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Chapter 1

The music was thumping so loud throughout the house that her ears were ringing; the smoky haze that lingered in the room made it difficult to see her friend who was currently pressed up against the refrigerator with Mike Newton's tongue down her throat. Angela groaned at the sight. Really, how had she let Jessica talk her into coming to a party, let alone a party at her house while her parents were away?

Walking around the kitchen trying to find a corner to hide in, Angela plastered her body against the wall while her eyes lingered on Jessica and Mike. He of course, was running his hands up and down her sides and around to her butt. With each grip Angela could see the muscles in his forearms straining to drag her friend closer to his body. She heard Jessica giggle as Mike jerked her flush against him. With a roll of her eyes Angela brought the red cup to her lips. Slowly she sipped down the orange juice that Jessica had poured for her as soon as she walked in the door. "If anyone asks just tell them it's a screwdriver," she instructed before Mike wrapped her in his arms and pulled her away squealing.

Angela had every intention of staying only for a little while, but looking at the clock on the kitchen stove she noticed that it read 12:02 am. How had she been here two hours already? With a sigh she pushed off the wall and made her way over to Jessica. She stood waiting for the opportunity for one of her friends to look up from their lip lock. Eventually she tapped Mike on the shoulder and when he turned to look at her she couldn't help the laugh that escaped, Jessica's bright red lipstick was smeared all over his face.

"I'm just," Angela stated as she threw her thumb over her shoulder. Before Jessica spoke Angela turned around to make her escape and promptly crashed into someone causing her cup to crumble between their bodies. Angela squeaked out in surprise when she saw the man that was looking down at her. He was tan with dark brown eyes and jet black hair, obviously from the reservation.

Just as the wetness began to seep into her skin through her bra a chuckle caught her attention and she jerked when two hands landed on her shoulders. "You ok there?" he asked as he peeled her body away from his.

She looked up at him, meeting his eyes. He had the slightest hint of a smile on his face as he looked at her. "Yea- yeah I'm fine sorry for spilling- oh my god your shirt is soaking wet, I'm so sorry for that. I was just leaving."

She heard him calling after her. Not sure what he said due to the sound of the music, Angela pushed her way through the crowd and found the door to Jessica's room. At the very least her "friend" could let her borrow a shirt that wasn't soaked in orange juice. Just as the door clicked closed Angela heard a grunt that caused her body to freeze. The room was dimly lit but there was enough light for Angela to see a naked man hovering over a woman. Her hand shot to her mouth at the sight, smothering a gasp.

Her eyes roamed over the man before she could stop them. His arms were locked, his chest still almost touching the perky, over-inflated breasts. Angela's eyes slid up the arms and slowly took in the muscles as they bunched and moved as he continued to thrust into the girl under him. As her eyes slid up his body she noticed that he had a tattoo on his shoulder and another between his shoulder blades. His short practically buzzed black hair was wet with sweat, sweat that was currently making its way down his back and to his-oh my god, Angela thought to herself, taking in the sight of his naked ass. It was, well she had never seen a naked ass like this one, sure a drunk had mooned her once as he was driving through town but this was something else. She watched as his glutes flexed with another grunt and a pair of blood red nails latched on as if to help the process. Another grunt and Angela new he definitely didn't need any help. As Angela continued to scan the man's back she knew she should look away, but her eyes nor her mouth would close. Her feet refused to move so she stood awe-struck at the sight before her-that was until a gruff voice broke her concentration.

"You going to stand there all night or you want to join in on this party, Tom?"

She looked up to find that the man that was speaking to her wasn't even looking in her direction as he spoke, rather he was watching the woman that was laying underneath him. No way that girl's name was Tom. The space between the two seemed to have grown causing Angela's skin to prickle and before she knew it he was straddling one of her legs as she laid on her side, the other thrown up and over his shoulder. Enough space had been created by their new position that Angela was able to get a solid view of his ripped chest.

"I- I-" She stuttered before she heard him chuckle. Her eyes left the woman's bright red pump that was waving in the air and she looked at the side of his face, still looking at the naked girl below him, "Mindy you mind if Tom over there joins us or is it a party of two?"

