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Lyrics from "Your Body is a Weapon" by The Wombats.

Jump Into the Fog

Chapter 18

"It's extortionate and I don't care.

You can taste the pretense in the air."

If she was being perfectly honest with herself, Anna was completely torn between obeying and defying Kristoff. She would lay awake at night, staring up at the ceiling and contemplating sneaking off to Arendelle again. She could do it this time… After all, he'd only caught her once, out of the many times she'd been down there. And it'd been too easy to sneak away each time. Surely once more couldn't hurt…

But who was she kidding? Of course it could hurt. It could do more than just hurt. She could be killed on this excursion, she knew. And while she was perfectly fine accepting death if it meant she could help save her sister, she wouldn't lay down her life just because she was sneaking into Arendelle in the dead of night.

And, looking over at Kristoff's sleeping form, Anna realized how much her heart yearned to be happy again. How much it wanted Kristoff to be happy as well. She asked so much of him, and he wanted nothing in return except to see the smile on her face.

This, she realized, was true love, where she hurt so much, but at the same time, she felt elated, flying practically. Sure, Kristoff was nowhere near perfect. But he was perfect for Anna, and that was what really mattered.

So when he gave a snore and rolled over, Anna would sigh in defeat and close her eyes. Of course she loved Elsa. But Anna didn't want to see that disappointed look on Kristoff's face ever again.

In the end, the guilt was too much, and Anna knew that, if Hans wanted Elsa dead, he'd have done something by now. By this point, she was sure if Hans asked her to jump off a cliff, she would have blindly done so.

He'd hidden the monster for almost a year now.

And Anna was going to set it free before she slayed it.

The decision to slay Hans had always been implanted in her mind. But the more Anna thought about it, the more she started to see that it was the only way Elsa could ever come to her senses. She'd wanted to kill him since she'd woken up a few months ago.

Then, when impure thoughts of seeing her stomach grow, of seeing Hans completely dominate her, that's what threw Anna over the edge. She was a bull, and Hans was made entirely out of red matter.

Destroying him was her only option now, she knew. And she was more than willing to step up to do it. The spell would be broken. Elsa would mourn, Anna was sure, but she would be forgiven one day.

It was for the good of her sister.

"I keep hearing he's pretty good for a King, being dealt with ruling a frozen kingdom and all," Kristoff dismissed with a shrug as he dismounted Sven. Often he'd bring news from Arendelle when he went down to buy supplies or attempt to sell ice.

Scowling at his response, Anna slit her eyes slightly and sheathed one of her blades with a bit more force than necessary. "You don't know what you're talking about," she accused bitterly. "You didn't see him in the shadows. You don't know who he is like I do."

Kristoff held his hands up in self-defense, brows furrowing in worry. "I may not, but if you say all Hans cares about us having his own kingdom and now he has one… well, shouldn't he be trying to show the people this was what he was meant to do?" he pointed out slowly, knowing he was on thin ice here.

"He wasn't meant to rule Arendelle, Elsa was!" Anna cried, taking a step closer to Kristoff. "I can't believe you're siding with that bastard."

"Hey, I'm not taking anyone's side here!" Kristoff replied, his voice raising a bit as well. "I'm just saying… Elsa kind of froze her own kingdom. And Hans… well, he seems to take everyone's minds off it a bit. He's like their beacon of hope. I'm not empathizing with them or anything. I'm just going off of observation."

Turning her back toward Kristoff, hurt. "Maybe you should observe a little less then," she murmured to herself, crossing her arms.

She couldn't believe what Kristoff was saying! It was like he wanted Elsa to stay with Hans, like he was good for her or something! He wasn't good for anything, that lying, manipulative, double crossing son of a—

"Hi, guys!" called a voice Anna hadn't heard in a rather long time. Eyes widening, she turned sharply, heart pounding in her chest.

"Olaf!" she cried excitedly, rushing to the snowman who was bounding toward them with that wonderful smile on his face.

