16 year old Aislynn cast a look over her shoulder and rolled her eyes at the scene behind her. Leaning against a locker with a crowd of girls hanging on to his every word stood Teasel Goldleaf. "I will never understand what those girls see in him." "oh well you know, those toned muscles, hot body and being a prince does tend to have that effect on some of us" replied Chanter. Scoffing Aislynn snidely remarked " Shadow Crown Prince Teasel Goldleaf would sooner drown his brother than actually give a flutter about anyone else." "Pulling rank now are we Glimmer Crown Princess Aislynn" winked Chanter. Before she could retort Stone Moonstaff appeared and threw his arms around the 2 girls. "ladies ladies, are we ready to leave? Yes? Okay then, lets go" he said while steering them towards the dorm rooms.

The next morning the trio walked into their introductory history class. It was the final lesson for the year and introduced what was to be learnt in the upcoming semester. Aislynn spotted the shifter twins- Alexis and Alyssa as well as Eirene and Timaios. The blonde twins saved seats for the hnthree fey who walked over to their places. Soon enough the teacher walked in and began his lesson " good morning class today I will introduce to you an extinct magi known as the enchantress. They were powerful woman who had the ability to control and manipulate magic itself and hence had control of all the elements. At any given time there were only 3 enchantress alive and this legacy was passed down in only one family. At that time the enchantress family was one of the noble families. A fairy born to be an enchantress was known as a Tress. They were born without wings and possessed no magic power whatsoever until their 16th birthday. On this birthday, at the exact time of their birth they would gain their powers as well as their wings and this event is called the powerbond. The extinction was due to a war that took place 5 million years ago and the exact details of the powerbond have long been forgotten." Before he could continue his lecture, a selkie at the back made a snarky comment: "hey Chanter, you're a fairy born without wings or power. Maybe you could be an enchantress. But then again there's no way you're from that family so you probably just a anti-magic freak. No better than those lowly humans" he laughed mockingly and high fived his entourage of shadow fey. Faster than many could comprehend the selkie was slammed into his desk by Timaios who had a death grip on the selkies throat. Snarling he lifted the selkie by its collar and whispered into the selkies ear "never do that to her again or I will rip your throat out " he threatened. The class was deathly quiet as he dropped the frightened boy to the ground and walked out. Minutes later the bell rang and the students filed out of the room animatedly reliving the drama that just occurred. Chanter slowly walked out with Aislynn, Stone and the twins. They made their way to the cafeteria all the while muling over Timaios's display. "I've never seen Tim act like that. It's odd though considering you guys never even spoke before…ooh maybe he has a secret crush on you, he just turned 16 a week ago so he could be looking for a mate it's so very romantic." exclaimed Alexis excitedly while bouncing on her feet thinking of the blue eye, brown haired boy. Looking around the crowded room she spotted the shifters "oh there's the rest of the pack." And the group walked over to the pack.

The pack were interrogating Tim on what had happened earlier that day. Irritated by all the attention garnered by his actions he sighed and said "I don't know what came over me ok! I just lost it and someone had to stand up for her." Noticing how tense he had become the pack nodded their understanding and changed the subject. "hiiii everyone" giggled the twins as they sat down, along with the group they had dragged along. "we have exciting news! Tell them Chanter." Laughing at their excitement, Chanter obliged " the Academy officially closes today and my 16th birthday is in 15 days. Im having a huge party at my parents manor and you guys are all invited." At this there was excitement brimming at the table. Grinning, Adria asked "who else is invited? Your family's status means there's gonna be some…unwanted guests right?" nodding solemnly Chanter replied "that's true, a lot of my parents friends and their kids will be coming along. It doesn't help being incapable of magic. I'll be home tomorrow since schools closes and you know how that goes" she said looking down. Aislynn put her hand on the pink-haired fairy's shoulder. Chanter's parents were less than accepting of their daughters lack of magical ability, always admonishing and putting her down especially when in the presence of their wealthy and powerful friends. The upcoming party would only attest to that. Aislynns own parents were more than accepting of Chanter who usually spent entire vacations at the castle. Stone suddenly piped up "enough of this depressing subject okay we are getting ready to have the party of the millennia!" nodding and with full of excitement the girls planned on what to wear and planned for several shopping trips.