Angela gasped at the question, Was he serious? Why did he keep calling her Tom? Her thoughts cut off when she heard the girl giggle, "Aww sorry honey but Pauly -" her words cut off by a straggled moan as her body slammed violently forward into the headboard.

"What'd I tell you about calling me that?" He asked, the husky tone of his voice sent a shiver down Angela's spine.

The girl licked and then bit her lower lip as she looked up at the man, "Call him tomorrow honey, we're busy."

Angela was still frozen. Her face was burning and her eyes were hurting from how wide they were and the lack of blinking at the sight of the two still laying in the bed connected. Neither seemed to have a care in the world, she had never in all of her life seen anything like it. She couldn't tear her eyes away, but the two continued on as if nothing were happening grunting and moaning pushing and pulling. Her heart was thumping in her chest she stared at the two from across the room. Why wasn't she moving for the door?

A growl snapped her from her thoughts, causing her hand to shoot behind her back. Grabbing the door handle, she twisted the knob and flung the door open. Darting out of the room she ran into a brick wall with an oof.

"We really need to stop meeting like this."

Looking up Angela was met with the same dark brown eyes and short, jet black hair, and the smile was still there too, "I just went to get a shirt and - but there's someone in there and I really need to go."

The moan that drifted from the door behind her had her eyes shooting wide before she clenched them shut and grit her teeth. The boy in front of her uttered a cuss word which had her eyes snapping back open. "Paul," the boy spat in annoyance as his arms moved to her shoulders yet again.

"Hey you ok, did he like traumatize you or something?"

"I just… I've never, I can't believe he's doing that on Jessica's bed. She is going to be so mad when she finds out the someone was having se- sex," Angela finally managed to force the word from her mouth, "on her bed."

Her hand slapped over her mouth at her outburst, but the boy in front of her just laughed, "Yeah she's probably going to need to clean that when he's done in there."

She watched as his nose scrunched up as he talked to her, then his head turned toward a crash and a hoot from down the hall, the volume of the music seemed to have gotten louder since she went into the bedroom. His eyes pinched together before his grip on her shoulder got a little tighter. "You said you were leaving, you want to get out of here? I'll walk you home, this party seems to be getting a little rowdy." There was a sense of urgency behind his words, his focus not solely on her.

Angela looked over his face, he seemed innocent enough. She knew that Bella had hung out with someone named Jake from the reservation and if memories served her correct this was one of his friends. "Do you know someone named Jake?" Angela blurted while watching his face for any sign that he might.

A smile split across his face, "Yeah me and Jake we're - uh we've been friends for a long time." His hand was on the back of his neck rubbing in a nervous manner as he spoke, his eyes darting all around the cramped hallway.

Her eyes pinched together in concentration and that's when it hit her, "Haven't I seen you before on First Beach?"

With that his eyes flicked back to her searching her face, "Now that you mention it," Embry said taking a closer look at her face, "yeah you were with Bella Swan right?"

"Yeah," Angela said, a frown pulling at her lips at the thought of her friend. She and Bella got along really well but since the Cullens left she was a completely different person, never sitting with their group always sitting at their old table, staring out the window, so pale and withdrawn. She was worried about her friend, had been for a while, but she knew eventually if Bella needed to talk she would come to her when she was ready. She wasn't one to push like Jessica or one to talk like Lauren.

"Well I'm Embry," his hand shot out for Angela to shake. When she took it in her own she gasped in shock at the heat of his hand and her eyes bore into his.

Shuffling his feet he looked down the hall again, almost seeming nervous, "So you want me to walk you home?"

"Oh I just live a couple of houses down, I can make it."

His eyes flicked back to hers before a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, "S'okay I was just heading home any way, parties really aren't my thing. Paul," Embry said while pointing at the door and scrunching his nose again, "drug me here tonight."

Angela shook her head at him before turning and making her way down the hall. As they got into the open living room a rowdy bunch of boys that were wrestling came barreling her way making her body jerk out in shock. Embry's hand shot from beside her and merely batted the unknowing boys away from her as he placed his hand on the small of her back and pushed her toward the door.

