Rainbow Dash raised Pinkie Pie onto a light pink fluffy cloud and pushed her towards the hospital. Rarity contacted Pinkie Pie's parents.

Twilight called to say that it was unlikely that Pinkie Pie was possessed after all. Her scroll unrolled further to reveal a slightly embarrassed Get Well Soon card.

Fluttershy stayed with her overnight at the hospital, unwrapping various gift cards, blowing up balloons, and above all, removing all traces of cake and frosting.

When Fluttershy snoozed off, the doctors tried tying Pinkie Pie to the bed with bandages, the first things to hoof.

Pinkie Pie awoke with a spinning kaleidoscope wobbling above her head.

"Whoah!" she mumbled through a spitty jaw. She had drooled more in the night over herself.

Fluttershy mopped her dry. "There we are, Pinkie Pie. And how are we feeling this afternoon?"

"C KKKKEEEEE! Yippee!" screamed Pinkie Pie impossibly. Her head jutted forwards and her teeth clicked on mid-air.

"Oh," said Fluttershy. "Doctor! She's still feeling a teensy big bit unwell."

"Come now, Miss Pinkie Pie. Pull yourself together. All your friends will be visiting soon."

"C -K !" said Pinkie Pie. "C -kA m -mA. Ka-ka-ka-ka."

"No more cake," said the Doctor firmly to Fluttershy. "It's what may have sent her over the edge."

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, Doctor. I'd better stop her parents."

With that, Fluttershy trotted out the room and skidded into the corridor. There was a large number of Pinkie's Ponyville friends and family packed into one tiny corridor. More spilled out the elevator, and others were flying fast through the windows bearing gifts.

Everything smelt like candied cake.

Mrs. Pie, her mum, hurried forwards. "Why, dear, is she awake yet?"

Fluttershy barged into her, and said, "Yes, but she doesn't need cake."

"Cake?" cried her father. "She always needs cake! It's what she lives for, cooking and baking and tasting."

"Why, it's her cutie mark," said her mother. "We wouldn't deny her from her very heart's desire."

The whole herd of friends and family charged past Fluttershy into the ward, taking the ripe smell of cake and frosting with them. At the back, her friends, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight were all asleep, huddled down in gift wrap and ribbons.

Fluttershy walked over. "Wake up," she called. "I think they're disobeying the doctors."


Twilight awoke to the sound of Fluttershy murmuring something solemnly and to the sudden cries erupting from the ward. There was so much family, but they couldn't back up the corridor fast enough and all wedged at the other end, near the double doors.

Ponies whinnied in trouble. Twilight couldn't make out what the doctors nor the parents were shouting.

"Is Pinkie Pie all right?" asked Applejack, opening a window for Rainbow Dash, who flew out and hovered near Pinkie Pie's room windows.

She flew back. "I can't see, I can't see! There's so much cake they're offloading."

Applejack giggled. "Pinkie Pie's sure got so many admirers."

"I could do with some," said Rarity, getting up. "No, no! Oh, would you look at my mane?! What was I thinking of last night?"

Applejack touched her with her hoof. "Helping your friends," she said.

Fluttershy added, "Pinkie Pie's not allowed any more cake or frosting. Doctor's orders."

"Which," said Twilight in dismay, "her family are disobeying. We've got to get rid of the cake!"

"We can't eat it all," said Rainbow Dash. "We'll get fat." Rarity nodded.

Twilight glanced up at the sky. "We could wash it all away if we had some rainclouds. I know! I'll open a vortex!" Besides her, Spike discovered her scrolls under the gift wrap and starting searching for the relevant spell.

"Here you are, Princess," he said. "An incantation for cake removal. And spice," he added.

Twilight refocused and beat her wings. With Fluttershy steadying her, she flew around the hospital and kicked open a window with her hooves. Balancing on the window ledge, she recited the incantation.

A vortex opened above Pinkie's Pie head and immediately started sucking in cake. A swirl of cakecrumbs threaded through the air, out of horses' mouths and out of, in one case, sacks.

Pinkie Pie's attentive family and admirers stared at Twilight, then began cheering. Balloons burst and party streamers rolled.

Rainbow Dash joined her outside the window. Her mouth dropped open.

"Pinkie Pie, what are you eating?"

Pinkie Pie's face strained and blew out a very large swell of bubblegum. It didn't pop, but blocked the view from the window.

Twilight popped it with her hoof, laughing. "Oh, Pinkie Pie!"

A sticky bubble-gummed crowd led forlornly out of the hospital down below. Pinkie Pie had been left alone with her friends at the very last of visiting hour.

"But I can't remember anything!" she insisted.

"Try, Pinkie Pie," said Twilight wearily.

"But I need cake! I can't think without cupcakes. Sugar is a whole food group."

Fluttershy bit the blanket and pulled it up Pinkie Pie's bed.

"We'll bring you some apples tomorrow," promised Applejack.

Pinkie Pie pouted. "That's not food." She wailed. "I. Make. Cake!"

Her cheeks expanded, and drool trickled down her chin.

"I think she's gone again," said Doctor Hooves.

Twilight stared at him. "How long will Pinkie Pie be like this for?"

"It could be years," he said gently. "We'll see in time. In the meantime…"

"No more cake!" the friends chorused.