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Chapter 7

Sitting on the couch with a cup of hot tea warming her hands Angela couldn't stop the thoughts racing through her mind. She hadn't stopped thinking about Paul since she'd first locked eyes with him; he was even in her dreams. Her thoughts of him so conflicted that both her mind and body were exhausted. One minute she was thinking about the way her legs had felt wrapped around his body and the next she couldn't stop thinking about what the hell she was thinking when she did it. She didn't know this man from Adam; she'd seen him the day before having sex with a woman with not a care in the world. But the feeling of his breath on her skin made her break out in goosebumps every time she thought of it. She couldn't get her thoughts under control and her feelings were a jumbled mess.

Just as her mind began to replay his breath on her neck Angela felt Bella's hand wrap around her wrist. With a startled jerk the tea sloshed out of the cup onto Angela's hand and lap. Yelping she jumped up causing the cup to fall to the floor and shatter as she pulled fabric of her sweat pants away from her thighs.

"Angela I'm so-"

Bella's words were cut off by a low rumbling sound and then her friend was pushed from her vision and quickly replaced by Paul's hulking frame, "are you alright?" He asked as his hands gripped her shoulders.

The touch made Angela forget the pain for a fraction of a second because the heat on her fingers and the front of her thighs made her think of the heat of his breath on her neck, and then her feet left the floor snapping her out of the thought, bringing the stinging pain with it.

Taking the stairs two at a time Paul moved quickly up the stairs following her scent toward her room. When he got to her door he stood taking it in but not daring to go into her space without her permission.

"It's ok." Angela whispered.

As Paul scanned the room wondering where to put her down he felt her tap his shoulder, "over there." She motioned with her head.

Making his way through a door and into the bathroom Paul nearly swallowed his tongue as he stepped across the threshold. Her damn bathroom was bigger than his living room and kitchen put together. Slowly he lowered her onto the edge of the jetted tub and wondered what the hell his ancestors were thinking when they made this girl his imprint. Not only was she innocent beyond words, so innocent that she was scared of him but she was fucking loaded and to his knowledge he was the poorest member of the pack.

After she was settled Paul stayed knelt down in front of her but removed his hands from her body, the wolf not happy with the loss scratched at his chest.

"What was it?" He knew by looking at her and by the smell of tea on her that she was ok, but he had to hear it from her lips.

Looking at her hands Angela shook her head, feeling foolish for her reaction. There wasn't even a red spot where the tea had splashed her. "I just got startled and spilt tea on my hands and lap I'm ok."

Hesitantly Paul reached for the hand that Angela was so intent on looking at; slowly barely touching her finger tips Paul raised her hand toward his lips. As her hand raised so did her eyes. Paul watched her fingers, paying close attention to the steadiness of them. When he was happy he locked eyes with her and let the corner of his lip tug up.

"So you're ok."

Smiling Angela nodded her answer.

With her hand in his own Paul couldn't help the itch, the need to taste her skin, her scent and the tea teasing him. Ever so slowly Paul pulled her hand to his mouth watching her eyes and her hand making sure that she was ok, that she wasn't scared. When her fingertip touched his lip her eyes fluttered closed and he exhaled a relived breath. The moan it gained was his undoing and he couldn't help when his lip parted and he sucked the tip of her middle finger into his mouth.

Angela's body jerked at the feeling of his tongue as it swirled around the tip of her finger. With her eyes closed she fought to swallow the moan that was lodged in her throat. As his tongue worked and her finger slid further into his mouth her mind she wondered what the heck she was doing.

As her eyes snapped open they locked with Paul's and something flashed across his face before he slowly pulled her finger from his mouth. The look of pleasure that was on his face was quickly replaced with one of guilt and he shot her a guilty smile, "I couldn't help that."

Swallowing another lump in her throat Angela didn't want him to feel guilty for anything; she didn't like the look that was still on his face. "It's alright."

Paul blew out a breath and sat back on the balls of his feet, "so what am I going to do with you?"