When they stepped outside Angela looked around for a car that she wouldn't recognize but didn't notice any, "Do you have a car?"

"Naw, I just walked here."

"You what? It's like a twenty minute drive to La Push from here and you walked? This late at night?" She hadn't noticed that she was shaking her head in disbelief as she talked.

"Don't have my license or a car yet, you ready?"

As they stepped out the front door, Angela felt the overwhelming surge of heat as his large hand splayed across the small of her back yet again and then he was guiding her off the porch. She was straining her eyes to the left as hard as she could trying to catch a glimpse of his face as they walked and then as his pace picked up. The pressure on her back had her nearly jogging along.

It was then that Angela saw the flick of red and blue lights moving swiftly down the street toward them, and then his hand left her back and wrapped around her from behind and she was jerked behind an old pine tree. Angela was trying to fight him off when he put his finger over her mouth his mouth nearly touching her and she instantly stilled. Her fear of being attacked was quickly stamped down when she looked into his deep brown eyes. They weren't the eyes of an attacker, he seemed genuinely concerned. Her stomach fluttered at the contact and instantly she felt the pressure of both his arm and finger disappear from her body, as the red and blue lights flashed right in front of them. Sticking their head around the tree they both watched as the cop car hastily pulled into Jessica's driveway and then Charlie Swan and his deputy were stepping out and marching toward the house.

"Did you know they were coming?"

Embry looked guilty as he backed away before answering her, "I figured they'd be coming soon it's nearly one and, like I said before, it was starting to get rowdy."

Angela was watching Embry's face as he spoke. He was watching the house now a smile on his face as the first group of kids ran out the front door and to their cars, but when the second group stumbled out of the house and made their way into the forest his lips went into a straight line and his eyes turned into slits. Embry's head jerked toward Angela with an almost inhuman speed, startled, Angela jerked back a little shoving herself further into the tree.

"So really are you ok to get home? I have to - I mean I should see if Paul got out ok."

She was still watching him closely as he spoke, his eyes seeming to follow each figure even after they disappeared into the darkness of the woods.

"Yeah, just two more houses and that's me. I'm good."

"Ok well I gotta - shit there's Paul Chief Swan has him, I gotta go, be careful and lock up," Embry was already running away from her as he shouted over his shoulder at her.

She was still leaning up against the tree watching him jog toward the police cruiser when a body collided with hers, the tree bark snagging her sweater and digging into her back.

"Oh shit I'm sor - Tom is that you?" The girl in the red pumps, Mindy, said while stumbling back and righting her skin tight tube dress.

"Why do you keep calling me Tom? Obviously I'm not a guy, my name is Angela." She was shocked at the tone of her own voice but the girl merely shrugged before tugging at the hem of her dress, "Paul called you Tom. I thought that was your name."

"Well it's not," Angela spit out feeling regretful as the girls brow scrunched.

"Geesh I'm sorry ok? Anyway Paul told me if I ran into you to give you this," and then the girl was shoving a wadded up piece of paper into Angela's hand as her eyes darted down the road.

"Are you serious, you were just… I mean you and him aren't -" the girls eyes went wide her mouth formed an O shape before she full out belly laughed cutting Angela off completely. "What!? God no! Paul is a damn good lay and that's it. His attitude is total shit and he goes through girls like crazy."

The girl moved in her mouth so close to Angela's ear that she could smell the beer on her breath, "He is getting so much better too, back in the summer he was like a runt still good at what he was doing for his age, but now… oh my God you saw him right, his body is so hot. We hook up when I'm on a break from school and that's it. It's the only thing that keeps me sane when I have to come back to this piss hole."

A high pitched wail brought Angela's attention back to Jessica's house. From what she could see Jessica was sitting on her front step, face in her hands as Charlie and his deputy stood back shaking their heads.

"I need to go help her, she's my friend," Angela said while pointing toward the house. The girl's eyes followed before she snorted, "Your funeral, Chief Swan caught me on Senior Skip Day, threw me in the drunk tank and then made me waste a month of my summer vacation picking up litter."