Kneeling down on the ground beside him, Anna gave him a quick hug and looked fondly upon him, noticing the piece of regal parchment in his hand. Here it was… "How is Elsa? Please tell me you were safe this whole time…" Was that what took him so long? Did he really care about both sisters this much, that their words had to remain intact?

Nodding, Olaf handed Anna Elsa's letter and sat beside her. "Elsa is really happy you're alive, Anna," he assured, and Anna couldn't help but smile a bit at that. There was still hope, she knew. Elsa could still come to her senses.

With hands she couldn't tell were shaking, Anna opened the parchment and caught her breath at the sight of Elsa's flowing penmanship. Reading silently, she had to remind herself to breathe as well.

My dearest Anna,

I am enthused and ecstatic to hear you're alive and well—! Arendelle has mourned deeply, as have I… What joy, to hear you are here and prepared to come home…! How I long to see you again. Never have I realized just how much I've missed you… until you were gone.

I feel… no, I know this is all my fault; I should have never let my temper get to you so, as it has been the cause of your near death and I do not wish to ever lose you again. You're my sister, Annam and it is hard to imagine life without you.

Your words about my husband, however, cause me some distress. I am writing to tell you that, to some extent, I believe you. I know you would never lie to me about something so grave.

What I cannot bring myself to believe, however, is that Hans has done badly by me during our time together. I believe people have it within their nature to be good, and this entire time Hans has only shown nothing but love and respect for Arendelle.

If he truly is a good king, do his past actions make him irredeemable still, in your eyes, Anna?

I still believe that we can make it through this diplomatically, without a fuss. I believe that, when we meet again, I can show you that perhaps your preconceived notions about my husband may be proven false. We can talk through this together.

I will sneak you into the palace, just in case. Please meet me in secret behind the palace in a fortnight, which will be the yearlong anniversary of my coronation as Queen of Arendelle. I long to see you again, and together now I do believe we can finally stop this winter. With the people I care most about around me, perhaps I can find the confidence in myself to finally end this cursed winter.

Until then,

All my love,


Biting her lip, Anna tried to restrain herself from tearing Elsa's letter in a thousand pieces. At the same time, seeing her sister's handwriting was making her feel as if a part of her that was missing was being filled again, and she instead folded it up again, tucking it into the waistband of Kristoff's borrowed pants.

"She's weak," Anna declared bitterly to herself, eyes clouding over with more hatred for Hans than ever. He'd done this. He'd molded her into a spineless, dependent thing—a damned trophy—instead of her headstrong, powerful older sister.

He not only needed to pay, he needed to be torn apart limb from limb. And when Anna finally had her fill of bloodlust, she'd strike him in the heart—or rather, she'd strike the area where his heart would be if he had one.

Yes, Elsa would retaliate. Yes, she would feel extreme sorrow and loss. But in the end, Anna was doing it for her sister's own good, and for the good of Arendelle. No good could ever come from that man.

Turning to Olaf and Kristoff, Anna slit her eyes, drawing one of her swords. "We leave for Arendelle in less than a fortnight," she announced. "And then, it will all be over."

No, Anna would never kill any of Arendelle's finest guards. But she had to prepare herself for Hans, who would be a very formidable enemy. And if she wanted any sort of validation in her life, she'd have to end his before she allowed herself to be happy.

Getting the cue, Kristoff only silently defended himself against Anna's increasingly aggressive blows.

Writing for Anna is a hell of a lot of fun now that she's so twisted and hellbent on getting Hans. Like, can't you imagine the bags under her eyes and her hair all askew and stuff? xD

Also writing Elsa's letter was great, as I never get to use that weird, old timey proper voice like, ever. She wrote it like she was writing an official document because of the terrible relationship she has with Anna, how sad is that?

… Like, she's spoken to Hans more in less than a year than she has to Anna in the past thirteen years, think about that.

Next chapter:As Elsa continues to question her husband's true motives, Hans continues to spiral into paranoia. But who will come up with the truth first?

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