Hello. I am new here and have always wanted to do a reboot of the spongebob cartoon series in my image (kinda) The episodes may have some similar elements from the original series but I will keep most of it to my own words and writing. Hope you enjoy my version of Spongebob Squarepants!

Season 1 Episode 1- Help Wanted

ah, welcome to the city known as bikini bottom. never heard of this city you say? well that is cause it is found at the bottom of the sea. In this city you will witness all kinds of adventures. In fact, you are just in time for one right now, here we are at a very special kind of home, one in the shape and make of a pinapple. This is the home of spongebob squarepants, and today is the first day of the rest of his life

Spongebob is seen in his room sleeping soundly and his alarm goes off waking him up

SS: woah! *turns off alarm* Is today the day? *looks at calander* IT IS! *starts climbing latter* today is the big day gary!

G: Meow?

SS: *jumps off diving board* weeeee! *lands by his coset full of the same thing, squarepants* lets see, what should I wear? hm...ah! *grabs pants* this one seems promising!

Spongebob puts on his pants and starts waking to the bathroom and brushes his teeth, then walks to the kitchen and eats some breakfest

G: Meow?

SS: Nervous? Of course not! I'm just so excited for today! The day that I've been working so hard for!

G: Meow?

SS: Why, for the job! A job at the grestest food joint in Bikini Bottom!

Spongebob finishes his food and waks towars his front door

SS: Well wish me luck gary!

G: Meow meow.


Spongebob bursts out of the door in full confident. He looks out into the herizon and sees the resturant hes so excited about, The Krusty Krab. He walks towards the side of his house to his unicycle

SS: Or barnacles! The wheel is broken! This wouldn't of been a probem if I had my drivers

liscence! Oh well, looks like i'm walking!

Spongebob starts running on the side of the road towards the KK in full excitment.

Spongebob makes his way across a few streets, it only took him 8 minutes to walk from his home to the KK and he looks on

SS: There it is...the Krusty Krab! Home to the tasty Krabby Patty. What beauty! *as black smoke splurts out of the top of the resturant* Iv'e been training for this day for a long time! I am going to march straight in there! Look the manager straight in the eye!...And walk right home cause I cant do this!

Spongebob turns around to walk home but it stopped by a fat pink starfish

SS: Ah! Oh...Patrick Starfish! What are you doing here?

PS: Where do you think you are going?

SS: *nervous* well i left something at hom-

PS: Oh no you don't. You've been talking about this day for a long time! And you are not going to give up just cause you have butterflies in your head.

SS: UH, its butterfies in your stomach Pat

PS: really? thats even more gross! Look, whose first words were, "may I take your order?"

SS: Mine was...

PS: Who wanted a fry cook starter kit for his 5th birthday!?

SS: I did...

PS: Whose a...uhh...whose!..uhhhh...whose a big yellow cube with holes!?



SS: I'M READY! *runs to the KK* I'm ready! I'm ready!

Meanwhile at the Krusty Krab front door is a gray octopus washing off harsh words sprayed for the octopus showing his face and the word loser. He looks up and sees spongebob making his way to him

Squiward Tenticles: Oh no...spongebob. What could he possibly want? *Squidward then looks at the Help Wanted sign next to him and he screams and runs inside.*

Spongebob makes his way to the Krusty Krab while excited still has a nervous look on his face. As he is walking by he see's another resturant.

SS: The Chum Bucket? Sounds gross. Ah, just got a cold feeling in my body,oh well, the Krusty Krab is right here!

Squidward is seen slaming on a door

ST: Boss? Sir? we need to talk! *he sees spongebob make his way to the front door* Mr. Krabs!

Squidward opens the door to see his boss, a red crab bathing in money

ST: uhhhh...

MR.K: AH! what do you want Mr. Squidward! *he gets out of the money bath while still having his clothes on* I was in the middle of a money bath!

ST: Yes thats great, I just got to tell you something about a new-

Spongebob then burts into the front door for Squidward and mr. krabs to see

SS: Good Morning my soon fellow employees! It has been my lifes dream to be with the Krusty crew! And today I believe I am ready!