As Angela got closer to Jessica she could hear her begging Chief Swan not to call her parents and promising him that she would never do it again. She could also hear the snicker of the same man from the bedroom as he stood beside the cop car, hands cuffed behind his back.

Charlie visibly sighed before he pinched the bridge of his nose, the sound of Jessica's wails clearly getting to him. As Angela walked up the sidewalk and the fluttering in her belly returned when she took in his complete form. He wasn't wearing shoes or shirt, and his khaki shorts were hanging dangerously low with no underwear band in sight. At another wail from Jessica her eyes landed on her friend. Jessica's make up was running and her hands were shaking as she tried to wipe the tears from her cheeks. Angela's gut clenched at the sight. She had tried to talk Jessica out of the party, but she insisted this was their last Spring Break and they had to live it up.

"Excuse me, Chief Swan," Angela's voice cut through one of Jessica's wails and had Charlie and his deputy both jerking out in surprise.

"Angela Webber, is that you?" Charlie asked while walking toward her his eyes scrunched trying to make out her face in the dark of the night.

"It is. Chief Swan, isn't there… isn't there a way that you can let Jessica off this one time?" She could see his lips press together as one of his eyebrows quirked up.

"Jessica was holding the party for me." Angela really couldn't believe that she was doing this, if her father ever found out that she was at a party like this that would be the end of going to SAIC in Chicago, but Jessica's mother could get pretty crazy when she was upset, so she was willing to do this for her friend.

Charlie glanced back at Jessica before he stepped closer to Angela. His mustache seemed to twitch, "She did, did she?"

"Well," Angela put all of her energy into keeping her eyes on Charlie and not the man that was still leaning up against the hood of the cruiser without a care in the world, "she found out that I was accepted to SAIC and I'll be leaving two days after graduation this year, and she wanted to throw me a party since I wouldn't be around this summer." She could see his left eye twitch as she spoke. She was so happy that her jeans had deep pockets in the front because her palms were ringing wet and she couldn't stop clenching her fists in panic.

From around Charlie, Angela could see Jessica's wide eyes and her head shaking a conformation toward the deputy. Her eyes snapped back to Charlie when she heard his boot shuffle in the gravel of the driveway. Placing his hands on his hips he looked back at Jessica before speaking again, "Ok this is what I'm going to do." Angela could feel herself sag in relief at his words, "I won't take you to the station and call your parents Miss Stanley, I know how your mother can get, but I want you picking up litter in the park starting tomorrow for the rest of your Spring Break, after you clean this mess up." Jessica was shaking her head in agreement even before he finished, "And," his tone was a bit harsher as he continued on, "you are going to personally apologize to the Johnson's for waking them up with all this racket tonight, do you hear me?"

"Yes, Chief Swan," Jessica answered as she stood to her feet. Charlie was standing between the two girls now. "I'm only doing this because you both are friends with Bella. Angela, I know that you've been a great friend to her, but I seriously doubt that this party was for you and you lying to a police officer isn't the best way to get your friend out of trouble." Angela sunk back at the tone of his voice, "Your dad let me know that they were going to be out of town for the week and that he wanted me to keep an eye on you to make sure you were ok, I seriously doubt he'd be happy to hear that his daughter had anything to do with a party like this, which I assume you did since you are here at almost one-thirty in the morning."

Angela merely shook her head while staring at the ground. "Since you two are friends, Jessica why don't you stay with Angela for the night, and then be at the station and six o'clock in the morning? I trust that you two won't be getting yourselves into any more trouble this evening?"

Jessica, who was now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Angela, had the look of a scolded dog on her face as she sniffed and shook her head at Charlie's suggestion. "Right then, I'll give you a ride back to your house. Go ahead and lock up, Jessica and then we'll get going."

As Jessica stumbled swiftly toward the house, Charlie turned toward the boy who was still leaning up against the hood of the car, eyes on the forest, his lips pressed into a line. "Lahote!" Charlie bellowed as he made his way toward the boy. Angela flinched at the tone of his voice. She wasn't able to see his reaction as Charlie's body interrupted her view.

