Now sit tight, he'll be here soon."

-Western Outskirts of Yokohama-

Landing on a tall tree with ease, Naruto paused as he caught a scent he hadn't expected to be here. Eyes narrowing, the redhead glanced towards the abandoned school up ahead. It was an old building, one that would soon be scheduled for demolition and there wasn't any indication that there was anything extraordinary about the place.

He cupped his chin and nestled himself against the tree, minimizing his profile and avoiding any possible lookout from detecting him. 'Okay, how are those two here? Weren't they out in the far West last time?' Frowning, Naruto opened his senses towards the old building and grimaced. He could definitely feel them in there; they were on the topmost floor, standing beside the window. 'She definitely knows I'm here, sneaking in is pretty much useless. It looks like they're expecting me, so I suppose I could let a Moku Bunshin(Wood Clone) speak with them whilst I go deal with the strays.'

Crouching low on the branch, Naruto blinked and three clones were crouching beside him. Looking at the closest one, he nodded twice and sped off towards the shrine that reeked of the foul scent he was after. As he dashed towards the other building, he formed a hand-sign and channeled the chakra. Had he glanced behind him, he would've seen the wood from the tree suddenly change to become flesh in such a smooth transition that within moments an exact replica of the redhead appeared.

As the clones entered the school, the original continued towards the shrine.

A few moments later, Naruto stopped in front of the shrine gates and wrinkled his nose. 'No doubt about it; the two strays are here.' Taking in an even deeper breath, his brows furrowed. 'Two other people are in there…both with human and supernatural blood flowing through them.' The breeze picked up, allowing him to glean more from their scents. 'A Human-Fallen Angel hybrid as well as a Yuki-Onna/Human Halfling, both nearing puberty…how interesting.'

He began to walk through the gates, sliding past them without a sound as he made his way across the property. From the lack of care the land was suffering from, it looked like the shrine was also abandoned; the lawn had spiraled out of control, the various decorations were old and weathered, even the land itself gave off a somber and unused atmosphere.

Slipping through the walls and sneaking past the rooms was easy; Kamui, one of his favorite jutsu, helped immensely as he navigated his way through the grounds, moving through anything and everything unimpeded. Of course, he had to be careful whenever he materialized from a wall; he didn't want to step out right in front of the two strays- that would be an embarrassment for him to make such a rookie mistake.

As he slipped through another wall, a shout from the room ahead made him grin darkly; the scent was strongest there. 'Well, well, well…two for the price of one, how nice.' Peering down the corridor, he nodded when he caught sight of a darkened spot. Silently making his way past the doors, Naruto huddled within the dark areas.

Gathering and focusing chakra into his eyes, he smirked as he felt the transition from his basic Sharingan to its Mangekyo state. "Kamui."

An explosion occurred.

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