Chapter one

Not long after Harry killed Voldemort everyone began to celebrate, but they also wanted to thank Harry. No matter what he said or did, everyone would not leave Harry Potter alone. He tried to go see a healer so they could deal with the few injuries he had, but got surrounded by people thanking him. At one time a curse flew just over the top of his head from a supporter of Voldemort who had been pretending he was dead, he was quickly disarmed and stunned by Kingsley. Harry hated admitting it, but he had been scared mainly because since he had been so surrounded he would not have been able to reach his wand, so it was just luck that the spell missed.

After making sure there were no others supporters hiding or pretending they were unconscious or even dead all Harry wanted was to get healed and sleep. He was finally able to when Minerva pushed her way through to Harry, she put her arm around him and pulled him towards the makeshift hospital.

'Thanks professor,' Harry panted heavily, 'I hope that doesn't keep happening.'

'It will ease Harry, now sit so Poppy can look at you then you can go sleep.'

Harry nodded, 'I've been trying to come here for a while,' he sat on one of the small camp bed as the matron moved over to examine him. When she was done she handed him two potions making Harry pull a face but he drank the potions knowing they would help.

'Since I'm not that bad Madame Pomfrey, I'm going to leave you to the seriously injured, but I am going to rest, a lot and probably for days.'

'If I see you are not resting young man I will bind you to one of these beds.'

Harry smiled, 'I will, I promise, I'm absolutely exhausted. Thanks,' Harry stood up, feeling his aching body, but picked up his bag, then threw his cloak over himself, 'It's the only way people won't see me, thanks again.'

'You're welcome, now go rest.'

Harry quickly but quietly left the hospital and headed outside. He decided to sneak away while he had the chance but would let his friends know where he was. Even though he didn't really like Grimmauld place, it was still under the fidelius charm so it was safer. He quickly hurried away from the crowded castle, then turned on the spot disapparating.

Harry quickly hurried up the steps of number 12 Grimmauld place, he cast a few revealing charms the moment he stepped inside. When those charms revealed no humans in the house, he then enchanted the door before heading up to Sirius' old bedroom. All Harry did was drop his bag, strip his ruined and bloody clothes off along with his shoes and socked, then climbed into the large bed. The moment his head hit the pillow he was asleep.

Back at Hogwarts Hermione walked over to Minerva McGonagall, 'Professor, do you know where Harry is?'

'I helped him to the hospital about an hour ago, I have not seen him since.'

'Mr. Weasley is ready to head out, so we thought we should get Harry. I'll have a look for him, if you see him can you tell him for me?'

'If I see him I will.'

Hermione went to the hospital, 'Madame Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall said she brought Harry here.'

'He left about half an hour ago, he used his cloak so he could sneak out. He said he was going to rest.'

'Okay, thank you, I'm sure I'll find him asleep somewhere,' Hermione walked back out of the hospital and went to find Ron, 'We'll need to find Harry, Madame Pomfrey said he used his cloak to sneak out, I don't blame him after being surrounded before.'

'Well, Gryffindor tower is destroyed, most of the castle is destroyed, so where would he go?'

'Maybe Hagrid's hut, even if it is damaged, it's private. I don't think he's anywhere in the castle, there's too much damage.'

'Let's check since we don't have the map,' Ron and Hermione headed outside and down to Hagrid's hut, they looked inside, but found it empty. They went back to the castle and looked around at the few rooms that were still standing, but they saw no sign of Harry, 'Maybe he left before everyone tried to see him again.'

'Left, but to where, where would he go?' Hermione kept glancing around trying to work out where Harry was.

'Maybe he went to the Burrow, he knew mum and George was still with Fred.'

'What if he's not there, where else would he go?'

'I'm not sure and I'm too tired to think right now. Look Hermione, I'm sure he's fine, he'll turn up, but we'll ask a few people to keep an eye out for him. Dad's waiting for us.'

'Alright, let's go see Neville before we leave.'