"I tried to get a hold of your dad so he could come down and pick you up, there wasn't an answer."

Angela heard a snort, "Well that's not really a shocker, Chief. The old man is in Oregon working again."

"Well I'm not going to bother Billy this late at night, who should I call to come get you?"

Before the boy was able to answer an older model Chevy pulled up to the curb and one of the largest men Angela had ever seen unfolded himself from the truck. Slamming the door, the man made his way toward Charlie.

Angela could have sworn that she heard a muttered "fuck" before the large man's head was jerking in the boy's direction, his lip curled in what Angela assumed to be a silent snarl. Instantly all was quite.


"Charlie," the man said while taking Charlie's hand in his own a shake was exchanged between the two.

"Miss Stanley there," he said while pointing to Jessica who was quietly locking up the front door, "decided to have a party and we caught Mr. Lahote here and some boys in the back yard arguing when we got here. I tried calling his dad but couldn't get an answer; we were just trying to figure out who to call."

"Well, I caught a couple of boys sneaking back into the rez and asked them what was up when I was doing my rounds tonight," the man was gritting out the words as he spoke Angela could clearly see the vein in his neck bulging. "They told me that Paul here got caught, figured I'd save Billy the trouble of having to wake Jake up this late to come down and get him."

Charlie was nodding his head at Sam as he spoke, "Ok Johnny let him go, we need to get back to the station and fill out this report."

Angela could feel Jessica come up beside her. Looking at her friend she realized that she had put on a coat and cleaned up her face. The only thing Angela could think to do was smile at her.

"Girls, you ready?" Charlie's voice grabbed their attention causing them to jerk at the sound. Hanging their heads, the girls shuffled their way to the police cruiser. Charlie was holding the door open for them when they got there and just before Angela ducked her head to get in she heard a chuckle, "Oh hey Tom, didn't realize -"

Her blood instantly was boiling again but before she could remark, the man's booming voice had her head snapping up. "Paul," she could hear the warning behind it, but all was forgotten when his eyes met hers.

The slick grin that was on his face quickly slipped away as he hurtled his body over the hood of the car, his arms shooting out from under his legs snapping the handcuffs in the process. Angela's eyes grew wide as he stood chest to chest in front of her. She could hear Charlie barking orders at Paul, and the man named Sam doing the same, but her main focus was the body pressing against hers, the fingers running up her neck and diving into her hair.

"You ok, Tom?" Angela's eyes fluttered closed as his gruff voice worked up from his chest, she could have sworn she felt every word.

Angela opened her mouth to speak but a squeak came out when his face came closer to hers, was he going to kiss her? Oh God part of her wanted him to, his body pressed against hers was completely clouding her brain and making her want to feel more. "Answer me Tom, you ok?"

Biting her lip to keep the deep pants coming from her mouth, she nodded her head vigorously. "You are so fucking-" he stopped talking and ground his hips into her stomach; she could feel every hard hot inch of him and her eyes slid closed again. "Yeah just like-"

Paul was jerked away from her, causing a nasty snarl to rip from his mouth and Angela's eyes to fly open. Both Charlie and Sam were holding onto a shoulder each and Paul was shaking.

"She's not one of your girls Paul, she's a minor."

Before Angela realized it she was protesting, saying, "No I'm 18." She should have been embarrassed by it, but she wasn't.

"Get in the truck," Sam snarled, jerking Paul back against his own body.

Angela watched as Paul's fingers twitched and nearly every vein in his body popped to life under his slick skin. She could see that he was struggling. The urge to help him overwhelmed her and she was stepping forward. An arm shot out in front of her halting her progress and then Charlie was standing were the arm was and she couldn't see Paul anymore, but she could sure hear him. His grunts and curses filled the air as Sam hauled him into the black truck, practically kicking and screaming. Before the door slammed, Paul bellowed that he'd find her. A shiver ran down her body at the thought.

Sam's truck was flying down the road, his eyes locked on the dark road in front of him. Paul sat beside him, his hands causing indents in the metal dash. He was on the verge, Sam knew it, his wolf knew it, and there wasn't a damn thing either of them could do about it. They were still too close to town. Every now and then they'd pass a drunk teenager stumbling down the road. They needed to get closer to La Push, both of them needed to phase.

