Pelagia sat in her very purple room packing her bags. In one corner of her room there was a kings size bed, covered in purple ofcourse although a darker shade then the painted purple walls. In the centre of the large room there was 3 steps leading to a round depression where her area was. There were several cushions for sitting on the floor , all in a circular pattern surrounding her xbox 350. On one wall there was a large bird aviary stretching along the length of the wall. She had 8 birds all of which were hand-raised by her. Currently all 8 of those birds were perched on her, a cockatiel sat on her left shoulder and another on her right. Her mackaw was perched on her head and the 2 rosellas were on her right arm while the third sat on her left arm. The other 2 ringnecks chirped happily on her left arm and tried making their way up to her shoulder. ItGo.s, a pool table, hockey table, popcorn machine and a snack bar. Each wall had a door that led into a different bedroom. Each of the Bloodstone shifters had their own room with the exception of Ren and Adria who had being wed several days after the Luna had turned 17. Even though Alex and Eirene were mated to each other they would not share a room until they decided to get married. She looked around at each door noticing the names engraved on each once and surprise flitted across her face when she saw the name on the door next to her. Smiling to herself, she was woken out of her musings about the boy when Hero jumped in front of her screaming shocked she stumbles back a bit but them phases into a wolf and pounces onto him. Snarling and growling she gets over her initial shock as Hero bursts out laughing and everyone runs out of their room to see what the commotions about. Turning back into a human she jumps off him and growls while everyone jeers. Looking around she notices Nic looking at her, a grin on his face. Blushing she avoids eye contact and rolls her eyes at everyone. asked Ren. There was a chorus of as the pack went back into their rooms and packed their suitcases into the car. The manor was only a 10 minute run away and the pack would be there an hour early so that the girls could get dressed in time for the party.

Back at the manor, Aislynn made her way back to Chanters room after making a call to her parents. Just her luck, she happened to pass by Teasel who was leaning against a wall, his blue eyes roaming her form as she approached. he called out while smirking. Ignoring him she continued on her way when a hand curled around her wrist. Turning around she glared at the prince t want todon and walked away. Chuckling her walked after her and called out t. How about we go out on tomorrow night? Is party . Just one, you wont bother you anymore.t have to pretend like he didnokok?I guarantee you, you will not regret thisproblem?I mumbled the princess and Stone fell off the bed while Chanter squealed with delight. demanded Chanter and Stone echoed Relaying the event Chanter stared at the girl in wonder while Stone just sat on the floor in bemusement. Yelling suddenly, Chanter pulled Aislynn up re going to make that boy drool when he sets his eyes on yous muzzle and underbelly were a light brown and his eyes were a strong yellow. Red outlined his eyes while 3 black stripes covered the edge of the outline along his right eye. His Luna on the other hand, was a pure white wolf, the only colour found around her right eye where there were a pink and blue circle crossing her right eye. Next to the Luna , stood Alex and Eirene. Alex was a white and green wolf. His underbelly and right paw was white while the rest of his fur was green. On his forehead was a white pattern. Eirene on the other hand, was almost completely black, the right part of her face and chest was white as well as the tips of her tail and the insides of her ears were blue. She also had a pink oval on her forehead which extended into a short line with an arrow pointing downwards. The oval outlined an emerald. This meant that Eirene had the greatest speed of all the wolves. Next to Eirene, the twins were rolling around on the grass. They were identical wolves and the 2 front legs were covered in black fur while the back 2 legs were covered in white fur. Their backs were a dark blue but had black as well. Their chests were white while black fur made it seem as if they were wearing an open jacket. The top of their front legs had a blue X and the top of their faces were light blue while their muzzles were white. Running out the door were 2 wolves, Roxanne and Timaios who asked t seem to find her anywhereno but we replied Alex. Nodding Tim and Roxanne phased into wolves. TimIm here!s shoulders tensed as he felt an odd desire to hug her to him. said Alexis as she clicked her fingers in front of his face. he said. looking back at Pelagia he was surprised to see a dark pink and black wolf where the girl once stood. Walking over to him the wolf rubbed her head against his leg and walked back to the rest of the pack. Taking a deep breath in and releasing it, he phased. Opening his eyes he saw the entire pack looking at him. He heard the packs thought speak enter his mind. said Ren. Cocking her head to the side Pelagia said as she trailed her gaze up and down the white wolf. He had yellow fur flowing along the length of his back and a Lapis Lazuli on his forehead with tourmaline surrounding it as well as tourmaline on his shoulders. He had an unusual tail-it was long and furry and had a secondary tail emerging from the centre. The tip of his 2 front paws had yellow fur emerging from it and a chain running the length of his underbelly. Their eyes meeting for the first time, Pelagia and Nic stared at each other, drinking in the other. Slowly they walked towards each other, their noses touching while a dim light surrounded the couple. The pack laid their front paws down and sat in a bowing position around the couple in a circle. The pack howled, with Ren and Adria leading the song. Pelagia dipped her head as Nic rubbed his head against hers and licked her ear. Sighing she did the same for him. The pack let the 2 have a few minutes to themselves before Ren stepped forward. he thought speaked and there was congratulations all around, with the exception of Eirene who just sat in a corner, staring at Nic. Uncomfortable he turned his gaze back to Pelagia, his beautiful mate. he thought. He gazed at her and smiled as she boldly held his gaze. He knew her for little more than a month but he simply adored her courage, boldness and even her crazy yet humorous nature. Ofcourse had they made eye contact sooner she would have been his sooner but that was irrelevant. He was hers as she was his. Forever and always. Hearing his Alpha call on the pack to start their journey to the Vineweb manor, he licked her once more and ran, his mate besides him and his pack howling, sharing their happiness.

*Lapiz Lazuli- blue gemstone. Tourmaline-orange gemstone.