This was the first 'Family of Coul' I wrote, as a sequel to 'His Brave Warrior', but I felt that the stories were too similar, in that it involves someone questioning why Thor would be with Phil. Still, I worked on it long enough to feel that I should post it, if nothing else so that my 'hard work' won't have gone to waste.

"Family of Coul 2"

Phil hesitated before his fist could meet the door. The dark brown wood, the worn doorknocker, the scratches from some small beasts… these things were as far from the grandeur of Thor's home as they could possibly be. They even differed from the image of Agent Coulson. And yet warmth exuded from this residence. He could hear a hum of voices, pierced by laughter.

"Why do you pause, Phillip?" Thor said. He pressed up behind his intended, and held his waist. "I've not yet seen you pause."

"Yes, you have," Phil said. His shoulders slumped infinitesimally. "I just wasn't expecting so many. It's only supposed to be my grandparents and a couple of my foster siblings. I had no idea… and she's here."


"One of my foster sisters." Phil's lip curled in a rare sneer. "You can hear her laughing… now."

"Ah. I had thought that to be an electronic device. It hardly sounds real."

"Thor, I love you, but it's probably best if you don't speak to her. At all. She's… well, not to insult female dogs everywhere, but she's a bitch. She was only with us for a couple of months; it wasn't enough time to change her personality to something… bearable. If she insults me, please just ignore it."


"Really. You know the lord who challenged me when we visited Asgard?" Thor growled. "Well, she'll probably be a lot subtler about her remarks."

"Should she cause you grief—"

"I'm used to it from her." Phil sighed, and then rapped upon the door. "Just remember that Mjolnir is in my car, and you know I don't like anything to happen to Lola."

"I would not cause injury to your family, Phillip."

Phil leaned back, and Thor caused him to tilt his head with a kiss to his neck. He allowed his lips to linger, only withdrawing when the door began to open with a creak.

"Hey, Grandma," Phil said. An elderly woman smiled widely, and held out her arms. Phil stepped into the embrace, and Thor's heart warmed as he watched.

"Hello, Philly," the woman said. Her voice quavered. "Oh, it's so wonderful to see you again, my boy." Then her eyes met Thor's, and she let go. "This is your young man?"

"Not so young, but I thank you, Lady Coulson," Thor said, and he kissed her hand. She giggled like a woman half her age.

"Call me Grandma," she said.

"As you wish, Grandma."

"Come in, come in," she said, and Phil and Thor entered the hall. Phil kissed Grandma's cheek. "What's your name, young man? Phil said it was Thor, but I'm sure that's a nickname."

"No," Phil said. "That's his real name."

Grandma seemed to take this easily. "And your last name, young Thor?"


She nodded. "Good. It suits you."

"Thank you, Grandma."

"Who will be taking whose name?"

"Grandma!" Phil said, eyes growing wide.

"I'm old, not blind, sonny," she said, and she tapped his hand. Thor chuckled. She had noticed their matching engagement rings. "Come through and meet the family, Thor."

They followed her into a large room, the furniture against the walls, and crowded with people. Silence fell when they entered the space. Thor gave his pleasantest smile, and settled one hand on Phil's waist again, keeping him close. Even in the presence of those not a threat, he still succumbed to feelings of possessiveness, and was always prepared to stake his claim should it prove necessary.

"Good afternoon," Phil said. He moved into Thor's touch again. Thor knew that this provided his lover with some comfort, and was proud to give him that comfort. "This is my fiancé, Thor Odinson. Thor… this is my family. Well, most of it."

"I am filled with joy to meet those dearest to my Phillip," Thor said, and he bowed his head to them.

"This is Pop," Phil said, leading Thor to an aged man.

"I'm Philly's grandfather," the man said, leaning across to shake Thor's hand. "You can call me Pop, if you're calling Elsie Grandma."

"Do you like Pop Tarts?" Thor asked. Pop laughed loudly.

"That I do," he said.

"Then we have that in common. Pop." He straightened, and looked down at Phil. "How is that name a derivative of 'grandfather'?"

"I have no idea," Phil said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, since we're discussing names," a young woman began to say.