Spongebob makes his way to the 2 until he trips on a small nail and slams in to the condiments stand and ketchup and mustard is all over him. Squidward and mr. krabs look at each other and walk towards the yellow guy

Mr.K: Well it looks like you seem to not have your sea legs yet boy

SS: I'm sorry sir, I am just nervous! *hands his application to mr. krabs* Here! I have the application filled out!

mr. krabs looks over the application and nods

Mr.K: Mhm, mhm yes, Interesting. I still don't know, do you have any references?

SS: Of course! Squidward is my neighbor and best friend, he would vouch for me!

Squidward and Mr. krabs walk to the side

ST: ...No.

they walk back to Spongebob

SS: So? anything good? *gulps*

Mr.K: I'm sorry young lad but I can't take you in, we still have our current fry cook and he seems

to be doing a great job himself.

Cuts to the kitchen a overweight brown fish is seen cooking at an alright pace

SS: Oh...I see. Well i'm sorry to have wasted your time

Spongebob walks out sad. squidward sighs with relief

Mr.K: He did look like a good kid.

ST: He is an annoying neighbor.

meanwhile we see spongebob sad walking away while 4 big busses pass by fast almost hitting him

SS: Woah! Whats the hurry?

the 4 busses then stop and circle around the Krusty Krab as one door opens and one fish walks out and steps at the KK front door.

Mr.K: Oh no! Do you know smell that?

ST: Smell what A fish?

Mr.K: Not just any fish...anchovies...HIT THE DECK!

all of a sudden all bus doors swing open and tons of anchovie fishes fly out and speed into the restaurant. The whole KK is fillied with anchovies and a worried mr. krabs hides at the cash register boat

ST: Are you ok sir?

Mr.K: Just ignore them and they may go away

Squidward looks at the crowd of anchovies confused

Anchovie #1-...Meep

ST: Look at them, they are harmless.

Mr.K: Not when they are hungry!

ST: Alright everyone, lets form a neat single file line by the register and pace our orders one by one, how does that sound?

the anchovies look at eachother and then squidward, and bolt to the register boat


Squidward and mr. krabs scream and hide under the register while the fry cook finally gets annoyed of the noise

Fry cook: whats all the comoti- *He looks surprised at all the anchovies* I've heard of lunch rushes but this is ridicules!

The fry cook runs into the kitchen and starts making Krabby Patties and throws them out of the kitchen to the anchovies but they don't like how they taste and more pile up

Fry cook: Thats it! I can't take it anymore! I quit!

The fry cook thrown his krusty krab hat to the ground and runs out the back of the restaurant and bumps into spongebob

SS: Ouch! sorry sir. are you ok?

Fry cook: no! All i can say is, stay away from the Krusty Krab

the fish runs away in fear as spongebob looks on and sees the restaurant shaking. shocked,

spongebob runs to the front door to see the whole restaurant filled with anchovies.

SS: Sweet Neptune! The krusty Krab is in trouble..what do I do?

After quick thinking runs to the back entrance of the KK and into the kitchen. he sees the spatula and everything and he knows what to do

Squidward and mr. krabs look on at eachother preparing for the worst

Mr.K: This looks like the end. Goodbye mr. squidward

ST: Goodbye mr. krabs!

Both start crying until a krabby patty flies out of the kitchen window and an anchovie eats it


the anchovies look at the kitchen window and demand more

Squidward and mr. krabs look into the kitchen window and see spongebob cooking the patties

ST: Spongebob!?

SS: Thats right guys! Now duck!

Spongebob flings out hundreds of krabby patties as the anchovies eat all that come their way, after what seems like 20 minutes all anchovies were satisfied and leave the resturant.

Mr.K: *with all the money* I haven't seen fry cooking like that in years! You are Hired!

ST:B B But!

Mr,K: If you need me I will be in me office counting me money

walks into his office and Patrick walks in the KK

PS: Good morning Krusty Crew!

SS: Patrick look I got the Job!

PS: I knew you could do it buddy! Now I can visit here everyday!

ST: So much for work being quiet.

Meanwhile across the street in the restaurant the chum bucket a small telescope looks onto the Krusty Krab and a small but deep evil voice is heard

?: So Krabs got a new Fry cook? he looks good. Maybe I can use him to my advantage and FINALLY get my hands on the secret krabby patty formula! MWAHAHHAHAHA

The End of episode 1