"I'm trying Paul, you know I am."

"Just get me there," Paul grit out, the dash groaning under the pressure of his hands.

Sam's foot pressed on the pedal harder even though it was already matted to the floor. "So it happened."

Paul's head snapped toward Sam a snarl tore out of his mouth causing Sam to snarl back, "Calm down."

"You calm down, when your fucking imprint is ripped away from you."

Sam growled at the thought and met Paul's eyes. "It wasn't easy for me to leave her there either, she's an imprint."

"Sam," Paul warned.

Sam opened his mouth, but they crossed over the line and his door flung open. Paul was gone.

Angela squinted when the dome light lit up the small space, her eyes adjusting to the light as Charlie and the deputy climbed in the car. Charlie met her eyes briefly as he looked over his shoulder while backing out of Jessica's driveway. The ride to her house only took a minute and then they were pulling into her own drive. When Charlie parked, the car slowly lunged forward, Jessica's response was a groan and then she was beating on the window, her words muffled by her hand on her mouth.

Angela was pressing herself up against her own window. As soon as the door was pulled open Jessica's head shot out of the door and she threw up in the driveway and by the sounds of it on at least some part of it had gotten on the deputy. Jessica retched at few more times before sitting up and wiping her mouth, looking almost shyly at Angela. She whispered, "sorry," before letting her head drop back onto the seat.

Angela was sitting on the bench her father had built for the bay window that overlooked the forest, listening to her friend snore. After the puking incident in the backseat, Charlie helped Jessica out of the car and up into Angela's room, leaving behind the reminder that Jessica needed to call him at six in the morning so they could arrange her punishment. Once the door was locked and the lights turned out Angela made her way back up to her room to find Jessica bent over the bed passed out yet again, but this time her head was in the trashcan. Angela cleaned her friend up as much as she could, seeing as she was dead weight and made her way over to the bench.

She had been sitting there staring out at the dark forest since. She couldn't believe everything that happened. It was just yesterday when she was kissing her mother on the cheek and reassuring her father that everything would be fine while they were away. It was the first time that they had ever left her alone trusting her to be responsible while they went on their annual retreat. Her mother shocked her just a week ago when she came into her room and broke the news that her father agreed to let Angela stay home this year, only if she wanted. It was no surprise to either of them that Angela was a huge help when it came to the twins, she had spent most of her evenings keeping them occupied as her mother cooked dinner or cleaned the house. Her mother told her that she deserved the break. Angela quickly said yes and agreed that she would both call her parents morning noon and night, and check in with Mrs. Winchester, the Church coordinator, to let her know all was ok.

Being alone in her own home wasn't the only shocking thing that had happened, though. Angela had a lot of firsts tonight from going to her first party to seeing a naked man for the first time, something that she really didn't expect until she was married. Another first: sitting in the back of a police cruiser. Thinking of the police Paul's face flashed in the glass and she startled back before she shot forward pushing the window open. Her eyes darted around the back yard looking for any sign of him before she rubbed her clammy palms over her eyes and sighed. It was getting late and she really needed to sleep, of course he wasn't there. He was probably passed out in his room much like Jessica.

Pulling the window closed, Angela bent down and pulled the drawer under the bench out and pulled out a quilt that her grandma had made her. Grabbing one of her stuffed animals from the floor she fluffed it before laying down on the bench. As she pulled the cover up to her nose she rolled onto her side still looking at the forest, when her eyes drifted closed she could hear the faint howl of a wolf in the distance.

The wolf snarled at Paul with every step he took away from his imprints house, it had been a close call, too close for even Paul. He couldn't help it though; he had to make sure that she was ok. As he made his way into the woods, he could hear the window slide shut. Turning on the balls of his feet he knew he was pushing but he couldn't stop. He watched as she shifted and then an old quilt settled over her body, she was still facing the window and he knew that she was searching for him. Shaking his head, Paul turned once more, shifted and began running, a howl breaking free as he ran from his girl.

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