"Are you gonna ask me for Phil's hand?" Pop asked. "I mean, that seems to be redundant, but—"

"Of course!" Thor said. Inwardly, he was cursing himself for having forgotten. In truth, he had not anticipated such a gathering, either, and had planned to ask Phil's grandfather in private. "Pop, would you grant me permission to wed your grandson Phillip?"

"You didn't even need to ask," Pop said, a twinkle in his eye. Thor laughed. "Yes. Just as long as we get to be there."

"They won't be able to go to Asgard," Phil said in an undertone. "It would be too much for them, Thor."

"Then we will hold two matrimonial ceremonies," Thor said. "Is it not obvious?"

"Okay, I've got two questions," the young woman said, breaking in on the conversation yet again. Judging by the cloud over Phil's face, this was the foster sister whom he had spoken of only minutes before. "One, what, were you named after that mythical god? You know, from Norse mythology."

"Oh God," a young man said from the other side of the room. "Now she's got started."

"I am not named for the god of thunder," Thor said after a pause. He pondered the dynamics of the room, and stole a glance at his betrothed.

"Two," the woman said, seemingly satisfied by his evasive – yet truthful – answer. "What's a guy like you doing with Phil?"

"Was it not clear? We are affianced. Further than that, I will not discuss, to spare Phillip's blushes." Phil coughed, and moved closer to Thor.

"Uh, kinda not what I meant," the woman said. She flipped her flaxen hair over her shoulder. "I meant that you're hot. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life with Phil? I mean, he's just… Phil. No offence, honey."

Thunder rumbled outside as Thor took a step towards her. Phil moved with him, and pressed a hand to Thor's chest.

"Don't," he said.

"You think little of one you would call brother?" Thor asked, his voice soft as he attempted to hold his temper at bay. It was proving nigh on impossible.

"No, god no," she said, sitting back. "It's just… I mean, who'd look at you and think you were together? You're, like, total opposites."

"Except that we're both male and alive, obviously," Phil said. "And in similar lines of work." He was keeping Thor in place, but barely. Thor could have pushed past, but he feared hurting his beloved, nor did he wish to disgrace him in front of his family.

"I tire of those who do not appreciate you, daring to cast aspersions," Thor said, scowling as he glanced at Phil. "Lord Brokr was unaware of your character, although he should have known not to question the crown prince of Asgard. But you have named her sister, and yet she—"

His words were then drowned out by the loud clap of thunder outside. Those present reacted violently, and Thor tried once more to control his anger. Phil looked concerned, and was pressing harder against Thor's chest.

"I get that you're unhappy, but there will always be someone who thinks we shouldn't be together," he murmured. "Do those people's opinions matter to you so much?"


"So don't let it get to you, Thor." Phil stroked his arm. "And for Odin's sake, don't call you-know-what. I love you, but that doesn't excuse hurting my car."

"Of course," Thor said, and he kissed Phil on the forehead. "I apologise if I distressed you, Phillip."

"Did…" They looked at Grandma. "Did you say crown prince?"

Thor was beset with shame, and he cleared his throat. "Uh…"

"Of Asgard," Phil said. He slid his hand down Thor's arm and entwined their fingers together. Thor's heart gave the heartiest of jumps, as was customary when Phil chose to show such affection publicly, and the brewing storm subsided. "Thor was right. He wasn't named after the god of thunder."

"Oh my," Grandma said. Thor leapt to assist her to a chair. "Oh my."

"Are you unwell, Grandma?" Thor asked, bending to study her face. She was somewhat paler, and yet she smiled at him. She petted his cheek.

"Just fine, dear," she said. "No wonder you said you weren't young."

"I have lived some millennia, and will live many more with Phillip, I hope."

"Apparently they 'have ways'," Phil said.

And I never got any farther than that. Oh bother…

As you can see, this is from Thor's point-of-view, in contrast to Phil's point-of-view in 'His Brave Warrior'.

Galaxy-song asked for a Thor/Phil story where one of them meets the other's parents. Admittedly, that happened in 'His Brave Warrior' as well; but that one was fulfilling another prompt, too, so I felt Galaxy-song should have another story, just about meeting the parents. Instead, there ended up being two…

Just realised these are about the same length each. Don't know how that happened.

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