Still fighting the urge to sigh at the feeling of his breath washing over her hand Angela didn't know what to say, choosing instead to shrug her shoulders.


The edge to his voice caught her off guard and she jumped.

"Sorry, are you ok?"

Sucking in a deep breath Angela nodded her head again and stood from the tub, "I'm good."

Paul stood clapping his hands together, "good, I'm gonna go down and talk to Jake. I'll see you in a bit."

Not waiting for an answer her made his way out of her room, shutting the door behind him.


With his back to the door Paul listened until the water started, when the sound of wet clothes slapped against the floor he practically sprinted for the steps.

As he clomped his way into the kitchen he came to a halt his eyes narrowing when he took in the sight in front of him. Jake and Bella were there of course but so was Embry. How that little fucker had gotten into his imprints house without him knowing it was lost on him, but he wasn't staying. With a menacing step forward Paul had every intention of beating the smug look off Embry's face when Quil stepped through the back door.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

A smile split across Quil's face as he leaned up against the door, "just came to meet the newest member of the pack."

Paul's feet shifted direction as he made his way toward Quil.

"Uh who's this?"

Pointing a finger and mouthing to Quil that he was lucky Paul turned toward Angela, "that is Quil, he's with Embry and Jake."

Paul watched as Angela's eyebrow quirked and a smile split her face, "hi."

"So," Quil drew out as he threw his arm around Paul's shoulder, "this is the girl."

With an elbow to the ribs Paul snarled low enough that only the wolves in the room could hear it and moved toward Angela.

"The girl?" Angela questioned as she shot a look toward him.

The quite that fell over the room as Angela waited for an answer was deafening.

"Yeah the girl that Bella's been talking about lately, you're Angela right?"

Thankfully Quil the fucker thought of something because Paul had no damn clue what to say to that.

With an innocent wave Angela moved into the room until she came to a stop at his side. He didn't realize how tense his body had become until he looked at her and took in the other wolves in the room. Angela had placed herself between him and the bar, nowhere near the other males in the room or even Bella for that matter. Shooting a smile at her Paul let his body relax when she shifted against the counter.

"So what the hell are you doing here Atera?"

"Actually" Quil said while slapping his hands together and waggling his eyebrows at Angela, "Sam is having a little bonfire at his house tonight he was wondering if you'd like to join us."

Paul watched as Angela's eyebrows pinched, his heart seemed slow to a stop until her mouth opened to answer.

"Emily's Sam?"

"That'd be him."

"It's ok? I don't really know-"

"It's fine" Paul cut her off before she could shoot them down. The thought of spending a night with her made his heart race and his wolf perk up. Maybe they'd be able to touch her, hold her against their body. Slamming the mental door on the wolfs thoughts Paul wondered just how in the hell this was all going to work.


Angela peeked at Bella through the crack in her closet door. The girl that was once a shell of a person was smiling like a loon and practically giddy with excitement as she paced around the room. As Angela continued to watch Bella all sorts of questions swirled around in her head.

"So" Angela blurted as Emily's face flashed through her mind. "Why do you think Emily and Sam want me to hang out with you guys tonight?" Still watching Bella Angela almost winced when Bella came to a halt and her lip instantly went between her teeth. Her friend was trying to figure out a way to tell her something without being completely honest. It was something Angela had noticed time and time again when it had come to the Cullens Edward more than any of them.

Bella's chest rose with a deep breath and her mouth dropped open as if she was going to say something but nothing came out.


"That's just the way they are." Bella replied with a hint of guilt in her tone.

"Well she seemed really nice when she was over here today, it's just a little odd that they'd invite me over after the train wreck that was this afternoon and her only knowing me for a couple of interesting hours." Angela normally wouldn't push her friend into anything, and as Bella's face morphed into a full on panic she felt a stab of guilt. She couldn't help it though; too many strange things had happened in the last forty eight hours, she really just wanted answers at this point.