After Hermione and Ron explained to Neville, he said that he'll keep an eye out for Harry but get others to as well. Ron and Hermione then joined the Weasley's ready to head home.

At Grimmauld place, Harry woke with a start. He sat on the bed listening to noises that were coming from downstairs.

'Shit, death eaters can get in here,' Harry grabbed his clothes, quickly dressing, he grabbed his bag, tidied the bed as best he could then through the cloak over himself as he crouched low behind the bed. Even though the death eaters wouldn't see him, they knew about the cloak, so best to make it look like he wasn't here in anyway.

'Any sign of him?' a low gravelly voice called.

'No, maybe he's still at that blasted school.'

'Let's do one more check over the place, then we better find somewhere to hide. But we'll get Potter, sooner or later.'

Harry watched as the door opened, a man in dark death eater robes looked around before leaving. Harry didn't move, he knew they were still here, the house was big so it would take them a while to search every room. He should have remembered that they brought a death eater inside the fidelius charm. Harry sat on the floor for what seemed like hours. Finally when he heard nothing, not a sound, he stood up, put his bag over his shoulder then as quietly as he could he left Sirius' old room and crept downstairs. Even though Harry wasn't sure if they left or not, he kept his wand in his hand and the cloak over him.

As Harr was nearing the hall that led to the door, he heard a creak from behind him. He spun and sent a stunner at the death eater standing there, then he cast a binding spell before running out the door. He apparated away the moment he was on the step, a spell just missed him as he spun away ready to find somewhere safe to go. The war with Voldemort might be over, that didn't mean any supporters out there were going to stop. Being the one to kill Voldemort, Harry knew it was him they would go after so he needed somewhere to go, somewhere they wouldn't look for him, somewhere they would never think he would be. It took Harry a few minutes but he finally worked out where that somewhere was, Godric's Hollow, his parent's home, his home. So that's where Harry Potter went, back to where it all started.

After a lot of sleep, something to eat, Hermione and Ron went back to Hogwarts to see if they could find Harry, this time Ginny went with them. She was hoping now Voldemort was dead Harry and she would resume their relationship. Ginny knew Harry never said anything about them getting back together, she had a feeling why that was. Harry almost died so many times, he probably thought he wouldn't survive, that Voldemort would eventually kill him, so Harry wouldn't have wanted to get her hopes up. That's what Ginny thought and hoped, so she decided to go with her brother to find out what might be happening with the boy she loved. No, she thought to herself, not boy, man, a young man, a young man she hoped still cared about her.

Hermione, Ron and Ginny stared up at the ruined castle, 'It looks worse than when we left,' Ron said.

'It's almost destroyed,' Ginny said sadly.

'Do you think they will ever fix it?' Hermione asked.

'They will, it just might take a long time. It's the dark magic that will take the longest. The whole place will need counter curses cast over it. Come on, let's get inside and find out if Harry's here or not,' Ron led the way inside and over to some of the teachers.

'Professor, have you seen Harry?' Hermione asked.

'No, none of us have. After you left I let everyone know to keep an eye out. What rooms are still standing has no one in them. But I'm glad you returned, I need to show you something, follow me,' Minerva lead the group of young people out of the ruined great hall and into the makeshift hospital, then pointed to a bed, 'When the healers were moving all the bodies, he twitched.'

'Fred,' Ginny said very quietly before running over to the bed.

'I was about to send your family an owl to let them know.'

'Forget the owl, I'll go tell them, I'm sure they will be back. Hermione you keep asking anyone about Harry,' Ron stared at the bed where his brother was, the brother he thought died, then ran from the room.

'He wasn't the only person found alive,' Minerva pointed to another bed.

'Snape, but it looked like he died, he was bleeding badly then seemed to just go still.'

'From what we could work out, he had some anti-venom on him, it was enough to keep the poison from killing him. Once he's well enough, he'll be taken to Azkaban.'