Angela watched through the crack in the door while reaching behind her blindly to shuffle some clothes around in an attempt to act like she was actually trying to find something warm to wear. Bella opened her mouth stepped toward the closet and then a faint knock sounded at the door. Jerking her hooded flannel off the nearest hanger and then over her head Angela made her way out of the closet as the door swung open.

Angela's breath got caught in her throat at the sight of a shirtless Paul took up her entire doorway, "you girls ready yet?"

Swallowing the lump that formed in her throat she shot him a smile while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "as ready as I'll ever be." She muttered under her breath. Angela froze again when he shot her a smirk then just as quickly turned and walked out the door.

Bella came to stand beside her as Angela continued to stare at the now empty doorway, "we'd better get going none of these guys like to wait long when it comes to Emily and food."


As Angela locked up the door the Embry, Quil and Paul jumped in the back of Bella's truck.

"I'll just follow you guys down, so I can get home early. I'm sure after the other night Charlie is keeping a closer eye on things."

"Are you sure, I can always drive you back whenever you're ready?" Bella asked as she came to a halt by the passenger door of the truck.

It didn't escape her notice that Paul shot Bella a dark look without her knowledge, Jake spoke up as her eyes pinched in confusion, "you might want someone to go with you, the roads on the rez aren't the best, wouldn't want you getting a flat or anything."

With a shrug Angela moved down the step toward her car, but Paul was already pulling the driver's door open before she got off the sidewalk, "I'll drive."

"O…Okay," she stuttered as she moved toward passenger side.


The inside of her car was like a fucking sardine can. Even thought the seat was scooted all the way back and the steering wheel was jammed up as high as it would go Paul's knee kept bumping the steering wheel every time he shifted the damn thing. Just as his knee hit the wheel again and a string of curse words was on the tip of his tongue Angela's hand touched his arm, "thanks for taking me down but I could have drove, I think the passenger side has more room."

The feel of her hand on his forearm melted every muscle in his body the same time it locked them up, how the hell it was possible he wasn't sure but it happened. Her hand was tiny just like Bella's and he shuddered at the thought, that pale waif of a girl was just too damn tiny. Paul glanced down at her hand where it was now burning his skin from the inside out and realized that no matter how tiny that damn hand was he didn't want it moving off his body. As if she'd heard him her hand gave his arm a little squeeze and then much to his disappointment went straight back to her lap.

He was still watching her wanting her hand to come back to his arm just as much as he was glad that she took it away when she swung her head in his direction and caught him staring like a jack ass, "this is really weird."

"Not really it's just a bonfire."

He watched her face pinch together and her lips pucker, "no it is."

So this is what imprinting was going to be like for him, great, maybe he should be like the other pussies in his pack and fuck the daylights out of her so shit could be all hunky-dory smooth sailing.

As his grip on the steering wheel grew Paul fought the urge to be the dick he knew he would normally be, it wasn't her fault and yes this was a pretty fucked up situation. Two days ago he was pounding into some chick at a party not giving this girl the time of day and now he's driving her car down to his "friends" house so they can hang. So totally fucked up.


Angela was still looking at Paul waiting for some kind of response from him as she continued to stare she realized he wasn't going to answer her and she settled back into the seat.

The car had barely come to a halt before Paul was kicking open the door and unfolding himself from the car. Angela watched in awe as he placed his hands on his lower back and stretched. Every muscle worked as he moved from side to side and then front to back cursing all the while. Her eyes were still focusing on that wall of bare skin when he turned and knelt down placing his hands on the seat, "you coming, we don't bite." Nodding her head she pushed her door open and made her way around the front, oddly feeling the urge to stay at his side even though Bella was standing by the cab of her truck clearly waiting for her with a smile on her face.

When Angela reached Bella's side Paul kept walking past her and around the house without a word.

"The girls are already in the house getting things ready, but I'm sure they'll need our help, you ready?"

As Bella and Angela made their way up the porch steps she tried to see Paul in the backyard, with no such luck she sucked in a deep breath and followed Bella into the house.

"Oh my." Angela blushed embarrassed that her voice had been loud enough to catch the attention of the three girls in the room. Emily smiled and made her way toward Angela, "it's a lot I know, but these boys really can eat."

"You made all of this by yourself?" Angela half whispered taking in all of the food sitting on every available surface. Emily's kitchen was big, nearly as big as the one in her own house. A rectangular table sat in the middle with eight chairs tucked under it. The table along with the large U shaped counterpace was loaded with food. As her eyes scanned over the food she realized that it was mostly side items. Her eyes snapped to Emily's "you're not done yet."

Emily shot Angela another smile and the girl that was still standing near the stove snorted. "Yeah they're pigs and no this isn't the half of it, you should see what's already outside if it isn't half eaten already."

Blinking Angela couldn't help but think the girl couldn't be serious. Just as the thought crossed her mind the side door slide open and a man that looked a lot like Paul walked through the door holding two large empty bowls, "chips are gone, got any more babe?"

The girl shot Angela a see I told you so look over her shoulder before she rocked up on her toes and kissed the man with enough passion that Angela turned her eyes back toward Bella who was beet red.

"So," Bella said, "what do you need us to do Em?"

"Well first off we should introduce ourselves right Kim, Jared?"

The couple that was practically full on making out over by the stove separated and the man at least gave her a guilty smile before making is way over to her holding out his hand. "I'm Jared and that; he said pointing over his shoulder is my girl Kim." Jared smiled as Angela took his hand and Kim waved before turning back around to stir whatever it was at the stove.

"I'm Claire, Emily's niece," the young girl sitting at one of the barstools said without looking up from her cell phone.

"Nice to meet you all, I'm Bella's friend Angela Webber."

Jared shot her another smile, before grabbing another bowl filled with chips and heading out the door.

"Well", Emily said tucking her hands into her back pocket, "I'm pretty sure we have everything done or well almost done in here. The only thing we're waiting on is the chocolate filling for the pies and then we should be good. If you guys could take the meat out to Sam I'm sure the grill is ready by now."

Bella nodded her head and made her way to the refrigerator, slowly following her Angela stopped in front of Emily and smiled, "thanks for inviting me, you really didn't have to."

"We wanted to, you seem like a great girl and any friend of Bella's is a friend of ours."

Bella already had two trays full of hamburger patties balanced on her arms when Angela made it over to her, "there are three more in there with hot dogs and brats on them, I'd get them but we'll be lucky if I actually make it out to the backyard with these intact." Angela chuckled knowing that was probably true.

As the two girls made it out to the back yard Angela scanned the area looking for Paul once again frowning when she realized that he wasn't there. Where had he gone? Did he really just leave her there? Shaking her head she told herself to get a grip it wasn't like they were there together.

Walking over to the grill Angela wasn't surprised to see its size. This group seemed to do nothing on a small scale.

"Angela how are you doing?"

The low rumble to the voice caused each other muscles to twitch and her head to snap in the direction of the man she now knew was Sam, the same man that had practically thrown Paul into his truck the night of the party like a rag doll, the same man that had scared the daylights out of her just the night before when they came home from the movies.

"H-Hi." she stuttered as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ears trying to avoid eye contact.

"Emily is pretty excited that you agreed to come down."

Angela still didn't feel comfortable looking him in the eye but she tried her best not to scan the yard for someone to save her.

"I really appreciate the in-" Angela's words died as the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Turning quickly on her heal she saw that Paul was marching toward her having just come out of the woods on the other side of the house. Her mouth dropped open at the look on his face; rage was the best way to describe it. Even from a distance she could see his chest heaving with each step toward in her direction, both fists were clinched at his sides, his eye tiny slits. She gulped but didn't step back because she noticed those eyes weren't trained on her. Without thinking about it she took a step toward him and a heavy hand came down on her shoulder.

"Paul" Sam's voice boomed in her ear causing her to flinch and lean forward in an attempt to get away from him.

Paul still didn't say anything as he continued across the yard, but his eyes shot from what Angela assumed was Sam's face down narrowing slightly more at her shoulder, the shoulder that was being held by Sam. With a quick look back she gave him a pleading look, unsure if it was because she wanted his hand off her for Paul's sake or her own. Jerking his head Sam dismissed the look and stepped forward his chest almost touching her back. In a panic Angela looked forward again and almost gasped, Paul was standing in front of her still seething with anger, his jaw locked tight as his eyes snapped between Sam's face and his hand.

"You need to watch this grill for a second Paul; Angela," Sam said with a squeeze gentler than she could imagine to her shoulder, "come with me."

Paul took a step forward his eyes losing some of the anger and gaining what looked to be worry but stopped short of touching her when Sam made a noise that surely wasn't a growl?

"Watch the grill." Sam grit out again and this time Paul's body jerked but stayed locked in place.

As Sam slowly turned her around Angela couldn't help but look at him, worry filling her at the sight of him. He was pacing back and forth his body shaking with anger again.

"Is he going to be ok?" She whispered to Sam but still couldn't take her eyes off Paul.

"That's what I want to talk to you about." Sam spoke, as the words came out of his mouth Paul's head snapped up and he moved to take a step forward but his body jerked again.


He had led her down to the beach through a thin path in the woods. Angela sat on a toppled over tree and fought the urge to run her butt back through the woods and to her car, but Sam was watching her closely and with each fidget his stare became more intense.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

Her head snapped up from her hands, and her mouth went slack. "I didn't- I mean I don't think that."

Sam rocked back on the log and shot her an are you sure about that look.

"I just, everything in the last couple of days has been so weird and from what Emily said you and Paul are friends but every time he gets around you, you seem-"

"I don't want him to hurt or scare you."

"Who?" Angela shot back before she could catch herself.


She sucked in a breath as a slice of pain shot through her chest, "He wouldn't hurt me." As Angela said the words she frowned, how did she know if the man with what seemed to be the shortest temper in the world would hurt her? She didn't even know him and every time she saw him he seemed angry about something, but she had a feeling, she knew that he wouldn't.

"Paul is very intense but, he would never physically harm you," Angela noticed that Sam winced as the words rolled off his tongue but he quickly covered it. "Emily is right he and I are good friends, we have been for a long while now, but he's," Sam shook his head but continued on, "out of all of the guys he's had it the hardest and that makes him a little rough around the edges. I just wanted you to know that none of us, Paul included are going to hurt you."

This conversation didn't make any sense to her at all. "Is this because of what happened the other night at Bella's house?"

Sam's eyes widened a bit and then he nodded, "yes and no. He is really going to make this thing difficult on me." Sam muttered to his self.

"Ok," he rocked forward again this time looking straight at her. "Paul told me about the party when you two unofficially met."

Angela instantly blushed because all she could see was his naked back and the drop of sweat running down it.

"He feels like an ass for that."

"Ok?" Still confused Angela shook her head.

"What I'm trying to say is, is give him a chance. He's a great friend, he might be overprotective and intense but he's the most loyal person I know. If you get past his faults you won't regret it."

"I will"


Angela was happy that the conversation had ended there. She was more confused now about this whole situation than before, but she trusted Paul not to hurt her, and while she was scared when he did have his moments it wasn't for her safety it was more for his own.

As they made their way out of the woods, Paul was still at the grill but his eyes were focused on the woods right where they were coming out and they snapped to her face and then slowly scanned the length of her body as she walked toward him. She didn't know if she should stop and see if he was ok or continue on into the house. Thankfully when she got close enough to him he made the decision for her by clutching her wrist and slowly pulling her toward the food that was already sitting out on the tables.

"Everything good?" Paul said as he began filling the two plates sitting on the table in front of him.